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    Widow’s tale 1 – A new first (first part of a longer story)

    My name is Lone, and I’m 43 years old. Four years ago, my husband was in a car crash that left me a widow and a single mother of 2 teenagers. That hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks. I had built a huge part of my life around being the wife in a loving marriage – and from one moment to the next, that was all gone. It broke me, and for a long time, all I could focus on, was just getting through the days. However, in time, and with the help of a few great friends, I was able to gradually put my life back together again. Now I’m doing great in most ways, but one important piece is still missing – sex.

    I was married for more than 20 years. When we first met, my husband and I were both virgins, and neither of us had ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend before. We were so innocent. Fortunately, that didn’t last very long. I was always the more adventurous of us, and I made sure we had an active and varied sex life, that we both enjoyed tremendously. We watched porn together, tried out new positions, used sex toys, played sex games but we never once considered including anyone else in our activities. It was always focused on our joy together. This was great, while I had it. But it also meant that to me, sex was intricately linked to my husband. When he died, so did my desire for sex. It simply vanished. None of the things that used to get me warmed up had any effect anymore – and even my trusty vibrator just felt weird. Until a few weeks ago, that is…

    I wake up one morning, feeling .. determined. I get like that sometimes – once I set my mind on something, nothing will make me budge. I have decided that I will not live the rest of my life without sex. So how to go about it? How to rekindle my flame? And with whom? It can’t be through another relationship – although I am missing sex, my late husband is still the love of my life and I have no intention of messing with those precious memories. It also can’t be just masturbation. I tried that multiple times over the last years, but never got more than a slight tingle from it.

    So, what to do? I realize that I’m looking for something I’ve never tried before – casual sex, and preferably with someone I’ll never see again. I know there are mobile apps and websites dedicated to just this kind of thing, but none of them appeal to me. They all seem so .. I don’t know.. focused on appearances, superficial.. silly? I’m not looking for some kind of Adonis – just a nice guy. And very importantly, someone that won’t get the wrong impression and take it for more than it will be. No, those sites still feel too much like dating.

    A week or so passes, before I find out what to do. I need to go to a city at the other end of the country for an overnight work trip – so why not add a little pleasure to the business? I do a bit of quick googling, and find 3 forums that have postings from people looking to hook up in the local area. After a bit of contemplation, I write this:
    “Who can help out a damsel in distress?
    Ok, not really distress – more a damsel in … need 🙂 I haven’t had sex for more than 3 years, and I’m looking to change that. Full anonymity promised and expected. No names, IDs, pictures or videos will be exchanged. No money involved. This is exactly what it looks like – the simplest of booty calls. Appearances don’t matter much to me, but you must be clean and friendly. I expect you are between 30 and 45 years old”.
    I add a bit about when I’ll be around, then post the message in several places.

    It doesn’t take long before I start getting responses. There are lots of offers and quite a few that post pictures of themselves or (very often) the part of themselves they think I might be interested in… I don’t want those. I’m not looking for body parts to have sex with – I’m looking for a person. There are better replies too, and some that show humour and kindness – both of which I highly appreciate. I consider a few of them, but end up focusing my attention on his one:
    “Re: Who can help out a damsel in distress?
    I’m no knight in shining armour, but when a woman needs help, I try my very best to please. And damsels are so rare these days – I would love to get my hands on one 😉 I fully understand your desire for anonymity, and I feel the same way. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed about what (I hope) we’re about to do, but it’s just a moment in time – nothing to do with the rest of our lives. I consider myself quite clean too, but I’ll be happy to pose for an inspection.”
    I’m not sure what draws me to it. Maybe it is the light tone, or maybe the nice expression about anonymity – it captures exactly how I feel. We exchange a few more messages – very light and playful in nature, and before I know it, we’ve arranged to meet at a hotel lobby bar (not the hotel I am staying at). He will arrange for a room, in case things work out well…

    The day comes around in no time. I have a bit of trouble focusing on my last meeting, since my mind is already drifting to what I’m about to do. I try hard not to set any expectations or imagine anything specific, but I am getting a little nervous and also excited. In fact, when I get up from the conference table after my last meeting, I feel my dress clinging to my inner thigh – I’m leaking! Now, this isn’t all that unusual for me, I do lubricate very easily, but this is by far the most I’ve had in a very long time. I use my laptop to hide the dark patch, and get out without anyone else noticing – or at least I think so.

    I decide to go to the lobby bar early. I don’t want to be walking into the room wondering whom I’m going to meet. We haven’t actually decided on any particular signals to identify each other, but I figured it wouldn’t be all that busy anyway. And I was right, the bar is almost empty. One couple sitting together in a booth and a few of guys standing by the counter. I give the guys a brief look, quickly deciding that none of them are likely to be my ‘date’. One of them does try to catch my eye, but he’s definately older than 45 and doesn’t even try to make a move. Wanting to keep my wits about me, I order a mocktail and settle in to read some news on my phone.

    About 10 minutes before the agreed-upon time, I notice a guy walking into the bar, scouting around very obviously. He looks about 30 and quite plain. A little taller than me, average build, a pleasant face, but not one you’d notice in a crowd. We make eye contact, and he walks right up to me.
    “Hi there”, he says, “Are you the one I’m supposed to meet?”
    I nod, suddenly feeling a little shy. I see his eyes wandering down over my body and back up. Then his face splits into a huge grin.
    “I.. I’m shocked,” he says, “You’re gorgeous!”
    I laugh off the compliment, and ask, “Not exactly what you were expecting?”.
    “No.” he responds, “I figured there was a reason you didn’t want to exchange pictures or descriptions of any kind.”
    “You thought I would be ugly?”, I ask, raising one eyebrow pointedly.
    “No, no…. ok, yes. Maybe a little,” he admits, looking more than a little embarrassed. He looks cute like that – literally staring at his own feet.
    I give him a few seconds to recover, then ask “Now, are you still up for that inspection you promised?”
    He is.

    Going up in the elevator together is kind of akward. There is definately some good chemistry between us, but now also the realization that we are actually going through with this. For a moment, I have the urge to call it off. However, I know it’s just jitters and I quickly suppress them. My date seems to pick up on it though. He steps closer and puts a hand on my arm. I feel sparks from even that little touch – shooting all the way up my arm and down my back.
    “You know, we can still change our minds..”, he starts to say.
    Keeping eye contact, I put a finger on his lips and issue a gentle “Sssshh” while shaking my head.
    We reach our floor and find our room without another word, just enjoying the sexual tension between us.

    Once inside, I turn to my date and say “Alright, now for that inspection..”
    I take a step back and look him over slowly, not showing any approval or disapproval. He’s shifting his weight around a little nervously, obviously very self-aware. Then I walk around him, taking my time before getting back to his front.
    “Well?” he asks, “Did I pass?”
    “Hmm.. it’s hard to tell with all those clothes”, I say with a mischievious smile. “Why don’t you take them off and let me have a proper look?”
    In no time, he has stripped down to his boxer shorts. Then he hesitates, looking at me.
    “Go on, all of it, please,” I confirm.
    He slips off his underwear and straightens up, letting me see him fully naked. Objectively, I’m aware that he is the youngest man I’ve seen naked in a very long time, and he’s in decent shape, although a little overweight. I deliberately don’t try to compare him to my late husband, but just assess what is in front of me.
    “Not bad”, I say with a grin.
    I see him visibly relaxing at those words, he must have been more anxious than I realized!

