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Testing my ability to post to the forum

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    Talking earlier about he new table top Anal pose just released, I purchased this pose, but it would need to be the man to decide he wanted to use it on me, thank so much William for sharing as you always do 🤗💋

    this is a test message


    Yeah I can this one but not the other one (Running Achat using Window 11 crashes when entering room) which is to weird.


    I have reported this issue to Achat.
    As new topics can be posted here and members have kindly created test topics. I can only think some words, unknown to us, may be banned and the default of Achats Home Page is then activated, similar to the Achat Game with profiles defaulting to “I LOVE ACHAT” when banned words are used.

    Unfortunately as the topics go to the Achat Homepage, I am unable to edit the posts to approve or activate them again.
    As you can imagine, my OCD is going into overdrive after spending so much time, tidying up the topics and forum.

    I will be doing a few tests sometime today, to see if I can identify any banned words in forum. Watch this space! lol


    I opened a new topic here in this section entitled “Crashes when entering a room” AND GUESS WHAT…. it defaults to Achat’s Home Page when you try to open it.

    I think its a banned forum word. We just need to isolate which one.

    It will be interesting to see if this post publishes in the topic. Does it include posts and / or titles?


    So it does post ok in a reply post. So the issue is with the title.

    Crashes when entering a room


    I tested the words in a topic title and discovered the problem word is ” Entering

    I have no idea why.

    But this word in the title causes the topic to default to the Achat Home Page.

    You can see for yourself by trying to open the topics in this section.

    Got any problems running AChat?

    The top topic titles containing the word “Entering” will default to the Achat Home Page and the topics are not able to be opened.

    I will leave up for a while and then delete the topics with an update in the “Useful things to know about Forum and How to Post” topic in “Forum News” Section.


    That was a serious piece of figuring out. OCD at it finest :p

    *huge hugsss* hehehe

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    LOL @Zuzannah you know him well!!


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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