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Subway ride ends unexpectedly

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    Waking up, it was another hot day. The room was so warm. I couldn’t sleep with any covers on me. The clothes having disappeared off my body in the middle of the night to try and beat the heat. I roll out of bed and pick up the discarded garments.

    Throwing the dirty clothes into the hamper, I grab a fresh skirt and sleeveless top from the closet. Laying them on the bed, I pull out a thong from the drawer. Placing it with the clothes on the bed, I know the top will cover my small breasts enough that I won’t need any more layers than that.

    Grabbing a towel out of the cabinet, I head into the bathroom and turn on the flow of water. Testing the water, I make sure to leave it on the cooler flow.

    After sweating the whole night, the cooler water felt good against my hand as I tested the temperature. Stepping inside the shower, I soak up the coolness and rinse off all the sweat that clung to my body.

    Washing my hair and body, I feel relaxed and cleansed. Ready to face the day ahead, I step out and dry off. Throwing the towel into the hamper, I stepped out into the room.

    Dressing with the clothes on the bed, I quickly brush my hair and head out the door. The time ticking close to when the subway will depart and leave. If I miss the subway, I would be running late to work and who knows when I would actually arrive since I have never missed the subway before.

    Arriving at the subway, I run towards the car. The time drawing closer to when the doors would shut. Just as I approached the last car that was open, the door shut and pulled away. I was left standing in the station and unable to continue my way to work.

    It was the first time I had ever missed the subway. Not knowing when the next one would arrive, I head to the ticket counter and ask the person who was running the tickets.

    “It will be about 30 minutes before the next subway arrives to take people that direction again.”

    Knowing it was going to be a longer wait at the station, I head back and wait on a bench for the next subway.

    Slowly the time passed, but few people walked through the subway station. When the subway arrived, all of a sudden here came a flood of people, more than I normally see. I step into the last car. The seats were filled quickly from the flood of people. I stand there near the back clutching onto the rail above my head.

    This was going to be one long trip. The amount of people already making the subway hot, and there was a long ride to get to my stop. This was not a trip I was looking forward to. Standing still with the heat surrounding me, I glance around to see what kind of people came in on the subway after I normally was around.

    Many business professionals sat on the benches. It seemed they thought they were above the rest of us wearing their suits. Not one business man stood in the overcrowded car. Many woman stood and a few men.

    While lost in my thoughts and observations, I felt the whisper of air moving along the back of my neck. A shiver runs through me as the guy behind me speaks.

    “I haven’t seen you here before. A beautiful woman like you would be remembered.”

    I start to turn to look at the man speaking behind me. His hand grasps my hair and prevents my head from easily turning.

    “No, it better if you don’t see me. You will just have to listen to my voice to get to know me.”

    Nodding my head, I keep my eyes focused forward on the subway. His hand letting go of my hair and resting along the base of my neck.

    “Such a good girl. Now you will listen to everything I say. If you try to look behind you at anytime, it will all end, and I will disappear where you never see me again.”

    Nodding my head, I acknowledge what he asks. My breathing picking up not knowing what all he might want to do while we move towards our destination. His deep voice draws me in and makes me want to see where this go.

    He gave me a way to end it. All it would take is one look. A look that I would have to try hard not to do if I wanted to see where he would take things. Intrigued because there is nothing to do besides stand here in the car for another half hour or so depending on if any delays happen.

    His head leans in closer to mine. His presence so close. Is it the movement of the car? Is it him purposely moving closer? Not wanting it to end before it began. I continued to keep my eyes forward.

    “Such a good girl. I bet you will be even better for me. Right here right now. Just how far are you willing to go? A little fondling to get your heart racing. A little stripping and removing those panties underneath that skirt. Perhaps you’d even let me go as far as fucking you while you stand there.”

    With each word he uttered, my heart rate beat faster. The desire dripping from his voice wove it’s own spell around me. The need that was gone for so long descended on me.

    A soft sigh escaped my lips. His chuckle in my ear alerted me to him hearing it. His hands immediately begin stroking the base of my neck. His hand placing just a little pressure where I could feel it, but the rest of the car wouldn’t be able to tell what was going on.

    His fingers continue to stroke softly against my neck. My body shivering with every stroke. The thought of more to come sets my body on edge. The need coursing down my body and settling in a pool of desire.

