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    I watched as my subs came over to the bed, tango on my right and blue on my left.  blue slid in beside me first and settled in, followed by tango.  Their warm skin on mine made me begin to throb inside.  As tango settled into place with his hands behind him, I leaned over and caressed blue’s cheek with the palm of my hand.  I kissed her gently and could feel the hair on the back of her neck raise as my hand moved behind her head.  I closed my eyes and allowed our tongues to explore each other. 

    My hands began to slide down along her side and over her breast.  We kissed gently as our bodies became more aroused. I could feel her become warm to my touch and I could see her face become flush with desire.  I could feel tango begin to squirm behind me as he watched the two of us next to him.  I knew that this was torture for him, but having no desire to torment him at the moment, I turned over, pulling blue’s arm over me and placing her hand on my belly.  She rubbed gently, kissing the back of my neck as I turned my attention to tango.

    One at a time I tugged at tango’s arms, letting him know it was ok to move his hands out from behind him.  I pushed one hand over his chest and down past his navel as I kissed him gently snuggling close to his large manly frame.  When my hand reached his cock, I could feel him become hard almost instantly.  His penis twitched as I ran my fingertips over its length, from the tip of his cock to his balls.  Then I wrapped my fingers around his meaty love and began to stroke him as he moaned.  Finally he leaned over and kissed me, his tongue penetrating my mouth as I was sure his stiff cock would do in a very short time. 

    With ever increasing passion we kissed as I stroked him, while blue moved her hand down to my now soaking pussy.  She placed a full hand over me and began to rub gently.  My natural lubricant spreading between the folds of my labia and exciting me even more.  I let out a heavy breath and a moan as she bit me gently on the back of my neck.  I reached behind me and grabbed at her hair with my free hand.  Then I felt tango roll his body toward mine.  His beautiful cock rubbing against my leg as he pressed his weight against me and I felt another rush of fluid inside me. 
    Leaning down I approached his penis, and took him in my mouth.  I could feel his cock throb as I relaxed and took his entire length past the back of my throat.  I sucked at him as I pulled my head back and forth feeling every bump and vein in his excited rod.  Just then I felt blue sliding down my side as she pressed against my leg I spread them apart and I could feel her head settle between them.  Just then I felt her kissing the inside of my thighs as she worked her way up.

    As she approached my sex I could feel her warm breath before her tongue pressed between my labia and began to explore.  I took my mouth off of tango for only long enough to let out a deep moan of pleasure before returning my attention to the task at hand.  I ran my fingers down his legs and back up, cupping his balls in my hand while I moved my mouth up and down his shaft.  I could feel him instinctively begin to thrust slightly as I sucked at his cock, once in a while thrusting deep into my mouth and fucking my face. 

    As I continued to explore tango’s shaft with my tongue blue worked ever deeper, pressing her mouth and her tongue into my sex.  Her tongue slithered back and forth around my clit, I could feel my breathing increase and my stomach begin to tingle as my body began to take over.  I knew there would be more to come so I let it happen.  My feet began to tense as I could feel the tingling work its way over my legs and up my body.  My hand found her hair and pulled her head deep into me as I felt the first rush wash over me followed by waves of orgasmic pleasure.  I rested my head on tango’s belly as I let the orgasm take me. 

    My body and my mind were over taken as I laid back on the bed while blue rolled out from between my legs and she snuggled in beside me.  Then I opened my eyes just as tango rolled over on top of me.  All his weight covering me like a warm blanket as he kissed me gently.  Then I felt him between my legs.  He kept his cock against my sex for just a moment as he continued to kiss me.  Then, without warning, I he thrust his entire length into my vagina.  All my breath left me as he invaded my body.  I was home.

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    “Kneel before me.”  I commanded to my subs, who had both been waiting in my private chamber within my dungeon.

    blue stepped forward, followed closely by tango blue knelt at my feet, on my right, tango on my left both naked and revealed.  I gently placed my hands on their heads and gently petted them for a few minutes.  Just enjoying my time with my faithful subs.  Before I finally spoke, “blue, collar box.”  she got to her feet and walked to my dresser where her collar box was.  Meanwhile I went to my closet and got a small black and red box and brought it out with me.  blue was already kneeling next to tango again, her head dutifully down and holding her collar box in front of her. 

    “Stand, tango.”  I ordered holding the box in my right hand.  “Hold out our hands palms up next to each other.”  His hands raised and I placed the box in them.  He stood silently, eyes to the floor while I turned my attention to blue.

    “Stand blue.”  I commanded, and she stood still holding out her collar box.  I took it from her and ordered, “Inspection.” 

    Her arms went over her head and she stood, looking up at the ceiling, legs spread apart.  I walked around her taking in her beautiful young body with my starved eyes.  I reached out and took her breasts in my hands, holding them and looking them over then releasing them, and ordering.  “Bend over.”  She then bent over, grabbing her ankles as I walked behind her dropping down and looking directly at her firm ass.  “Spread.”  I commanded.  Her hands came up and pulled her butt cheeks apart so that I could see her vagina and her anus.  Both, as with the rest of her body were immaculate, as always. 

    I stood up and gave her a firm smack on the ass with my hand.  “Very good blue, stand up straight.”  She released her ass from her grip and stood as instructed.  I then opened her collar box, there inside was the collar that I had had made for her.  I removed it and instructed, “Collar”.  She placed her arms over her head holding up her hair and held her head down so I could easily access her neck.  I fastened the collar around her neck, checked that it was not too tight and said, “Good girl, kneel.”

    I went through the same process with tango, taking the box from him and having him stand before me while I inspected my sub’s body and telling him, “Your body is not your own while you are in my care.”

    “Yes ma’am”  He replied.

    “You will keep it clean and neat.  Your appearance is a reflection upon me.”  I stated.

    “Yes ma’am”  He replied.

    I lifted his balls and turned them over, at this point I expected that he would become erect, but he had learned a great deal of self control, which pleased me greatly.  I held his cock and balls for a moment longer, and leaned in.  “Are you ready to serve me again tango?”  I breathed into his ear.

    His breathing had become heavy, I could tell he was struggling to remain flaccid.  “Yes ma’am”  He struggled to reply.

    “I want you as my own tango.  I want you to be my slave.”  I breathed into his ear, and almost instantly I could feel him begin to become erect.  I squeezed his balls slightly forcing him to take deep breaths to control his erection.  “I don’t expect an answer right now.  I know you have been the servant of another recently, and I know you have taken your duties again as House sub.  But I want you to consider being in my care again.  Collar.” 

    I had never given this command to tango but it was clear that he knew what to do either from his former Mistress, or from watching blue.  His hands were over his head, and I opened the box producing a red and black collar with a shiny brass tag which I showed to him.

    Property of:

    The rest was blank.  “If you decide to be my slave I will have it filled in.  I require discipline from my subs tango.  If you decide you want this, you will have to endure a session of torment to prove your desire to me.  Think carefully on this before giving me your answer.”  I whispered to him as I fastened the collar around his neck.  Then ordered “Kneel” 

    He knelt beside blue again and I stepped back, viewing my beautiful subs.  I then walked over to my bed I took off my own clothes, folding them neatly, and placing them on the table next to my bed, as my subs knelt staring at the floor.  Then I pulled back the duvet and the sheets and climbed in, settling myself nicely in the middle of my king sized comfort zone.  Then I called to them “blue, tango.  Join me.”

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    I walked down the tunnel to the Ice House.  Upon opening the door, I saw a that the great hall was lit.  There had been people here recently.  I saw that the lights under the private dungeons were all out though.  Except for one.  Mine.  I went to the back of the hall and examined the room, scanning in all directions.  I remembered my time with Bear on the table.  I remembered my time with Janine.  Such bliss.  My eyes began to well up and I felt like crying, but I pulled it back.  Some of the recent month's horrors had begun to claw their way to the surface and I wasn't ready to face them.  No, back in the jar they go.  Saved for when stronger forces of my own can be aligned against them.

    I looked back toward my door.  The light under the door.  It drew my attention right away.  Had someone taken over my dungeon in my absence?  I had to know.  I pulled out my key, and glided toward the door.  Sliding the key into the lock I heard it click then gave it a turn and swung it open.  The, room was as I left it.  And there in the middle was blue, standing in the middle waiting for me with the note in her hand I had given to tango.  She was visibly upset.  A mascara streaked tear rolling down her cheek.  “Why did you leave Miss Christy?”

    I didn't know what to say.  I haven't fully come to terms with my own loss, and at the same time I need to explain to blue what has been happening.  Then I looked over by my large chair and saw that tango was kneeling beside it quietly, dressed in black but a little raged like he had been working at something.  “tango?” I called to him.

    “We've missed you Miss Christy.  We thought something had happened to you.” tango replied

    “Something did happen, tango.  I'm sorry I just can't be more detailed about it now, but I will explain things to both of you in time.” I walked over to blue and looked into her eyes, “I did what I had to.”  Then she leaned in and hugged me tightly.  “tango come.”  I called.  tango came as instructed and knelt beside me.  I patted his head and he leaned in resting his cheek on my thigh.

    blue released her hold and knelt on the other side of me.  I patted their heads, “My beautiful subs. Thank you for being here.”  I stepped away and walked toward the door, “I think its time the three of us had some time to ourselves.  Both of you go to my private chamber, take off your clothes and wait for me.”  Then I closed the door behind me and snapped the lock shut.

