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Game Idea. Use your own location in the Blind Dates.

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    I know not everyone owns a location, but some do. How about and option to host a blind date?


    Hi Stevie,
    Welcome to Forum.

    I like your idea. Do you mean to have multiple people in your own room? Like a meeting place?

    Way back, there were blind dates organised in forum where sex was optional.. they were meet and greet games.

    People would volunteer to take part and agree to 2 none sexual dates. (Sex was optional to those who agreed to it)
    The dates were foot massages – guys to perform on the ladies / shemales.
    And the ladies / shemales could perform a pole dance or lapdance.
    Hence the two dates so each received a dance/foot massage and each gave a dance/foot massage.

    Then a short report of the date was reported in the host topic for people to read and enjoy and to help build our friendly community.

    If there is enough interest, we could arrange such dates again.

    They were originally called Secret Santa and later on a Secret Valentine were organised.

    Here is how it all began

    Topics (Forum Home Page) » Events » Secret Santa

    Secret Santa

    Sign up here if you would like to take part …

    Hell, why not! I’m in. Goes in search of my foot massage and peppermint oil kit just in case, this thing takes off!

    1. Vaughan.


    Add me in.


    add me in too !!


    that’s cool, just mean an option to host a blind date at your own location instead of some cheap apartment location, doesn’t have to be multiple people(groups are the hardest) i think. it’s a blind date


    Hi Stevie,
    I haven’t done a blind date, in an age but does it not take place in your own bought room then?
    Or is it a case that the people who happened to take part were both free users at the time?
    If it takes you direct to a free room, its a shame, there is not a “special blind date” room or as you say… a choice of one of your own.

    Are you joining in the blind date Secret Santa event Stevie?

    The Rules are —
    You agree to 2 none sex dates..
    One where you are the giver of a foot massage or Pole dance or Lap dance
    one where you are the receiver of a foot massage or Pole Dance or Lapdance.
    (Sex can take place with the agreement of the dates but it will be a private agreement between the parties)
    You both agree to tell a short report of your date and post it in the topic for the enjoyment of others taking part, forum readers and as a way to introduce yourselves to forum and build the community. (It can be erotic, none erotic, or just suggestive… just enjoy and have fun. A pic is optional)
    The dates are by random selection and we ask the dates are carried out ASAP and within 4 weeks that the parings are known… we dont want the dates to linger on and on. (Obviously to avoid conflict, let me know if any of the Secret Santa volunteers are on your ignore list or if there is any history. This is so no inappropriate pairings are made)

    Thank you to the Secret Santa Volunteers so far we have

    1. Vaughan
    2. JessiCapri
    3. JohnnyLove5

    So not to hijack Stevie’s topic, I’ll open a new topic inspired by this topic, about the Secret Santa 2021 (Blind Date) Event.

    Here is the Secret Santa 2021 Event – Please sign up.

    Topics (forum Home Page) » Events » Secret Santa 2021 Blind Date – Meet and Greet Event.

    Secret Santa 2021 Blind Date – Meet and Greet Event.


    No, I have 3 locations I use my pink room mostly and all blind dates I have done have been somewhere else


    I don’t mind =d


    Quote from StevieSucks Post 1 “I know not everyone owns a location, but some do. How about an option to host a blind date?”

    Blind dates should have the option of using a member’s purchased rooms instead of just the free ones available.

    Bumped up

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