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More MM and MMM Gay Poses Please

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    It is a group that has been silent here Anthony… though I cannot say it will work… hope your insight and taking the banner in hand works out well in getting your wants.

    Janine Dee

    Though it should be noted Anthony that I have been the solitary, consistent lesbian voice here, and between my efforts and the wonderful amount of support people here on the board have shown there HAS been results. So while you shouldn't get your hopes up I don't want to dash them right away either.


    About time some guys came forward for the male same sex side of the argument


    Hi Guys.
    Whist i adore Achat so much i am continually dissapointe every week. I get so excited each time and up date comes and then dissapointed each time nothing for MM and MMM. Its so frustrating. Ive been a paid member for just over 6 monthst and the only addition for MM is a slapping ass sound effect.
    If the Achat teams are truly serious about making a sucess of their business they should seriuosly consider building their Gay and Lesbian customer base. As far as i am aware there is a huge untapped market there for them to source new customers. More variety in the MM MMM FF and FFF poses could only serve to encourage more users to join.
    Would also love to see more development in the MMF 3 some. Make it a true bisex experience where the boys can get it on too. Sure may not be popular with the str8 guys. But if you have to set some rules before you start then well so be it.
    Have been in a number of MMF situations here and the girl has expressed the desire to see the boys have some fun together too.

    Some suggestions for Bi sex MMF 
    The 2nd boy to lick and suck the girls pussy and the boys balls and ass while they fuck.
    While the girl is being fucked doggy style the 2nd boy could stand astride her getting a blow Job and handjob from his buddy.
    In the exisitjng standing blowjob pose while both being sucked off by the girl the boys could  Kiss/ touch andplay with the others ass /pinch and kiss nipples
    A 3 way kissing and touching pose with all touching eachother at once.

    If any Gay or Bi guys read this please add some comments and ideas in support.  Need to hear from you as silence will get you nothing.


    I get loads of women saying they would love to just stand back and watch me and another guy playing.Would love it if they had positions for 2 gay or bi-males to perform in font of a female just like the ffm positions….One for the future i really hope so……..


    I love what you are all saying I like too see more mmm stuff like train anal and maybe some dp stuff too.


    Thought i would bump this…Really hope that Achat come up with some Gay/Bi mmf positions…Were the 2 men play with each other as the female watches and then joins in….Cant be hard to do

    ;D ;D ;D (here is hoping) 😛


    come on Achat we need more gay and bi stuff


    Gay guys are really the loosers in achat, with awful clothes and pose update so rare that they must wait for them like it was the messiah…

    As many not gay people already did, I fully support you pals


    Hello there …

    it is so funny to use this … but plzzzzzz … don't let hunger out with just this few poses.

    plz plz plz with cream on it … i would be your slave forever
    there are so many poses missing … help us make cybersex not only cum … let us feel supernova our dicks with each other …

    Damn … and you'll need a new shader … load would be to great if it would look real wet and could be spread oll over the body and can get licked from every part of your partner …

    and hey … just one more idea and than i'll have to left you alone with it … where is the shower to clean up for the next action

    best wanking regards from



    Yes we need more mm poses.

    Maybe adapt some of the poses from other combinations to mm. Missionary, blowjob, legs up, surprise from behind, kneeling spoons, deep impact, sitting joy, handjob from behind.

    Let's try and keep this topic active and maybe we'll get something.

    More clothes and face/hair for guys would be good too. All the guys look the same.


        Welcome to the forum, Harkness. I agree there are a lot of existing poses That could be adjusted to fit for MM and MMM groups. It's unfortunate that threads like these tend too vanish after a short period because there are very few (if any), strong voices for the gay community that frequently remind the developers what they are lacking for certain demographics. I hope you become an active member of our discussions in the future.

    Janine Dee

    Welcome Harkness…. please, please, please tell me your name is in reference to Captain Jack Harkness of Doctor Who fame!

    Also Keiko hit it perfectly. The reason mm and mmm is so underrepresented is because is it so underrepresented. The developers have no one telling them the positions are wanted.

    It was much the same for ff and fff back when I joined, and I feel I can honestly take some personal pride in how far the ff, fff cause has come since I started reminding the developers we were here, we were queer, and we had disposable income.

    It will never be EQUAL, because they need to appeal to the broadest demographic to keep themselves solvent, but if you keep in the mix, and keep reminding them of your presence I CAN say you'll make a difference.


    That's me Captain Jack.

    Kinda let's those in the know know why I want more mm poses.

    Janine Dee

    If there's anyone who would know the poses. 

    Always loved Jack, kinda dug Torchwood BECAUSE they didn't shy away from the same sex stuff. I mean they had Gwen kissing another girl by the second ep, not to mention Tosh.

    Now a days the girl love is to low I've had to get my fixes through Yuri Anime. 


    arw … halloween special, but no new mm or mmm poses … *puppyeyesmaking* … plzzzzzzzz

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