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    Stepping into the bar was like sliding on a pair of old jeans.  Gliding past the heavily carved wooden door my nose filled with the familiar aroma of old wood and smoke.  I eyed the room and saw the familiar faces.  I took a seat at the first table I saw kicking my boots up on a chair, keeping my head low so my face would be shrouded under the brim of my hat.  I raised my head only long enough to see Bear enjoying himself before a waitress stopped by asking if I wanted anything. 

    “Macallan 12, neat.”  I responded.

    The waitress disappeared and I saw across the room that there was some commotion.  When the crowd parted for a moment I saw tango getting a spanking.  The familiar smile on his face spoke volumes to me.  Then I remembered.  It was his birthday.  I rose to my feet and glided over watching people take their turn with him bent over the table.  I took a place near the front of the crowd and waited until there was a break so I could take a turn. 

    After a few more people had stepped forward to warm tango’s ass, I stepped forward into the light and took my hat off, letting my long red hair drape over my back.  “Hello tango” I said to him.

    His head immediately swung around to see me.  A look of confusion on his face quickly flashed into a smile. 
    “Miss Christy?” he said, as he dropped to his knees before me.  “Is it really you?”

    I stroked his cheek with my hand and felt his face press into my palm.  “I missed you tango.”  I said.  “I’m glad to see that you are well.”
    After another few moments I noticed that things had gotten a bit more, quiet behind me.  Glancing up I noticed a few stunned faces among those watching.  I looked for blue, but did not see her.  Perhaps I would find her later.  There was much to explain, and much to plan.
    In the meantime, “Well then tango, I’d like to give you my present.  Bend over the table again please.”  I said.  And as he bent over I reached around his waist, slowly unbuckled his belt, feeling him begin to swell as I did, and I removed it, wrapping the buckle and half of its length around my hand. 

    “Are you ready tango?”  I asked?

    “Yes Miss Christy.” Came the reply. 

    “Then pull your pants down and count the strikes.”  I replied.

    He reached for the back of his pants and exposed his naked ass to me.  Immediately I raised my arm and gave him a strike across his already red cheeks seeing the flesh begin to raise up and become red as blood rushed to the area of his body under attack.
    Wincing, he said through his teeth, “One Miss Christy.”

    Raising my arm again, another strike.

    “Two Miss Christy” he said, this time beginning to relax as the pain gave him the release he craved so much.  “Three Miss Christy, Four, Five, and on to Ten.”  His ass now glowing red around a central stripe that was beginning to turn purple.

    Leaning forward, I whispered into his ear.  “I will be in my dungeon tonight.  I hope you will join me.  And if you see blue before I do, give her this.”  I said, slipping a sealed note into his hand.  “It’s good to see you again tango.  I’ve really missed you.”

    I laid the belt on the table next to tango’s panting face.  And put my hat back on as I walked back to my table, past what were now, obvious stares.  Sitting down and putting my feet back in the chair, I picked up the glass of whisky that was waiting for me and raised it to my lips.  “Good to be back.”  I told myself, and took my first sip.  God, it was good.

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    I'm pantless of course :)

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    tango holds the door open for myself and blu, like a true gentleman.  I step inside the front door of the bar and it feels a little strange, not entering and exiting via the pool room.  I walk further inside and I nod to tango, who steps in front of me and says in a loud full voice, “ATTENTION EVERY ONE.  MAY WE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!”

    The music went quiet and the voices lowered as I stepped forward.  “Greetings everyone.  Most of you know me already, I am Miss Christy from The Ice House, these are my subs, blu and tango.”  I introduced them as blu curtseyed and tango gave a bow.  “I’m sure all of you have received your invitations now, and I invite you to join us at The Ice House tonight.  The food is being delivered as we speak, Brandy has generously provided all the drinks from the AB&G, and there will be lots of fun and games throughout the night.”  I said looking around and seeing smiles start to appear.

    Continuing, I said, “Bear’s revenge will also be coming to its sexy climax in The Great Hall, and we will have a collaring ceremony as well, and would love it if you would attend.  Finally, we have a mystery glory hole booth that everyone can enjoy.  So please join us!  We are looking forward to having you.  My two subs will lead the way to the side entrance of The Ice House.”  I said, and blu and tango began ushering the patrons toward the door and leading them back to the building behind the bar. 

    I stepped over to the bar where Brandy was smiling at me.  “I love your gown.”  She said.

    “Thanks girl, but I can’t wait to get back to The Ice House, it is so hot under this thing.”  I replied, as she passed me a whisky.  I picked up the small glass and sipped as I watched the patrons file out the door, then looked at Brandy again.  “I can’t thank you enough for all your help.  None of this would be possible without you.”   

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    The knock at the door interrupted me as I was putting on my makeup, but I had just enough time to finish my eyes before getting up to go answer it.  I tied my silk robe up and went to the dungeon door, opening it to find blu and tango waiting there.  The bracelets I had told them to wear so I could summon them were both glowing with a blinking blue light.  “It’s about time you two.  I summoned you an hour ago.”

    “Mistress I was in the bar and…”

    “Mistress I came as fast as I could…”

    They both started to talk over each other and I put my hand up to stop them.  “Not now, just come in and let’s get you two ready for the party.”  I said and stepped out of the way so they could enter, then shut the large door behind me.  They both went to the middle of the room and stood with their heads down and their eyes on the floor.  “You two get undressed and kneel on the floor until I get back.  No playing with each other until I return.  blu, get your collar box as well.”  I said and walked back toward my room to finish putting on my makeup.

    “Yes Mistress.”

    “Yes Mistress.” 

    I heard them answer from behind me, and as I turned the corner into my private room, I could see that they were already half undressed and were folding their clothes.  I sat back down at my vanity and finished putting on my makeup.  “Goddamn freckles.”  I thought to myself.  I went ahead and let my hair down, and gave it a little tease.  Being from Texas, I’ll always love big hair. 

    Still in my robe I went back out into the dungeon carrying two boxes, one large and one small.   I placed them on a chair next to the entrance to my bedroom and noticed that blu and tango were both kneeling on the floor as instructed.  I was impressed to see that tango had managed to not get an erection during this time.  But precautions had to be put in place for tonight anyway.  “Both of you will wear chastity devices tonight because I want to make sure you are supervised anytime you have sex during the party.  In short my dears, I want to watch.”  I said to them from the far side of the room. 

    Their eyes stayed on the floor as I chose the one nearest to me to start.  “So let’s get started.  tango come here and stand in the inspection position.”  He walked over nervously but quickly and stood as instructed with his feet spread apart and his hands behind his head with the fingers laced together.  “Good boy.”  I said.  Then I pulled up a stool and sat down in front of his limp penis.  I lifted it and his balls, not really to inspect anything, but just to torment him to see if he would become hard at the teasing.  To his credit his penis stayed soft.  But looking up I could see his eyes were closed, his face was tense, and he was sweating profusely.  So I took the smaller of the two boxes and opened it. 

    “tango, look at me.”  I said, and his eyes opened and he looked down at me and what I was holding.  “This is a cock cage.”  I told him as he looked it over.  It was a small bent tube made of brass closed at one end, except for a small hole to urinate out of, and with a ring at the other.  The idea is that the ring fastens behind his balls and his penis is placed in the tube, then they are locked together so that if he begins to become hard it will be very painful.   I took the device apart while he watched.  The ring was hinged on one side so I was able to place it behind his balls, and I closed it around with the locking tab up.  Then I took the brass tube and placed his still limp penis inside it.  Then I took a small padlock out of the box, connected the two components together and snapped the lock closed.  I then pulled out a key on a blue ribbon and showed it to him.  “This is the key for your cage.  There is only one key.”  I told him, and I put the ribbon around my neck and let the key dangle down between my breasts. 

    I gave the gage a small tap with my finger.  “There you are, best kind of safe sex there is.  Now go back to your place on the floor and kneel.  blu, your turn.  Come over here and stand in the inspection position.”  tango went back to his spot and knelt with his head down but instead of his eyes on the floor, they were fixated on the cold metal cage that had captured his penis.  blu stepped in front of me and placed her hands behind her head and laced her fingers together.  “Good girl.”  I said and I opened the larger of the two boxes and removed her chastity belt.  It was a leather belt that was to be fitted around her waist, with a second strap of leather that went from the back to the front between her legs, covering her anus and her vagina, except for a narrow gap in the leather strap between her legs that was filled with a wire mesh to allow her to urinate.  I placed the belt around her waist, “Turn around please.”  and put the two ends together in the back.  Then reaching between her legs I pulled up the strap and secured it at the same point with a metal loop passing through each of the leather ends.  Then I took a padlock like tango’s out of the box and snapped it closed, securing the belt to her body.

    “Turn back around now.”  I told blu.  When she turned I said, “Look at me dear.”  And I pulled out another key, this one on a pink ribbon and placed it around my neck as well.  “Now blu, your evening will be different.  Bear is still demanding revenge for his collaring.  And since you have decided that you are willing to allow him to have you publicly, I have decided to make this part of tonight’s ceremony.  I am going to give this key to Bear when I see him later and he will be the only one who can unlock your belt.  When the time comes you will be tied to the alter in the great hall where Bear will be able to take you and have his way with you.  I am giving you one last chance to back out privately.  Do you still want to let him go through with this blu?”

    “Yes Mistress, I know Bear would not hurt me.”  She replied.

    “Ok then.  Go back to your spot on the floor and kneel.”  I said, and blu went back to the floor and knelt next to tango again.  I stood up and retrieved two garment bags and placed them in front of tango and blu.  Then I said to blu, “Collar.”  And she took her collar box and held it above her head in both hands.  I opened the box and removed her collar, closing it and leaving it in her hands as I fastened it around her neck.  “Thank you blu.”  I said, and she placed the box back on the floor and put her hands back at her sides.  “Now, I have placed a garment bag in front of each of you.  Inside are your party clothes.  tango, you put yours on now.  blu, you come with me.”  I commanded and I walked back to my bedroom to put on my party dress.  As blu got up and followed me.