    “Do I get a look too?”, my date asks expectantly.
    “I think I can do better than that”, I reply. “I haven’t had a chance to shower after work yet, and I could use a hand scrubbing some of those hard to reach places…”
    He stares at me and swallows audibly before saying, “Oh yeah, that sounds much better.”

    I’ve always liked being naked – it feels very natural to me. And I’m usually not very self-conscious about my body either. This feels a little different though – probably because I know this guy will be doing more with my body than just looking at it. I am 43, and having children changes the body somewhat too – giving a little more of everything 🙂 On the other hand, one of the things that brought me through the last couple of difficult years, was consistent and frequent exercise. As a result, I’m probably more fit now than anytime in the last 20 years. And it shows. Everything is a little more toned, a little tighter – just overall more attractive.

    In the bathroom, I get out of my clothes quickly. My date obviously likes what he sees, and almost immediately, his penis is pointing straight at the ceiling. I’m tempted to grab it right then and there, but decide to wait – still wanting to bask a little in this pre-sex energy and tension. We both step into the shower cabin, which is a tight fit. Our bodies are touching whenever we move. My date turns, first sideways, and then all the way around, facing away, to keep his cock from bouncing into me. It is a nice considerate touch that just makes me want it more. I pour a very generous amount of soap into my hands, and start rubbing his shoulders and back with it. Soon, I let my hands move down over his stomach, until they reached his throbbing rod. My left hand goes to his ass and does a little caressing, while I use my right hand to gently but firmly grab his cock. Then I started rubbing it slowly. I put my mouth to his back and place light kisses on it, while I keep stroking him ever so slowly. He puts his hands on the wall, leaning on it. His legs look a little shaky, and he starts moaning loudly.
    “Does that feel good?”, I whisper in his ear.
    “Oh god yes”, he replies with a heavy sigh.
    I press my breasts and hips into him from behind and pick up the speed, suddenly rubbing him much faster and a little roughly. My date bends his head backwards, pushing his penis into my hand. He almost gives in to the temptation to cum, but at the last moment, he spins around, breaking my hold on his penis.
    He looks me in the eyes, panting, and says, “Not yet”.

    I pout and try to look disappointed, but he just laughs.
    “You’re the one who hasn’t been washed yet, remember?”
    I nod, while he lathers up his hands.
    “Turn around, please,” he says.
    I comply.
    He puts his hands on my neck, making me jump from the cold soap. Then he proceeds to wash me thoroughly, taking his time to scrub all the parts he can easily reach. Over my shoulders, down my arms, up my sides. His hands rub closer and closer to my nipples, but just barely don’t touch. Just when I start wondering if this is really just going to be a nice gentle wash, he lets both hands cup my breasts, pulling me close. His fingers are slippery with soap, and he start rubbing them over my nipples. It feels amazing! My mind goes blank, just focusing on the sensations. My nipples have been screaming for attention, and finally they’re getting it. I lean into his chest, relaxing my legs and letting him hold me up. Suddenly, I realize that one of his hands is moving downwards, making it’s way to my crotch. I squeeze my legs together, then spread them to give him access. His fingers find my clit, making me gasp when they slide over it. His touch is gentle, a little hesitant.
    “Yesss, just like that,” I say, turning my face into his neck.
    He rubs, more confident now. I feel my body responding – once again providing me with the bursts of sweet sexual pleasure that I’ve been missing for so long. My breathing is heavy, but I start feeling dizzy. The steam from the shower and the overpowering sensations is just too much. I reach out and turn off the water, then push the shower doors open, letting in some fresh cool air.
    “Let’s get out of here,” I say, “We need somewhere to lie down..”

    We quickly dry off, and make our way to the bed. Facing each other, we hug and press our naked bodies together. He feels both soft and firm, except for his cock, which is still rock hard. I feel his mouth on my neck, kissing and nibbling. I moan softly and hug him closer. His mouth moves down. Reaching my collarbone, my upper chest. I know where it’s heading, and I push out my chest in anticipation. His warm mouth closes over my nipple, and I gasp loudly. He twirls his tongue over it, sending shivers down my back. Then he sucks. Hard. My legs give way, and we tumble onto the bed together. He ends up on his back, and I use the chance to straddle him, facing his penis. I look back, and see my date staring at my crotch. I’m literally dripping onto his chest. I lower myself, and he sticks out his tongue eagerly.
    “Mmmm,” I sigh, and turn my attention to the rod in front of me.
    It looks strained, like a balloon filled to the bursting point. I run a finger along one of the very visible veins, then wrap one hand around the base. I bend down, close enough to let my tongue lick the tip. It’s sticky with pre-cum and the musky smell is intoxicating. I inhale deeply, not really thinking, but just enjoying the moment. Then I let my moist, soft mouth slip over the tip of his cock. Deeper. Taking as much in, as I comfortably can. I keep a firm grip on the base, and start bobbing my head up and down. It’s wet and sloppy. Pre-cum and saliva running all over the place. My date groans and shakes his head from side to side.
    “Oh my god, that feels amazing!” he shouts.
    I grin and redouble my efforts – still keeping the pressure very light, but speeding up. I get a good rhythm going, sliding his cock almost all the way out, and then taking it in deep again. After a few minutes, I take my mouth off his penis for a moment, to catch my breath, but keep rubbing along his whole shaft with my hand. Suddenly, he pushes his hips off the bed, straining to get into my mouth again. Too late, I realize what’s happening, and his first burst of semen hits me right in the face. I close my eyes, and push myself onto his erupting cock, catching the next streams in my mouth. There is a lot of it, and although I try to just let it run back out, I get some down my throat too, making me cough. It must have been quite the sight – me, straddled atop my date, coughing cum and leaking juices, while squinting to avoid letting semen run into my eyes. I roll off my date, laughing.
    “I’m so sorry!” he exclaims. “I should have said something, but it just felt so good!”
    Don’t worry – I just need a minute to clean up,” I say while heading for the bathroom.

    After washing my face and having a few sips of water, I go back to my date. He’s sitting on the edge of the bed now, looking embarrassed.
    “I really didn’t mean to finish so quickly, and without warning you,” he says.
    I sit down next to him and give him a smile.
    “Listen,” I say. “I’m having fun here, and I’m pretty sure you’ve been enjoying yourself too..”
    He smiles sheepishly at that.
    I continue, “Why don’t we forget about what it’s ‘supposed’ to be like? If it feels good, just go with it.”
    “Hmm..,” he says, “you know you are an amazing woman, right?”
    “I do,” I reply with a smile. “Maybe you should check if that means that I taste amazing too..”
    “But I already know-” he starts.
    “Ssshh, don’t ruin it,” I say with a laugh, while pulling him down on the bed with me.

