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Valentines Leap Year Blind date Event 2024.

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    Add me to list


    Add me please 😊

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    1. Vaughan
    2. JessiCapri
    3. Red68
    4. AlefzMax aka Max Alefz
    5. Ladyhot
    6. AdyMin2k29
    7. nolan_96
    8. RavanaNyx
    9. Loopysammy
    10. Sithsimmons
    11. Clyana
    12. Skal
    13. Sexilicious
    14. Bear
    15. Michelle989

    Thank you to the new Volunteers. We still would like more, especially ladies, gurls & gay guys.


    The Dates are now published.

    The First Name in the couples list is the Giver and the second name receives.
    So for example Janet – John. Janet would dance for John OR Janet would give John a foot massage.

    Each person has 2 dates. Some ladies have 3 dates because there were more men than ladies who volunteered in this event.
    Thank you each for taking part & doing an extra date to even things up.

    Please contact your allocated date, in the Achat Game, In Forum and in Discord to ensure you can make arrangements to meet, carry out your date & set your own boundaries.
    Please carry out your date within the next four weeks. Remember it can be in the Achat Game or in Role Play in Achat’s Forum – The Achat Bar & Grill (with the bar involved) or in Discord PM.
    Please remember to also provide a short story / report of your date in this forum topic as a way of providing forum readers with an introduction to yourselves and your date.
    (If you are unsure of anything please refer to the Opening Post here or just ask me or Jessi)

    Thank you again to all those taking part.
    We look forward to reading you.

    1st name is Giver, second name is receiver.

    1. Bear – Sexilicious.
    2. AlefzMax – RavanaNyx
    3. RavanaNyx – Sithsimmons.
    4. Nolan_96 – RavanaNyx
    5. Sithsimmons – Clyanna (or DarkSpeider)
    6. Red68 – LadyHot
    7. Sexilicious– Bear
    8. LadyHot – LoopySammy.
    9. AdyMin2k29 – LadyHot
    10. LoopySammy – Michelle898
    11. Skal – JessiCapri
    12. Clyanna – AdyMin2k29 (or DarkSpeider)
    13. JessiCapri – Red68
    14. Vaughan – Nolan98
    15. Michelle989 – Skal
    16. JessiCapri – Vaughan
    17. Clyanna – AlefzMax (or DarkSpeider)
    18. Michelle989 – Bear

    Happy Dating.



    14. Vaughan – Nolan98

    I was delighted to find that fate had paired me up with Nolan_96.
    He is our gay friend that JessiCapri & I met through Forum when Jess & I had been campaigning for more LBGT poses, in particular for MM.
    Nolan is from USA and has a hot racy mix of USA, Filipino & French blood.
    He is a talented man and can speak fluent English, French and Tagalog.
    We had seen each other in the Achat game and hung out a couple of times and had chatted and laughed about Achat life.

    Today, I texted him and asked if he was free today. Our time difference was was 5 hours which was much better than the 8 hours I originally thought.

    Today – Sun 18 February 2024 was an interesting day for dates… It is…
    1. National Battery Day
    2. National Drink Wine Day
    3. National Crab Stuffed Flounder Day
    4. National FFA Week (Future Farmers of America).
    5. Kosovo Independence Day.
    6. Libyan Revolution Day.
    7. My Way Day.
    8. National Cabbage Day.
    9. National Cafe au Lait Day.
    10. National Public Science Day.
    11. World Human Spirit Day.

    Thankfully Nolan_98 told me he was and had a Crab Stuffed Flounders in the oven, ready for me when I arrived for our date.
    I felt honoured and duty bound to bring something for him in return.
    I stopped off at one of our young farmers shops and the young man serving me was very pleasant.
    I chose my special gift for Nolan and as he wrapped the Cabbage up, I wished him a “Happy Future Farmers of America Day”
    He looked a little confused… well I suppose Wales wouldn’t know such an important day or week but isn’t that the value of the Human Spirit. We always shine through with kindness and resilience.
    Even if he wasn’t celebrating it, I could still wish him the happiness of it!
    I also saw he sold bottles of wine and added a nice bottle of red Chianti to my purchase. We could drink the wine with our meal.