    I had purchased a black and red Victorian gown for the party.  It was very elegant and I had it fitted complete with a lace up bodice.  That and the corset is why I needed blu’s help.  I took off my robe, revealing that I was already wearing my black garter and hose.  “Get my corset ready dear.”  I told blu, as I put on my bustle and fitted the snaps on the sides.  Then I held up my arms and blu put the corset around my waist, I adjusted my breasts in it as she began to lace it up behind me.  “Not too tight dear, I want to be able to sit or squat as the need arises.” 

    “Yes Mistress.”  She replied.

    When she was finished I placed a silk hood over my head to protect my makeup and held up my arms as she lowered the dress over me and I took off the hood, putting my arms in the sleves.  Finally she laced up the bodice in the front and tied a lovely bow at the base of the V.  Finally a pair of black pumps that it was doubtful anyone would see.  No need for panties under all this armor.  I looked in the mirror, the neckline came all the way down revealing the tops of my breasts which looked like they were about to fall out from the corset pushing them up.  “It was a very beautiful gown.”  I thought, as I turned to get a look at the back in the mirror.  “Thank you blu, you may get dressed now.”  and blu stepped out of the room.

    I gave the dress one more look and I stepped out of my bedroom to see that tango was already wearing what I had picked out.  It was a lovely Armani Tuxedo with a red cummerbund and tie.  “Well, you look very handsome tango.”  I said to him as he finished putting on his cufflinks and checked himself in the mirror.

    “Thank you Mistress.”  He said with a wide smile. 

    blu’s dress was much like my own but the dress came all the way up to her neck and did not come with a bodice.  I helped her lace up her corset after she had put on her garter, stockings, and bustle.  When I put the dress over her and she had adjusted it to her body, I let her look in the mirror.  Though she wasn’t too happy about having to wear a dress rather than bluejeans, I saw her smile at how elegant she was wearing that gown.   I let her use my vanity to touch up her makeup and hair while I helped tango straighten his tie.  When blu re-emerged from my bedroom, I put a red leather leash on blu and said, “Ok you two.  Let’s go to the bar and get our guests.”

    Stepping out into the Great Hall I could see a light under Bear's, Adera's, and Janine’s doors and shadows moving within.  Obviously they were getting ready as well.  Then we walked to the back side of The Ice House and I had tango open the large warehouse door and fix it so it would stay open.  Then with blu in tow and tango not much farther behind, we walked along the path to the AChat Bar and Grill.

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    Rising from my bed the next day, blu was already her normal playful, but naughty self.  Looking on her I could not help but smile at my beautiful love.  I see the spark in her eye as she plays her games, mentioning my freckles, which she know's I can't stand but I play along.  I took some time to admire the pink lines and purple brusies I had left on her backside yesterday.  Before letting her go about getting ready for the party tonight, I stopped her and we held eachother for a moment before leaning in and sharing a passionate kiss.   

    I went to my vanity and cleaned the dildo, the harness, and my leather.  Then, after putting everything away, I put on a silk robe and made my way out into the dungeon.  Normally I would have blu clean up, and later she would clean more thoroughly, but I went ahead and picked up our toys, and put everything neatly in its place.  Except for the belts on the spanking bench.  I left those, so blu could see them and have fond memories of her pain later.

    Swinging over the lock on the door to my dungeon, I started to open it, when I saw tango cleaning the St. Andrew’s cross at the far end of the Great Hall.  I had asked him to make sure The Ice House was spotless before the party tonight, and I could see that he was doing a great job.  Everything was coming together, all the decorations were up, the custom glory hole booth had been delivered, and tango was putting the final touches on things. 

    I looked briefly at the glory hole booth.  My own design, and a thing of genius, if I do say so myself.  It was actually two glory holes, inside a small room.  These were connected to an antechamber that worked kind of like an air lock.  You couldn’t get to one of the 4 inner rooms without being locked into the outer one first.  Then you would go to either side of a glory hole, with one side marked cocks, the other side marked hens.  This way, there was no way for anyone to know who was on either side unless that person went out of their way to make it known.  It was totally private and would be a lot of fun during the party.

    I looked back over at tango cleaning, he was dressed as he had been told to, and was doing a fantastic job.  I had been debating about collaring him for myself for some time.  Several days ago I made my final decision.   On the invitations for the party I had made sure they mentioned a collaring ceremony, this would be for tango.  I started getting excited at the thought, it was always an exciting time when collaring a sub publicly. 

    As tango was finishing I saw that he was pressing himself against the cross.  Fantasizing about being tied to it and having all sorts of marvelous tortures visited upon him.  I pulled the door closed a little more and narrowed the gap so he wouldn’t see me.  I always liked watching my subs fantasize when they thought I wasn’t looking.  For me, at least, this always felt like the best way to learn what they liked and what they desired.  When tango was finished imagining himself on the cross he started to put his supplies away.  Thinking quickly, I went to my chest and opened it back up.  I took out a blindfold, four 7 foot ropes, 20 clothes pins, and a ball of twine.  I didn’t have time to put on any imposing clothing or makeup.  I placed my items into a small bag that I threw over my shoulder.  Then I turned off the lights in the dungeon and stepped out into the great hall. 

    I quietly went over by the St. Andrew’s cross, undid the front of my robe and opened it so tango could see me, put the bag behind the cross, and stood in the shadows waiting for him to return.  When he came around the corner from putting his things away, he started walking down the Great Hall.  “tango, would you come over here please.”  I said to him while stepping out so he could see me. 

    tango turned to face me, his eyes went to the floor, but when he saw that my robe was open, his eyes fell on my body and locked.  “Yes, Ma’am”  He replied, trying his best to put his gaze back on the floor and then walking quickly to stand before me, his head down, but his eyes still clearly on me.

    “tango, I’ve been wanting to talk to you.”  I said.  “Take off your clothes please.”

    “Yes Ma’am”  He replied and began to undress.  It was clear that he was learning, because he didn’t toss his things in a pile just anywhere, he folded everything neatly and placed them on the floor at his feet. 

    “That’s a good boy.”  I responded, and stepped over to the cross, putting my hand on it and running my fingers down one of the long wooden braces.  “You like this apparatus?”  I asked.

    tango didn’t respond, and when he tried to talk he started to mumble.  Finally he squeezed out, “Yes Ma’am.”

    “Then come over here.  Let’s see what you look like against it.”  I said as tango stepped in front of the device.  “Now, turn around facing out, place your feet on each of the footholds at the base, and extend your arms so that your wrists are even with the binding points at the top.”

    As he stepped into position I could see that he was gritting his teeth, his member starting to become erect as he tried hard, mentally, to keep the erection from occurring.  “Like this Ma’am?”  He asked, seeking approval.

    “Mmhmm,”  I began as I reached into my bag while stepping behind the cross, “just like that.”  And I slid a blindfold over his head and covered his eyes.  Surprised at this, I heard him let out a harsh breath of air and I saw that he could no longer contain his arousal, and his penis was fully erect.  I reached in the bag again, pulled out the rope, and began binding him to the cross. 

    “Ma’am, what’s going to happen?”  tango asked, his voice beginning to shake.

    “Shhhhhh”  I quieted him, and placed a finger on his mouth as I finished the last of the bindings.   I pressed my body up against his large frame and whispered in his ear.  “If you can’t keep quiet, I’ll have to gag you.  Nod if you understand.”  And his head shook up and down frantically.  Then I slapped the top of his cock with the palm of my hand making him hold a whimper behind his teeth.  “Good boy.”

    I grabbed my bag and walked over to the great table and dragged a chair back in front of the cross, where I sat crossing my legs reaching in and taking out the clothes pins and the ball of twine.  “tango, I’ve decided to make you my own.”  I said to him as I took a clothes pin and threaded a length of twine through the center of the spring and slid it down to a knot I had tied at the other end.  And tied another knot on the other side of it.  “Will you be my submissive tango?”  I asked looking up to see his head bobbing up and down so fast that his chin was bouncing off his chest.  “Good boy.”

    I kept threading the clothes pins onto the twine as I said, “Then tonight, I will collar you at the party.  I have taken the liberty of having a collar made for you.  Your collar is special.  It is a symbol of the trust that you are giving me to have control over you, and it also symbolizes your bondage to my needs.  Do you understand that?”  I asked, and he nodded again.  “I also have a special outfit for you to wear tonight too.  I know you are going to like it.”  I said as I finished threading the 20 clothes pins onto the twine and stood up approaching tango.

    “You are going to feel some sensation.” I said as I put the twine over one shoulder and I began to drag my nails down tango’s chest, making my way slowly over his belly and past his waist, getting as close as I could to his penis without actually touching it.  tango’s breathing began to increase as my nails scratched his skin leaving tiny pink lines that quickly disappeared.  Then I took one hand and cupped his balls with it making his penis twitch.  Moving my hand outward I wrapped it around his shaft and stroked it gently.  I saw his face tense, expecting to be grabbed harshly, but then I stepped forward and put my feet on top of his at either side of the cross.  I then went up on my toes and placed his cock between my legs letting it rest against my moist sex.  I could feel him twitching against me and I could feel his heart beating against my breasts as I pressed in on him and whispered in his ear again.  “tango, this is a very important thing I am offering you.  I promise I will take good care of you.  In return you must do as you are told at all times, you must not disobey me, and you must never embarrass me.  Is that understood?”  I asked, and just as his head started to move up and down I caught his mouth with mine and kissed him with a deep loving kiss before drawing away biting his lower lip and dragging it with my teeth.  Then I placed the first clothes pin on his right nipple making his face tighten up. 

