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Winter Meeting place Date game 2017

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    GsCougar and I laughed out loud when we were drawn to date each other in the date game.

    My spouse elected to have a private massage on our yacht – The Aqua Pirate.

    She deserved a treat, so I prepared the yacht well, buying the best essential oil and buying her favourite CD –  Barry White's greatest hits

    I placed fresh silk sheets on the bed, clean towels and heated some massage oil – Rose Maroc blended with babyoil – and poured into a small jug.

    I chilled some strawberry champagne and placed two flute glasses on the table to use.

    GsCougar arrived and I ushered her inside, took her coat, seated her at the table with drinks and set the music to play.  The deep baritone voice of Barry White set the tone for a relaxed and tender, pampering date.


    When she felt the warm glow of the alcohol take effect, I took her hand, slowly undressed us both and helped her position on the bed for my magic fingers, soothing voice  and fragrant massage oil to ease her tensions away.  I trickled the warm oil on her bare skin and rubbed, slow, sensuous and very relaxing :






    At the end, she was relaxed, warm, and smelt mildly floral.  I think I had achieved my goal. GsCougar looked cherished, I had eased her tensions ; comforted her heart,  nourished her soul and the subtle rose perfume soothed and relaxed her, whilst promoting inner joy & happiness.

    She kissed me deeply, showing her simmering passion and appreciation. 

    The rest was between spouses. ♥ ♥ ♥      ♥ Thank you Coug for our date. ♥


    The drawings: Round 2
    AusWoody – GsCougar

    AusWoody is on my friend's list for a while now, but we never dated or had met before for a dance.
    But he is a cool guy, so I was lucky to have him as a date.

    My first date was a home run with my own spouse, what I enjoyed fullest.

    Woody contacted me and ask for a lapdance. I accepted his request.

    So today was the big event.
    “Your room or mine”, was his question.

    I said: “well invite me”

    He opend up his Bar and I ask him mischievous ” Are you ready Mr Biker?”

    We had first a drink, to talk about the dance.

    I will start on the pole for about 3 min than finish with the song with the lapdance.

    His smile told all and he nod and showd me with a turn of his head to the pole.
    Woody had picked the song
    Tito & Tarantula – Strange Face

    I got out of my dress-and heard his compliment:”nice outfit”

    So I moved to the tunes of Tito & Tarantula – Strange Face
    Swirled my body around the pole , sneaklike I slide the pole


    His face showed much that he enjoyd the view and the show

    It was the turn to became closer to the lapdance

    I pushed my body away from the pole and steped forward to let him have a closer look.

    He reached out and with a gentle touch he tested if all was real

    I laughed and turnd my back
    what leads to a fresh slap on my butt
    By the tunes of “Muddy Waters Mannish Boy ”
    Ill kept my performance to the hot end

    I'm a man
    I'm a full-grown man
    I'm a man
    I'm a rolllin' stone
    I'm a man
    Full-grown man
    Oh, well

    The song came to its end
    I gave Woody a smile and ask him how he liked it

    AusWoody: you deserve an aussie kiss


    GsCougar to AusWoody: ty Woody
    GsCougar to AusWoody: mmm
    AusWoody: ty Sarah

    I moved away and got my dress back on, we set for a while and a nice talk at the table

    listen to an other cool song
    Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells

    I personaly had a wonderful time

    Thank you Woody you was perfect gentleman

    Vaughan  & Corta
    She walked the face of earth in search for more,
    A Dark Queen, her Goth tights all torn.
    She was all beauty to the human eye
    Making all who see her, stare and sigh.
    But in truth, She was a demon with sharp eyesight,
    Who wanted to own poor souls outright.

    A date with a human was now ordained,
    Paired with a Dominant, was there distain?
    For Corta, the Queen of Dark wanted a submissive to kiss her feet
    A pet to worship her, and to snort and bleat.
    She wanted to own and encourage naughty sin
    But that wouldn’t happen  not by her chinny chin chin.


    The slight chance to turn wrong to right,
    Was the date crusaders plight.
    A drink of red berry wine they sipped a glass
    Forbidden fruit, tempting but a straight pass.
    Both sat smiling at the table,
    Wondering who was most able.


    Armed with magic peppermint oil,
    To massage those demon feet and toil
    The sexy warts and camel toe,
    Both sizing and watching an admirable foe
    The sudden mask of terror and scream upon her face,
    Made his heart start and race


    A war of wills was waging, maybe the Queen’s guilt,
    The world was swirling now, uneven and on a tilt.

    Skies were stormy and weeping, some good men slain,
    Bloody thoughts that fear of the underworld might reign.

    V looked in the shadows of her eyes,
    A creature did in there lurk,
    He whispered to her in warning, hiding a smirk.
    “Thou shalt be bound if thee can't find,
    the demon lurking in thou mind.”

    He massaged her feet to reach her soul,
    To pull out the good, he gripped the anchor pole.
    His fingers worked the latex of black,
    “Come, come to the light, come on back,”
    “Nay,” she screeched as she felt the pull and wrench,
    “Peppermint will not soothe me just the burning ash stench.”


