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    There are five new members in game which have just been created to advertise the forum and for special games & events.

    Organizations & Events/Introduce yourself,2364.0.html


    The Forum Avatars are as follows  –   Any one of the 4  moderators can use the avatars  in the game. 

    “Forum_1  ”     ;      ” Forum_2 ”     ;      And      ” Forum _3  ”        These are our billboard avatars to advertise  games & events. 

    “Osiris_Forum”    is  our Forum  ” bank account ”   Only the Achat Gods have access to the A$ in this account.  They award winners at the request of the Moderators in charge of the games & events.  Moderators  can use the avatar in the game however.

    ” Pythia ”   is the Moderator's  Avatar and we have access to the A$  in this account.  We can only gift  Females & Shemales ,  and  Males by special arrangement with  the Osiris_Forum  account and Achat Gods.   As the administration to gift is time consuming for the Achat Gods, they have limited the amount of gifting, hense why we use Pythia when we can to play games. 

    These are the only  Avatars the Moderators use, apart from their own that are named in forum.  If any  other avatars approach you  purporting  to be Moderators, they are false and should be reported immediately to the Achat Gods and Moderators.

    The Achat Gods sometimes access the game using an Avatar –  ” Administrator”.    This is genuine.  Any other Avatars purporting to be Achat owners or staff are false & should be reported immediately to the Achat Gods and Moderators.


    All the Forum accounts mentioned above are obsolete and no longer in use.

    “Administrator” in game is Achat Staff.

    Saga55 is the avatar used for Forum Games and Competitions when needed. She also advertises Forum and events on her Game Profile.

    It is the account used by Vaughan (Forum Moderator) and Co-Director of certain Games and competitions – JessiCapri.

    This keeps sponsor money, payouts and all accounts transactions for this purpose away from personal accounts and can be checked and accessed by Achat at any time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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