    I stepped off his feet, taking my time to let his hardness drag against my labia.  When I was down, I started placing the clothes pins one at a time on his skin going down toward his genitals, finally placing one on the right side of his balls, then putting one on the left side and working my way back up to the left nipple, making exactly 10 on each side of his body with a long loop of twine at the end of each side, which I let dangle.  His face began to sweat more and more with each clothes pin and he would whimper as I placed them directly on his nipples and his scrotum. 

    I stood back for a moment and looked at him writhing against the cross.  Then I stepped back and took his penis in my hand again, stroking it gently and I began running my fingers over his leg softly.  I laid my head on his chest for a moment and listened to his heart beating rapidly before kneeling down in front of my captive slave still holding his shaft in my hand and stroking it.  I kissed the bulbous helmet before me and continued to move the soft flesh up and down over the hardness underneath.  The kiss made him let out a long exhale before tipping his head back.  “You are permitted to cum whenever you feel like it tango.”  I said as I took his cock into my mouth.  I let the head of his penis fill the inside of my mouth and my tongue ran circles over it as I pulled some suction by sealing my lips around it and pulling my head back a little. 

    I let go of his cock and began running my hands down his legs.  Then I pushed my head further down onto his shaft and I began to stroke him with my mouth as I heard him begin to moan behind his teeth.   I slowed down for a moment and mentally forced myself to relax my throat as I pushed my head further onto his cock and allowing him to slide past my mouth and into my throat.  I held him there for a moment and then drew back pulling in a large gulp of air through my nose before continuing to fuck him with my mouth. 

    As I felt his legs begin to tense I made my motions more rapid and slithered my tongue along the bottom of his hard cock.  Then I felt him start to twitch in my mouth, and just as he let out a loud moan and I felt the first squirt of warm slimy sperm hit the back of my throat, I reached up and took hold of the loops of twine and pulled them down as hard as I could yanking all 20 clothes pins off at once like a zipper, leaving 20 painful little burning bites all up and down his torso. 

    “OOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH”  tango moaned, and I felt an even harder stream of his warm cum flow into my mouth.  The pulses continued for a few more moments before I pulled my mouth off his still twitching cock, making sure not to spill one drop of what he had given me.   I let the slightly bitter sperm run down my throat a little before swallowing the rest of it down.  Then I stood up noticing the bright pink dots where the clothes pins had been attached.  I stepped back onto tango’s feet and kissed him deeply, letting him taste himself on my tongue.  As I pulled off his blindfold.  I looked in his eyes and rubbed his cheek with my hand.  “I love you my slave, my submissive, my tango.”  And I kissed him again letting him explore the inside of my mouth with his tongue as I gave a tug at the knots on the ropes, letting his arms come down to wrap around me and pull me in tight.

    Then I stepped down off his feet and removed the bonds holding his ankles as well before instructing him, “I want you to put these things away tango.”  I said, pointing to the ropes, clothes pins, and the blind fold.  “Then I want you to get dressed, go home and get ready for the party.  When you come back, make sure you come to my dungeon first so I can get you dressed in your new outfit.  Understand?”

    “Yes Ma’am”  tango responded, as he began to put his clothes back on.

    I walked back to my dungeon letting my robe blow open and trail behind me.  I opened the door, and as I noticed tango watching I blew him a kiss and closed the door behind me.

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    Upon entering the dungeon I stopped.  “Fours!” I ordered, and blu dropped to the ground on her hands and knees.  I reached down and patted her on the head, “Good girl.”  I assured her, and then continued to the spanking bench.  As I gave a tug at the leash, blu followed on all fours.  “Stay.”  I commanded.  And blu sat back on her ankles with her hands at her sides and her eyes on the floor.  I hung the loop end of her leash on the edge of the spanking bench so that she was sitting in front of the imposing apparatus while I got it ready to imprison her body while I overwhelmed her with sensation.

    Slowly and methodically, I gathered the belts I would use bind her body to the device.  The spanking bench is a specialized piece of furniture I had ordered just for this dungeon.  It resembled a wide saw horse, with a padded surface on the top that was covered with soft leather.  The legs of the device were actually one large panel on each side.  Each panel had several slots for belts, and several screwed in eyes for attaching ropes.  The top had a small channel down the middle under the padded surface, with several slotted holes for attaching a belt that was used to bind the torso of the victim being imprisoned by the device. 

    Slowly I attached the belts that would bind blu’s ankles, wrists, elbows, and knees.  I also removed the top for a moment and attached the torso belt.  Occasionally I looked to blu and saw that as I readied the device, she was beginning to tremble more and more with anticipation.  The device was made from very heavy wood and had several concrete blocks that sat in the middle so that it weighed more than either of us and would not give during more intense punishments.  To demonstrate this, and to apply some more psychological stimulation, I occasionally gave one of the belts a good hard tug, drawing it tight, but barely budging the heavy bench making her eyes widen a bit.

    Taking her leash in hand again.  I commanded “Up blu!”  She rose to her feet still facing the bench.  “I want you to lay your body over the bench.  Ankles here,” I pointed at the binding points for her ankles. “and your wrists at the same points on the other side.  Do it now.”  I said, and removed her leash, rolling it up and hanging it on the edge of the bench.  blu hesitated for a very brief moment, then forced her legs to step forward as she laid herself over the bench and I began to bind her body to it.  One buckle at a time, starting with her legs and deliberately going slowly I bound her ankles to the device, then her legs just above her knees.  As I did this I could hear her breathing heavily and the muscles in her legs were noticeably shaking.  After I bound her legs I ran my nails up one of her legs on the inside and brushed against her pussy, still wet from being lubricated and fucked earlier. 

    Standing behind her I began to take up the belt that would bind her torso that was laying on top of the bench.  As I did, I allowed the dildo I still had strapped to my hips to rest against her swollen labia, not penetrating her but teasing her mercilessly as she tried in vain to roll her hips back and push herself onto my silicone phallus as she whimpered in frustration. 

    Moving around to the other side I crouched in front of her and bound her wrists at the lowest point.  First the right, then the left, but before moving to the elbow straps I took hold of her long red hair and pulled at it lifting her head.  I put my own head below hers and gave her a deep loving kiss, my tongue exploring the inside of her mouth and staying in command throughout the entire kiss.  Then I lowered her head and took a hair band I had on my wrist and pulled her hair back, folded it over and secured it with the band so it would not be in her face, distracting her from the experience that was to come.  Finally, I bound her elbows to the device.  blu was now imprisoned upon the bench and was subject to whatever I chose to do to her.  From the front her face was between her extended arms , facing the large strap panel, and her peripheral vision blocked by her own arms.  From the rear, her legs were bound and spread with her feet flat on the floor and just under the thin gap at the base.  The firm flesh of her buttocks was stretched nicely over the edge of the bench and her wet genitals were completely exposed to whatever sensation I chose to apply.

    Circling around the bench and my captive blu, I told her, “I’ve been watching you as my furniture arrived.”  I said to her.  “And while you have been noticeably curious about each piece, I know that you have paid particular attention to this one.  I was at the door the day this one arrived and I saw you watching it be assembled.  I saw the look on your face, and I watched you after the delivery men had left.”  The memory of that day flooded back as I described it to her.  blu had knelt down next to the bench looking over all of the fastening points.  Touching them with her fingers and running her hands along the leather top before laying her body across it.  I saw her come up on her toes as she imagined a punishment being meted out upon her while being secured to the harsh device.  blu didn’t say anything while I described the day she first laid eyes on the bench, nor her inspection of it. 

    While I was explaining how I had watched her inspecting the spanking bench, I walked carefully over to my chest once again.  Reaching inside I pulled out a thin leather paddle and began to walk back around the front of the device.  Holding the paddle at my side so she could catch a glimpse of it as I walked past.  Finally, taking up a position behind her, I ran my fingers over her backside.  Her tension had been raised to a point such that when my fingers touched her bare skin, her whole body lurched forward against the restraints.  I ran my fingers over her exposed bottom, still a little pink from her earlier spanking, and soon to receive marks that will remain evident for far longer. 

    I took a step back and held out my arm that had the paddle at the end of it.  I held it to her firm bottom, across both of her buttocks so she could feel its width as I instructed, “I want you to count the strikes as I deliver them blu.  If you lose count, or if you fail to count, I will start again.  Do you understand?” 

    “Yes mistress.”  She said, her voice slightly broken from nervousness.

    I pulled the paddle back and swung it forward, the air wooshing around it as it swung forward, finally delivering the first blow to blu’s rump.  The firm flesh of her buttocks immediately turned bright pink as the blood rushed to the impacted area and I heard blu give off a small squeak before pushing out a quiet, “One”  between her clenched teeth.

    Pulling the paddle back again I said, “I’m having a little trouble hearing you dear.”  And I swung the paddle forward again, giving off a loud SMACK as it impacted her ass yet again.

    “TWO!” She answered quickly this time.  Raising her voice so she could be heard clearly.

    “Good girl.”  I awarded as I delivered another stinging blow to her beautifully spanked backside.

    “THREE!”  She exclaimed, as the muscles in her legs tensed against the unforgiving leather restraints. 

    I delivered another strike, making sure to make each and every one of the same intensity so that blu would not become confused and associate a lighter blow with my satisfaction, or a harder blow with my displeasure. 

