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SF. Pose Review Request. 55. Bridge.

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    SF. Pose Review Request. 55. Bridge.

    PRICE: 199A$
    This pose can be found in “Scenes” of the in-game Achat shopping Mall, FS Section. Box 7 – Face to Face.

    This is a general request for someone in the FS community to review this pose please when they get a suitable opportunity and post it in this topic.
    It’s fairly simple to do.

    1. As you “Play” the game and find a willing partner, please list the actions on the both sides.
    2. Please identify if there is a “Change Role” button or do both partners have to own the pose to swap positions?
    3. Then write a short paragraph of 1 to 6 sentences about what you like about the pose, what you don’t and if it can be improved.
    4. Let your (un/identified) partner do the same kind of review that you have and post with yours.
    5. Both give it a star rating. If it differs with your partner, rate it the lowest star.
    6. Identify if a good buy for a new join in the initial A$1,000 gift they receive and what section it can be bought in the Achat Mall if not identified already.

    There are examples of MF pose reviews in the Woman with man in AChat section of Forum by Vaughan & JessiCapri to give you an idea of what to do.

    1 Star. – No. Hate it. Don’t bother – its rubbish.
    2 Stars. – Yes. Didn’t like it much. Will buy it if I have A$ to waste.
    3 Stars. – Yes. Liked it. Will use this occasionally but other poses need collecting first.
    4 Stars. – Yes. Really liked it. Will use regular. A good add to my collection.
    5 Stars. – Yes. Excellent. A must have. Will use this often.


    Sorry, I know someone else usually sets up the new pose poll so you can incorporate this post, if you like.

    I just had a chance to try it out….

    Bridge pose for female/shemale

    shemale actions

    basic – fucking
    rub clit – obvious
    enjoy – obvious
    quick action – obvious
    hands on neck – raises hands to own back of  head
    pull out – forceful fuck
    slap arse – of female w/one hand
    cock outside – rubbing on clit
    lick belly – lean forward, pull out and lick
    kiss – pull female up breast to breast and kiss while fucking
    massage breasts – two hands on fem's tits
    lick pussy – while raising fem by arse
    finger pussy – fem stands while fingered
    4 x pleasure faces – obvious

    female actions

    basic – fucking
    hip lifting – obvious
    hip twisting – obvious
    enjoy – obvious
    chasing – looks basic
    lift foot – one leg raised
    leg on partner – other leg on shem's hip (previous lift foot stays)
    pinch nipple – lean forward and pinch fem
    massage breast – own breast (while prev both leg actions stay)
    rub clit – obvious
    legs on shoulders – obvious
    hip circle – causes pull out
    hand job – drops from bridge onto arse, leans forwards and masturbates shem
    4 x pleasure faces – obvious

    btw SoPretty was kind enough to accommodate me and, wow, isn't she so pretty


    Concerto, it's ok to post and also to add a poll (I did it for you now). We don't have any rules for it.

    Price is 199A$.


    I look at that pose its very similar to the MF pose just with a TS twist to it. not many changes from what i seen. but still damn good pose glad it was add to SF, now we need it for SS lol


    And why not for MS too……Dustin!?


    MMMMMM yeah

    I Agree with HB where's the shemale, male pose

    love you my sweet pet mmmwahhhh  :-*  :-*  :-*  :-*  :-*


    see i knew i was for getting something Thanks HB MS too ;D


    Feels like the pose is choppy and rigid, I don't like it as it doesn't feel sensual to me.


    Well, to a certain extent I agree with you Adera but the kiss action (at least) is very good….

    …although even that could have been improved by a tighter hug.



    I agree with Lover. It’s good to see you have the pose & info to post for the information of the Forum readers. Thank you for taking the time to do so and it is appreciated. 🙂

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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