    He starts at my breasts, kissing, licking and sucking my nipples until I squirm so much I almost tear the sheets off the bed. In a not so subtle hint, I push his head downwards. He complies, kissing down my stomach, licking my sides. Slowly moving to my soaking wet crotch. Even I can smell how strong the odour is down there, and he seems invigorated by it. His tongue darts out, lapping up my juices. From my inner thighs first, then gradually closer and closer to my entrance. I exhale loudly and let my shoulders sink into the mattress, relaxing. His soft tongue explores – the tip of it gently prying me open and slipping inside. It feels nice, very comfortable. After a few minutes, I feel the tongue moving upwards, heading for my clit. He takes his time, licking all the way around it, before finally flicking his tongue over it. A jolt of pleasure runs through my body, making me gasp. He presses his face into me, alternating between licking fast and slow. I put a hand in his hair, gently guiding him. My breathing is heavy and I’m moaning softly. He keeps at it, now also sucking my clit into his mouth. Soon, I feel a tension inside, the pleasure building up. I let my mind go blank, just focusing on the sensations. I feel it continuing to build for a bit, and then it plateaus, keeping me at a heightened level of arousal and sensitivity. It feels great, but oral is not usually the main course for me..

    I push my date’s head away from my crotch and ask, “Did you bring condoms?”
    He looks unfocused for a moment, then jumps off the bed, exclaiming, “Yes, right here.”
    After digging through the pockets of his jacket, he pulls out a large box of condoms. He tears it open, spilling most of them over the bed and on the floor.
    “Relax,” I say, handing him one of the condoms from the bed.
    “You better put it on yourself,” I suggest, ” it’s been a while since I’ve used those.”
    He grabs the tip and rolls the rubber over his penis. It’s hard and throbbing again.
    “Looks like somebody’s ready for round two,” I say with an inviting smile.
    “More than ready,” he says, his eyes bright with lust.

    “Alright,” I instruct, “your turn to lie down.”
    He gets comfortable on the bed, lying on his back, with his cock sticking almost straight up. I let my hands run over his thighs, barely touching, which makes him twitch and his cock bounce. Without taking my eyes of his, I move up and position myself with his rod right at my entrance. Then I push downwards, sliding him inside me in one smooth motion. He lets out a loud gasp and rolls his head back. He fills me up – and it feels great! It’s a tight fit, but the extensive lubrication and the smoothness of the condom makes it possible. I savor the feeling for a minute, allowing my body to adjust. Then I put my hands on his chest and raise myself up, letting him slide almost all the way out – then push myself down on him again. I go slow at first, then a little faster. Up and down, just enjoying the feeling of it. My date starts moaning loudly, and he puts his hands on my thighs, slowing my movements almost to a stop. His breathing is fast and heavy, and he’s clearly trying hard not to cum yet. I relax and smile at him. Not moving. I wait for his breathing to calm down a bit. Then I clench my vaginal muscles around him and start moving again. He is moving with me this time, pushing up into me when I’m coming down. We hit a rhythm together with a loud ‘smack’ each time our bodies slam into each other.
    I let out a long “Yesssssss,” as I let myself go and ride him faster and harder.
    He groans and bucks, and then he pulls me down unto his chest, wrapping me in his arms, while he pistons into me at an increadible speed.
    “Fuuuuckk yess,” he shouts as he tenses and cums.
    He keeps pushing himself as deep into me as he can for a few strokes, then he slowly calms down and eventually stops, letting out a deep contented sigh.

    We stay close like that for a few minutes while we both catch our breath.
    Then I roll off him and smile, saying, “Whew, that was great. And really needed!”
    He raises himself up on an elbow and says, “Yes, that was really something.”
    He has a big grin on his face and a look of satisfaction and admiration. It feels good to be desired.
    “Thank you,” I say earnestly.
    He nods in acknowledgement, but doesn’t comment.

    I start gathering up my clothes from the floor and getting dressed. The whole room smells of sex and although I thoroughly enjoyed it, I also know that now is the right time to leave. By the time I’m fully dressed and ready to go, my date has put on underwear and trousers too. We look at each other and probably both feel a little akward. Then he hands me a scrap of paper that says: “Thomas: 97543252”.
    He looks at me and explains, “I know you said no exchange of any information, and I wouldn’t dream of asking you. But.. if you ever feel like repeating this… the inspection has already been passed.”
    He beams a bright smile at me, and I laugh taking the note, saying, “I don’t expect to use this. But I do appreciate the offer. Thank you.”

    I take a taxi back to my hotel. On the way, I reflect on what has just happened and how I feel about it. I’m smiling to myself. I feel great. It was exactly what I’d hoped for – fun, exciting, uncomplicated. I didn’t quite reach an orgasm, but that’s not unusual for me, and I can feel my body still tingling with sexual energy – I can’t wait to get back to my room and let the memories of this and my vibrator take me the rest of the way..


    Widow’s Tale 2 – My young friend

    Right now, I’m at home and it’s 02:30 AM Saturday night. My daughter’s Indian friend, Isha, is here. They’ve been friends for a long time, but she doesn’t live close to us anymore, so we rarely see her. At 21, Isha’s a few years older than my daughter, but they’ve always gotten along really well. I like Isha too, she’s fun, bright and just a nice person to be around. She’s sleeping over this weekend, except she isn’t actually sleeping – she’s sitting in the kitchen..

    “You can’t sleep?” I ask wondering what’s keeping her up.
    “Different place, different sounds,” she says, “I’m a light sleeper.”
    “I hope I didn’t wake you?”
    “Oh no, don’t worry. But.. why are you still up?” she asks.
    I shrug, “I didn’t feel like sleeping yet. Sometimes I just enjoy the calm and quiet of the night.”
    “Sounds good. Can I join?”
    “Of course. Would you like some tea?”
    “Yes please.”

    After a few sips, I notice her looking into the air without really focusing.
    I ask, “You seem preoccupied. What’s on your mind?”
    “It’s nothing really..” she says.
    “Mmhm… a big nothing, it seems..” I pry gently.
    She hesitates, but then says, “I just gave my parents some news, and.. they didn’t take it very well – we had a big argument.”
    “I’m sorry to hear that. Is that why you’re spending the night here?”
    “Yes. And of course I wanted to see Gabby again – it’s been a long time.”
    I nod without saying anything, leaving Isha to her thoughts for a bit.

    “I told them I’m lesbian,” she suddenly says with defiance in her voice, obviously expecting me to be shocked.
    “I see,” I reply calmly, “and they weren’t exactly thrilled?”
    “They said I’m ‘confused’ – that it’ll pass when I find the right guy. My mum thinks growing up in the West has corrupted me somehow.”
    “Well, has it?” I ask a little playfully.
    “Hah, you’re right,” she laughs, “It’s easy to take this all too seriously. It’s just not fun seeing them hurt.”
    “I understand. But sometimes you have to hurt your parents a little to make space for yourself.”

    We sip our tea quietly for a few moments.
    Then I ask, “So is this a new thing for you, or have you always known?”
    “I’ve been certain for a few years now, but I’ve kept quiet about it,” she responds.
    I glance at the door to my daughter’s room, which Isha notices.
    “No,” she shakes her head, “Gabby and I are just friends.”
    She holds my gaze and adds, “My taste is more for … mature women..”
    “I.. I see,” I manage to get out, while almost chocking on my tea.