    His hand slowly slides down along my back. Shivers race down my spine. A soft moan escapes my lips before I could silence the need.

    His hand continues down towards my waist. Holding me close, his lips descend on my neck. Kisses and small licks being left against my skin. I moan and arch back against his touch.

    “Not so much movement. You wouldn’t want the others to notice what is going on over here.”

    His hands circle my waist and draw small circles. My breathing speeding up just waiting for him to keep going. The desire for more keeping me on edge. Biting my lip, I strive to hold still and not alert the many people around us.

    A little ping captures my attention, and I realize it behind me. I struggle not to turn around. His warning echoing in my ear. Not wanting this to end, I feel the movement of him moving down to the floor to pick up whatever had dropped.

    A sharp turn forces him into my legs. His hand reaching up to steady himself. At the same time, my panties are lowered to the floor. His quick touch letting me know he wants me to step out of them. Blushing, I lift my feet enough for him to take my thong off.

    His hands slide up my legs. My flesh covered in goosebumps. I slightly part my legs. My faster breathing making me focus more on what his touch creates in this stuffy car.

    The sweat slowly cruises down my face and between my breasts. My whole body damp from the desire and the heat in the car.

    His hands slowly reach my waist when he stands behind me again. His closeness flushed against me makes my heart pound a little faster. Letting him do what he wants without stopping him, I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so alive in someone’s arms.

    Clutching tighter to the rail above me, my legs feeling bit weak from his nearness. His hands pull my waist back into him. His fingers lifting the skirt just enough where he could slide his cock underneath.

    His shaft nudges against my wet core. I inhale quickly. My curiosity growing about the person behind me, but I know better than to turn around. He is so close to entering inside me, and it been a long time since I was made to feel this much desire from someone.

    Pressing back against his cock, he slowly just rubs it in between my lips. The moisture clinging to his shaft I moan softly wanting more. He leans in closer against my ear.

    “If you get too loud, they will all see how much of a slut you are to be fucking me in the subway.”

    Nodding my head, I bite back my cry of need while he continues to tease the entrance with his shaft. The tip of his cock grazing my clit with every pass between my lips.

    Finally, he puts more pressure against my vagina. The tip slipping inside. I squeeze against his tip adjusting to being slowly filled again. Instead of filling me up, he just leaves the tip inside. The rocking from the subway moving the only movement of him inside me.

    Biting my lip, the very small movement of the transportation drives me further wild with need. It was so minimal of moving. It reminded me more of a vibrator shaking inside of me.

    I rock back against his cock, but his hands on my waist prevent me from really moving deeper onto his cock. One of his hands slide up and clasp the back of my neck.

    “Now now little girl. If I let you fuck me like that, everyone would see and hear just how slutty you are. Be patient little dove.”

    Biting back the moan, his teasing skyrockets my need. The only thing I cared about was having my need taken care of. His sweet, caring personality looking out for me though while inside of me. With everyone in here heading towards work, I could see why he wants to protect my image at the same time.

    The subway enters a tunnel soon after. Darkness descends around throughout the car. His shaft pushing deeper inside me. Biting back a moan, I stand there waiting for him to slide deeper inside. His hands still on my waist keeping control of the movement.

    Each thrust forces his shaft deeper inside. His force picking up while taking me harder and deeper each thrust. My pussy clamping down on his cock. His shaft stroking inside me with the vibration of the subway which heightens my arousal every stroke.

    Biting my lip softly, I silence the moan that escapes. The need to go wild hovers over the surface. For not knowing this man, he definitely has a way to heighten every nerve. Making the arousal continue to grow, the moisture sliding down between my thighs.

    Not used to such arousal, my brain was struggling with how fast he brought out my inner desires. Normally people are not able to bring such desire to my surface. Without even seeing his face, he aroused me more than anyone ever had.

    His hand clutches tighter against the back of my neck. Moaning softly, he already could do whatever he wanted. The need coursing through me demanded the satisfaction.

    “You are so wet little dove. Perhaps you should take this subway more often. Then you can enjoy being filled by me every day. However the tunnel is almost done so maybe next time you can enjoy feeling my cum inside of you.”

    He pulls out and places my skirt back down. Leaning in, he kisses my neck. His hand stroking my neck softly.

