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    i'm considering paying for Achat, but i can't find any Privacy Policy just the Terms of Service.
    Do you have a Privacy Policy?


    If you're asking for privacy for your datas – AChat doesn't get them. They use CCBill for their payment system, so you have to check their policy

    It's safe and up to now I never have read any complaints about them.


    Its also discreet.  Achat does not show up on your credit card bill,  just  CCBill.


    From the CCBill Policy:

    Information You Provide To Us That We Share With Our Clients:
    CCBill receives, stores, and forwards to our client all information necessary for our client to ship your product to you, and to contact you if necessary.

    How do I know which data you actually get?


    we don't know too, sorry…….but probably they only provide the data about your payment and not the sensible code of your card, or i presume so, babette!


    No billing company gives data of credit cards.

    We don't know which data they give, but usually they get your username. Perhaps your account password and your email. Finally AChat has to know which member/account has payed which kind of membership.


    Sorry, maybe you understood me wrong, but i'm asking which data is passed from CCBILL to the Achat Team. If you guys don't know, who knows it?
    And if there is no official statement about this (in a privacy policy)  it's very dubious.


    If you have any doubts,  you can ask your query directly with Achat  by clicking on ” Support” above and following the directions when a text box comes up. They should answer you within a few days.  If not, resend your query.

    Also it's probably wise to have a separate credit card for use online, that way you will spot any thing on the account you are not happy more quickly  and take steps to remedy it with your account.

    Lastly, Achat & CCbill rely on customers like yourselves for their income and business. Any bad practice would put them out of business and I'm sure members here would soon warn others by posting on the Forum.
    So far, members have been very happy with the service they have received. 

    I hope this assists in someway to putting your mind at rest.


    Sorry, maybe you understood me wrong, but i'm asking which data is passed from CCBILL to the Achat Team. If you guys don't know, who knows it?

    No, I didn't understand you wrong, read my answer. But “we guys” don't know it, as we're just mods for forum – we're not part of the dev-team, but paying members as you are.


    Achats Terms of Service can be found here:

    Achats Privacy Policy can be found here

    CCBILL Consumer Terms And Conditions

    CCBill Consumer Privacy Policy can be found here

    The alternative way to pay for Achat is through
    I am unable to find their terms and conditions or Privacy policy but you can contact them via email to enquire about either or both

    Send an e-mail at

    They can also be contacted through their “Contact Customer Support” here – top right “Support” to bring up their pop up chat / message box.

    If you do obtain the info, please post here for our members… Thanks

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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