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Items seen in-game not available in the shop? Achat Web Shop and Achat Mall.

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    Why i see items in-game that are not available in the shop?

    I see in-game some nice clothes and stocking but they seem not available in the web shop. How to buy them?


        Some clothing items must be purchased as a set. There is a good possibility that the stockings you are interested in are part of a complete outfit.


    keiki is right. in the dress room online, you can't see the full set, but every “piece” is under a certain category. take a good look at him and on the full set in the shop to recognize them. i know, the pic online are not so big and it's no easy to recognized them, but if you look carefully, you can do it. and you can allways ask our help here!


    The horizontal striped orange funny stockings.


    They are on the witchcostume whit the pumpkin stamped on the dress.


    as suggestion:
    would be nice if the ingame mouseover help tooltip would actually show the name of the item or set where the item is in, instead of the category.
    that way you could see stockings xy is in clothing set xy.

    or with the faces/makeup you could see what one it is in the shop. also might be good to name each item different as faces in teh shop all have the same name/description. would be good to name them atleast face1 face2 face3 and the help mouse tooltip in the character editor would list “face 2” then.

    also clicking it opens the shop, but could be nice if it would send you to the page of the clicked item then too.


    On this last request i'm whit you, mari!

    Point back on old idea about the shop and the in game dressing room: please, dev-team, give us a better dressing room whit preview, something similar to The Sims creation room! it will be really appreciated!


    hi mari

    about your last request , it will be useless to be send to the good item when you clic one .

    when you enter the shop , youre not logged and when you log , it send you to the first page .


    The best way to see these “sets” is to use the “old shop” option. A lot of clothes I own the shop says I don't because I bought them in a package under the old shop. The new shop does not recognize the prior purchase.


    Wich is the difference between the B-shop and the normal shop? Where is this B-shop located?



    Yes, where is this B-Shop ?


    Achat has two ways to buy things from the shop for the game.


    The Achat Web Shop … here. You have to log in, top right of page.

    The Web Shop can be divided into sections but it is very difficult and time consuming to search and find particular items.
    Also if you buy items through the Web Shop, you have to refresh the game to show the newly purchased items in your wardrobe.
    If you are already on the game, this is done by logging out and then back into the game again.
    If you are not logged in at time of purchase, then the new items should register in your wardrobe when you log in as normal.


    The other way to shop is the in-game Achat Mall.
    Access is by loading and logging in to the game. You go straight to the page where the Achat Mall is…

    Clothing for the Achat Mall is found by clicking into “Customize Yourself”
    The clothes tiles are listed on the right hand side. (Your Wardrobe)
    The white X top right of each tile is how you remove the items of clothes from your avatar.

    The clothes are shown when you click on each tile and then further tiles are listed for that section. Eg: Hats, tops, etc..
    The ones you own are listed first.
    The ones you don’t, are listed with “buy” at the base, underneath the owned items.

    To buy, click on the relevant tile and it will show you the item in a slightly bigger pop-up pic. Some items are shown individual, others are shown as part of a set.
    This is very useful and saves time, searching sets, for the item you want to buy.
    The cost is also shown and an ask to confirm whether you wish to buy it.
    The buy transaction is immediate and shows in your wardrobe without the need to refresh the game by logging out and in again.

    This is part of the Achat Mall, where members have created poses for Achat to sell to members.
    It is situated in “Scenes” and located at Box 10 – B-Shop. At the moment it only contains MF & MS Poses.

    If your Premium subscription is not valid, you cannot wear the items you own except for the ones you are already wearing at the time your subscription expired.
    These worm items will only be locked away when you change them as a free user (not Premium). You can wear them again when your subscription is renewed and you become Premium once more.

    You are also directed to buy A$ to top up your account should your funds be insufficient to shop.

    Access to your Achat Account is from the Achat Web Shop.

    Go to the Achat Web Shop and log in
    After you have logged in, click on “Show Profile” in small writing under “GALLERY” on the top menu bar, at the top of the page

    On the right is “Account Management”
    2nd on the list is “Recent Purchases!
    Click on that and it will show all your transactions, including gifts and purchases, from the time you joined Achat.
    A$ out is shown in Blue
    A$ in is shown in Green.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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