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Ratings. Higher or lower position in search lists

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    Ratings. Higher or lower position in search lists

    I have a few questions ?? And may be someone out there can help me with 🙂

    What I would like to learn is How does the rating work in the game ??

    And how do you get higher up the ratings ??


    Do you mean where you are shown in the search?  It's a combination of achat dollar activity (gifting, spending) and time spent in rooms.  As for the friends and lovers lists…I have no clue how those are determined for order.


    Thanks Misdevions

    Yes that is my question where you show in the search,

    But in the last couple of weeks I'v spent and gifted well over A$4000 and been rooming lots with my spouse but I haven't moved up any places

    Also I have add some new friends but that still has't moved me up the search lists.


    I think there are some men on there who have just spent so much over the years that men barely budge!!

    I'd been fairly inactive for 6 or so weeks during my illness and surgery, but just one week of standard rooming and I'm back up a page.



    You got moved up a page becuse AChat wants every new member and free user to experience you…  heheh…  they just have to keep you near the top.



    You got moved up a page becuse AChat wants every new member and free user to experience you…  heheh…  they just have to keep you near the top.

    Then they need to pay me!  Because I'm a picky bitch, I've told you so!


    I say its  Luck 


    Well  It looks like nobody really knows how the ratings work in this game then

    So its just a load of crap!! 


    I quite like being next door to Eva ….  you would not belieeeeeeeeeeeve who visits …  😮

    Damn!  The battery on my camera's gone flat!!!


    write to support Tango  im sure they can enlighten you


    Tango, as an old member, you know how often we have talked about that. In all these years, the A-Team never told us how they really sort the list.
    As far as we know, Misdevious is rather close to the truth. When you now say, you have roomed a lot, spent much A$… don’t forget, there is always one or more who spend more time and money than you 😉


    Oh Tango, Covems and I were both joking!  Not in my first reply but the exchange between us.


    Ratings: How do you move up Higher or down lower position in search lists?

    Very much like the Levels you see after the names in the meeting rooms, no one really knows how the ratings work and how you get to a certain page or position in the ” Partner Search” list in the game or the “Member LIst” on the Achat Web page.

    More experienced players can tell you the things that can raise or lower your position. Most is trial and error.

    As a general rule…
    Females and Shemales go before men.
    Premium Members are closer to the first page, than members whose subscription has run out.
    Members who’s subscription has run out but still have a blue premium star are higher than free users.
    Robot Girl is usually placed after the Blue Star players but before Free Users. Robot Boy is usually somewhere on the back page.
    Free Users are on the lower back pages.

    For those interested and willing to spend money, you can now bid for positions in the in-game search list.
    I’m not sure how that reflects in the Members listings on the Web Page.

    Although I have never done it, and probably would not recommend it (Buying poses and making your profile look attractive should be a priority), you bid for a higher ratings position against other members.
    All this means is, the more you pay, the higher the page or position you will be placed in the search list.
    I do not know how long this lasts or if that position then becomes your new placing to go up and down naturally… or if it is temporary before being plonked back to where you were, before you paid.
    Maybe someone who has tried it, can let us know?

    I know I have gifted, bought clothes and poses and my position has remained the same. My spouse has done the same and she has moved up.

    From this I presume you have to spend a certain amount before you raise positions for men and possibly the levels and ratings are kinder to Females and Shemales.
    Who knows…

    The things that seem to effect the ratings and levels are :

    Amount of friends, lovers, spouses. The more you have, the higher the level. As you lose / delete them, the level lowers.
    Sex in private & public also seems to rise the levels.
    Spending money in the shop buying items or A$
    Buying properties in the public rooms
    Rating sex poses
    Public likes

    Basically, the more you spend, gift and play and are an active player, your ratings and levels will rise.

    You also have the opportunity now of buying levels, as well as bidding for a higher rating to feed off the need to belong and look more attractive to other players.

    Good Luck with that, if that is what you want.

    As for me, I enjoy the game the way I want to and ratings and levels be damned!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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