    “FOUR!”  She yelled.

    I kept delivering the blows to her rump, turning it more and more red, preparing it for the final assault that would drive her over the edge when I would deliver the surprise I had for her.  Not wanting to make her delicate flesh numb I began delivering the final blows.

    “TWENTY-THREE!”  She cried…….”TWENTY FOUR!”

    Pulling back the final blow, I let the paddle swing one last time.  It rushed through the air and struck her in nearly the same place as the first blow.  Her body lurching yet again.  As I noticed the skin around her knees bunch up as the muscles beneath clenched and tensed.

    “TWENTY-FIVE”  She yelled, and I placed the paddle on top of her ass as I went around the front of the bench and crouched in front of her again.  Noticing a small puddle of what couldn’t have been more than three or four tears on the floor. 

    “It’s time for your surprise blu.  I’m going to give you a few moments to rest while I get things ready and then we will bring this evening to its climax.  You are now permitted to cum when you feel able.”  I said to the back of her head, noting the heavy broken breathing as she came down from the adrenaline rush of having been punished with the paddle.  Still unaware of the fate that was about to befall her.  I grabbed a bunch of her hair once more, lifted her head, and gave her a single kiss on her cheek.  Then I got up and walked across the room to a small round bin next to the door and removed from it, a half inch switch that I had cut from a crape myrtle tree outside the AB&G a few days before.  It had started to dry out and had become a little rigid, but was still flexible enough to bend a little as I delivered the final punishment upon my dear sweet blu.

    I walked back to the bench and around the front, holding the switch at my side.  Then I ran its length over her outstretched arm, which made her lurch and strain against her restraints.

    “MISTRESS, NO PLEASE!”  She begged.

    A little confused by the authenticity of her pleading, I crouched next to her head.  Choosing my words very carefully so as to not break the mood, “Unless I hear your safe-word my dear, I will continue.  Is that clear blu?”  I asked.

    There was a pause for a moment.  She stayed still before speaking, possibly trying to make sense of my request.  Finally, she turned her head around so she could look me directly in the eye, with a defiant glare, and she begged again.  “MISTRESS, PLEASE NO!  PLEASE DON’T!”  Yelling even more and straining against the terse leather restraints. 

    Having my answer, I got up and walked behind her and crouched right at her glistening pussy.  I gave her genitals a kiss as I opened a hidden panel between her legs and pulled out a retractable arm that was holding a Hitachi Magic Wand.  I also pulled out a foot peddle like the kind that is attached to a sewing machine and laid it on the floor.  I adjusted the arm so that the soon to be vibrating end of the Magic Wand was nestled firmly between the folds of her swollen pussy and I stood up walking back to my position I had when I was paddling her.  I placed my foot on the peddle which was wired so that the more pressure I put on it, the more intensely the Magic Wand would vibrate.  “You will count as before, starting with one.  Are you ready?”

    “MISTRESS PLEASE DON’T!”  She begged once more.

    “It will all be over soon my dear.”  I assured her, and the wind whistled as the switch sailed through it striking her across her buttocks causing the flesh to immediately rise up in an angry red line that I knew, from my own experience, first gave off an intense sting, followed by burning pain.

    “AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!”  She screamed, “ONE!” 

    A second blow flew through the air and left another angry red line crossing the first one that was already beginning to turn purple and leaving little red dots from the broken capillaries just below the skin.  This time though, I started to press on the peddle and the vibrator kicked on. 

    “AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!”  She screamed again, “TWO!”  This time the yell and the count were broken.

    As I delivered the third blow, more pressure on the vibrator control.

    “AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH! THREE!”  And I could hear her start to cry and whimper.  But looking behind her I could see that she was now aware of the sensation being delivered to her genitals, and she was rolling her hips to hit the right spot.

    Making sure to keep waiting a few moments between strikes so the burning pain would have time to take full effect upon her, I swung again, this time hitting a little low and getting the tops of her thighs.


    I looked around the front to make sure she was ok, as I had not meant to strike her legs.  Seeing that she was clenching her fists in anticipation of the next blow, I gave it to her.  More carefully this time to deliver the same strength blow, but on her ass.  This one struck her directly on the buttocks.  My own hand was now between my legs.  Rubbing circles over my haness and the silicone ridge nestled in my own flesh as I drove myself close to orgasm.

    “FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!”  She yelled and I could see her back begin to tense as she got close to orgasm.  The peddle finally at its maximum.

    Then I delivered another blow striking a harsh red line right across the first three.  It rose up and I saw her body begin to contract as her orgasm took over.  She couldn’t talk at this point and I didn’t wait.  I stepped off the peddle and got behind her pressing the dildo strapped to my hips into her gushing pussy making her yell and her back arch against the harsh leather strap holding her down.

    I felt the contractions of her vagina through the dildo and into the small silicone ridge that was against my own clitoris.  It only took a few moments and I was taken by rolling pleasure waves coming over my body.  I collapsed over blu, our sexual contractions feeding each other’s orgasm.  It went on for an eternity and the extreme sensation caused me to have tunnel vision to the point that I could only perceive a small dot of light.  Finally as the orgasm began to roll back and my control over my body returned, I stood up, pulling the dildo out of blu. 

    Immediately, I began to release her from the unforgiving grip of the spanking bench.  Her body completely limp and all her energy expended, I helped her to her feet and put her weight on my arm.  Her whole body, was soaked with sweat, and her hair smelled of sweat and tears.  Her face and eyes red from anguish and pleasure.  We made it back to my bedroom and I had her lay across my bed, her wounded ass up, not down, and I went to my first aid drawer, bringing back soothing creams and another damp cloth.  Then I pulled off the dildo and harness and placed it in the sink.

    Though exhausted from the extreme mental pressure of the experience, I began to care for my wonderful submissive.  Sitting on the bed next to blu, her head turned to face me and she looked in my eyes and smiled.  “Thank you Mistress.”  She said.

    I smiled back at her as I wiped her face with the cloth.  “You’re welcome my dearest blu.  I am so proud of you.  You are my special girl.”  I replied in kind.  Then I put a healthy amount of the soothing cream on my hand and began to gently rub it over the raised lines on her burning rump.  She clenched at first but then a look of relief on her face as the burning turned cool.

    After rubbing the cream in, I took my time to give blu a loving sponge bath with the cool cloth and a bowl of water I had by the bed.  I cleared her face and her skin of the sweat that had poured out of her from the intense experience.  Working from her hands down each arm, past her torso, gently cleaning her genitals, and all the way to her feet.  All the time being careful not to touch the very sore love marks I had left on her backside.  When she was clean I went and took a very quick shower and came back to the bed.  Then laying beside her, I kissed her gently on the cheek as I held her hand, her grip still weak from the experience.  We both lay there looking in each other’s eyes as sleep took us.  That night my dreams were of blu and a fabulous night of gentle, romantic love making.  blu, is my dearest love.

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    Holding my dear sweet blu, her tears have stopped and I look into her eyes.  I can see that her need for punishment has been satisfied for the moment and her expression has changed to loving desire.  She leans in close I and meet her lips with my own letting my tongue dance with hers while I run my fingers through her beautiful hair.  Reaching over to the table next to the St. Andrews cross I take blu’s leash and attach it to her collar.  I look into her eyes and say, “There is a place for this, Come blu.”  And giving the leash a tug I lead her into my private bedroom.

    The room is softly lit and the colors are warm and soothing compared to the harsh grey walls and furnishings of the dungeon only a thin wall away.  The queen size bed against the far wall is made up with a thick grey and green comforter and pillows showing lily patterns.  The mattress is plush with soft linen sheets covering it.  A chair across from the bed is where I lead blu.  “Help mistress take off these boots.”  I command and take a seat in the chair still holding blu’s leash. 

    Blu kneels before me and I offer her my right leg.  She takes my heel in her arm and unzips my boot slowly along my calf and slides it off my foot, placing the boot on the floor next to my chair.  She removed the boot from my left foot and placed it next to the right one in the same way.  She knelt on the floor for a few minutes massaging my calves and rubbing my feet.  My whole body began to relax while she worked all the tired tension out of my legs.  She began to work higher, past my knees and over my thighs.  I spread my legs apart and allowed her hands to move upward along my inner thighs.  Her light touch followed by gentle massaging was driving me wild making me spread my legs wider displaying my desire to her. 

    Finally able to go no higher she ran her fingers up and down my inner thighs several times before brushing them gently over my pubic mound through my panties one after the other before reaching under my leather dress and grasping at the lacy material over my hips.  I raised my butt off the chair and allowed her to pull them off.  True to her status, she folded them neatly and placed them on the floor next to my boots like she had been trained.  Then she began running her fingers back up my legs before making her way to my moist sex.  I slouched in the chair so she could have better access to me and put my left leg on her shoulder.  My breathing increased as I felt her delicate touch reach my sensitive bump.  My eyes closed and my head back I lifted my head to see that she was smiling widely.  She put two fingers in her mouth and brought them between my legs and I felt them invade my body taking my breath for a moment. 

    I began to writhe in my chair, rolling my hips and pressing down on her slippery fingers that were dancing inside me.  Then I lowered my arm and tugged at her leash pulling her head right into my waiting and wanting vagina.  She opened her mouth and I felt her tongue slither into my warm, wet slit.  Her fingers still inside me, I pulled her mouth harder into me and ran my other hand under her hair.  I felt her tongue making circles around the insides of my labia and over my clit.  Then she pulled her fingers out and spread me wider.  Then head dropped lower, and her tongue drove its way inside me and pulled out again.  Then she pushed back in again, fucking me with her mouth while her hands rubbed my clitoral hood faster and faster until my body began to shake and roll as my orgasm came.  When she felt my orgasm start she came up quickly, jerking the leash out of my hand and kissed me deeply as her fingers dove back inside my body and her palm pressed against my excited sex. 

