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    Hello Casio, welcome to the forum.
    I know its not easy, but be patient and wait one or two days. Sometimes it takes some time. If you dont have an answer until friday, post here again.


    It has passed two days since I first requested a password reset. As of today, I still did not even get a simple (courteous) reply to any of the emails I had send, and for sure my password has not been reset yet, so I do not have access to the Client.

    When they want to get paid they for sure make sure they do take the money from the bank account as fast as they can and if they do not get the money on time they do cancel the subscription without hesitation.


    You mention email.    Try sending your problem and request through  ” Support ”  here and use their message facility.  Its on the same line above as Forum & the Shop.

    Achat Gods then reset your password and send it to the email they have on their records when you joined for security reasons.

    Depending how busy they are , it can take up to a week or so.  I usually tell members to send a reminder after 3 days.  They usually reply within that time.

    Let us know how you get on.


    Yes I stated Email, but what I used was the Support Tab. When you use the Support tab what ever you need help with will be send as email to them.


    hey, i would like to know how to reset my password, cause the password i have used has change and i dont know what it is. and i install Achat on my tablet and now they ask me for password but keep on saying wrong password and i only have 3 times remaining. please


    Send a message to support (button on top) and ask them either to reset your password or to send you a new one. Add your email.




    Maybe this has already been asked and answered, but can anyone give me any tips on creating a banner/signature for use in the Forum?
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you


    Hi there.

      I've just done a a search on here about this.  Although I did my own banner I can't remember a few things, so this thread will tell you a few things about how to do it…… or at least where to put the link to your banner, as well as a few other things as well.  You have to scroll down to it, (under FORUM SIGNATURE BANNERS), it's about a third of the page down, or thereabouts.,4714.msg160784.html#msg160784


    many thanks Zuzannah

    I appreciate the assistance…now hopefully I can follow the instructions…..


    Anyone know how I can use one of my own pics as a signature banner?
    Been arseing about with it for ages but (sob) to no avail.
    Won't someone reach out a helping hand…?
    Or at least tell me if it's possible…and if so, how?

    Thank you in advance (fingers crossed)


    Ok.  Having a bit of trouble ?

      First off your banner must be 750 x 90 in size. (Maximum).

      You have to use a image uploader such as IMGUR.  That's the one I use.  You can't have your banner just on your hard drive unfortunately.

      Then you have to make an account there to upload your banner.

      After that is done, click on that image and a list should come up showing links to that particular image.  The first on the list is the image link, this is the one you have to copy.

      Goto Profile in this forum and then select Forum Profile Information.  Near the bottom you'll see SIGNATURES. Mine looks like this.

      And then at the bottom of the screen on the right hand side click Change profile.  And it should work……….. hopefully.

      I've also just noticed what you have as your banner.  You've missed the / out on the 2nd img.   The first one is right the second one should  be [/img]

      Ok the image above isn't very plain, but if you're using Chrome zoom it up a bit.  Comes up pretty good then.  Hopefully the next time I come on here you'll have a brand new banner showing in all its glory.


    If you are still having trouble,  take a look here.  Post 1 has quite good pictorial instructions.,5027.0.html

    Your banner must be 750 x 90 in size.

    In the above topic is some banners you can use or use for ideas.
    If  you want to send your pics to me in PM, I can have a look at making you a banner.

Viewing 13 posts - 31 through 43 (of 43 total)
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