    So off V ventured in her mind, to quench that never ending thirst,
    He passed a sea of sexual bodies writhing and cursed.


    And on that quest what did he see?
    The Wicked Path Of Corta’s Destiny


    Kisses. Thank you for our date


    I can't find Eidamir in the search function. If you read this please contact me so we can set up our date


    tonight i had the privilege of having my date with javo.

    I found it was his birthday so with tradition he allowed his spankings for each year.

    He offered to give me a massage and he did a really nice job of working out the tension from my sore body from all the work.

    I then rubbed his chest a little and gave him a kiss for each year as his birthday present.

    It was a very pleasant time with him.



    Adult Game AChat > Organizations & Events > Introduce yourself > Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,4050.0.html

    This is the profile of Eidamir here in forum. You can send her a pm


    The drawings: Round 2

    Covems – raluca93
    Tangoracer – Brandybee
    fisher316 – jade_kali
    jeanona31 – Brutalix
    AusWoody – GsCougar
    Pomallika – Jamesonn
    Nat33 – LaidBackJim
    sexilicious – Javo
    Eidamir – Lover
    miahotcat – martinus
    SirRocknDano – Marniejo
    Tiger_Mike – ItsAmy123
    Honeybatcher – DarkSpeider
    Vaughan – Corta

    Hey Lover

    Sorry but the date between me and DarkSpeider is not going to happen. Sorry if I'm a party pooper but I have my own reasons and there for I'm not going to do the date…




    I´ll help a little and hope soon all dates will be held

    Here the Dates I know of ( due to posts )
    Please be a Sport and post your dates. In word and pictures OR just a few lines  So we know whats the status is

    Have fun all

    The drawings: Round 1

    jade_kali – Tangoracer
    fisher316  – jeanona31
    DarkSpeider – Javo
    Corta – Jamesonn
    martinus – Pomallika
    Marniejo – Covems
    Honeybatcher – Nat33

    GsCougor – Vaughan      HELD UP « Reply #61 on: March 07, 2017, 00:49:17 »
    Lover –  sexilicious
    ItsAmy123 – Tiger_Mike
    raluca93 – Auswoody
    Brutalix – Eidamir

    Brandybee – LaidBackJim  HELD UP« Reply #59 on: March 05, 2017, 16:31:14 »
    SirRocknDano – miahotcat

    The drawings: Round 2

    Covems – raluca93
    Tangoracer – Brandybee
    fisher316 – jade_kali
    jeanona31 – Brutalix

    AusWoody – GsCougar    HELD UP« Reply #62 on: March 07, 2017, 18:07:21 »
    Pomallika – Jamesonn
    Nat33 – LaidBackJim

    sexilicious – Javo      HELD UPReply #65 on: March 08, 2017, 03:44:20 »
    Eidamir – Lover
    miahotcat – martinus

    SirRocknDano – Marniejo  HELD UP still pending the post
    Tiger_Mike – ItsAmy123
    Honeybatcher – DarkSpeider  DENIE  « Reply#67 on: March 15, 2017, 18:34:07 »
    Vaughan – Corta          HELD UP Reply #63 on: March 07, 2017, 21:41:43 »


    I have messaged the one guy I got for both of my dates, Tiger_Mike, inquiring about when he'd be available to do go on our dates.

    Been about a week since I did so and I haven't heard back from him.

    Thus, my date reports are pending for the time being.


      SirRocknDano and I had quite a pleasant date.  JcPleasure was kind enough to flip a coin in order for us to chose the giver and the taker.  I chose tails, only to find later he had a 2 headed coin!!!

    Dano was a complete gentleman.  We chose to go to my place and I had a fun time giving him his own personal pole dance.  I chose my tiniest blue bikini and danced to Joe Cockrans – YOu can keep your hat on (and he did, lol)

    I took multiple pictures during our half hour date, however, my computer chose to eat said photos. 

    We had a wonderful time and had a lot of good laughs while I spun around on the pole. 

    Thank you SirRocknDano for such a pleasant evening. 


    On a beautiful  sunny Easter Sunday morning I'm walking along the beach up at the lake doing my life guard duty when I come across Brandybee. She was holding her left ankle in her hand with a painful look on her face.

    “Are you Ok Brandy” I ask

    No I've twisted my ankle!  It's this new she

    I kneel at her feet gently taking her foot in my hand

    “Mmmhmmm  yes  looks like its a little swollen”

    I slide my arm under her legs and put the other around her back and pick her up as I do she twists around putting her arms around my neck and her lags around my waist holding her tight to me I carry her back to the life guard station.

    As a carry her down the the beach we chat about the events over the last couple of weeks. Gently I sit her down on the bench out side the station and go and get the medical kit, kneeling at her feet and taking her ankle in my hands.