    The smell of my arousal, the taste of myself on her tongue, fingers inside me moving, all made the orgasm so intense I started the hear the chair creak and moan as I shifted hard into it.  She took her head around my cheek and kissed at my jawline until I felt her teeth dragging on my earlobe as I continued to feel the pulses of orgasm thump through my body.  Then I heard her whisper in my ear.  “I love you Mistress.” 

    “I love you too my dear.”  I replied, as my orgasm began to calm.  Slowly she pulled her fingers from my vagina and wiped off her hands on the damp towel that I had wiped her tears away with earlier.  She then took her place back on her knees at my feet and began rubbing my calves again.  I sat there a moment longer enjoying the sensation.  Repeating the motions of blu’s actions in my mind over and over again.  Wanting to remember this experience.  I reached out and brushed the side of blu’s face with my hand, “My beautiful blu, give me my leash.”  I said.  Handing me the leash I took it and pulled her face to mine again, kissing her gently and letting our tongues brush against each other.  My head swimming with the smell of my sex all over her face.

    “Up blu.”  I commanded and stood up with her as she rose.  Holding her leash tightly in my hand and taking her to the center of the room.  “Now I want you to remove my comforter and decorative pillows from the bed and put them in the corner over there.”  I said while removing the leash from her collar and rolling it around my hand and placing it on my dresser.  Then I opened the center drawer and looked inside just as blu was finishing getting the bed ready.  “Now I want you to go lie on the bed with your hands on your stomach, your legs spread and your feet flat against the mattress.”  I said as I reached in the drawer and removed a medium sized purple dildo attached to a harness and placed it on top of the dresser.  In the mirror I saw blu watching with growing anticipation as I pulled the strap on out of the drawer along with a bottle of astroglide. 

    I turned to her and let her watch me as I reached for the zipper in front of my dress just between my boobs, and pulled it down.  Exposing my breasts as first then my abdomen and finally separating my dress right down the middle so I could slide it off like a jacket, folding it in half and placing it on the dresser.  I then took the harness and dildo, and put my legs into it, sliding it up over my hips and giving the straps a pull to tighten them.  As I did, I felt the small silicone bump in the crotch settle itself neatly in between the outer labia of my pussy so I could grind on it later.  Picking up the bottle of astroglide I walked over to the bed and settled in next to blue so that my prosthetic penis was resting against her leg as I put my arm over her body and began to kiss at her neck.  I felt her hand on my hip reaching for the dildo.  Wanting to touch it so she would know what to expect.  I felt the straps tighten as she tugged at its length and then went to caressing my body, as I kissed at her neck. 

    Then I sat up and moved to kneel between her firm legs.  I took a moment to run my hands from her feet to her hips a few times, before running my hands to the insides of her thighs.  Then I opened the bottle of astroglide and let it drip over my hand as I began to rub her pussy, gently working the slippery wetness into every delicate fold of sensitive flesh.  Once everything had been made nice and slippery, I closed the bottle and leaned forward, covering her body with mine allowing our breasts to come together, and I kissed her gently on the lips, my tongue gently touching hers and then sucking at her lower lip as I pulled away and went back on my knees.  I inched forward just a bit, so that the tip of the penis shaped dildo was pressing just at the outside of her vagina.  “Now place your hands palms down on the bed.”  I instructed. 

    I leaned in holding the dildo steady and let it penetrate her and I watched as its length slowly disappeared into her making her moan.  I laid on top of her and began to push my hips up into her.  Pushing my dildo deeper inside her as I started to fuck her with it.  I moved back and forth on top of her, causing the base of the dildo to rub against her pubic bone and I could feel her hips moving to rub harder against it as her body began to push into me.  Her hands were still at her sides as I kissed her neck and ran my fingers over her chest and down her sides.  “Don’t you cum yet.”  I breathed into her ear.  “I want you to wait for later.  I have something special planned.” 

    Then I started rolling my hips, grinding myself against the bump in the harness.  This made the dildo dance inside blu and in turn she began to grind against it as well.  This seemingly endless loop of passionate rubbing and grinding went on while I kept biting at the skin on her neck and giving her little kisses after every bite mark was made.  “Mistress, I please, I want to cum.”  She begged forcefully.  “Mistress I don’t think I can stop it.”  She said. 

    And all at once I stopped moving and sat up, allowing the dildo to pull out.  Her heavy breathing still evident but I could see in her frustrated eyes that she hadn’t cum yet.  I slid off the bed and walked around to the dresser, watching my sub as her breathing became more normal, but the frustration clearly written on her face.  I started to pull the harness off, but looking down I decided that I may want to use it again later.  So leaving it on, I grabbed blu’s leash and said “Up blu.” 

    She rose to her feet and I fastened the leash to her collar.  “I’m really glad you liked that but I want you to save your orgasm for a bit.  You’ve had your punishment, now I’ll give you all the pain you desire as a reward for making me feel so good.  Come with me.”  I said, as I tugged at the leash leading her back into the grey walls of the dungeon and over to the spanking bench.

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    “Yes Mistress.”  Was the reply from blue when I asked if she was ready to begin.  Her body still bound in an X, face first into the frame of the St. Andrews cross in my dungeon. 

    I kissed her gently on the back of her neck, then on the shoulder as I ran my nails back down from her elbows, down her sides and to her hips.  Then pressing in on her with my body I ran one hand up her inner thigh, cupping it and finally putting it over her moist pubic mound.  Not applying much pressure, just covering her genitals with my palm.  This made her shudder at first, her body anticipating more intense sexual contact.  But as my other hand came up her side and caressed her cheek, the once nervous sub began to calm.  She was no longer shaking uncontrollably and her breathing slowed.  “That’s my girl.”  I breathed into her ear.  “Take nice slow deep breaths.” 

    Once I noticed that she had calmed herself, I leaned in a bit more to make her feel secure.  My body between her blind folded, naked self, and the rest of the world.  I whispered into her ear.  “Tonight I want you to impress me.  I am going to give you varying degrees of pleasure and pain.  As much as you can handle.”  I spoke to her.  “But,”  I continued, “you will not cum without my permission.  Do you understand?” 

    blue’s head nodded.  Then she spoke, “Yes Mistress.” 

    “That’s my good girl.”  I replied.   I kissed blue once more on the back of her neck and I felt the hair stand up on my own.  I then released her swollen genitals from my palm and brushed her cheek with it, sure that the smell of her own sex would heighten her arousal.  The smell of sex coming from somewhere beside her, she would chase it all night.  Leaning in I kissed the cheek that I had marked with her smell and let my nose fill with her delicious scent as my own nipples hardened under my leather dress.  I drew away from her dragging my nails around her sides and over her back until they pulled away when I had reached arm’s length. 

    Turning, I went to my toy chest.  It was a large wooden trunk with a big brass lock on the front but I did not keep it locked.  Inside all my lovely items for tormenting my subs were stored neatly, each in its own place.  I gave the lock a tug and the clasp released so I could then open the large door atop the trunk.  But then my eyes were met with something I didn’t expect.  My things, all of my things had been moved around.  Nothing was where it belonged.  It was as though the whole box had been dumped out and everything had been thrown back in at random.  Standing back up, I looked over my shoulder and noticed that blue was shivering again.  This time more intensely.  “blue!!”  I said in a raised voice.  “What have you done?!”  I demanded.

    “Please Mistress.”  She begged,  “Please, I was just curious.  I only wanted to see Mistresses lovely collection of beautiful things while I waited for her furniture to arrive.  I meant no harm Mistress.”

    “You meant no harm.”  I said incredulously.  “And who gave you permission to violate my privacy this way?”  I demanded. 

    “No one mistress please forgive me.”  She begged.

    Taking a few quick steps I made my way back to her.  I stood behind her and placed my mouth next to her ear.  Her whole body was shaking again, this time I was glad to see it.  She had good reason to be nervous.  She knew better.   “What do you think I should do with you?”  I asked.

    “Mistress…I….”  She trailed off, clearly unable to come up with a suitable response.

    “Fine then.”  I said stepping back to my box.  I reached inside and removed the largest ball gag I had, the red one that had a slightly bitter chemical taste to it and brought it back to my very naughty sub.  “OPEN!”  I demanded as I gave her cheek a little slap with the tips of my fingers. 

    blue’s lower jaw dropped open and I shoved the ball into her gaping face forcing her mouth open a little wider than was comfortable for her and fastened the gag behind her head with the buckle tightly.  “There now, since you seem unable to speak up when directed to, you will not have the use of your mouth for a while.”  I stated as I stepped to her side and placed my right hand on her trembling buttocks and started rubbing her firm skin gently before pulling my hand back and then striking her bare bottom with my slightly cupped palm, making a loud smack.  Her body jumped against the restraints again, and she yelped quietly into her gag.  Then I gave her another smack on the opposite side of her bottom causing her to leap again.  Then another, delivering blow after blow, quicker now, as she whimpered from being spanked for her behavior.  “This is what naughty little girls get for going through my things when I am away.”  I said, continuing to spank her now very pink bottom.  “You will never go into my personal belongings again without permission.  Do you understand?”  I asked.