    “Meet me here again tomorrow if you desire to continue sinking into my control like this. Until then little dove.”

    His presence moved away from me and when we came through the tunnel, I looked around trying to see who it was. No one was paying attention to me. My pussy on fire it already craved him filling me up again.

    Looking out, I notice we are close to my stop. I run my finger through my hair and prepare to get off the subway. The desire coursing through me is so potent on my mind.

    Once the subway stops, I step out and hurry to my work. For the first time, I am unable to set up and prepare the place for the higher up business partners. Sitting down at my desk, I notice a blank envelope in the middle. Taking it out, I read the note inside.

    I saw what you did this morning. If you want me to forget, come by my office.

    Shocked, I read through it a couple times and think how much trouble I was going to be in. It was written by my boss’ boss. The man has so much power in this company. He is the second in command. No one can ever survive standing up to him and rumor has it that some day he would become the leader of this company.

    I slowly head to his office. Unsure exactly what he saw or what his plan is to do with the info he has, I knock on his door. It better to get this over with now and not wait and give him reason for anything more.

    He looked up and acknowledged I was at his door. Holding up one finger, I notice he is busy on the phone. Shoot! If he saw me doing things, he must have gotten on the phone once he arrived to the office.

    Standing there a bit nervous, I couldn’t help but wonder what his plan is to do. Once he hangs up the phone, he beckons me into the office.

    “Shut the door behind you.”

    Shutting the door, I walk inside and sit down on the chair. Placing my hands softly on my skirt, I glance up at him.

    “You wanted to see me sir?”

    “Yes. I noticed you inside the subway today, and I must say that conduct is not proper for this business. If a client would be in that subway, the professionalism expected would not be up to standard. They would demand more than what we would want to give. So I must take you off of any cases for now until you can prove that is not going to be a typical behavior. I expect you to be on that subway at that time from now on. This way we can see if this is normal behavior for you or not before we allow you to do any more cases.”

    I quickly nod my head. The stranger’s words echoing inside my brain about doing it to me when I’m in the subway during that time.

    “Yes sir. I promise it won’t happen again. This is one job I have wanted to have for such a long time. I do not plan to disappoint you.”

    He nods and dismisses me from the room. Heading back to the office I could only focus the rest of the day on what I am going to do. Going at the later time is now a must for the job. Not knowing who the stranger is, I have no clue who to avoid. My observation was so limited today during the ride. I never saw my boss’ boss.

    Either way I know I am going to have to be cautious going forward. My head telling me one thing while my body screams the other. This is not going to be a simple decision.


    The day went by quickly. My brain going over the morning events. Finally, it was time to head home. Getting on the subway, this one was the normal slower ride, so I was able to sit down on one of the benches.

    Glancing around, none of the others wore the business suits. Course I have no clue what the guy looked like or wore that had teased me so much. I had spent the majority of the day wet. My brain struggling between which direction is the best to go.

    Do I go with what my boss said. Prove I am not that kind of slut, so I can keep my job. However, that stranger aroused me so much, I can’t forget him or that promise that being in the same subway would bring such pleasure every ride. Same subway. Two totally different choices. My head begins to hurt just thinking back and forth between my options.

    By the time I finally reach home, the answer still hasn’t presented itself to me. Torn between my love for the job and the desire that was awakened inside me, I collapse on the couch.

    Drifting to sleep, my brain still overactive from deciding invades my sleep as well. Nightmares fill my head. The consequences and delights playing through my mind like a movie with whatever I decide.

    After a fitful night of sleep, I dress and head out to the subway again. There is no way I can miss that specific time subway. My job and life depend on it. However, I still don’t know what I will choose. I guess it will be decided in the spur of the moment. The weight of such a decision to much to rationally take when both sound so good.

    Arriving at the subway, I watch the subway leave the station. Smiling, it seems like it is a repeat of the day before. I miss the normal subway I would take in exchange for the following one in the half hour.

    Sitting down on the bench, I watch a little closer to the people who show up for the next train. However, none that mingled around waiting were paying attention to what was going on.

    When the subway arrived, the rush of people suddenly flooded through the station. Quickly getting on the subway, I climb aboard on the final car again. Figuring if people were creatures of habit, the best car to be inside would be the same one as yesterday.