    My thoughts are in a spin. I’m pretty sure she’s flirting, but this is entirely new territory for me. Well, maybe not entirely new…

    “You know, Isha,” I say, “Just a few years ago, hearing that revelation from you would have shocked me.”
    “But not now?” she asks, raising an eyebrow.
    “No.. I’ve become quite a bit more open-minded nowadays.”
    “How come? Does that just come with getting older?”
    I smile, “Hardly.”
    She looks curious. She’s leaning in, literally on the edge of her seat.
    I continue, “I’ve been playing this game.. an online adult game, where people meet in a virtual world and talk about sex and.. sext with each other-”
    “Wow,” Isha says.
    “It’s definitely broadened my view on what sex is.. and who it can be enjoyed with,” I finish with a smile and an unwavering look.
    Isha looks thoughtful for a moment, then asks, “Did you play with other women in that game?”
    “Yes I did. In fact, I found that they were often more gentle and passionate than the guys.”
    Isha grins, then asks, “And.. and were any of those women.. like.. younger than you?..”
    “Mmhm,” I nod slowly, while looking at her over my cup.
    Isha squirms in her seat, her face blushing a little.

    She straightens her blouse unnecessarily, then asks, “Have you ever thought about being with a woman in real?”
    I hesitate a moment, before answering, “Yes.. I never really thought of it as a possibility while my husband was alive, but lately, it has crossed my mind – more than once.”

    There’s a break in the conversation. Not an akward silence, just a pause, while we’re both deep in thought.
    Then Isha pushes away from the table and says, “Time to get some sleep. Thanks for the chat”
    I smile and say, “I hope it works out with your parents. If you need any advice on handling us old people, I’ll be happy to help.”
    “I might just take you up on that,” she says.

    When I wake up the next day, Gabby is up, and Isha has already left. I wonder briefly if I was reading too much into our chat last night, but let it go to focus on a few chores.

    In the evening, I’ve just settled down on the sofa to read a bit when a message pings into my phone. It’s from Isha.
    “thx again – that was a great chat!”
    I smile and quickly respond, “My pleasure”
    Then I add, “Is everything alright?”
    *ping* “yeah, my parents have calmed down some”
    “That’s great :)”
    *ping* “but i was wondering..”
    *ping* “maybe we can continue our chat sometime?”
    My pulse quickens as I’m wondering what exactly she’s suggesting.
    I brace myself and respond, “Sure, can you come over Tuesday night? I’ll be home alone and could use some company :)”
    *ping* “perfect, c u then”

    Tuesday afternoon comes along quickly. Gabby is on a short school trip and her brother is staying at a friend’s place tonight, so I’ve got the house to myself.. for now. I’m a little nervous about seeing Isha again. It was kind of fun flirting with her – and especially seeing her reaction to it. I smile at the memory of her squirming on her chair.. Then the doorbell rings, snapping me back to the present.

    It’s Isha at the door – looking even more lovely than usual. She’s wearing denim hotpants and a loose top that leaves a bit of her stomach bare. Just when I open the door, I see her biting her lower lip, but she quickly turns that into a bright smile. She’s also carrying a plastic bag with a bottle sticking out of it.
    “I brought wine – thought we could use something stronger than tea,” she says.
    “Thanks, that’s sweet of you,” I say as I usher her inside.

    Once settled in the kitchen, I open the bottle and pour us both a glass.
    “To great chats,” she says with a shy smile.
    “I’ll drink to that,” I reply.
    We chat a bit about her studies and my work, kind of superficially, but nice. However, there is a tension in the air. I notice Isha sneaking glances at me when she doesn’t think I’m looking, and she seems to be waiting for something.
    After refilling our glasses, I look at her a little sternly and say, “Alright, out with it. I can tell there’s something you want to say.”
    She looks shocked, eyes wide, kind of like a deer caught in the headlights. Then she stares down at her glass and mumbles, “The other night, I felt-”
    I use a finger to lift up her chin and look her in the eyes, “No need to be shy. Just tell me.”
    “I felt… I feel.. very attracted to you,” she says, “and… I can’t stop thinking about you sexting with those women, those girls..”
    “I see. And how does that make you feel?”
    She tries to look down again, but I keep her head up, while she whispers, “..horny..”
    I smile and let go of her chin. “Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?” I ask.
    “No,” she says in a sad voice, “but now you’ll tell me that I’m too young, that I’m Gabby’s friend and that I should just leave.”
    Her shoulders are slumped and she looks like she could burst into tears any moment.
    “Is that what you’d like to do?”
    “No!” she says immediately.
    “Then, what would you like to do?” I ask gently.

    I watch her face as she starts to realize that I’m not kicking her out or rejecting her. She starts out looking sad and frustrated, then puzzled and a little hopeful, and then her face splits into a beautiful mischevious grin.
    “What would I like to do?” she repeats. Her little pink tongue darts out, licking her lips.
    “How about this?” she says as she moves a hand up to very gently caress my cheek. “Does that feel nice?”
    I lean into her palm and close my eyes. “Mmmm,” I purr. “Yes, that’s so soft.”
    “And this is really the first time you’ve been touched by a woman?” she asks.
    I open my eyes, smile and nod.
    Isha gets up and steps over to my chair. She’s standing very close – I can feel the heat from her body. Even standing up, her head is only a little higher up than mine. Then she leans in and places a featherlight kiss on my lips. It feels amazing. Soft, tender and just a little moist. I’m stunned, enjoying the sensations. She slowly pulls away and smiles at me.
    “And how was that?” she asks with a twinkle in her eyes.
    “That .. was amazing,” I reply.
    “And you’re ok doing this?”
    “Yes. You’re very sweet, and I’m really enjoying it”
    She smiles and leans in for another kiss. This time she slides her hand up to the back of my neck, pulling me close. I can’t believe how turned on it’s making me. It’s like my skin is on fire everywhere she touches. I kiss her back this time. She opens her mouth, and our tongues start playing. I don’t know how long we stay like this, but after a while, we break it off.
    I get off my chair and wrap her in a close embrace – feeling her body meld into mine. She bends her head back and our mouths find each other again. While we’re kissing, Isha’s arms are wrapped around my neck, pulling me down to her. My hands are on her back, slowly caressing and moving down to cup her firm behind. We break it off again – both a little out of breath now.

    “It’s a little hot in here, isn’t it?” I ask, while catching my breath.
    “Very,” she replies. Then she grabs the hem of her blouse and pulls it over her head in one smooth motion. She’s not wearing a bra, and I find myself staring at her small but very shapely breasts. Her nipples are standing straight out.
    “Like what you see?” she asks, grinning at me.
    “Very,” I reply. Then I slowly reach behind my neck and untie the string holding up my dress. I keep my eyes fixed on hers as I let the dress fall to the floor.
    “Wow!” she exclaims, “You look amazing.”
    “Thanks,” I reply, while I step out of the dress.
    “And no underwear,” she grins. “Were you expecting this?”
    “Expecting, no – hoping, maybe,” I reply with a smile. “Besides, I like being naked”
    “Hey, I’m not complaining,” she says.

