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    We are so sorry. This place was a better place for having known him.
    I have always enjoyed his stories. He will be sadly missed.
    Hugs Minni. I was not aware you had taken it to RL.
    Deepeset condolences to you and your family.
    V & Jess.

    Tangoracer 's stories.

    Winner of  Achats Erotic Story Contet 5 with a joint story –  A  Journey  to  Trueself  by  Tangoracer  and  hentaiboy69,2707.msg59007.html#msg59007,2707.msg59008.html#msg59008

    Runner up in Contest 8  –  Unadulterated Lust.    By    Tangoracer,3466.msg114003.html#msg114003,3466.msg114004.html#msg114004


    I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Mister Racer was one of my earliest friends here at AChat.
    We talked about nothing deep and were usually quite silly with each other.
    For me, the introvert, that's huge


    R.I.P. Tango

    Tango was a great person and was quite active here in the golden age of this forum.

    Stone and myself send our condolences to his children and family in this difficult time.


    Wishing to pass on my sympathy & condolences to Minnie, Tangoracer's family and friends… for your loss.

    I only knew Tangoracer from this Forum, we rarely crossed paths in game but were both BIG fans and supporters of Woody's F1 racing contest. And I too enjoyed reading his entries to the Erotic Story contests.  I will remember him as kind, funny and a supportive member. I'm sure he is missed.


    Minni I am shocked and at a loss at this news.

    My heart and prayers go out to  Minni and her family in coping with  their loss.

    Tango was inspirational here in the forum a  huge contributor to this community long after others had moved on.

    He will be missed by those of us blessed to have met him , and those that never met him have lost a chance to meet a wonderful person.

    I remember his pride at the birth of your son. God bless and I hope comfort you in dealing with this difficult time.

Viewing 5 posts - 76 through 80 (of 80 total)
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