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Wishes for 2022. Poses to improve the Achat Experience and Support LBGT Members.

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    First I wish to extend very happy and healthy New Year Wishes to all our members and their families.
    I wish to extend those wishes to all Achat staff and their loved ones too. Please keep safe in this strange Covid world.

    And Now down to business.
    I hope the upgrade Achat is working on is going according to plan and would appreciate any updates and peak previews to let your members know how things are coming along, here in forum.

    While that is going on, and of course we are thirsty for knowledge we still would like Achat to seriously consider releasing all these poses outlined in 2022.

    Achat please listen.

    We all enjoy this game and many have been here for as long as you have been open.
    But if there is one thing we all agree on is the unfairness and disparities of the poses for the different couple variations.

    Whether Achat realises it or not, it is the outstanding and tremendous poses that attract people to this game.
    Compared to other games out there, the meeting places and movements of the avatars are not quite as good.
    In other places, Avatars can move and explore private as well as public rooms. Achat cannot as yet. Maybe the Update will change that.

    But … Achat does offer superb sex poses and this is its strength and attraction and a great education to those who are curious.

    We get it is economics and MF sell more but there is a market out there who will not stay here due to the lack of choice.
    We need to encourage and welcome our LBGT friends to stay.

    If you create a good base of poses for all, you will attract and keep more customers. More customers mean selling more poses and clothes.
    That in itself will attract others by word of mouth.

    My spouse, JessiCapri & I have completed an in depth pose review of all couplings and groupings.
    This is on going and anyone can check the amount each couple or group have.

    It shows in detail, what the LBGT members have been saying for years… they need more poses to experience Achat the same as MF.
    They pay the same money for a far inferior product.

    Just look at the Pose Indexes in the below sections. They are all stickied and kept up to date.
    I have even stickied the last pose created for each couple and group mix so the date it was created can easily be seen.

    WOMAN WITH MAN IN ACHAT for MF/FM Index and Pose Reviews
    MAN WITH MAN IN ACHAT for MM Index and Pose Reviews
    WOMAN WITH WOMAN IN ACHAT for FF Index & Pose Reviews
    SHEMALES & THEIR LOVERS IN ACHAT for all SS, MS / SM & FS / SF Indexes & Pose Reviews.
    GROUP PLAY IN ACHAT for all Group sex – MMM, FMM, FFM, FFF, SSS, SMM, SSM, SFF, SSF & MSF Indexes & Pose Reviews

    It is sad and shocking viewing.

    As of Wed 29 Dec 2021

    MF/FM – 214 Poses. Last Pose: MF Pose. 214. Anal On Chair by NikkyHot. Release Date: Dec 27 2021.

    MM – 23 Poses. Last sex pose: MM Pose. 23. Against The Wall. Release Date: May 8 2012
    Last pose : MM Pose. 6. Dance. Release Date: Nov 30 2013.

    FF – 82 Poses. Last Pose : FF. Pose. 82. Just Fuck Me. Release Date Dec 18 2021

    SS – 34 Poses. Last Pose: SS. Pose. Hot Kissing. 13. Clothed. 14. Nude. Release Date: 22 Apr 2021

    FS / SF – 79 Poses. Last Pose – FS. Pose. 79. Just Fuck Me. Release Date: Dec 18 2021

    MS / SM – 139 Poses. Last Pose – MS Pose. 139. Anal on Chair by nikkyhot. Release Date: Dec 27 2021.

    Achat have released a pose editor for members to create poses which is great.
    Please see the B-Shop where our members have created some wondrous poses for us.

    BUT it is for MF & MS only so the disparity between couples can only grow.
    Our members CANNOT create poses for the LBGT community.
    This is just so disappointing.

    Achat come on, this is an ideal opportunity for our members to redress the balance.
    Or even better… you concentrate on the upgrade and LBGT whilst our members continue with the MF & MS.

    And what about group?