    Isha unbottons her hotpants and quickly slips them off, together with her panties. We’re now both fully naked, looking each other over. She raises a hand tentatively and puts it on my elbow. Then she slides it all the way up my arm, to my shoulder, while stepping close again. Her hand moves down my chest, quickly reaching my breast. She cups it in her small hand and lifts a little. Every move is careful and she’s watching my face to see if I object.
    “It’s ok,” I say, “it feels very nice.”
    She smiles and lets her other hand slide to my back, resting it just above my ass.
    I wrap my arms around her and pull her in for another hug, this time feeling our naked bodies rub against each other. It’s exhilerating, and I feel a familiar itch between my legs. We kiss and caress very gently for a while, which only makes the itch grow stronger.
    “Maybe we should find somewhere to lie down..” I say in between passionate kisses.
    “Mmm.. I want to try your bed!” Isha says. Then she turns and runs.
    I watch her run, breasts and ass jiggling nicely.
    “Are you coming or what?” she shouts as she disappears into the bedroom.
    I laugh and follow her.

    When I get to the bedroom, I see her lying on her side, head propped up, looking at me.
    “Come on, come on,” she says, “don’t leave me hanging!”
    “I wouldn’t dream of it,” I laugh as I get on the bed next to her. Her enthusiasm is invigorating.

    We kiss again, and Isha’s hands start exploring. Her caution is gone, and she’s obviously enjoying herself. Her small eager hands run all over my body, searching out the places that make me jump or shiver. A light touch down the side of my chest. Nails scratching oh so gently on my neck. Fingers sliding softly around my nipples. She gets bolder and starts really playing with my nipples – rolling them between her fingers, stretching, squeezing. Then she moves on, focusing on my thighs and my crotch. It feels wonderful – all this attention. She isn’t very experienced, and her touches are still a little clumsy – but she makes up for it with pure energy.

    She wets 2 fingers with my juices and starts sliding them over my clit. It feels good, but I grab her hand and move it away. She immediately runs her other hand down to continue teasing me. And when I move that one, the first one slips back! By now, we’re almost wrestling. It’s playful, but she’s very determined. I twist on the bed, so she’s on her back and I’m leaning a little over her. I grab both her hands securely and slowly pull them up, pinning them over her head. She struggles a little, still trying to continue her teasing, but I don’t let up. I smile at her, and lean in for a kiss, which she eagerly returns. Then I shift my grip, holding both her hands up with just one of mine. I look her in the eyes and say, “Now it’s my turn to play.” Isha let’s out a contented sigh and replies, “Yes Lone” in a meek voice.

    I keep holding her hands above her head and enjoy the look of her body stretched out on the bed. Then I start using my free hand to tease her. I start slow, letting my fingers glide over her body just barely touching. I let them float over her face, her neck and her shoulders. Isha shudders at that. Then I glide down her arms and over her stomach. I notice how she’s pushing herself towards me, almost lifting her chest and crotch from the bed to get to my fingers. I keep up the teasing, only brushing against the more sensitive parts once in a while, seemingly at random. Every time I do, Isha gasps and moans a little. She’s starting to rub her legs together and I can see she’s getting very wet. I kiss her deeply, then whisper “Don’t move” in her ear. Then I let go of her hands to reach over to the nightstand. I open the top drawer and quickly find what I’m looking for – my vibrator.

    I move back to Isha – she hasn’t moved a muscle. She’s looking at me, her eyes a little glazed, almost pleading. She looks so inviting. I place myself carefully this time, grabbing both her wrists with one hand and letting a leg slide over one of hers. My head is right by her breast. I use my leg to push hers aside, opening her up and pinning her down at the same time. Then I let my mouth close over her nipple, sucking gently on it. She almost jumps off the bed but I hold her in place. I swirl my tongue around her nipple and continue to suck on it. Isha’s moaning loudly now and twisting around as much as my grip allows. I turn on the vibrator and ramp it up to a medium setting. It’s quite loud and when she hears it, her eyes open wide. She’s got that deer in the headlights look again – she knows what’s coming and she’s helpless to stop it..

    I hold the base of the vibrator loosely and let the tip fall onto her clit. She lets out a loud “AAAH” and pushes her pelvis up, dislodging the vibrator. I gently move it back, generating a similar reaction although a little more subdued. I repeat this, only keeping the vibrator on her clit for a few seconds at a time, but always coming back again. Isha is writhing on the bed by now, twisting this way and that, alternating between pushing towards and away from the vibrator. She’s also moaning and mumbling incoherently. But she is getting a little more used to the sensations, and I’m able to keep the vibrator on her for longer and longer.

    Suddenly, I notice how she stops pushing away. Her breathing is getting heavy and her body is tensing up. I move the vibrator away every time I see that she’s getting too worked up. Her mumbling is changing, and I hear her rambling “please please please don’t stop please please.” I press the vibrator firmly onto her crotch, keeping it in place this time. I move my head up and whisper in her ear, “Don’t hold back. Cum for me.” She lets out a long “Yesssssss,” which turns into “Aaaaaaaaahhhh” and finally “FUCK YES! Yes yes yes yes.” Her body spasms as the first waves of orgasm hit her but I keep the vibrator in place, still holding her tight. She gets even louder as her body twists again, finally breaking my hold on her and flinging the vibrator away. She curls up in the fetal position, body shaking periodically as she slowly calms down. I wrap my arms around her and hug her from behind, placing little kisses on her neck and shoulders while I whisper, “Good girl.”

    It takes a little while for Isha to recover., but eventually, she turns around and looks at me with a big smile on her face. She says “Wow. That was.. Wow. I’ve never..-”
    “I thought you might enjoy that,” I say with a smile.
    “I did! Very much. But how did you know I’d like.. that?” she asks.
    “You’re not that hard to read.”
    “Oh really? Hmm.. so what do I want now?” she asks playfully.
    In response, I give her a deep kiss.
    Then I look her in the eyes and say, “You want to please me. You want to make me feel so good I loose control. You want to make me scream.”
    She blushes and looks down. Then she nods and whispers, “Yes. That’s exactly what I want to do.”
    “Good,” I say as I lie down on my back. I cup my hands behind my head and spread my legs.

    Isha doesn’t waste any time. She moves between my legs and puts her face in my crotch. I’m looking down my body and I see her eyes starring back at me as she dives in. She licks the juices off my thighs and follows the trail up to my opening. She laps away, as if she’s trying to drink it all. I sigh and close my eyes, enjoying the attention. After a few moments, she moves upwards. Her tongue finds my clit and she licks and flicks around it. I moan softly and then feel her fingers at my entrance, gently pushing. She slips in 1 finger, then 2. Moves them around to get them really slick and then starts rubbing me from inside while still licking and sucking my clit. She’s a little fast, a little rough, but I start feeling a build-up of pleasure.

    Suddenly, I feel Isha moving around on the bed, and her warm mouth leaves my clit wanting much more. Her fingers have stopped moving too, but are still inside me. Then I hear the vibrator starting up. I open my eyes and see her smiling her lovely mischievious smile. She’s puts the vibrator on my clit – one hand holding it in place and the other gently massaging my insides. I moan louder as the build-up grows stronger. My breathing is getting heavier and I feel myself tensing, edging closer to an orgasm. It feels great, I’m barely able to focus, but it doesn’t bring me all the way. I hit that plateau I know so well, feeling wonderful, but not quite exploding.

