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Game idea. A Report Abuse button please.

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    Game idea. A Report Abuse button please.
    hi dear achat users !

    those days, many posts are about banning users from AChat … because of “bad way of using the game” (age, prostitution, rape, and so on…)
    and some of the posts are delation slandering !! ‘XXX is not 18’, or things like that.

    i, nicoquin, do not like those kinds of post and think that community will encounter big problems if some unfair people want to pollute it after being banned or so …

    so i prefer that the accounts that do not follow the term of use can be banned by admins. and that has to be announced in the terms of use. so, everybody will have to agree with them !

    a “report abuse” button is better to me than a post in the forum for doing so.

    so … what about a “report abuse” with a textarea to explain ?

    [change, 03/15/10 10:00 –> term “slandering” seems to be more appropriate … sorry]


    I really like this idea. Too many people think it's ok to destroy something other people like….



    I was expecting that somebody would throw that on my face. But I didn't think it would come from you, Nico. I'm very disapointed.

    I don't remember somebody suggests to ban members for a « bad way of using the game ». Maybe I missed something, but it seems to me that the only time we talked about banning someone, it was for the members that pretends to be minors. And you suggest exactly the same…

    In the same way, you are talking about delation because I gave names on the forum. Ok. Where else could have I done that ? To create a report abuse button could be a good idea, but I really don't see WHY it would less be a « delation »… If you do it in public, it's a delation. If you do it with a simple button, it's not anymore ?

    We both are french people, and we know what historical repercussions the word « delation » brings with it.

    I reported members claiming to be under 18, I reported members with racist presentations, and suddenly I am the bad guy ? I am using « delation » ?

    I feel a little insulted…


    I'm voting no, and here's why;

    Nicoquin you mention things that you think are “abuse”  “age, prostitution, rape, and so on” who are you or anyone to say what is or is not abuse? Who will judge, you? Tom? the A-team? Are you asking them or every member here to become a judge of what is “abuse”?

    Even two of the examples you mention prostitution and rape, I and many others enjoy a good prostitution game/fantasy/ role play, and some even enjoy a rape role play. Who are you to say that these games that many come here to play and experiance in very safe way are “abuse”?

    Minors playing or adults playing as minors is a legal problem for achat, but all the rest is consenting adults doing what they wish.

    It's my opinion that almost no abuse is possible here, at least unwanted abuse. Each of us have to agree to go to a room and change scenes, and can ignore anyone we don't want to talk to. So how is any of the abuse you speak of possible?

    If you or anyone else are so closed minded that you find these things you mention to be abuse then just be an adult and don't take part, use that ignore button to ignore anyone you think is abusive, and I will do the same. Don't limit my game because you think it is “abuse” becasue if it is then it's self abuse and my choice.

    I only see two small places of abuse here; first personal insults in the description line, no big deal, censoring it would be worse. But second, people creating many different charactors to trick people and get around the ignore list. I would like to see this stop, maybe the A-team can make it so ignoring one charactor will also ignore all others from the same computer or ip address.


    Well I am new, so maybe need to be here longer to fully understand what I might encounter.

    😉 However, if someone sends bad message to me I ignore!

    If they invite to a room, dont even say “Hi” and try to jump straight to sex, I leave!

    What I like, you may not, what you like may bore me silly, its a free world of choice here! 😮 However, an abuse button may be useful, for those suffering racial or religious hate mail, or for underage avatars we encounter! So, I vote yes for these reasons only! If it is introduced, it should be specified what is abuse and improper use of the abuse button, should be penalised, to avoid some people missusing it! 🙂
    Kisses, :-* :-* :-*


    I agree with the above posters that it's not a very good idea to ban people based on what kind of fantasies they want to play out. I even want to go as far as to say that some of the people being reported as minors are really adults just looking to fulfill their own fantasy. So make sure you have a really good reason for reporting someone and please handle it in private messages here on the forums.
    There's no real need to clutter up the client's UI nor to make it public.

    I personally neither like rape nor minors in my fantasies, I simply want to make it possible for everyone to play as they want to.


    hey ! STOP !

    i make myself mis-understoud …
    i don’t want to bann people on what they do in AChat and i don’t want to judge them !!!
    as someone said, the ignore list is here for keeping those people away (and mine is full of people i don’t agree with 😉 )

    but i’m so sad to read some post in the forum based on “please ban him/her because of …” whatever the “…” is.

    everyone can ask for anything that seems good to him/her. i’ll fight for it. but please, do it gentle and respect the others wishes. respect the law too ! that’s why AChat needs to have appropriate “terms of use” and they must be agreed by anyone who uses the soft. and moderators have to make sure that they are followed, because they will have troubles if law is not respected !!!
    that’s why i thought about the “report abuse” button…

    and one last thing …
    i don’t like names given as “bad users” in forum … because there may be coalition against them or against the one who gave the name … and i dislike that way of behavior.

    if i still shock you … maybe because of my bad english …. sorry.

    [ note : i change my original post … replacing “delation” by “slandering” … more appropriate i think]


    I voted yes. I think that people pretending to be minors should be banned, and that people that put racist comments in their presentation should be asked to stop that. For the rest, prostitution, rape, etc., there's no reason to ban, and Nico didn't ask for that anyway. If a report button should be created, it would  be for the two cases I mentioned : minority and racism.

    It's not a question of magic button : it's a question of finding a quicker and simpler way to report members that cause those kind of troubles on achat. That's all.


    You see something you dont like. You report it. That guy, changes it. In the meanwhile your request has already been sent to admin. Admin checking out the profile. Sees nothing bad.

    Multiple this x10 or more.

    Wanna something better as solution?

    New profiles, or modified profiles, must be aprooved before publish.
    Thats all.

    Do you have any idea how many accounts or profiles are created or modified everyday ? It would be much more work to do than to check members who would have been reported. Your solution is certainly not better.


    Do you have any idea how many accounts or profiles are created or modified everyday ?

    Do you have any idea how many different point of view exist in this world?

    Can u understand once checked u are done? Can u understand that u may continue play and let admins check the profiles when they have the time to do so? Can u please be less negative to anything that is not your opinion?

    I respect any opinion, but I have the right to disagree with them. You come here, pretending giving lessons to me and claiming you have a better solution : BUT your solution is not better, and I don't think the admins want to take 10 hours a day to check any new or modified accounts. So yes I'm negative about what you said. I'm sorry if you don't like that, but you're not living in a world where everybody will say yes to anything you say. So stop your personal attacks right now. Thanks by advance.


    It’s not a question of magic button : it’s a question of finding a quicker and simpler way to report members that cause those kind of troubles on achat. That’s all.

    exactly Florent 😉


    Still cant understand who u think u are speaking on behalf for admins and saying this  can be done, this cant be done etc. Cant understand who gave u the right to insult me too.

    I just try to be realistic. Now tell me : when and where did I insult you ?


    Before editing your last post. You mentioned “my stupid ideas” .

    Anyway, if I find flaws to your ideas and I report you them and then  u consider this as a personal attack to you, no need to waste our times, lets both of us ignore each other please.

    Yes, and I decided to change that sentence. Because I felt that I didn't have to insult you, or to be as contemptuous as you are. For the rest don't worry : I will be happy to ignore you.


    There are many buttons allready, i don’t think that we want another one…
    If we want to report something, we can do that by sending a message to the support team.. Its so simple.. And this is my opinion, no offence of course.. 🙂

    And please guys, stop fighting its not worthy.. 🙁


    damn !

    i didn't wan to open a fight area … sorry folks …

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