    I carefully carried the wrapped Cabbage & Chianti to my car and thought this was much better than flowers. I’m sure Nolan’s Human spirit would be uplifted for the day when he saw my gifts.

    When I arrived, I was rather impressed. Nolan had dressed sharp, shaved and looked amazing.
    He is a stunning figure of a man and clearly looks after himself.
    He invited me inside and I could immediately smell the delicious Crab Stuffed Flounders.

    Nolan had already set the table and his coffee machine was on to make Café au lait with hot milk of course. The smell caused my mouth to salivate and tummy to rumble.

    The meal was soon set out and we sat and ate and drank our wine.
    I said, “We must have a toast:
    Nolan nodded in agreement.
    I said, “ To Libyan Revolution Day.”
    Nolan asked, “Are you a Libyan?”
    I said, “No”
    And we both gulped some wine,
    Nolan said, “Another Toast… To Kosovo Independence Day.”
    I nodded in agreement. “Are you Kosovan?”
    Nolan replied, “No”
    And we both gulped our wine.
    Seems as good a reason as any to toast and drink wine.

    Nolan was a gracious host. He was on the ball when the coffee machine battery gave up the ghost and it refused point blank to work again. I checked in my man bag for a spare but to no avail.

    Nolan had it in hand though. He ordered another from the Internet who promised next day delivery free of charge as it was National Battery Day.
    Who would have thought a Battery would own its own day!
    Nolan then proceeded to jump into action … “I’ll do the coffee my way” he said and I watched in awe.
    He soon placed a perfect cup of Café au lait in front of me.

    What a perfect ending to a scrumptious meal.
    I said to him, “Did I tell you an interesting fact I learned today?”
    Nolan shook his head.
    I continued, “Well as it is National Public Science Day… I actually think that’s kind of worth knowing… Did you know… Lights take almost eight minutes to proceed from the sun to earth.
    Nolan looked suitably impressed so I pressed ahead with another scientific fact…
    I told him, “And something that’s just freaky… Grasshoppers have ears in their bellies.!”
    Nolan smiled and said, “Interesting”

    After our meal, we moved on to the local pub, – The Achat Bar & Grill, where we danced, including the impressive finger twirl move.

    We chatted about MM poses or lack there of, our travels, Forum, Achat & our experiences.
    All in all before we knew it, 2½ hours had flown by.
    We left each other with promises to stay in touch.

    Nolan is a gay guy who is a gentleman, intelligent and an amazing and interesting man to talk to.
    We had a great date.
    Gay guys should hook up with him
    And none gay guys & gals would certainly have a good friend in him.
    Say hi, next time you see him.

    Thanks for the date Nolan.
    See you in Achat, Forum & the Achat Town Square Chat Room.


    14. Vaughan – Nolan98

    It was great being paired with the one and only Vaughan the Forum Moderator for the Valentines Blind Date event!

    Had a wonderful time on our bro date – as Vaughan mentioned there were a plethora of national holidays for us to celebrate. I learned he is from Wales in the UK, and I was able to enjoy some of his preferred tunes. We also visited the local pub – he put on his favourite song as we showed off our dance moves to each other.

    Vaughan is such a lighthearted and fun gentleman to hang out with and he is very supportive, accepting and welcoming to all. I hope to hang out with him again soon.



