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Topless Tuesday

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    Topless Tuesday was observed by all those present …


    Rockynoboobs… ;D ;D ;D


                                            Topless Tuesday  1st December

    This week Topless Tuesday was less well observed than recently…not many people seemed to want to brave the December chill and bare their boobies. No big deal…hopefully next week there'll be a wealth of well-honed torsos and jiggling jubblies on display and there'll be plenty of piccies to record the event.

    Just by an off the cuff remark our friend Corina_33 launched what turned out to be a really fun night by saying as Topless Tuesday had been something of a non-event, why not have Strap-on Toosday? Darting off's were done to the changing rooms and straps were strapped and tightened accordingly. Unfortunately strap-on's can only be equipped as sex clothing, but those that knew, knew and hope nestled in trembling bosoms.
    No sexy shenanigans were forthcoming  immediately, so larking's about were undertaken, and soon Adi_, hearing of the aforementioned strap-on's, said that it brought to mind a song by Queen…Bohemian Strapsody.
    Aaaaaaaand …we were off.
    Popping out title after title on the theme, some hilarious  others bringing a groan from those in range (sorreeee), and we had a bloody good laugh and completely forgot all about Booby Tuesday  (Rolling Stones).

    Thank you Corina and Adi for launching a really fun evening, and thanks to everyone wandering by the line of T-posing poseurs who chipped in with a contribution.
    Just another confirmation for me that we have (at least the germ of) a brilliant community here at Achat.

    After the pics are just some of the offerings put forward last night.
    I couldn't list them all…there were far too many.
    Hope you find a few that give you a smile and a giggle.