    Glancing around, I pay closer attention to who all is in the car. I don’t see my boss’ boss or anyone I know from work. Not knowing how he would get the info, I still am very cautious about the way I portray myself. 

    The entire ride I cannot relax. I keep looking around waiting for when I see someone from work or even maybe pinpoint who the stranger was.

    The entire ride was uneventful. The rest of the week passes like normal. No one from work in the subway and no stranger enticing me to allow any sexual pleasing.

    I finally give up on checking for them. There no point if nothing happens and no one shows up to take advantage of me like that again.

    For some reason, the next week I get on the same subway and enter the last car. I don’t know if it had become habit or just the hope that I would get some answers from that one day.

    Having not seen anything from either of the men, I don’t pay as much attention like I should be. Once we enter the tunnel, I feel that breath of air caressing my ear.

    “It going to be quick today. The sooner you relax and enjoy the ride. The faster I will fill your pussy up again. From now on I want you to be wearing no panties, so I can fuck you whenever I desire inside the subway. You will be mine and only mine.”

    Gasping when I realize it the stranger from before, I shiver lightly. His fingers reaching down and ripping my panties away from my body. His cock rocking against my neglected pussy.

    My body already rejoicing that he is nearby. I easily feel the moisture begin coating my lips. His voice and actions instantly bringing the need back from the week before. A need that was never satisfied.

    Moaning softly, I rock back against his shaft. His fingers digging into my hips and holds me still. My body unable to move back against him.

    “Now slut, it is not you who will be leading our interactions. You will always follow my lead or can burn with need unmet. It is your choice little dove.”

    Nodding my head, I realize this man is not one that can be outsmarted. He has so much patience and doesn’t seem to be led by his cock like many before. He seems like he will continue to drive the need higher and still control his actions.

    Once I start to relax into his hands, my pussy dripping with moisture. He pulls away and moves away from me. Not long after that we finish passing through the tunnel. My core filled with the need to be filled, yet I know there will be nothing more today.

    Hoping my boss’ boss hadn’t seen any interaction, I head to work. Another note was found on my desk.

    You are doing so well. A full week of proving how good you can be. You will get your very own client next week if this continues.

    Sighing softly, I realize he must not have caught the little bit of action today. Hoping that this week follows last week, I don’t know how long could hold myself back if the stranger starts to ride the subway more often.

    It looks like another wet day at work. Another day of not getting much accomplished while my brain ping pongs back and forth again for the decision.

    The following day, I follow his instructions forgoing the panties. Already dampness gathers between my lips. The desire this stranger brings already makes me hunger for more.

    The logical side of my brain fighting against the desire of my body. The need to maintain the job crucial for living my life and paying bills.

    I enter the subway along with the flow of people. I finally have found the flow of entering as part of the crowd. However, the benches are always full. Again there is no sign of anyone I know.

    The desire to look around and see who could be the stranger is very enticing. However, the need within me needs satisfaction, and he made it quite clear that relaxing was the fastest way for him to appear.

    My heart rate speeds up thinking of letting him have me so easy. A man I don’t know his name. A man I never have seen with my eyes. The desire fills me up while my moisture drips down my thighs. My body knows what it wants even though the head disagrees. 

    My head tells me the danger. Somehow my boss’ boss found out, yet I have never seen him in the subway. Does he have an informant that I don’t know? Is he powerful enough to have access to the security cameras inside the subway cars? He didn’t know about the brief bit yesterday, so maybe I am safe and can enjoy this stranger and what he creates inside of me.

    Standing and holding the overhead rail, the subway glides across the track. My body on high alert not knowing if he would be around or not. I try not to look around. Willing him to come and claim me faster, I focus on slowing my breathing. Relaxing my body, I hope that he will come soon before the needs explodes within me.

    Right when we enter the tunnel, my skirt is flipped up, and a hand covers my mouth. His hand reaching between my legs and finding the lack of fabric. His fingers stroking through my wetness.

    “Well done little dove. I was hoping you would be an obedient little slut. Just for that I will reward you with my cock inside of you.”

    Moaning softly through his grip covering my mouth, his cock slips between my folds and enters inside me. My moisture easing his path to make it slide in easily. My body a toy just for his use.