    18. Michelle989 – Bear

    Meeting Bear was an absorbing two hour experience for me, when i initially entered the room with him I felt a little of my shyness return and a reminder from a brief meeting awhile ago of what being with this rugged American mountain man from the distant past was like, forgot completely that i was the one supposed to be giving pleasure, on realising i ushered him to lay facedown on his bed, straddled his amazing body and began my massage routine of firstly massaging his back muscles ever so gently but firmly slowly working my way down his amazing body working his thigh and calf muscles, then moving back up his body and a natural urge to rub my breasts up and down his back, from here my mind became slightly blury, my natural submissive desire from deriving pleasure from giving pleasure kicked in and an urge to flip him over and find that place that makes a man a man. I remember taking bear into my mouth feelings engulfed my mind the taste of a real man filled my mind giving true meaning to why I play this game, from here unintentionally surrendering myself to the emotional physical roller coaster of pure passion as bear took over my mind body and soul for the next hour or so


    Posted on behalf of Bear due to Forum password issues. This is his report & words

    18. Michelle989 – Bear

    I was very happy when the valentine dates were announced. I have known Michelle for several years, however our time zone differences left us more as passing ships in the night. Luckily she had a flex day and arranged a time that worked for us both. I wanted to make a good impression so had decorated a room up to celebrate, slipped on some sophisticated clothes and eagerly awaited her.

    The heat on her end had shifted her morning plans leading her to the beach. When she signed in and told me, my idea shifted immediately. Simultaneously we offered the suggestion of a beach date. I rapidly switch clothes, found a swim suit that complemented some features. Slipped flip flops on and we jumped to a secretive hidden cove.

    Oh my God she was absolutely stunning in a barely there bikini. I was quite taken… then suddenly mortified.

    I had left my socks on!!

    I could not help but pull up an image of some in my mind of an old grandpa at the beach lurking about.

    Miss Michelle deflected it off. Charming and gracious we retreated to a comfortable seat and cuddled catching up on our lives since we last talked.

    We stripped down, (thankfully ridding myself of the sock image). She straddled me and gave me a delicious back rub relieving those chiseled muscles of tension. Those delicate fingers were amazing. My eyebrows did raise when I felt her perky nipples drag across my back. Someone was liking what they saw.

    What followed yet was quite amazing, however I felt Michelle deserved her own pampering. This charmingly sweet woman yielded to my suggestions and joined me on a slow, erotic sharing of an afternoon.
    A Very special afternoon with the sound of surf, the warm touch of the sun and the taste of the sea upon her….

    Thank you Michelle for joining me.
    We may remain ship’s passing in the night, but I will fondly remember the time we we dropped anchor in that hidden cove.


    Had a lovely date with Jessi, drank and dance, learnt new things about each other, great time all round

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    I met Red68 in Amsterdam because we share a love of the real city.

    I brought the wine and we found a quiet street to sit and chat and toast our friendship.

    Amsterdam in real life has a vibe similar to that in AChat. The red light district can only be experienced and I won’t attempt to describe it here.
    We spoke of his future visit and his plans to see the Anne Frank house. Amsterdam is filled with history and it must be felt to appreciate. I’m a bit jealous of his future trip.

    We’ve known each other for a few years now but it was great to sit, laugh and dance and get to know each other better. He’s a great guy and perfect gentleman. I thoroughly enjoyed his company and the evening.

    Red68 is a wonderful friend with a great sense of humor and I am grateful and honored to call him friend.


    Hello everyone !

    I had a beautiful date with Monica for like 2 hours. We meet on a yacht, and we started a nice cruise.

    We’ve been seated at the table, and i ordered some good wine and the diner.

    We started to talk and know each other, while we drinked some wine. It was a beautiful conversation with her, and after a time we enjoyed our dinner. We asked different questions, and after a time i invited her to a romantic dancing.

    We enjoyed our dance, and i was able to steal an hot kiss from her.

    When we got a bit tired, we seated on the bed where we continued our discussion.

    We had a great time, it was a pleasure to know more about sweet Monica, we had a beautiful date and i’m sure we both enjoyed it !

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    Had a lovely date with Ladyhot, got to know her a lot better and we became really good friends 🙂

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