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Pose Idea. A pregnant woman pose

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    some guys like having sex with pregnant women, it will be great posse


    perhaps you wanna read this and add your suggestions here.


    aaaahhh…..*shaking my head nervously*

    Lover, you had forget something…..Andrea, yours idea was suggested before. look here:,911.0.html,1392.0.html


    No Hentai, I didn't forget it. I was sure you would notice it



    ok, I thought I would add my three cents worth to this.

    As a woman with an absolutely adorable man in my life, I never felt more sexy while I was pregnant. My Man made me feel even more desirable to him while feeling the “awkward & fat” creep upon me and as quickly melt away from my subconscious with his gentle touching and rubbing of my tummy through every stage of my pregnancies. I consider sex while being pregnant one of the most truely intimate times a couple can share together, and sex in the first trimester always seems to be an ongoing adventure when hormones are racing through my body. So with this in mind, I propose a suggestion:

    Sitting Huggles (Foreplay) Alternate name; Pampered Woman (baby bump optional)

    The female (with obvious baby bump) sitting on the COUCH, in front of the male, between his legs, with her back to his chest and her legs bent in a comfortable position.

    Male Actions
    1. Kissing the back of the female's neck (very arousing).
    2. Rubbing the Female's tummy.
    3. Rubbing Clit
    4. Finger(s) gently probing kitty.
    5. Breast massage.(Notice no nipple play? Gawd! they're sensitive enough and the male could end up with a black eye).

    Female Actions
    1. Kissing on the lips.
    2. HUGGLES! (female turn slightly and wrap both arms around male's back).
    3. Hand(s) on back of male's neck.
    4. Hold male's hand to her face.
    5. Hand in hand with male, fingers locked.
    6. Face slap to male (because he was very naughty).


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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