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Verse & Haiku’s by Jessi

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    “Mine” He growls to her.
    “Mine” She whispers in response.
    A truth undenied.
    Comparisons pale.
    I am his and he is mine.
    Many dare to try.
    The truth is proven
    hour by hour and day by day
    In a glance we know.

    I may touch the hand
    of another from time to time
    but his is my match.
    The heart and spirit
    do not listen to conducive
    rules made by the mind.
    “Mine” he growls to me.
    “Mine” I whisper in response.
    A truth undenied.

    To Him:
    Words are not enough
    The words to tell you my heart
    seem to not exist!
    Looking in your eyes
    I see the questioning hope
    and my heart takes flight
    From the first meeting
    I knew we were meant to be
    I knew I was yours.
    You looked at my soul
    As if you knew me forever
    and my heart whispered.
    The touch of your hand,
    your breath on my skin was like fire
    and my heart whispered.
    Laughing till we cried
    Hours and hours felt like minutes
    Good Night was painful.
    Loving till we cried
    our souls joined and rejoicing
    my heart screamed your name.
    Not an easy path
    we have traveled hand in hand
    Never looking back.
    We chose our colors
    And created our bubble.
    We are our bubble.
    A day without you
    Is a day without breathing,
    A day with no joy.
    In your arms I'm home.
    When I am with you I am complete.
    With you I am me.
    So to your question
    there really is no question
    it is destiny.
    My heart hears your song
    Do you hear the harmony?
    Saying YES YES YES!!


    He sleeps unaware
    of my watch
    of his very breath.
    I reach out and touch
    his curved lips
    as he smiles in his slumber.
    For this moment in time
    there is no price
    I would not pay.
    I am his and he my gift.
    His arms my home,
    I dread the morning!

    Beautiful verse.   Congratulations on your new topic & Welcome to Forum.


    V  x


    Thank you my darling husband. You are ever so kind.

    Skill can be taught
    Lessons learned
    from trial and error.

    Talent born of passion
    cannot be taught
    It must be felt.

    Passion is found in
    the mind and heart.
    Kill one kill the other.

    How easily wings that
    took flight today
    will be still tonight.

    Pictures void of shaddow
    tell not the story.
    Without depth there is nothing.

    Without breath there
    is no life.
    Without music no song.

    A guide written by me
    would teach nothing
    to those who do not feel


    Terror Inflicted

    There is always blame
    for frantic screans in the dark
    TERROR inflicted

    Your right to kill me
    outweighed by my right to live.
    Your God over mine.

    Power votes for sale
    For the blood of our children
    to the highest bid.

    Blood splatters on all
    who support the right to kill
    A child and their friends.

    Like any killer
    they hide their greedy intent
    behind false concern.

    The power of change
    is on all their blood stained hands
    wiped clean with payments.

    Terror inflicted
    in a mall, movie, or school.
    Murdered while dancing.

    To not search for blame
    Perpetuates the blood flow
    pooling on the floor.

    Some search so they cope
    I search so I don't cope with
    TERROR inflicted.

    I don't wish to cope
    with the deaths of innocents
    Never make it norm.


    Interesting insights and Awesome work.


    I had spent the day wandering around and exploring the grounds of our new home.

    For someone who did not enjoy the whole process of moving we sure had lived in many houses in our time together. He loved the challenge of the design process. It was in the getting all the pieces to line up as he saw them in his mind that he found frustrating. He is brilliant so nothing was ever going to be able to mirror his imagination.

    As I now wandered from room to room I could not help but smile at some of the memories already created in some of the rooms. Many had me squirming and wishing he was home. He is Hot and I still feel honored to be his. As I stood staring at the pool table with a silly grin the sound of the phone startled me back to reality.

    “Hey sexy” He growled with that accent that never failed to melt a pair of panties off of any female.

    “Hey baby I was just thinking of you.” I said with a smile.

    “We’ve had an invite to a new club opening downtown. Care to go?” He asked.

