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    Pose Reviews are fairly simple to do.

    The idea of a pose review is to provide enough information to members to make a decision to buy or not, especially if that member is on a budget or deciding which poses to buy first.
    It also lets the pose designer, know what members like, what they don’t like and what actions they like in poses. EG Kisses.

    1. Check in the relevant section of forum to see if a topic already exists, so no duplication.
    WOMAN WITH MAN IN ACHAT for MF Pose Reviews
    MAN WITH MAN IN ACHAT for MM Pose Reviews
    SHEMALES & THEIR LOVERS IN ACHAT for all S Pose Reviews.
    GROUP PLAY IN ACHAT for all Group sex Pose Reviews

    2. If a topic does exist, reply in that topic with your updated pose review. Use the pose image there if there is one and if it is acceptable. If not…

    3. Go to the Web Shop here
    & take a screen shot of the pose and include the price.
    Like this

    (The Achat Mall Pics are bigger, and to show the price you may include your account balance so the Web shop pics are more suitable & less intrusive. If you prefer the Achat Mall pic, just remember to include the price in the text.)

    If you are unsure – there are instructions on how to take screen shots, how to give the pic a http address and how to reply to or start a topic here :

    Manual Link: Home » Topics » Forum News » New Moderator Appointed & useful things to know about Forum.

    Direct Link:

    4. Obtain a number for the pose by going to the in game Achat Mall > Scenes and to your genre and counting down the poses from Box 1 (Talk and Dance) – left to right. Then Box 2 (Foreplay) continue the count, etc… till you find yours. Any duplication can be corrected later but its to get an idea of roughly how many poses are in each orientation. Make a note of the location of the pose so you can include it in your review for members. EG Box 4. From Behind.

    5. If no topic, start a new one with a title stating – Genre ; Pose Review. Next consecutive Pose number & pose name. EG: MF Pose Review. 187. Her Pleasure by RC.
    The number is generated for each pose to keep an updated record on how many poses each genre have. As many of you know, there are great disparages which we hope Achat or Pose designers will address when they have time.

    6. In the review, List the actions for each partner and then your opinion of the pose in about 1 – 6 sentences or so. No need to go into realms but describe what you like, what you dislike , whether it is worth the AS and buying and please give it a star rating. Let your partner tell you their views too. Please also include the section it can be bought from in the Achat Mall. Thank you.

    7. When completed, please drop a PM to the forum moderator (Vaughan) to include in the appropriate Pose Index

    Quick Check List

    1. Choose the appropriate Forum Section. MF ; FF ; MM ; S ; Group.
    2. Title EG MF Pose Review. 187. Her Pleasure by RC.
    3. Provide a pic of the pose. Identify price & location in Achat Mall.
    4.. As you “Play” the game and find a willing partner, please list the actions on the both sides. (Identify if Anal or Pussy pose as the penetration is not always obvious on MF)
    5. Then write a short paragraph of 1 to 6 sentences about what you like about the pose, what you don’t and if it can be improved.
    6. Let your (un/identified) partner do the same kind of review that you have and post with yours.
    7. Both give it a star rating. If it differs with your partner, rate it the lowest star.

    1 Star. – No. Hate it. Don’t bother – its rubbish.
    2 Stars. – Yes. Didn’t like it much. Will buy it if I have A$ to waste.
    3 Stars. – Yes. Liked it. Will use this occasionally but other poses need collecting first.
    4 Stars. – Yes. Really liked it. Will use regular. A good add to my collection.
    5 Stars. – Yes. Excellent. A must have. Will use this often.

    8. Identify if a good buy for a new join in the initial A$1,000 gift they receive and what section it can be bought in the Achat Mall if not identified already.

    Several examples of pose reviews can be found in the WOMAN WITH MAN IN ACHAT for MF Pose Reviews carried out by Vaughan & JessiCapri.


    Example of a pose review:-


    PRICE: A$ 199
    This is the traditional vaginal fucking pose. It can be found in Box 7, the “Face to face” Section of the in-game Achat Shopping Mall.

    Men’s Actions

    1. Deeper – long thrusts
    2. Fondle tit
    3. Anal action
    4. Rub lips
    5. Bend forward. – collapse after sex perhaps.
    6. Fuck sideways
    7. Suck tit
    8. Hip circle
    9. Enjoy
    10. Jerk off
    11. Push ups
    12. Lick Pussy
    13.& 14 Pleasure faces

    Women’s Actions

    1. Kiss
    2. Hug with Legs
    3. Fondle Chest
    4. Scrape Back
    5. Grab Thigh
    6. Close Legs
    7, Enjoy! (Hands above head)
    8. Lift Hip
    9. Suck Finger
    10. Pinch Nipple
    11. Massage Breast
    12. Rub Clit
    13. Pleasure Face
    14 Pleasure Face

    A great pose to have in your collection. It has all the elements you need, its loving, tender, fast and slow.
    I would have liked the man to have a kiss option though and for this reason it gets a 4 star instead of a 5 star rating.
    The kiss on the women’s actions however is perfect.

    The price for this pose is good and worth adding to your pose collection.

    JessiCapri wrote “Great pose for every collection. May not use it every day but it is a must have. Pleasure Face options are pretty useless and could be better used for something like ‘Grab Ass’. Gets a 4 Star because my partner cannot kiss me”

    *Recommended Best Buy for a New Member*

    * * * * 4 Stars. Yes. Really liked it. Will use regular. A good add to my collection.

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