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Rate increases and Achat’s Premium Membership.

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    This feels like deja’ vu :-

    I understand where you are coming from Diana, about keeping our purchases after our prescribtion runs out. You use real money to purchase A$ to purchase Outfits/Poses. Now I will still have to buy a new prescribtion anyway if I want the new Os/Ps that Achat puts out.
    As for the prices I really can’t complain, have you seen some of the other sites prices? OMG they ask for an arm and leg, then they want your first born, Achat is cheap. One site charges 19.99 for a trial run(3days), 39.99 for month, 69.99 for three months. Another one charge you 19.99 a month and one way to earn money is to whore yourself out man or woman walk the streets. They rent personal space apartments, the really good apartments rent are high as hell, you have to lay on your back 24/7 to pay the monthly rent. So I’m not going to complain about Achat prices.

    Now for the problem with whores, don’t pay for it, Duh. They can ask for A$ till hell freezes over and they still won’t get jackshit from me. It does not bother me at all because I don’t pay them no mind. You spread your legs for fake greenback then you have low self esteem and I only deal with the strong, sexy, funny, smart women/men that have a mind of their own and know their self worth. I say this again they are not going to go away, whoring is a old profession and its here to stay so just say NO and ignore the hell out of them like I do. There are plenty of ppl out there who are looking for a good time without needing to be paid to fake it. Leave the poor whores alone, if you think about it they are doing us a favor, they are taking the weak out the picture for us. Admit it there are some guys/girls out there whose personalities are so bad the only way they can get fucked/fake friends is to pay for it. 😛

    I also think guys should be gifted. Hell I would like to pamper my little boy toys from time to time. Besides fair is fair. Also it would piss off the whores. They ask to be gifted and the guy will say,” hell no you want a fuck you have to gift me,” right back at them. That just might lessen your whore pb.


    I'm not the advocat of the A-Team, but yes, for heteros it is. As I know, you get something similar for a price between 10 – 30$ the month. That means 120 – 360$ each year.
    I don't say it's fair to FF and in my opinion it's very expensive for homo boys, as they don't have many actions here.

    You also can't count all costs; there is no reason for a homo girl to buy the shemale or the FM positions. And no man will buy the women clothes, though he is able to make gifts, but this is his own decision.

    Janine Dee

    I think the reason he counted it all up was to show the uppermost limit.

    But yeah, it's not far for FF and they've 6-7 months to give me something worth re-upping for.


    Correct me if I am wrong, but on the monthly fee didn't the script allowance jump from 1000 to 1500?

    Lumping this as a Shemale expense is incorrect too, there are no FF/MF  needs. Currently there are no threesome options for the Shemale so the estimate is incorrect for labeling  it such.

    he should modify his posting to reflect that this is a Female estimate, for someone who wishes to invest in every option. I am of the opinion that such investment is not necessary…but it is a choice.

    RLC is a monthly fee of $20.00 per month (US) , …so I can only say it's a matter of choice as to value. Here though a premium can opt to interact with a non-premium. In RLC there is no such option only VIP's can have sex.  It is fair to say that it is the paid account holders who are carrying the load for the non-premiums. To say otherwise is ignoring economics.

    Janine Dee

    Bear, I think he was saying female/she-male because we share clothing options and are now listed as such in the shop. I think his did the math more to give people perspective rather then definitives.


    And no man will buy the women clothes, though he is able to make gifts, but this is his own decision.

    I didn't count a man buying female clothes. I went to the shop (without logging in), click “For Female/Shemale” and added EVERYTHING for a total damn near A$4000….I was trying to make the point that the A$6000 they give you for a 1 year is NOT enough to buy EVERYTHING in the shop (clothes and positions). The reason I used the FEMALE side is they have MORE clothes than men.


    Apollo, I know what you counted. I just compared your costs with the mens' costs, as I said, no homo girl will buy shemale positions, no man will buy women dresses.



    I’m not sure if this is where this should go, but I think there should be another way to obtain A$. I personally don’t like paying a monthly fee just so that I can get a few poses and clothes every month. I know I can get more (If Premium), however, there are times where I play for free and the experience is not as enjoyable as a paid member. I think if micro-transactions were available to everyone it would help with some of the issues Achat is currently facing. This just my opinion and was wondering what others may have to say.


    Hi blckpanther

    I find your comment a bit inconsistent or I may not be interpreting it correctly.
    You say that you don't like to pay a monthly fee but you don't get a good experience playing as free user.
    The subscription allows you to unlock some features not available to free users (not only buying poses or clothes) giving you a better experience.

    Currently you can obtain A$ by buying 1-year subscription, buying A$ or through gifting. Do you have any additional suggestion?

    What do you mean by micro-transactions? A small payment to play with full features for a limited period? If this is what you mean, why not using the 3-day subscription for 200A$?


    Achat has changed its format to become a premium member.

    You pay for your membership with your game money called A$ – Achat Dollars.

    Here are the costs:

    You can buy your game A$ through the Achats Web site.

    Each purchase of membership or A$ awards you free gifts on your account, which you can take or save for more expensive items.
    Your account will tell you the gifts you can have. The ones locked are not activated as gifts on your account as yet.

    To access your Achat Account .. Log into the Achat Web Shop. Top right of web page.
    Then click on “Show Profile” small writing under Gallery on the main bar menu, top of page.
    Click on “Recent Purchases” – on right of page under “Account Management”

    All your transactions and dates are listed.
    A$ in is shown in Lime Green colour.
    All A$ out is shown as Blue.

    To see the gifts available to your account – click om “Active” in the lime green sentence at the top of your recent purchases…. here

    This will take you to your account Gift Options where you will receive a message similar to these shown below, so you are informed if you are eligible for gifts, if so… you can decide whether to take them now or save up for the more expensive ones.


    The list of items under this message will indicate the gifts you can have as shown below.

    It is important to note, when your subscription ends – the items you bought get locked away. You can continue to wear the clothes you have on, but if you try to change them as a free user, these too will be locked away.
    Unlike many games, you can continue to play as a free user.
    When you renew your Premium membership, all the items you have bought are unlocked again, and you can use them all.

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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