    MSS – 13 poses. Last Pose: MSS Pose. 13. Threesome Show on the Couch. Released: 23 Mar 2018

    MMS – 11 Poses. Last Pose: MMS Pose. 11. Threesome Anal Dreams – high chair. Released: May 2021

    MFF – 25 Poses. Last Pose. MFF. Pose. 25. Threesome Lesbian Show on the couch. Release Date: 9 Oct 2017

    MFS – 18 Poses. Last Pose: MFS Pose, Threesome 18. Show on the couch. Release Date: 9 Oct 2017

    MMF – 16 Poses. Last Pose: MMF Pose. 15. Threesome Anal Dreams – high chair. Released: March 2021

    FSS – 8 Poses. Last Pose: FFS. Pose. 8. Threesome Sucking Rider. Released 2 Feb 2014

    SSS – 6 Poses. Last Pose: SSS. Pose. 2. Threesome Masturbation. Sitting. Released pre 6. April 2012

    FFF – 8 Poses . Last Pose: FFF. Pose. 8. Threesome Sucking Rider. Released 10 Aug 2012

    SFF – 8 Poses. Last Pose: SFF. Pose. 8. Threesome Sucking Rider. Released 10 Aug 2012

    MMM – 6 Poses. Last Pose MMM. Pose 6. Threesome. Double sided pleasure. Released Apr 6 2012

    I have looked at the poses and the ones that every couple should have as a base for their sexual relationships and fantasy play.
    Its a good foundation to enjoy the Achat experience and level the playing field somewhat.

    Please create these poses so Achat can excel in the Sexuality that other games find hard to compete with.

    Lets welcome all orientations and embrace our differences.

    The below are badly needed just to “Shore up” all the pose repertoires…

    Slow Dance – Naked & clothed.
    Foreplay – Lying on the bed.
    Lover’s Siesta.
    Hot Kissing – Clothed & Naked.
    Body Massage
    Macho Dance
    The Body Builder
    Refreshing Massage
    Foreplay – Show me what you Feel (down on one knee)
    Talk about Yourself – Sit at the table.
    Romantic Moments 1 – Sitting Cuddle on bed Naked & clothed.
    Romantic Moments 2 – On Sofa, head on lap. Naked & Clothed
    Glory Hole
    Hot Legs & Feet
    Leg & Foot Massage
    Classic BJ (Receiver standing. Giver Kneeling)
    Lets Talk – sitting on the sofa Sex clothes AND CLOTHED.

    SM / MS
    Slow Dance – Naked
    Romantic Moments 2 – On Sofa, head on lap. Naked & Clothed
    Classic BJ (Receiver standing. Giver Kneeling) AND reverse version.
    Lets Talk – sitting on the sofa. CLOTHED.

    SF / FS
    Body Massage
    Foreplay – Show me what you Feel (down on one knee)
    Slow Dance – Naked
    Dance on Table
    Leg & Foot Massage
    Classic BJ (S standing. F Kneeling)
    Lets Talk – sitting on the sofa Sex clothes AND CLOTHED.

    Macho Dance
    The Body Builder
    Foreplay – Show me what you Feel (down on one knee)
    Slow Dance – Naked
    Dance on Table
    Romantic Moments 2 – On Sofa, head on lap. Naked & Clothed
    Hot Legs & Feet
    Leg & Foot Massage
    Classic BJ (Receiver standing. Giver Kneeling)
    Lets Talk – sitting on the sofa Sex clothes AND CLOTHED.

    Foreplay – Show me what you Feel (down on one knee)
    Slow Dance – Naked
    Dance on Table
    Leg & Foot Massage
    Lets Talk – sitting on the sofa Sex clothes AND CLOTHED.

    MF / FM
    Lets Talk – sitting on the sofa CLOTHED.

    Members –
    Please write to Achat’s Support asking for these poses to be created and released in 2022.


    List your name below in this topic, as having written to Support, to support this cause
    and over the next 12 months, if any of these poses are created and make it to the shop, I’ll note it here and cross it off our list.