    She keeps it up for a while, and just when I’m about to gently stop her, she takes away both hands and says, “Turn around, please.” A little surprised, I do as she asks, rolling myself onto my stomach. I feel her small hands on my hips, nudging me to raise myself up on my knees. She moves behind me, between my legs and pushes her face into my crotch. She starts licking from my clit to my vagina and back again in long broad strokes. At the same time, she reaches a hand around and places the vibrator on my clit again. I let out a long “Mmmmmmm” as I settle in to enjoy the slightly different sensations at this angle.

    She doesn’t rush this time, just continuously licks and sucks while the vibrator keeps teasing my clit. Pretty quickly, I climb back to the plateau state. Again, it feels great, but also slightly frustrating. I’m right on the edge, but staying there. Isha’s tongue is moving back from my clit to my vagina, but suddenly it doesn’t stop there, it continues up to my ass! She licks at my other opening, prodding it with her sweet little tongue. It tickles, it’s so sensitive – I’m halfway between laughing and moaning. The vibrator is still on my clit. Her free hand is grabbing my hips, pulling me close. She pushes her face into me and presses her tongue past my tight opening. The sensations overwhelm me. I stiffen and lift up my head, my mouth forming a shocked ‘O’. “Ooohh fuck yeeeessss,” I scream, as I loose control and the orgasm rolls in. Barely aware of what’s happening, my legs give out and I fall onto the mattress. Isha falls right with me, keeping the vibrator on my clit and her tongue in my ass. I’m laughing and screaming at the same time. A few more waves of pleasure hit me and I roll with them, enjoying every second.

    Eventually, I calm down and disentangle from Isha. She’s smiling at me, looking very proud.
    “How did you know I’d like that?” I ask once I’ve got a bit of breath back.
    “You’re not that hard to read,” she mimicks with a smirk.
    I laugh, then kiss her softly.

    We spend the rest of the evening naked. We hug and kiss a lot, but mostly we talk. What we’ve just shared was really nice, but it’s just a bonus – we are friends first and foremost. Friends with benefits now, I realize, as I smile at the beautiful young girl next to me.


    Widow’s Tales 3 – The Club

    My name is Lone and I’m 43 years old. I’ve been a widow for 4 years now and have only just started rediscovering sex. But you already know this, if you’ve read some of my other tales 🙂

    For a long time, I’ve told myself that sex and relationships are always linked. That I don’t feel desire for anyone I don’t know and trust deeply. And while I was married, that was certainly true – in fact, I never really felt desire for anyone other than my husband. I never understood how people could enjoy one-night stands or sex with strangers. Well, I might have to adjust my views on that a little 🙂

    Not long ago, I thoroughly enjoyed sex with a complete stranger that I knew I would never see again. And, truth be told, what goes through my head when I masturbate has never been about close relationships or love. It’s more raw, more primal. Touches, smells, attitudes and actions. It’s about licking a body, about feeling a cock sliding in and out, about being pinned down and taken – and so much more.. Maybe it’s time I enjoyed some of this for real instead of just in my head 🙂 When I went on my deliberate one-night stand, it was still with a focus on the person I slept with. Now, I want to experience sex just for the sensations of it. This time I want the body parts, not the person. And I know just where to get them..

    I’ve dropped off the children with my parents and I’m heading down from Denmark to Germany – to Hamburg. A big city and far enough away. I wouldn’t want to meet anyone I know tonight. I’ve previously taken a night or two in Germany, enjoying a bit of quiet time to myself, seeing a few sights and doing some shopping. However, this time I’ve got a different agenda – I’m visiting a sex club for the first time in my life.

    My hotel is within walking-distance from the club. I check in first, bringing in the few things I’ve brought with me. I read the dress code of the club, which called for ‘sexy-wear’, anything from fully naked to leather and lace. Although I like the idea of being naked in general, I think I might feel a little self-conscious in this setting, and it can be impractical too. I don’t own any kind of lingerie or sexy night wear as such, so instead, I chose a simple outfit: A very light and almost see-through summer dress and some comfortable, slightly elevated sandals to go with it. I’ve only worn the dress a few times before, since it’s really too short to be decent – not a problem for tonight though. The dress and a pair of very thin white panties are small enough to fit in my handbag easily, so I won’t have any trouble bringing them around.

    I eat a light dinner in the hotel room. I don’t feel like going out until it’s time for the club. I’m a little anxious and very curious. It feels like an adventure, and I love that. To pass the time, I take a nice long bath and browse a bit of news. When I find myself re-reading the same paragraph for the 3rd time without really registering it, I decide it’s time to go.

    From the outside, the club looks like a deserted building. I notice there are a few cars in the parking lot, but no people going in or out. I know it’s supposed to have been open for a few hours now, so I walk up to what seems to be the front door. There is a sign with the same opening hours I’ve seen online, but nothing else to indicate what lies inside. Cautiously, I try the handle. The door isn’t locked, and I step inside, half-expecting someone to ask me what I’m doing here. A short corridor leads around a corner where I see a young woman standing behind a counter. She’s pretty, very tall and dressed top-to-toe in red body-clinging latex. When she sees me, she puts her hands down on the counter and leans forward, offering a full view of her impressive bust. A smile – almost a smirk – plays on her lips as she sizes me up. “You must be new. I would definitely remember you,” she says in German. I smile back a little timidly and explain that I’m just visiting and not from Germany. She switches effortlessly to English, saying, “Oooh.. nice, I love meeting new people!” I feel myself getting a little warm in her enthusiastic presence. “Women are 15 EUR today, but for a cutie like you, I think we can overlook that,” she continues with a wink.

    She pulls out a plastic wristband from under the counter and says “Give me your hand.” I stretch my left arm to her, and she attaches the wristband. “It’s chipped,” she says, “You use it to open your locker and buy drinks from the bar.” She runs a finger slowly down my arm from the elbow to the wrist and continues, “Although I’m sure people will be queuing up to buy you drinks, Cutie.” I blush at the attention, and she laughs. “It’s just through here,” she says, pointing at a door I didn’t notice before, “And I’m Laila, by the way. I hope you have a great time tonight, Cutie.”

    The doors lead straight into a large changing room, which isn’t segregated by gender. I’m the only one here. I find an unoccupied locker and qucikly change into my skimpy outfit. The light dress feels good on me, almost as if I’m not wearing anything at all. When I pull up the thin panties, I notice I’m already quite wet. As the panties soak up my juices, they turn darker and then transparent. Oh well, I wasn’t expecting them to hide much anyway.

    I leave from another set of doors and enter the main part of the club. It’s dark and there is a loud hum of people talking and moving around. Once my eyes adjust, I see that I’m in a huge room that has been separated into smaller parts with lots of room dividers and cloth hanging from the ceiling. There are sofas and small tables set in groups all around. Off to one side, there is a bar and a long table with food. In the other direction, there is what appears to be a stage. Around it, there are little alcoves of sofas, chairs and tables – all of them allowing a good view of the stage while being somewhat shielded from each other. At the moment, the stage is empty and there are only a few people in the alcoves. Further back, I see two doorways leading deeper into the club.

    There are quite a few people here already, and they come in all shapes and appearances. Lots of stockings and garters for the women who seem to be from their early 20s until well into the 50s. Some are thin, others are very very big. They all seem relaxed and comfortable. Most of the guys wear very little. They like to show off chest and arm muscles especially, and many only wear underwear. A few from both genders are more covered, typically in leather or latex of some kind. I also see some .. accessories – ball gags, chockers, leashes and even a chastity cage on an otherwise naked guy.