    He slides his cock in and out. My need ratcheting higher with his slow thrusts. There is nothing that would stop me from letting him have me this way. His slow tortuous method making me wild with need. My pussy begins to clamp down harder along his shaft. Hoping he would take me faster, I moan when he slips out.

    Kissing my neck, he whispers into my ear. Denying both of our needs, he still remains in complete control.

    “Very good slut. One of these days you will get more than just a sample.”

    He disappeared from behind me. When we cross through the end of the tunnel, I look around and wonder who this man could be. Why doesn’t he want me to see him? What is he hiding from me?

    Entering the office, I find another note. Finding it a bit weird that everytime I have a small session with the stranger, a note appears on my desk when I get there. Curious, I go to read it.

    Here is the information on the client you will receive on Monday. Go over the information well. Continue to make us proud here in the office.

    For the rest of the day, I go over the information. Memorizing any key information, I plan to wow my client when he arrives next week. It seems like a standard client. The only difference is this guy is one of our wealthiest clients to date. This is so important. I cannot let them know about the secret sessions that have happened the last couple days or any days going forward. I cannot lose this client and how well this will set me up in the future.

    Heading home, I am torn yet again as to which way I should go. The stranger produces such feelings and making me feel alive. On the other hand, this client, if I do well on the job, would set me up for a long time with no worries.

    The next day, my heart races stepping onto the subway. Once again, I am going without panties. It could be the worst possible decision, but my body craving for his words and touch overruled my head.

    Clinging onto the rail, I wait. The miles fade away, and the tunnel draws closer. My heart rate pounds against my chest. The darkness slowly creeping closer. Once the darkness surrounds the car, his hand wraps around my waist and bends me over.

    His cock immediately seeks entrance into my pussy. His thrusts always slow and in control with every push and pull. He pulls my hips back onto his cock. The squelching could be heard throughout the cab. My pussy so drenched squeezes him with every thrust he provides.

    “You are already becoming my slut. Look how wet you are. Everyone will be able to hear it in the car.”

    “I can’t help it. I need you so bad inside of me. You always arouse me so much. I can barely function without thinking of you filling me up.”

    His chuckle fills my ears. The daylight starting to creep closer to the subway.

    “Well slut it looks like you will be needy once again. Until the next time.”

    He pulls out and once again disappears before the light streams into the car. My pussy once again felt empty. Already missing his length and voice, I wonder who this man is. The mystery is so intriguing. I wish it would go past the subway though where he would take me longer and harder.

    The next couple days move slower. The stranger seemed to have disappeared again. My pussy is constantly a puddle. The need for him to fill me fills me up with such a craving. I try to focus on the client info and prepare for meeting him on Monday. My mind keeps drifting to what the stranger could be doing or even where he is.

    Finally, it was Monday morning. The day of the client meeting. Once again I enter the subway, but this time I am dressed to impress. I have the client meeting, so I must make a good impression.

    The skirt is brand new and fits my body like a glove. Just the smallest flair of the skirt makes my hips sway with every step I take. The top emphasizes my breasts in a professional way. The sexy confident woman shines through. Ready to show the office what this gal can do, I enter the subway.

    Focusing more on the information on the client, I don’t realize that the tunnel is near. When he wraps his hands around my waist and pulls me back onto his cock, I gasp my pussy instantly realizing who it was. Soaking its desire, he can easily slide inside my pussy.

    “You seem a bit distracted today perhaps I shall make it a bit harder for you to focus.”

    Shaking my head, I can’t help the soft sigh that escapes. His cock thrusting harder and harder inside of me. Right on the verge of reaching an orgasm, he pulls out. His fingers sliding something inside of my vagina.

    “There this shall help keep your focus on me for the day. One of these days, I will take you in full daylight again. Let these people see you as my slut.”

    Moaning, my pussy squeezes against the object inside of me. He disappears, and right when he does, the object inside me buzzes to life. Grasping tighter to the railing, the vibration keeps me on the edge. Just as the subway passes through the end of the tunnel, the vibration stops.

    The need within me wanting it to return, I squeeze against the object. It obviously is some kind of remote vibrating toy. Breathing deeply, I head into the office. A few hours to go before the client will be here. I sit down and go over the information again that I hadn’t memorized.