    Lets hope Achat listens and we can see how successful this members ask is and how it pans out over the next 12 Months.



    New Year wishes & “New Poses for 2022 and narrowing the disparity gaps” as outlined above forwarded to Achat Support 14.25hrs Thurs 30 Dec 2021.


    I’ve sent a nice message to the Devs *hugsss* about this subject with the link here.

    I really think it’s time to have more poses for all orientations. We pay the same amount to be Premium.


    Sent my request for updated poses in 2022



    Perhaps it depends on the quality of the water. in Australia the water that I get out of my tap is definately safe to drink but why would you drink chlorinated hen mineral water isn’t that expensive.


    Thanks for your comment. Are you saying the poses are too expensive and of bad quality?

    My point is….
    lots of the LBGT community moan about the disparity in the poses and point out the difference of the MF pose cupboard.
    And rightly so… the difference is vast. See above and it is widening!

    JessiCapri and I have taken the trouble to look, count and high light it in up-to-date-figures.
    I update the pose count every time a new pose is released and comes out in the shop.
    I sticky the last pose so the date of release is easily identified.

    But the cause is lost if a hetero couple (Me & JessiCapri) and 1 shemale (Zuzannah) is the only people who can be bothered to write to support!

    A hetero couple will not buy the poses, or if so, it will be only to support a forum event, for example the MM or FF slow dance, foot massages… poses to chat
    1 shemaLe in chastity, who may buy the pose, makes the effort put in, to its creation, hardly worth it and marketable.

    Thank you ladies for your support, btw.. it is very much appreciated.

    Sadly, I think the rest of the Achat community now have their answer.
    There is no support or market for Achat to do anything other than what they are.
    The lethargy shown in this topic just shows they are on the right track to concentrate on the community that does care and who buys their product.

    LBGT members cannot be quick to complain but do little or nothing to try to get more poses created for their genre.

    So be it. We have tried to ask and level the playing field.


    This topic has been here since I started here in 2015 and by others before me (The former Mods told me).

    I started a topic ages ago. (More poses for us Shemales) and a Mod at the time created another topic for people to show support. Many posted.

    Here is the link to it. (Unfortunately it’s on the old forum).,3848.0.html
    (Right click and open new tab)

    The argument is always the same. We pay the same so, we should have the same amount of poses, yes ? Unfortunately No. The response (Not by the Devs) “The Devs concentrate on M F poses because they are in the majority of users I.E more money” I heard this a few times, because I was always posting about it. They’re right, as much as it pains me and others, they are right. Simple Economics.

    But as I speak here, there is a new F F and F S pose. This pose looks nice and would be welcome as a MM and SS. Will it ? That’s entirely up to the Devs.


    @ Michelle…You know the post has nothing to do with water any where right?


    So you delete both posts cause you feel empowered to do so I guess


    Nothing has been deleted
    The topic was trying to generate support for more LBGT (Lesbian – Bisexual – Gay – Transgender) poses.

    I am hoping Achat will level the playing field at some point with giving all couples the above poses as identified in post 1.
    It will be a good collection to have in the shops to enable relationships to flourish, build and hopefully keep members here in the long term.

    Lets hope 2022 is the year to do it.


    Which post(s) are you claiming were deleted Michelle? I’ve been watching this thread since it’s start and I see none missing.


    I’m sorry I get lost and lose sight of stuff in the forum I guess, I’m sure it’s buried here somewhere, sorry my mistake


    This should help until you become familiar with things

    Topics » Posting rules » New Visitors – Welcome to our Achat Forum.

    Back to topic…

    please write to support and ask for the poses outlined above to be created for couples to help level the playing field for our LBGT members.
    Then please let us know you have by posting in this topic, so we can see the support for the cause.
    Thank you.


    Many of the FF poses are just heterosexual poses with dildos instead of dicks.

    It’s really heteronormative. Make FF poses without fake dicks in them.

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