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Update prevents Achat starting correctly

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Home Forums Got any problems running AChat? Update prevents Achat starting correctly

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    I’m not sure if anyone else has the same issue.
    Today when I logged in, I picked up an automatic update.

    Unfortunately the update prevents Achat from opening.

    I know it is this update as yesterday I was able to log on fine.

    This is the error message i get

    I have done the usual and uninstalled AChat and re-installed but the same issue occurs.

    The matter has been reported to Achat Support. Once I get an answer I will update here in this topic.


    the program hasn’t opened since this morning, I uninstalled and reinstalled but it tells me it can’t start the program… what happened? thanks in advance for the reply


    Hi Antonio8383,
    Welcome to Forum.

    This issue was reported to Achat earlier and they have now contacted me. It should be fixed now. I’ve checked mine and its seems good to go again.

    please try it again, a fix was uploaded.
    AChat support.”

    The issue was caused when Achat Beta was merged with the original Achat Game.
    Please see here

    Achat Beta release. 21/11/22 Now merged into Achat Game.


    the new update does not work for 32-bit operating systems?
    do you have a version that works for 32 bit operating systems?
    Thanks for the reply.


    You are going have to ask support about that I reckon.

    I’ve just looked online on how to find out if an app is running 32 or 64 bit.

    On Task Manager, Details. Achat architecture is x64.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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