    “Of course” I asked, without even asking what kind of club. “Just give me an hour to get ready”

    “See you soon” He growled again.

    I knew he’d be here way before the hour was up. I was quite sure he was already on his way home.

    Having taken the day to myself I’d already primped and just needed the necessary adjustments necessary for the club scene. Without knowing exactly where we’d be going I chose a dress just short enough for the curious. It left my shoulders bare so I added the faint touch of sparkle to them, added his favorite shade of red lipstick, slipped on the stilettos and walked down the stairs in time to hear his car pull into the drive. Men think they are ever so clever.

    “You look fabulous” He murmured as he took me in his arms. “But I wished to watch you prepare.”

    “I’d rather you watch me undress later instead.” I told him. “Besides, we both know we’d be delayed then and I’d need another shower….and chances are we’d never make it to the club at all.”

    We both grinned at each other. God, I loved that glint in his eyes.

    As we pulled up to the club, I started to giggle. I looked over at him and he too seemed a bit surprised. In all our years together we had yet to go to a club that advertised “GLORY HOLES” on the sign out front. As he opened the car door for me we shared that same smile.

    The music that greeted us loudly was also not our style. I will never understand why EDM is even called music since not a single musical instrument is used to create it. We each sighed and agreed we’d not stay long. We were greeted warmly by a few friends inside. As early as we were it was already busy. I was in front of V as we walked in and I headed for the dance floor. I turned to look for him and he was not behind me.

    I quickly found him as he stood out. Others paled in my eyes. When I had turned left for the dance floor, V had turned right. He had found himself quite a nice seat in front of a dance pole and made himself comfortable there. Sighing I slowly made my over to him. He smiled at me but his eyes held a challenge and held my gaze.

    There were four poles in a row with four seats placed directly in front of each with only a few feet in between each. Oddly all poles were empty but all four seats were occupied by men with the same look in their eyes. Only V’s were daring. I grinned at him again. Anyone else would not have seen a change in his expression but I saw his eyebrows raise a fraction.

    I have rarely turned down a dare and this was not going to be any different. In fact I was going to raise it a bit.

    I walked over to him and placed my purse next to him. I had told him I’d rather he watch me undress although neither of us had expected this. With his eyes watching every move I slipped out of my panties then walked over to him and slipped them into his pocket. As I walked back to the pole I noticed I now had the attention of all four. He asked for it he was going to get it.

    I took a few laps around the pole familiarizing myself to it while at the same time trying to block out the noise blaring from the speakers. I would have to play a song in my own head in an attempt to silence the noise of everything else. I caught the gaze of the man two seats down and held it. I teased at the pole and bent down at the waist flashing my ass at V and the man who sat on the other side of him. Did another few turns and did the same but this time facing the other direction while holding the gaze of another.

    The music in my head was slow and sultry and I began to grind the pole while looking into V’s eyes. Slowly I eased myself up and down with the pole between both my breasts and my just spread enough knees. My dress was short enough that in some positions the hem was at my hips giving all who chose to look a great view of just how excited I was.

    Pulling myself slowly back up the pole I glanced at the man to V’s right who was trying to hide his own excitement and I licked my lips as I stared at him. Glancing back at V I caught signs of a smirk before he hid it. Catching his gaze just as the music picked up tempo I flipped my legs up over my head and formed a V with my legs. My right leg wrapped around the pole and the other straight out the side. A friend of ours walked up and stood beside me just as I was full on spread eagle.

    Remembering V’s dare I pretended I did not see the friend and spread wider as I gazed into V’s eyes. Letting my knees slide down from the top of the pole I could feel the moisture my pussy left on it with my hands as they held onto it. I turned and faced the room as I began to grind the pole with my ass. I found the coolness of the pole between the cheeks of my ass to be very erotic and I could feel moisture dripping down my inner thighs.

