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    Before you use check Support-board – maybe there is an asnwer already.

    When you use Support-button (on top line of website) make sure:

    – Write in english – f you're not native english and need help, you can ask for help in forum
    – Bbe as detailed as possible
    – Use a valid email-address!!! A-Team will answer to this email-address
    – Be patient. Sometimes it takes up to 3 days before they answer

    Is anybody waiting for an answer from support? They try to answer to an user since some days but the email isn't valid.


    Errr… why don't they pm the username?


    Not every member is registered in forum. If a member can't login because he has fogotten his password, it doesnt make sense to answer in game
    So they answer to email in general.


    kosi2: do u want 10000
    george_ to kosi2: sure
    kosi2: i buy 10000 a $ for u
    george_ to kosi2: how?
    kosi2: i should login to your account and i buy 4 u
    george_ to kosi2: which means you want my password
    kosi2: i just want 20 seconds
    george_ to kosi2: you must be very stupid or something
    george_ to kosi2: buy them yourself and gift them to me
    george_ to kosi2: why you want my password?
    kosi2: my huge black cock in your stupid familly holes
    kosi2: motherfucker
    george_ to kosi2: lol
    kosi2: Sorry, you are on my ignore list…


    Thanks for the info george. You are the 3rd forum member, who has been in contact with this idiot now.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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