    Grabbing the information, the client will be wowed when he sees the effort I put into what he asked for. I head to the conference room early and place the folders at each seat. Booting up the computer, I get the PowerPoint presentation pulled up.

    Everything is ready. It is time to wow my boss and his boss, but most of all it time to land my very own client. I sit and focus on what I want to say. Placing the stranger out of my mind, I need to be able to focus on my goal for work.

    One at a time, the various people from the office entered the conference room and sat down. The client entering with my boss and his boss. Once they sat down, I think the time has come. It is time to wow the people in the room.

    During my presentation, the toy started to buzz to life. The desire was instantaneous. I’m sure I stumbled over a few words while working through that desire. Off and on through the presentation, the toy would buzz at different frequencies. My body sending more moisture down my thighs.

    Wherever this stranger is, he is doing a good job at making sure I am distracted from my life. Once I finish the presentation, I breath out a sigh of relief. First, it was over. I managed to make it through my presentation with minimal fuss.

    Secondly, the vibration has finally ceased. A break from that constant need reducing me to wanting to be fucked by that stranger again.

    The client is talking intensely with both the bosses. I start to gather up the information and clear out the sensitive documents from any prying eyes that might enter later.

    Walking near my bosses and the client, I pause. Wait a minute!!! I know that voice. It is the stranger from the subway. What my boss warned me about was happening. The client knows just how slutty I would be for him. No wonder he placed the toy inside me today.

    I feel like such an idiot. How could I let this happen. My pussy spasms hearing his voice knowing the pleasure he can bring. However, the logical side of my brain is shouting at what is at stake. The client business. My job. My reputation for future jobs.

    After gathering the information, I step out of the conference while they talk. Heading away from the room, I enter my office to think. What am I going to do now? I can’t come clean to my bosses, and now that I know who the stranger is, it would not be easy to complete this clients expectations.

    Now the only thing, will I be strong enough to work for this client and not let him take advantage of my need? Only time will tell.


    The client was busy talking with both my bosses for the rest of the day. I didn’t know which way would be better anymore. Now that I have a face for the stranger how can I continue to ride the subway knowing that he is my client.

    My body already is anticipating his touch again. His voice whispering in my ear. Now that I know what he looks like, I can also picture him behind me taking me every time.

    How could someone in such an expensive suit be drawn to me? I am just an average working woman. I don’t have the money like the wealthy businessmen in the subway. Why he would even stand behind me to begin with while the rest of the suits sat on the benches confuses me.

    Then again this client intrigues and confuses me altogether. His portfolio I received is quite impressive. His manners have always been caring and considerate even while doing things in public. At the same time, he brings out the slutty, needy girl within me.

    At the end of the day, I am just grabbing my stuff when my boss’ boss enters my office. Looking up at him, I am sure he is ready to debrief me on how the meetings with the client went.

    “Nice job today. He was impressed with how you did. He wants to work with you on this project and only you. Seems you have intrigued him enough with your vision that he will only work with us if you are the only one dealing with it.”

    “I shall do my best boss. I worked hard on that presentation. I’m glad it went so well. Is there anything else you needed this evening?”

    He nods his head and points down the hall to the conference room.

    “Yes he very strict with his time and wants to begin with you tonight. I’m afraid you will have a very busy schedule for a little while.”

    Sighing softly, I knew this couldn’t be put off any longer. At least, he didn’t want several around, but at the same time, it puts me more at risk of falling for his voice and touch if he does anything.

    I place my items back down and head towards the conference room. Stepping inside, I see he is lounging comfortably in the chair. Walking over, I grab the pad of paper at the edge of the table. An empty pad always handy for any notes needing to be taken.

    “So where shall we start this evening for your project? Some tweaks you would like from the presentation or is there something that is done well enough that you would like to start with on there?”

    Instantly, the toy inside buzzes to life within me. I gasp while my body begins to soften towards him in preparation for being filled again by his cock.

    “Well little dove, tomorrow is soon enough to work on the project, but I am wanting your full submission right here in this room. I know you cannot resist me. You had amble opportunities every subway ride and never chose to stop it. Now, come here. It is time you pleasured me this time.”

    Shocked, I can only stare at him. I figured he was going to want sexual favors during this project from the time on the subway, but I didn’t realize it was going to be so soon. My pussy already becoming quite slick while the toy vibrates inside of me. I know I won’t last long before he has me like a puddle at his feet.