    Turning to face him again I no longer saw anyone else. Nothing registered in my mind but his presence. My heart began to pound and my breathing slowed. I no longer heard the music that I am sure was still playing. For me nothing existed but him and my desire for him. I lost myself in his eyes which were 100% focused on me. I was aware that he was gripping his glass of whiskey hard and his lips were slightly parted. I could feel his desire for me.

    I slipped off the pole without even thinking about it. There was only need. I lay down with my feet resting on his and raised my hips as I spread my legs, bent at the knee, as wide as they could go. I wanted him to see what only the feel of his gaze could do to me.

    My hands cupped both breasts and I bit my bottom lip and my hips squirmed at his direction. My dress was now completely up around my waist. What a sight I must have made there in a crowded club on the verge of climax! I had long since left the place of dialing it back down. At that moment it was just V and I and my need for him.

    I let my hands roam up and down my sides and the inside of my thighs as my hips continued to lift up and down off the floor slowly. I watched as the bulge in his pants grew tighter but he did not move. I couldn’t even see him breathing. Only his eyes moved as he watched me.

    My fingers found my clit and as I played I saw him squirm. I knew he was fighting his inclination to pull me to him and I knew it wouldn’t be long now. The Dom in him held him back though. He wanted to wait and see how far I would take it. I couldn’t wait and slammed two fingers in and rolled my hips. My head fell back as I arched high and started to shake.

    In that moment I felt myself lifted onto his lap and placed on his cock in one swift and well practiced move. I wrapped my arms around his neck tight and moaned into his ear as he took control. I ground down hard and rolled my hips before he picked me up just high enough to let the tip of his cock slip out and back in hard. His lips seemed to bite mine as I began to bounce slow and he increased the tempo showing me his need for me.

    I slipped my hand behind me and as I gazed into his eyes I tickled his balls as we fucked. I felt his quick intake of breath as he growled. His grip on my hips tightened and he pounded me harder.

    As my first spasms started I pressed my thumb to the spot behind his balls.

    Gazing more intently into his eyes I fought to slow my climax. I knew instinctively it would not be much longer and I pressed my thumb deeper. When his eyes changed color for me and he said “MINE” I let go and in a breath screamed his name as my toes curled and my body shook.

    The sound of my scream, and his, brought me back to reality and realized we had accumulated quite the audience.

    “Incredible” he whispered.

    “You always are” I replied and we shared a grin.

    “I am not returning the panties” He growled.

    “That works since I am not quite finished.” I smiled.

    Several sets of glasses of our favorite whiskey had been bought for us by various men sitting across the room. Picking one up I raised it up slightly to the room in a sign of thanks but quickly turned my attention back to the man who owns me heart, body and soul.

    I did not raise my eyes but kept them lowered.

    I raised myself carefully, one knee resting on either side of him, and lowered the glass of whiskey between my thighs. I could feel the eyes of many on me but his were still the only pair that mattered to me. Surely many had never seen a slaves kiss done. Traditionally it should be done on the the floor below him….and prior to being taken to the furs…but this one will serve to finish the dance nicely I think.

    Still quite wet and dripping from us I slipped one edge of the glass on one side of my lips, turning it slowly, then moved the other side of the glass and twisted it slowly against the inside of the other lip. The coolness of the glass felt wonderful. I then raised the glass enough for me to inspect it. Making sure it was well coated in the light I turned it without raising my eyes.

    Satisfied I kissed the side of the glass, then held it up to him with a prayer for his well being and safety. I did not raise my eyes to his till her took the glass from me and raised my chin with his finger. His eyes told me I had pleased him.

    Our gazes held long after he had drank his whiskey and savoured the taste of us. I had no desire to move off of his lap. But the bar was closing. I finished off my own whiskey as we said our good nights to friends. Only when he held my arms to assist me down did I move.

    As we exited he said “I will want a private version of that when we arrive home.” with that glint in his eye.



    Like the 5th pole dance pose on 3DX feels free is beautifully given to men and for women to desire to do it is our freedom to do


    Babygirl – a beautiful and erotic memory. Thank you.


    Complete elegance tastefully shown here, thankyou Vaughan for sharing with us

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