    I let myself drift around a bit, just soaking up the atmosphere and getting a feel for the place. Most of the casual chatting takes place around the buffet, and I see a few people getting intimate on the sofas and chairs in the darker corners. The bar is popular, and people seem to hook up there, then head out to different parts of the club for more private activities. I grab a seat at the bar, and listen to the conversations around me. Within minutes, a young guy steps up to me. He’s wearing only boxer shorts and sporting a serious tent in them. He grins when he sees me noticing, and leans in saying “Would you like a taste?” I stammer out a “No thank you,” blushing fiercely. He just laughs and moves on to the next potential partner.

    There’s an older guy sitting next to me at the bar. He’s naked except for a towel wrapped around his waist. Looking at the young guy with the tent, he says “Those young guys, always in a hurry. No appreciation for the experience.” I laugh and agree with him. After a brief introduction, he explains that he comes to the club a lot. Not just for sex, but because he likes the feeling of freedom. He also tells me that he sees a lot of newcomers being overwhelmed by the sudden offers of sex thrown at them. I ask, “So what’s the best way to get started here?” “You see those two doorways at the back?”, he replies, “The one on the left is where I’d start. It leads to the gloryholes and a darkroom. Both are great for getting some action without feeling overwhelmed.” I consider this, and then ask, “And what about the doorway on the right?” He gives me an appraising look, then says, “Not for you, I think. It’s the dungeons.”

    After thanking him for the advice, I make my way to the back of the club. The two doorways look the same, arched and with red curtains covering the entrances. Despite my curiousity, I turn to the left, moving past the curtains and into a narrow, long room. The lights are dimmed further here, but I can see rows of holes set at different heights along both of the long walls. At the far end of the room, a naked woman is kneeling down facing the wall on the right, her head bobbing up and down rapidly. Behind her, another doorway leads to what I assume must be the darkroom. I step closer and notice that the woman has one hand up by her mouth and the other one between her legs, rubbing. It’s kind of exciting to see her desire on display like that, and I let out a little moan. She pulls her head back, and I see her hand grabbing a cock that has been pushed through one of the holes. She smiles at me and says “You want to help? There are some waiting.” She nods her head towards the opposite side. I give the wall on the left a closer look and notice 2 things. The holes are actually not round, but more rectangular and larger than I had expected. And there are people behind them. I see eyes pressed against some of the holes and one has a finger sticking out, beckoning me closer.

    I walk up to the finger which is in a hole set at crotch height. As I get close, it’s withdrawn, and a rock hard penis is pushed through instead. It’s red and smooth, no visible veins. Even the head is not very distinct. I look down on it and reach out with my right hand, touching it tentatively. I hear a loud “Yesss” from the other side of the wall. I slowly close my hand around the rod, enjoying the warmth and solidity of it. I can cover the whole length with one hand, but my fingers can barely reach around. I imagine this fat pole sliding into me, spreading me open, and I start stroking it from top to base. The guy is pushing it out as far as he can. I grab tighter and stroke a little faster. It feels alive in my hand, hot and pulsing. I move my hand away, add saliva to it, and put it back on the rod. I massage faster. The saliva is mixing with pre-cum, making the whole shaft feel extremely slick. Suddenly I see the cock twisting in my hand, shooting out long strings of cum. I’m standing a bit to the side of the hole, so most of it just goes on the floor, but I get a few splatters on my feet as well. I smile as the penis disappears. It feels like an achievement.

    Very quickly, another cock is pushed through the hole. This one is noticably longer and thinner. The head is a large bulb. I kneel down in front of it. The floor here is soft and I realize that yoga mats have been placed all along the walls. I grab the cock with my right hand and start massaging it, slowly moving my hand up and down the long rod. I lean in closer. The smell is overwhelming, intoxicating. I push out my tongue and lick from base to top, enjoying the feeling of veins and nubs along the shaft. At the top, I focus on the underside, just under the head. I know it’s extra sensitive for most guys, and I lap at it vigorously. I hear moaning, but I’m not sure who it’s from. I move up a little, letting my lips close around the head of the penis. Then I suck it into my mouth with an audible pop. I keep it in my warm moist mouth while massaging with my hand. After a minute or so, the penis is pulled back. I follow it forwards, still keeping it in my mouth. It keeps going. My face is almost at the wall, and I wonder briefly if the guy is leaving. Then he suddenly pushes the cock back in. It hits the back of my throat and I gag a little before recovering. I take the hint and start bobbing my head up and down. He keeps pulling it back and pushing it in. I match his rhythm – when he pushes, I plunge my head towards the wall, taking in as much of him as I can. He speeds up. I follow. His movements are getting more erratic, and I slow down a little. I close my lips tightly around his cock head and suck hard while still continuing to rub up and down his shaft with my hand. He pushes forwards again, straining to get deeper. I hear a loud groan and I feel him shooting into my mouth. I keep sucking and massaging, swallowing a bit of the hot cum in the processes. Then I slow down and break the seal between my lips and his cock. His juices run down my chin and onto my chest.

    For a while after that, things are a blur. More cocks are pushed out, and I take them on one by one. They vary in sizes and appearances. Some are more than ready and others need a bit of attention first. But they all become hard and they all shoot their load into or onto me. At some point, I hear the woman behind me moaning as she reaches an orgasm from rubbing herself. I continue. I’m not sure how long I keep going. 4-5 more cocks at least. Then I start feeling my jaws and knees ache, and my legs are cramping up. I look around the room. There is a new woman in here with me. I didn’t even notice her coming. She looks experienced, one cock in her mouth and another in her hand. I stagger to my feet and make my way back to the main part of the club, looking for a bathroom to freshen up.

    The bathrooms in the club match the rest of the interior. The walls are red and black, and the lights are dim. Looking in the mirror above the sink, I can see that I’m a mess. I’ve got cum everywhere. In my hair, on my face, down my dress and inside it too. I take a few minutes to wash off what I can and to fix my hair a little. I consider fetching a hair band from the locker room, but decide against it – I don’t want to leave the cocoon of the club. Instead, I rinse out what I can and comb my hair a bit with my fingers. I can’t believe I just took care of all those cocks! It feels strange. Not slutty, but empowering. I know the guys had a good experience, and I realize that I really enjoyed it too. It felt good giving so much pleasure – to leave them satisfied.

    I make my way back to the bar through a mass of people. The club is filling up. The old guy I talked to before is still there, now with one of his arms wrapped around a young girl in a bikini who is laughing and clearly enjoying his company. He spots me and gives me a knowing wink. I blush but keep my head up and get myself a water. I look around and I notice that a lot of people are gathered over by the stage. I go there, curious to see what’s going on.

    When I get closer, I can see that there is someone on the stage now. It’s difficult to get a proper look though, since a lot of people are hanging around, blocking the view. I move around the side a bit and can see that most of the alcoves are now also populated. What’s going on in there is partially shielded by curtains, furniture and shadows, but there are sounds and movements that provide plenty of fuel for the imagination. I spot a small alcove that seems to be empty, and I hurry inside. It’s cozy in here. Dark and a much quieter than outside. It feels like a little cave inside the room, and heavy curtains keep it quite separate from the other alcoves. There is a sofa chair, a small table and an opening giving a great view of the stage.

