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    There is a particularly nasty and annoying troll in AChat at the moment, his current avatar is Agent FBIPoli

    His previous alts include BigCock135 Agent FBI VampireBloo SupportRick and joueurNHL

    He’s particularly nasty, as he enjoys harassing women by standing directly in front of their avatars and blocking their movements, while sending continuous cold invites.

    He’s persistent, and if he’s put on ignore he will still continue to stand there. He may be bumped, but he’ll come right back and start the blocking again.

    He also thinks it’s great fun to clone female avatars names. Friends have told me that there is now a Huny_yumyum5 running around Achat, and yesterday in ams there was Huny_yumyum1 and Huny_slut_yu

    I have him on ignore and have reported him to support for harassment with screenshots to prove that the harassment is continuous and over a period of time.

    Some of his previous alts have been banned, but it looks like AChat can’t keep up with him.

    He’s harassing other female avatars in the same way. Some players have also reported him others unfortunately, just find the continuous harassment distressing and logout.

    This troll has been in AChat for a few weeks now, so if you are unlucky enough to meet him, put him on ignore. At the very least, we can deprive him of what trolls need the most – attention.


    Thanks for letting us know.

    I think I know this guy, Jess & I had the misfortune of meeting him once. After several requests to stop, he made our ignore list and I promptly asked her to dance.
    He was the one left looking an idiot as we continued to chat with our friends whilst dancing. Its an option for the girl targeted and just keep swapping as he stands in front of the next victim. He does get fed up and moved away when he realised we enjoyed dancing as much as standing in a line. He was not spoiling our play.

    You have done the right thing reporting him. I know from experience that players who constantly stand in front of others to annoy do get banned.

    So please, anyone else experiencing the same, do send any pics AND/OR dialogue of you asking them to step away with the request ignored to Achat’s Support.
    It is vital evidence to back up your complaint.

    Support can be accessed on the menu bar at the top of this page.

    The pics to support your complaint, chat log extracts and other victims complaints will show Achat the troll as a serious nuisance.
    The more complaints, the better.


    This is the guy who claimed to have obtained everyone’s IP address and home address and was willing to make them public. I told him go ahead as then he would receive a permanent ban because it is against TOS to do so. He hung out in front of us for hours. Would crash and return. He is on our ignore list and will live there forever. He had been harassing MrsCara (pictured) before he started on us.


    Our nasty little troll, AgentFBIPoli is still running around, this time with another alt called WolfDogChien
    This is the email I have sent to AChat support today:

    AChat Support:
    Are we to assume that AChat no longer enforces its Terms of Service agreement and that players can expect to be harassed in the game?
    Is this the new policy, that players now need to huddle in the lobby and avoid the cities, Summer and Winter so as not to be harassed, told about child pornography, and threatened because a troll is allowed to run amok and do and say whatever he likes in the game irrespective of the Terms of Service agreement?

    Many players here continue to be harassed and abused by this troll, who currently uses the names: AgentFBIPoli and WolfDogChien.

    He has also been reported under his other alts which included: BigCock135 Agent FBI VampireBloo joueurNHL RickSupport
    Today, Sunday 15 May the harassment was continuous. AgentFBIPoli who is on my ignore list, blocked my movements in Night Shift, Winter and Ams.
    I left the game and when I returned a few hours later, he did the same thing again. I left and when I returned again, he did the same. Screenshots have been provided. Apparently, this is his entertainment.

    AChat friends have stated that AgentFBIPoli, when he isn’t blocked enjoys talking about his child porn collection, bestiality and finding underage players. Please note the screenshot of the comments made by other players who have also reported him.
    I have previously reported AgentFBIPoli, and provided screenshots of his blocking my avatar, and screenshots of his other alts which include: Huny_yumyum1 and Huny_slut_yu

    This is not a personal issue between AgentFBIPoli and myself. His harassment extends to other players, and he has been reported by others, as he blocks female avatars and if he isn’t placed on ignore, he will send continuous cold invites as well as threats. He has made threats to players that he has obtained IP addresses and home addresses and was willing to make them public.

    Vaughan, the AChat forum moderator has called AgentFBIPoli “a serious nuisance” in the game. There is now an AChat forum topic: AChat News- Troll Alert Agent FBIPoli

    To date, despite my previous reports and the reports of other players who have been harassed, AChat has not responded. I have received no reply from support and AgentFBIPoli remains active along with his new alt WolfDogChien.


    MrsCara told me he is a free player. When his free 3 days are up he gets another. AChat please do something about this and block his IP permanently. Merely blocking his account will bring us no peace. Thank you for sharing your note huny.


    AChat support has replied to my email. This was their response:

    the user was banned and we took more serious steps to stop returning him with new avatars. Please report if you still meet him/similar problems!
    AChat support


    Yayyyy and high 5’s huny!! Thank you AChat for listening!!

    It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood!!


    Good to know this has been solved.


    Thanks for the update Huny.
    That’s great news Achat.
    Its nice to know such trolls will be severely dealt with.

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