    Taking a battle of clean water I pour it over her foot cleaning the fine white sand from her foot. Using both my hands one supporting her ankle gently I push her foot up towards her stretching her achilles tendon down her leg and into her ankle gently I rotate her foot with my thumb and fingers of my left hand pushing at her ankle joint. Brandy's ankle cracks softly as I rotate it taking her foot in both hands and with just my thumbs I work them in small circles up and down her foot making shore not to press to hard to add the the pain from her ankle.

    Looking up at her after hearing soft moans from her her eyes are closed and her head is layed back. Picking her foot up I rest it on my chest and move my hands up onto her calf use my finger tips to dig into the soft muscle of her calf. as my hands and fingers move up and down her calf I feel the dry skin from the salt water taking a little bottle of oil out of my kit I drip a few drops on her calf and start to rub it in. with my fingers covered in the oil I push them into the sand letting them get covered with it them moving my hands back to her leg and rubbing the sand into the oil on her leg using it to exfoliate her skin. After rubbing it down over her foot too I take the water and wash off the sand leaving her leg nice and soft and smooth.

    Putting her leg down I take her right leg and start to work on it to with my thumbs in to the soul of her foot pushing a little harder into this foot using my  thumbs in just the right spots. making her moan from time to time. Again I move up onto her calf and use the oil and sand. Taking the water again I wast this lag as I did the other and take Brandy's shoe's I place them back onto her feet I take her hand ans pull her up to her feet

    “Now you be careful in them shoe's on the sand”

    “I will I Promise”

    Brandy leans in and gives me a big hug and a quick kiss to say thank you for rescuing me.


    The sun was out, the birds were singing and the beach was calling especially after having my head stuck in the dusty office in search of Contest Story Writers and Story Judges.

    Every contest was the same – it was a worry until deadline.
    Would I get enough stories?
    Are our members still interested in the stories?
    Would I get enough Judges to ensure the integrity of  our small Erotic Story Contest?

    Sometimes the work seems to out way the result especially when comments were made by ill informed people about forum contests being fixed.
    I giggled, that was a laugh! Find me the fixers or the bribed ones… No one can fix  Pachi – the robot, nor the adhoc members who called the numbers out  to the bot in any of the sweeps, and good luck on bribing any of the judges or even finding out who they all are.

    I stretched my neck to ease the tension,  and then my arms.  Mmmm Time for that walk on the beach front.

    I slipped into my beach clothes and threw my vest over the top. I vaguely wondered if Tangoracer was on lifeguard duty today. That Good looking guy ought to have a Government Health warning hung on his back, walking around in tight shorts and red flip flops.

    I walked along the beach front and stumbleed on a discarded durex. I cussed under my breath, “Public sex again! Why would anyone wear a banana coloured condom in public!”

    My ankle hurt and felt sore and my new 5 inch heels did not help the sprain.

    Just as I was looking at it, I became  aware of a shadow looming over me.

    I looked up,  It was Tangoracer.  He was as Good Looking as ever!

    “Are you ok Brandy?”  He asked full of concern.

    I explained I'd slipped on a banana condom and seemed to have sprained my ankle.

    “Public Sex and condoms are the bain of the Achat Town.” He chuckled. I knew he mean bain as fun.

    I looked at him and saw the twibkle in his eye. “Surely you dont wear the banana one in public… do you?” 

    “No, no of course not.” He robustly denied such a thing and then added “I wear the mushroom one!”  He laughed. 

    We both giggled, then he was serious for the moment,  “Can you put your weight on it?”

    I tried but winced.  “ow owww”

    “Come on jump up.  I'll carry you to my private hut and beach and fix you up.”

    “Not a ….. Tango Foot Massage?”  I said, all excited. The Tango Foot Massage was FAMOUS all round the village!

    “The one & only” Tango chuckled.

    I jumped, he caught and then he carried.


    Tango was so strong. He carried me to his  rest area and then proceeded to remove  my stiletto shoes, and using water to cool my feet; special sea mineral oil to massage my sore feet and poorly sprain,  and sand to gently exfoliate my skin.
    His strong expert and very experienced hands, rubbed, soothed, kneaded and massaged my feet, toes, ankles and calves.

    It was the “Sam Smith” hour on the radio, so his soft melodic tones and woeful love songs helped make the moment, relaxed, soothing and ever so mmmmmmmm.
    My eyes grew heavy as I lost myself in Tangos wonderous massaging skills.

    At times he found spots on my feet that seemed to tingle other areas in my body. I had heard of these things before and it did cross my mind if he knew this reflexology. I half opened my eyes and he caught my gaze and smiles knowingly.

    He did. He knew that special spot on the sole of my foot reached my …..

    But it was fleeting and he moved on to the next spot. I smiled and pondered that experience.



    Too soon 90 minutes had passed, my sprained foot felt amazing. Both feet felt terrific and I felt suitably refreshed to begin again on the chores of the Story Contest.

    I thanked Tango for his amazing massage and time.
    Ladies if you havent already … you should try him.  LOL.

    Hugs Tango &  Thank you.

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