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Screen freezing

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    Every time I connect with my current spouse who lives in China, the screen freezes (in room). This does not happen when I connect with anyone from the states.


    Hi PC_666,
    Welcome back to forum. Its good to see you posting again.

    Usually when the screen freezes, it may possibly be because, one of the members may have an older laptop or computer and cannot cope with graphics in the game.
    Achat now needs a 64 bit processor. (Achat is no longer compatible with a 32 bit processor.) Achat also requires Windows 10.
    Does she have similar issues in the game or with anyone else?

    If you or she are unsure about your PC specifications, the free download below can help and tell you.

    Once downloaded, in the Summary amongst other things it will tell you
    1. Your operating system – what “Windows” you are using and whether you have a 32 or 64 bit processor
    2. What CPU you have.
    3. What RAM you have.

    For any links just…
    Right click on the links below and choose the option “Open Link in new tab”
    This will open a new tab or page for you with that link, whilst staying in Achat’s Forum.

    This is a useful App to find out your specs. Here it is…

    Free download – Speccy

    Also it could mean, she has not fully uploaded all the upgrades of poses and clothes etc….
    If this is the case, I would suggest she uninstalls Achat completely from her device and installs Achat again from scratch. This will also dispose of any corrupt Achat files she may have.

    This is useful to uninstall programmes and might be worth a try.

    Free Revo uninstaller

    This free download cleans out the junk and cookies on your PC or laptop.

    Free CCleaner for your PC/Laptops

    If she continues to have issues, please tell her to send the issues she is having into Achat Support to see what advice they give to help resolve her problems.

    Please also give us an update in this topic, so it can help other members who may have similar issues.


    Great news, she uninstalled and reinstalled Acht and that seemed to fix the issue. Thanks for all your help on this!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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