    “Yeff Mithreff”  blue responded through her gag.  A thin line of saliva dripped out from the corner of her mouth and down her chin, as her spanking continued.  Blow after blow attacking the soft flesh of her bottom which had now become a deep red as I alternated spanking between each of her buttocks. 

    As my arm began to tire a bit, I relented.  “Don’t think I’m done with you yet missy.”  I said and stepped away from my drooling sub and walked over to my chest in the center of the room and began reorganizing my things the way I had them before.  “I can see now why you were so nervous before we started.”  I said over my shoulder.  “Well, don’t you worry, if it’s punishment you have been wanting, it’s punishment you shall receive.  I pulled two floggers from my box as I finished reorganizing my things.  One of suede and the other made from a thick hide with thin falls.  “She want’s punishment, I’ll give it to her.”  I thought, and I put the softer suede flogger back in its place.  I stepped back behind my submissive and laid the heavy falls over her shoulder letting the handle rest against her back.  The feel of the terse leather made her lurch slightly forward, perhaps expecting another spanking.  I went to the sink behind the folding partition and took a washcloth and ran cold water over it then rung it out.  Then I returned to blue and laid the cloth over a stool that was next to the cross.

    I now ran my nails down her back again.  But this time, just to give her something to respond to as I took a moment to check each of her limbs and to see that her fingers and her toes were not turning purple from lack of circulation.  I also listened to her breathing for a moment.  She was excited and her chest heaved in anticipation of her further punishment, but she was not in danger of hyper-ventilating, nor were her lips turning blue.  Even though she had been naughty and she deserved her punishment, her safety was still my main concern, and that above all else must be looked after carefully. 

    Satisfied that her health was in no danger I gave her one last scratch down the length of her back from her shoulder blades to the small of her back, then took her hair and draped it over her shoulder so that it was in front of her and not behind.  Then I took my flogger from her shoulder and stepped back.  I stood facing blue, my feet shoulder width apart at a distance that would allow the falls of my flogger to meet her at the very tip.  I raised my arm and let the flogger fly downward striking her left buttock.  It went a little long and almost hit her lower back so I stepped back just a bit and re-adjusted my stance.  Then gave another swing, this time hitting the mark exactly, and I could see blue try to come up on her toes as the sting of the leather met her already warm, spanked skin.  Satisfied that I had the right distance I began to roll my wrist as I delivered a few more blows with the flogger.  First the left side, then the right, each time the flogger would fall over the fleshy red ass of my naughty servant.  Occasionally I would turn my body slightly allowing the flogger to deliver a blow to her butt from the side, again making her jump at the slightly stronger strike in an unexpected place. 

    All the while blue’s breathing increased and she would whimper and moan against her gag.  Her chest now wet with spit that she could not stop from escaping around the sides of her gag.  I slowed the whip and raised my arm delivering the first blow to her upper back making her jump at the restraints again.  This time giving off a definite yelp at the first sting of the whip in a place that had only been lightly scratched with my nails.  I adjusted my stance again then went to work on her upper back.  First the left side then the right.  One strike after another.  Her whimpering becoming more and more pronounced as the falls met her bar skin turning her back as angry a red color as her butt.  Finally I slowed the motions of my arm and stopped.  Stepping forward, I examined her back to make sure her skin had not been broken anywhere, her butt too, was intact, but very, very red.  I could see that tears had been running down her face as I removed the tear soaked blind fold, her eyes were bloodshot from crying as I unbuckled her gag and removed the lage ball from her mouth as she licked her lips to moisten them “There now, you have been punished and you are forgiven.”

    Taking the cold damp cloth from the stool, I wiped her tears and saliva from her face Then I crouched down and unbuckled the restraints holding her ankles but not her upper legs.  Then I ran the cool clothe over her red upper back as I began to unbuckle the restraints that held her arms to the cross.  Letting her exhausted arms fall to her sides, I held her tight against the cross with my body, then unbuckled her upper legs.  Though she was ready to be let down, her body wasn’t and she collapsed into my arms for a moment before getting enough strength to stand on her own.  Then I turned her around and took her in my arms, hugging her tightly as she wrapped her own arms around me and then the tears streamed from her face and she began to cry uncontrollably.  I held her tight as I ran my fingers through her hair while she let go of her pain.  “There there, I whispered,  let it all out now.  Let’s just take a moment before we go back to where we were.”  I said as I just held her close to me, being careful not to aggravate the angry redness of her back, and let her cry.

    As she continued to cry she confessed between jagged breaths, “Mistress, I only went through your things because I wanted to be punished.  I did it on purpose, but didn’t really mean to be bad.  Please forgive me.”

    I hugged her tight, her tears now making my leather dress stick to my skin, I put my mouth to her ear and said, “I know you did my dear.  And you are a very good girl.  I’m so proud of you.”

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    The next day after spending a wonderful morning with Janine, I left and walked across the hall to my own dungeon.  Unlocking the heavy wooden door and opening it, I find blue kneeling on the floor in the center of the room.  Her collar fastened around her beautiful neck.  “How long had she been here?  All night?”  I wondered to myself.  I walked over to her and brushed her hair with my fingers for a moment as I stood over her.  Then blue turned on her knees slightly and put her check against my thigh. 

    “Miss Christy, i’ve missed you.”  She said.

    Still running my fingers through her hair I replied, “I’ve missed you too my dear.”  I looked down at her beautiful naked body.  Then at my now fully furnished dungeon.  “Now that we have time for ourselves, let’s make the most of it.”  I said stepping away from her.  “UP blue!”  I commanded.

    blue instinctively rose to her feet quickly.  Her feet now spread apart shoulder width, her arms behind her back with her palms on each opposing elbow, and her eyes on the floor. 

    “Good girl,”  I said.  “Now then, I am going to go take a shower and put on something more suitable to wear when tormenting a submissive.”  I explained as I circled my sub, who was starting to tremble slightly with anticipation.  “I want you to get that large trunk over against the wall and bring it to the center of the room.  Then I want you to kneel next to it until I get back.  Understand?”

    “Yes, Miss Christy.”  blue replied, and she went to the trunk and began to slide it across the floor, as I made my way to my dungeon’s bathroom and turned on the water in the shower.  After putting my hair up, I took a long hot shower.  Getting out and drying off, I put on my robe, went to my wardrobe and selected a lace up leather mini dress and knee high boots.  Sitting at my vanity, and began to put on my makeup.  Applying the dark eye makeup and lip color, and watching sweet Christy be consumed by Miss Christy. 

    After applying my makeup I put on a pair of black lace g-string panties, my leather dress, followed by my boots.  Then I checked myself in the mirror making sure to smooth out my dress.  I then brushed my hair back and pulled it tight into a ponytail.  I took a quick look at my hands I had gotten my nails done only a few days before.  I had wanted dark bloody red polish for this, but what I had was a French manicure.  It would have to do.  I gave my makeup one last touchup and walked out to meet blue. 

    As I exited my room into the main dungeon area, I made sure to clap my shoes against the hard floor, so she would hear me approach her.  She was facing the opposite wall and the closer I got the louder my footsteps must have been for her.  By the time I was directly behind her, she was trembling so much that I could see her hands shaking.  I stood behind her for a moment , then I walked past, to my throne on the far side of the room and sat, crossing my legs.  “Come blue.”  I commanded.

    blue crawled on all fours to where I had sat and knelt in front of me as she had before.  Her hands at her sides and her knees spread apart so her genitals were exposed.  She was still shaking.  “Up blue”  I commanded.  And she rose to her feet, hands behind her holding each elbow.  “Inspect.” I commanded again, and she placed her hands at her sides tilting her head slightly back and opening her mouth.  I stood up and walked around her, lifting her breasts, checking inside her mouth, running my fingers through her hair, and generally making sure my sub was clean and ready for play time. 

    Having met my expectations, I stood behind her very close so she could feel my breath on the back of her ear.  “We’re going to have so much fun today blue.”   I breathed into her ear before taking it between my teeth and nibbling on it for a moment before pulling away and whispering, “I want you to go to the cross.  You will stand with your face to the cross and place your limbs so that I can secure you to it.  Do you understand?”

    “Yes, Miss Christy.”  blue replied and her bare feet took her to my new St. Andrew’s cross.  It wooden like the old one I had put in the Great Hall, but this one was padded and lined with black leather.  She stood in front of the imposing piece of equipment, spread her legs so they were even with the legs of the cross, and then she held out her arms, holding two of the higher binding points.  One of the best parts of this new cross were the leather belts that were fixed along each of the limbs of it.  I fastened the belts around her ankles first, then just below her knees, then her thighs.  Afterward, standing on a stool next to the cross, I fastened her wrists and elbows.  Then I gave her a slight tickle on her rib cage, making her jump but she couldn’t pull too far away, and I knew that I had her secured.

    Reaching in a drawer next to the cross I pulled out a black satin blindfold and placed it over her eyes, securing it behind her head.  Then I stood back for a moment and examined my beautiful submissive blue.  Her young firm body trembling in the restraints, I could see the hair on the back of her neck was raised and looking around the sides I could see that her nipples were hard and erect.  Her breath had quickened even more now that her eyesight had been taken from her and her chest was heaving slightly.  I stood behind her again and put my nails on her thighs drawing them up the sides of her body all the way up to her elbows, which made her give off a quiet whimper, and I whispered in her ear, “Are you ready to begin my dear?”

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    I’m sitting on my ankles, I’m naked, my knees spread apart, and my collar locked in place around my neck.  Still not sure how I got here, I keep my eyes are on the boots of my mentor.  She stands over me and I can feel her glare but I don’t dare look up to meet her fearsome gaze.  I see that her hand has dropped to her side and she is holding a riding crop.  I feel it brush the side of my face.  In silence I see that she has pointed it to the spanking bench.