    His arms reach out and grab the pad from my hands before he pulls my arms towards him. His strength pulling me right over his lap.

    “Well, it seems you need a reminder of who is in charge. You agreed to be my slut when you accepted my cock inside of you every ride we had together.”

    With those words, he lifts my skirt and starts to spank my butt. Concerned we would be seen through the glass windows, I struggle against his hold on me. Each swat zinging through me. My pussy clenching against the toy each time. The spanks slowly making me lose focus on where I am. The desire to just exist and please him taking over in my mind.

    The haze slowly seeping into my brain makes me relax against his lap. My brain shutting down from the confident worker. My body already accepting who he is even outside of the subway.

    Once I quiet down, he smacks me a few more times before placing me on the floor. His hands pushing me down until I sink onto my knees in front of him.

    “Now that is what a good girl should be doing. Now be a good little dove and please me without being asked again.”

    I nod and reach for his slacks. Freeing his shaft, I stroke him softly. My first time seeing him up close and personal after feeling him inside me these couple weeks.

    His veins pulsing with the need. I can feel him throbbing inside my hand. His hands grabbing my hair and pulling me closer to his cock. I open my mouth and accept his cock sliding inside me. Moaning softly around his cock, the toy buzzing inside of me makes me hungry for more of him.

    I slowly start to bop against his cock. Finding my rhythm, I begin to take more of his length down. His hands continuously pressing against my head. He encourages me to take more of his length each time.

    The buzzing intensifies inside of me. I start to suck and take him faster. Hoping, my pleasure to him would result in pleasure finally for myself. His continuous teasing over these weeks have made me forget what it was like before when no one would pay attention. Back then I was just focused on my career. Now he makes me focus more on being a woman.

    My tongue swirls around his length. Covering him with plenty of licks, his cock starts to rock inside of my mouth. His need for more and deeper obvious with his hands tightening against my hair. Pushing me deeper on his cock, I swallow him further.

    His cock pushes against my throat. I cough. Not used to having anyone so deep, his persistence in entering my throat made me focus on swallowing and taking him that deep.

    Many times the coughing caused him to pull back, so I could recover briefly. Then he was right there pressing against my throat. His need to be balls deep driving him to take what is his.

    Eventually, his balls rest against my chin. Several short thrusts to emphasize how deep he was inside of me. He holds himself inside my throat. His hands caressing my hair briefly while my pussy drips so much moisture onto the floor.

    The need for this man intensifying every time he plays with my body. There was never anyone else when he continues to play my body like his instrument. His movements and care creating a safe haven. My mind drifts further from the reality of where I am. The need to just please him overtaking everything.

    He slowly pulls out of my mouth. His hands holding my head and providing that support. My body feeling heavier while my mind begins to float. It could care less about what the presentation was about. It just wanted to exist for his pleasure.

    He pulls me up and bends me over the conference table. His hands caressing the pink skin on my butt. I moan and shift against him. The need intense within me. Craving for him to slide in like he did every train ride, a couple tears slide down my face when his fingers removed the toy from my vagina.

    Such intense joy sweeps through me when he lines himself up again and slides inside my pussy. Welcoming him home inside me, I clench and pulse around his member. His hands gripping my waist. He begins to slide in and out easily. The saliva on his cock mixing with my own juices.

    He thrusts inside of me and takes me faster then he ever did in the subway. My voice crying out loud with the passion he finally releases. His thrusts take me faster and harder. My silence completely gone with every movement. The need for more could no longer be silent. I give him everything I had within me.

    No longer needing to be quiet with a bunch of people surrounding us. I enjoy him taking me with such vigor. His need for more spiraling my need even higher. My brain completely leaves its logic. I no longer exist for any but him.

    My mouth pouring forth its desire and need through all the moans and whimpers. There is no way to be silent anymore.

    He leans over and covers my mouth. His hand muffling my sounds while he continues to slide in and out of my pussy. I push back and meet every one of his thrusts. The desire to be filled up by him takes over every thought.

    I forget we are in the conference room at work. He is supposed to be my client, but all I can do is take his orders and service his needs. The windows to the conference are wide open. There is no way to hide if someone comes down the hall. It is after hours, but you never know who might be working late.