    The action on stage instantly captivates me. A table has been put in the middle, covered with soft blankets. On it, a naked woman is lying down on her back. She has her legs pulled up and spread wide, giving access to a guy who is ploughing into her. At the other end, two more guys are getting attention from her hands and mouth. I’ve never seen a gangbang before, except in porn videos. Around the table, there are more people waiting and watching, both men and women.

    I see another man and woman stepping up to the table. They both start caressing and kissing the woman being fucked. They focus mostly on her chest and breasts. Soon they both have a nipple in their mouth and I see the receiving woman arching her back in joy. She is the center of attention, everyone pleasing her. With my eyes glued on the action, I start moving my hands over my body. Touching my stomach and chest through my thin dress. Cupping my breasts and teasing my nipples. I slide one hand it into my soaking wet panties. The guy fucking the woman has finished, and another one is taking his place. I see his hard cock pushing right into her, filling her up. I mimick the action with my fingers, pushing 2 of them as deep into me as I can get. It feels amazing. I’m so focused on my building excitement that it takes me a while to notice that someone has entered the alcove with me!

    I feel somebody stepping up right behind me, leaning close. I startle and quickly pull my hand out of my panties. As I start to turn around, long arms are wrapped around me from behind and I hear a whisper in my ear, “Relax, Cutie. It’s just me”. I realize it’s Laila, the sexy girl that let me in to the club. “Don’t let me interrupt,” she continues, “it’s a nice show.” My heart is racing from the surprise, but I give myself a moment to calm down. Then I look back to the stage, with Laila hugging me from behind.

    Just as I focs on the stage again, two cocks explode over the woman, covering her in cum. “Oh wow,” I say, watching intently. Laila hugs me close, breathing in my ear. “Just keep watching,” she says. I feel her hands on my stomach, gently caressing and exploring. It feels great to have someone else touching me. I push back against Laila a bit, purring my approval of her touches.

    “Oh, she’s in for a treat,” Laila says, while moving her left hand up to start touching my breasts. “Why?” I manage to ask despite the distractions. She caresses around my breasts, gliding over my nipples, making them stand up and push against the flimsy dress. “You see that bald guy coming up next?” she asks. “Mhm,” I whimper. “That’s Peter, a regular here,” she says as her fingers start to squeeze and roll my rock hard nubs. “He really knows how fuck a woman.”

    She keeps caressing my breasts and nipples while her other hand moves down from my stomach and in between my legs. Her fingers slide into my panties. My knees are going weak, and I feel myself leaning even more into Laila. Her breasts are pushing into my back, and I feel her nipples through the latex suit. Her fingers reach my clit and instantly send a shockwave through me. I moan out loud.

    “Yesss.. keep watching”, Laila says, while her hands keep teasing and rubbing. I’m so horny I can barely stand. The woman in front is moaning loudly. My own excitement keeps building. Laila is rubbing my clit expertly. No longer teasing and with just the right amount of pressure and speed. I feel my orgasm building. She’s holding me tight. Everything around me is sex – the smells, the sounds, the sights. It’s almost as if I’m dreaming. Then I hit the plateau I know so well. It feels great, but the orgasm isn’t coming.

    On stage, another guy has finished and now it’s Peter’s turn. He steps up to the table and puts the woman’s legs on his broad shoulders. Then he grabs her waist and pulls her to him, putting his tip right by her opening. Laila is rubbing slower now, still hugging me from behind. Peter gently pushes in – a little at a time. Then he shifts his position a bit and starts fucking her slowly but with powerful thrusts. Laila whispers, “Watch her now.” The woman stops giving any attention to the cocks in her hands, and her mouth opens in a silent ‘O’. She arches her back and every time he slams into her, she lets out a loud “Ah!” I can see her excitement building, and it makes me yearn for more. Laila whispers, “You want that too, don’t you? A big hard cock pounding into you..” “Yes..,” I reply, barely able to speak.

    “Bend over, Cutie,” Laila says. I feel her hand on my back, pushing. I bend forwards, putting my hands on the little table in front of me. I sense Laila moving around a bit, and I look back to see what’s going on. I see her opening her outfit by the crotch and pulling out a rock hard penis. I had no idea she was a shemale! My eyes open wide as she expertly slides a condom on her cock. Then she puts a hand on my back again. “All the way down, Cutie,” she says, pushing firmly on my back. My arms give out and my chest is on the table. I’m bent by the waist at a 90 degree angle with one of Laila’s hands holding me down. My dress has ridden up so high that it doesn’t even cover my ass. I feel Laila’s other hand on my thigh, then gribbing my panties. “You don’t need these anymore,” she says. Then she pulls hard, breaking the thin material and leaving my vagina fully exposed.

    In front of me, the woman is having an orgams. Her body is shaking and she’s screaming something incoherent. Peter keeps fucking her with steady, powerful thrusts, not changing his speed at all. “You want me to fuck you, Cutie?” Laila asks. “Yesss,” I reply.” “Say it,” she commands. “I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me,” I blurt out urgently. She moves between my legs. Then I feel her pushing into me in one smooth move. It feels amazing. I lift my head up and try to arch my back, but Laila’s hand pushes me down again, keeping me firmly in place. She starts fucking me fast and hard. Her cock is plunged deep and then pulled all the way out. Again and again. I try to move, to push back, to shift around. But Laila is holding me in place – taking me. I realize I have no control anymore, and I let go..

    The woman on stage is having another orgasm. It seems like one long stream of them by now. But this time, Peter is speeding up. She is shrieking now, almost no voice left. And I watch him pistoning into her faster and faster. Finally, he clenches his buttocks and pushes in deep one last time. I feel my own orgasm building again. Laila is pounding me, bringing me a little closer with every push. I keep expecting to hit the plateau, but the pleasure keeps building and building. Laila leans on me and fucks me faster. Suddenly I realize that nothing is stopping it. I feel the orgasm rolling in, and I’m pinned down, unable to even move. My mind goes blank, as I ride the waves. It feels so good. Letting go completely and just enjoying the sensations. My screams join the chorus.

    When I realize what’s going on again, Laila is slumped on top of me. We are both breathing hard. I feel her slowly sliding out of me, obviously spent. After a few minutes, she pushes herself off me. Then she helps me stand up too, facing her. We hug, and she whispers “Thank you.” “My pleasure,” I reply with a big smile. Then she steps back, looks me in the eyes, and says “Next time you visit, Cutie, I’m taking you to the dungeon. You will be all mine – and you will love it.” I blush at the thought, feeling my body tingle again. She winks and steps back, leaving me alone in the alcove.

    The gangbang has come to an end. I see a guy helping the woman off the table. She isn’t even able to stand. He hugs her close and helps her over to one of the sofas. I see them kissing deeply. Maybe that’s her husband? I don’t remember seeing him among the participants, but he clearly isn’t complaining. It’s a different world in here.

    I notice my soaked and broken panties lying on the floor, and I smile. I’ve never felt as sexually charged as I did today. I feel satisfied – sated – as I make my way to the changing room. I don’t think this will be my last visit.

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