    Strappy Song Titles

    Adi__: Queen – Bohemian Strapsody
    Corina_33: The Police – Every Strap-on You Take
    Tift: Rolling Stones  Strap Me Up
    Soniaslut: The Pogues  Rum, Sodomy And The Strap-on
    Corina_33: Def Leppard – Love Strap-on’s
    Adi__: David Bovie – Strap-on Oddity
    Adi__: Don’t Worry – Be Strappy
    Corina_33: Chris Isaac – Wicked Strap-on
    Corina_33: Foreigner- That Was A Strap-on
    Soniaslut: Stranglers  Strappus Norvegicus
    Adi__: Tift: Goldfrapp Strap Machine
    Adi__: Roxy Music – Is Your Love Strappy Enough ?
    Corina_33: Heart- All I Wanna Do Is Make Love With Strap-on’s
    Soniaslut: Chuck Berry      My Dildo-ling  (related    )
    Corina_33: Def Leppard – Too Late For Strappin’
    AugustwestCP: Beatles – It's Been A Hard Day's Strappin’
    Soniaslut: Blue Oyster Cult    Don't Fear The Strappie
    AugustwestCP: Was Not Was – Strap the Dinosaur
    Corina_33: Schiller – I Feel Your Strap-on
    Adi__: Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Strap-on’s
    AugustwestCP: Michael Jackson – Strapper
    Tift: Boomtown Rats  Strap Trap
    tessoro: Akon  Smack That Strap
    Soniaslut: Cat Stevens    Matthew And Strappie
    AugustwestCP: Old Country  King Of The Strap-on
    Tift: Stones  Brown Strap-on
    AugustwestCP: Aerosmith – Strap This Way
    Adi__: Janis Joplin – Take Another Little Bit Of My Strap-on
    AugustwestCP: Aerosmith – Janie's Got A Strap-on
    Corina_33: Alice Cooper – Poisonstrap
    AugustwestCP: poison – look what the strap dragged in
    Adi__: Roxy Music  Dont Strap The Dance
    AugustwestCP: MC Hammer – Can't Strap This
    Soniaslut: Whitney Houston    Saving All My Strappie For You
    Corina_33: Bryan Ferry – Slave To Strap-on
    AugustwestCP: Merle Haggard – Mama Strapped
    Soniaslut: Travelling Wilbury's    The End Of The Strappie
    Tift: Achy Breaky Strap
    Tift: Addicted to Srap
    Soniaslut: Madness      I Like Driving In My Strappie
    AugustwestCP: Prince – When Doves Strap
    Tift: Long Gone Strappie
    Corina_33: Madonna-LIke A Strappie
    Soniaslut: Saxon  Strappies Of Steel
    Tift: Eurythmics  Love Is A Strappie
    AugustwestCP: Dire Straits  Sultans Of Strap
    21:47 01/12/2020
    Adi__: Budgie  Turned to Strap
    AugustwestCP: Billy Joel  The Strapper
    Tift: Dire Straits  Strap Over Gold
    Soniaslut: Eívor    Tróllastráppin’
    Tift: Canned Heat  On the Strap-on Again
    Adi__: AC/DC  Let There Be Strappy
    AugustwestCP: Goin Up The Strappy  Canned Heat
    Soniaslut: Of Monsters And Men    Little Strappies
    AugustwestCP: AC/DC  Big Straps
    Tift: Neil Young  Only Love Can Break Your Strappy
    Soniaslut: AC/DC  Whole Lotta Strappie
    Corina_33: Berlin- Take My Strappy Away
    Adi__: Talk Talk – Strapppin’s What You Make It
    Soniaslut: Marilyn Manson    Disposable Strappies
    AugustwestCP: Ramones  Blitzkrieg Strap
    Tift: Otis Redding  Papas Got A Brand New Strappy
    AugustwestCP: Strappin’ on the Dock of the Bay
    Soniaslut: Nirvana    Smells Like Teen Strappy
    Tift: Musical Youth    Pass The Strappy
    Tift: Natalie Cole  Pink Strappy
    Adi__: Prince – Purple Strap
    Soniaslut: Queen    Somebody To Strap
    Corina_33: Marilyn Manson  Sweet Strappies
    Soniaslut: Bonzo Dog Doodah Band    The Urban Strapman
    Corina_33: Depeche Mode    Personal Strappy
    Soniaslut: Yazz    The Only way Is Strap-on
    Tift: Secret Sisters  Rattle My Strap-on
    Soniaslut: Siouxsie & The Banshees    Strap Them For Me
    Adi__: Police  Strapped Around Your Finger
    Soniaslut: Captain Sensible    Happy Strappin'
    Tift: Elton John  Benny and the Strap-on’s
    Soniaslut: AC/DC    You Strapped Me All Night Long
    Soniaslut: Nena    99 Red Strappies
    Soniaslut: T'Pau    Strappy In Your Hand
    Tift: Abba  Thank You For The Strappies
    Tift: Abba  Money Money Strappie
    Soniaslut: The Police    Strapping On The Moon
    Soniaslut: Melanie    I Got A Brand New Pair Of Strappies
    Tift: Al Green  The Year of the Strappy
    Soniaslut: Bowie    Ziggy Strappy And The Strappies From Mars
    Soniaslut: Kate Bush  This Woman's Strappy
    Tift: Abba  Slipping Through My Strappie
    Soniaslut: Kate Bush    The Strappy Inside
    Corina_33: Abba – I Have A Strappy
    Soniaslut: Sinitta    Big Red Strappy
    Tift: Annie Lennox    Strappy in My Living Room
    Corina_33: Take A Chance On Strap-on
    Soniaslut: S Club 7    Ain't No Party Like A Strappy Party
    Tift: Beach Boys  California Strappies
    Soniaslut: The Pogues/Kirsty MacColl    Strappy Tale Of New York
    Tift: Blondie One Strap or Another
    Tift: Strap-on Killed the Radio Star
    Soniaslut: AC/DC    Let Me Put My Strappy Into You
    Adi__: Mettalica Master of Strappies
    Tift: The Cars  My Best Friends Strap-on
    Soniaslut: Metallica    Enter  Strap-on
    Tift: Cher  Gypsies Tramps and Strappies
    Soniaslut: Roy Orbison or Cyndi Lauper    I Strapped All Night
    Adi__: Adele – Make You Feel My Strap-on
    Tift: Cyndy Lauper  Girls Just Wanna Have Strappies
    Tift: David Bowie  Scary Strappies
    Soniaslut: The Freshies    I'm In Love With The Strappy On The Manchester Virgin Megastore Check Out desk
    Soniaslut: Simon & Garfunkel    Feelin' Strappy
    Tift: Elvis  Love Me Strap-on
    Soniaslut: Captain Beefheart    The Strappin’ Never Stops
    Tift: Eurythmics  There Must Be A Strappy
    Soniaslut: The Proclaimers    A Strappy From America
    Soniaslut: Altered Images    See Those Strappies
    Soniaslut: Altered Images  Pinky Strappy
    Tift: Madonna  Beautiful Strappy
    Adi__: King Crimson In The Court Of The Crimson Strap-on
    Tift: Marvin Gaye  Too Busy Thinking ‘Bout My Strappy
    Soniaslut: Siouxsie & The Banshees    Strapbound
    Soniaslut: Madness    Strappy Trousers
    Adi__: Madness – Our Strap
    Soniaslut: Bad Manners    Lip Up Strappy



    Thank you all for this wonderful playlist !

    ;D….soooo…on 8th Dec. is Tuesday latex and belts. ;D ;D


                             A FEW PICS FROM BLACK FRIDAY



    ……and then there were three


                                TUESDAY 8TH DEC. – LATEX & BELTS
    Next Tuesday don your finest latex or leather gear. Topless being incorporated would be good….
    well, it is a Tuesday after all.

    Location : Amsterdam
    Time : From 6 p.m GMT (1 p.m EST)

    Hope to see you all there looking amazing.


    Tych and Merlin with belts…Tuesday. 😉 😉




    Wiggle Nation Bunnies celebrating Topless Tuesday


    Some bunny behinds

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