    His other hand grabs hold of my hands and holds them against the small of my back. I have no control over what my body can do. He is controlling everything. Taking his needs, he demands everything I have to give. My pussy clamping down around his shaft with every single thrust.

    Instead of a simple teasing fuck, this time he is not stopping. All those weeks, I always thought back to how he teased the desire out of me, and I craved to know what it felt like to be ultimately used by him. Well it looks like now I have that chance.

    His hand lets go of my hands, and he reaches around my body. Stroking my clit, he leans his body over mine. Trapping my hands with his body, I still cannot escape his desire to use me like he wants.

    He strokes my clit faster and faster. My desire rising, and I arch into his cock and hands. Back and forth my body is lit up with desire and need. Craving that orgasm, I can feel my body slowly rising towards that goal.

    “I know you are getting close little dove, but you will have to wait until I tell you it is time. I want one large orgasm that will rock your world.”

    Nodding my head, my movements are a little slower. His control becoming absolute where my mind completely vacates all thoughts and reasons. Nothing could matter more at this moment.

    It feels like a drug descending onto me. The brain is unable to function like it normally would. The desire to give in and please him however he wants has become my full purpose.

    With every thrust of his cock, the pleasure rises within me. His shaft pulsing with his own pleasure. I squeeze him tighter. His moans fill the air.

    “Yes slut. You will have my seed within you this very night. Keep squeezing me like that. You will wear my seed every night now while we work on this project.”

    Moaning, I continue pulsing around his cock. Each time heightens my arousal making me continue to get closer to my own orgasm.

    Denying myself the pleasure, I focus on making it good for him. His hands both move and grab my waist. His thrusts become faster and harder. The need to claim me with his seed driving him forward. Finally, he settles deep within my pussy.

    “Now slut. Cum with me little dove. Let me feel your orgasm.”

    At his words, I scream out loudly. The orgasm so powerful. It cannot be contained. My pussy strangles his cock. Milking his own orgasm, I take his seed within me.

    Shaking from the intensity, he slides in and out a few times before pulling all the way out. His hands gripping my hips still. His cock slides up and down my folds while he spreads his seed that leaks out all around my hole.

    “So, that information I received the other week was correct. You are one who engages in unprofessional business. It wasn’t just the subway. You also plan to do it with the clients.”

    Looking up in shock, I can’t believe my eyes. My boss’ boss is still in the building and has discovered how this man makes me feel so slutty.

    I blink many times trying to rid my head of the fuzz clouding my brain. My words totally not coming. I have no clue what to say to him. My career is most likely over now.

    I cannot believe how stupid I was to allow my brain to be overridden by my body. To allow a stranger such easy access to my body. To let my brain take vacation from the work that needed to be done.

    What did I gain? A single evening of incredible sex. His teasing this entire time was all a ploy to get one night with me alone and willing.

    The client would not let go of me where I could stand up and even try to be presentable. It is like he enjoyed having me splayed out over the table with his seed dripping down my pussy. It almost like he wanted me to be caught.

    All those times in the subway. Teasing me where it is so crowded. It is like the man thrives on the adrenaline of sex where someone might see.

    My boss’ boss came over and ran his hand down my spine. Shivering lightly, I am confused. Why would he come over like this instead of ordering me off the property. Firing me and taking back the company property.

    “You found a really good one this time brother. Are we heading back to your place once you lock up? She has definitely been easy to seduce. I think she enjoys this kind of sex just like we do. I don’t think she ever caught on that every time you sent the messages after our play on the subway was because I called you.”

    Shaking my head in disbelief, I look closer at the two of them. They do seem similar, but there are many differences too. It makes me wonder how often they seduce young women into playing their games. The teasing, the fear, and even the absence were all a part of getting me to react a certain way just to be willing to take his cock.

    “I think instead of my place. We take her to the dungeon at yours. Her mind seems to have a way of separating out when she gives in. I think a little kinky fun will be the way to go.”

    The client grabs hold of me and throws me over his shoulder. It seems I have no choice. Even if I did want out of it, there is no point. My body would be seeking them out again with one look. Now the only question remains. What do these brothers plan to do to me? Taking me to a location were both of them are going, I don’t think I will be done anytime soon tonight.

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