    Dutifully I rise and proceed to the bench, draping myself over its leather hump and extending my arms to the binding points on the other side.  I can feel my legs being bound at the ankle and the knee.  I keep my gaze on the underside of the bench as she fastens my wrists and elbows to the mounting points.  I feel a slight tickle as she tickles my ribs to make sure I am secure and cannot move.  Assuming she is satisfied, I sense that she is walking across the room. 

    When she returns I feel something hard, wide, and smooth gently running over my exposed ass.  The paddle.  I hear her lean over and whispers something calming in my ear.  I cannot make it out, but it puts my mind at ease.  So I relax my back muscles and ready myself for my glorious paddling.   I anticipate the sweet release that will come from the pain and burning of the sharp smack that is to come when she begins.  Again I feel the paddle moving down my back and against the cheeks of my now trembling ass.  I hear Janine whisper something incoherent again, then I feel the air rush as she pulls the paddle away fast.  Tensing my face, I hear the swift rush of air from the incoming paddle. 


    I’m on my back, letting my eyes adjust.  I begin to make out a room.  I’m in bed, no longer at the her whim, I am holding Janine in my arms.  We had been making love only just before.  Our bodies now entwined in post orgasmic slumber. I’d been dreaming, but I didn’t even remember falling asleep.  Just holding each other for the longest time.  My thoughts drift back to her touch between my legs.  The feel of her against me and her kiss on my lips as orgasm took me. 

    Then I let myself complete the scenario that was just in my head.  The dream already beginning to fade into a foggy memory, but the essence was still clear enough.  I imagined Janine in her fabulous leather.  Standing over me.  The paddle in her hand, my view of her upside down from the other side of the bench.  I spread my leg slightly, being careful not to wake my sleeping lover.  I put two fingers in my mouth to wet them and then put them between the moistened lips between my legs.  Making patterns of circles around my clitoris, I went back to my dream world. 

    “This is for your own good dear.”  I heard my mental partner tell me, this time in clear speech. 

    Then the first strike, the sting quickly making my ass numb for a moment before the blood rushed to the attacked area, making it sting and then burn.  Janine waiting a moment before delivering the next blow.  As she delivers the second strike, my legs start to contract and my stomach heaves in on itself as feel myself about to cum.  But I have to stop suddenly.  My efforts to not wake my lover are in vain. 

    I feel her stir next to me, and with a groggy look, she looks to my flushed face, then down between my legs.   She looks back up to my face.  “Was it me?  Or was it a dream?”  She asks.

    “Both.”  I reply to her, but not mentioning what she had been doing to me.  I still want this to be love making.   The rough stuff can wait till later.

    Janine smiled, “I take it, that it was a good dream?”

    “Mmmhmm”  I respond still rubbing gently between my legs.

    “Can I just watch you?”  Janine inquires.

    “Yes.”  I whisper, as she lays her head on my heaving chest to listen to my heart.  I lick my fingers once again, tasting myself before returning my fingers to the dance between my legs.  This time leaving the Mistress behind, and concentrating on my lover clinging to my side.  I hold her closer and closer to me as my orgasm washes over me. 

    I felt Janine kiss my cheek.  This time not saying a word, she put her head back on my breast and I heard her breathing become deeper as she drifted back to sleep.  Slowly I felt sleep take me as well.  My eyelids covered my eyes and I went back to dreaming.

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    Smiling at my mentor, she draws closer and our bodies become more entwined.  As our nipples touch I can feel my whole body go flush and my insides begin to tingle with desire.  Rolling my body so that I am still next to my mentor, but now on top of her, I can feel her legs spread and mine drift further up until my thigh is against her pubic bone.  Then as I look into her beautiful eyes I can begin to feel her start to grind against my leg.  Leaning forward into her so that she can have as much contact as she needs I drop my head down so that my strawberry hair surrounds our faces like a private curtain. 

    When our lips come together again I allow my tongue to begin to dance with Janine’s allowing hers to occupy my mouth and mine hers we trade our passion as she continues to build her arousal against my leg and I can feel my thigh becoming moist at the contact.  Moving down I begin to apply soft kisses to her chin and her neck, making my way to her ear, slowly nibbling on her delicate lobe.  The whole time my fingers have been drawing over her supple frame occasionally grasping at her available flesh.  Moving back to her neck I begin to give little bites and finally apply my mouth as though a vampire and I begin to suck at the exposed flesh before pulling away leaving my mark upon her. 

    Now moving down past her neck taking time to kiss her heaving breasts, I lay my head on her chest for a moment and listen to her heart pounding against the cage within.  Her body so warm I feel her arms wrap around my head for a moment as Janine holds me close to her, making me smile in contentment before letting me go to continue my exploration of her delicate body.  Her fingers still working through my hair, as I begin to kiss each of her breasts kissing around the edge of each areola before sucking each nipple into my mouth and slowly releasing it between my teeth.

    Now moving past her breasts I take some time to kiss her abdomen, my hands continuing to work at her breasts and moving up to brush my palms against her cheeks as I feel her face push into my hands, and I feel her breath increase in pace.  My kisses now becoming more evident as I go lower and I begin to smell Janine’s desire, as her pubic hair starts to brush against the base of my neck, and I allow my head to drop between her legs.  Looking to each side I take a moment to kiss the insides of her thighs gently. 

    Not wanting to push the moment too fast, I take her outer labia between my hands and begin to press it together.  Allowing my fingers to press the flesh in on itself and letting the soft flesh of her genital mound to apply the necessary pressure when I find her bump under the cushion of skin, and I see her chest heave as she draws in a sharp breath.  Only then do I let a finger slip between the folds for a moment, then bringing it to my mouth to taste her desire. 

    Now, taking her soft buttocks in my hands and letting my arms press her legs up, I press my mouth into the warm folds of her wanting hole.  My tongue, like a hungry serpent slithering between the delicate flesh, devouring my mentor and taunting her desire as it rolls in circles around her sensitive bump before flattening over it.  As I feel her begin to raise her hips into my face, I let two fingers slip inside her.  My palm up I draw them up and down in “come here” motions but allowing them to spread apart to brush the walls of her soaked vagina, as my tongue works to bring her arousal to a maximum peak.  When I begin to hear her breathing come in shorter and shorter breaths, I flatten my tongue once more.  Pushing her over the edge, and feeling her vagina grasp at my fingers, then pulling my tongue away, spreading the convulsing flesh with my fingers and blowing gently on her clitoral hood, making my mentor shudder. 

    Her climax now drawing down, but her body still shaking, I move back up her body and hold her in my arms while her orgasmic contractions start to release her, before I kiss her again and let her taste herself on my tongue.

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    As the patrons of the AChat Bar & Grill enjoyed themselves, no one had any idea that outside a team of 4 black horses approached the front door drawing a black coach behind them.  The windows of the coach shrouded by dark velvet curtains.  The coachman shrouded in black robes hissed at his team and pulled back on the reins slowing the horses to a stop in front of the door.  A footman also shrouded from view opened the carriage door.  Two more figures appeared from within the dark carriage and approached the door, these not shrouded in black, but rather the darkest blood red.

    The heavy wooden door of the bar suddenly appeared to have opened on its own and the two figures entered one after the other.  The patrons of the bar immediately noticed the hooded figures and turned their gaze to them.  The bar began to go quiet as the pair split.  One figure gliding to the center of the large room, the other headed to the bar. 

    The now solitary figure stood silent in front of a central wooden pillar in the center of the bar.  It then produced a roll of parchment and held it to the pillar with one large rusty nail.  A second hand then raised above its head holding a large iron hammer and gave the nail two heavy dead strikes.  A second nail was produced and held at the bottom of the parchment.  The hammer struck again further impaling the document to the pillar.  The figure’s task now complete, it headed back toward the door and the coach beyond.

    The second figure, during this time, had been at the bar depositing three small wooden boxes, each stained almost black, and each inscribed with a name on the top of each.  ADERA, AZRIELLE, and BRANDY.  After the figure had deposited the boxes it too retreated and made its exit.  The door closed behind them.

    Some of the patrons gathered around the pillar and noted the writing upon it:

    Neighbor's toil near ended
    Your presence will be requested
    Time now grows short
    Be sure your souls are rested

    Others had made note of the boxes and were looking for their intended recipients.  Brandy happened to be behind the bar.  She picked up her box and opened it.  Inside was an antique brass key, and a note.  She stood reading the note for a while before a voice came from behind the people watching her, “Well???”  The voice inquired.

    “It’s an invitation,”  she began to respond.  “Me, Azrielle, and Adera, have been invited to be members of The Ice House.”  She stood looking at the note, and just as it appeared the patrons of the AB&G were about to lose interest, she continued. “Aaaaaand, it says they are going to have a party in the next few days.  Invitations for everyone will arrive soon.  Signed CBJ.  Who’s CBJ?”  She asked, not expecting a response, but looked at the blank faces in the bar anyway. 

    Just then the door burst open again.  This time 5 blood red robed figures entered each carrying a large box full of smaller boxes.  The figures distributed the boxes among all the patrons of the bar.  Making sure each person got one box.  The boxes were about six inches cubed and were wrapped in black and red cellophane.  Once they had completed their task, they made their way back to the door.  This time the people in the now silent bar were able to hear the carriage and horses rumble into the distance.

    Then one brave soul, no one can say who exactly, began to rustle the cellophane and everyone else followed behind.  Upon opening the box an invitation was found.  It was printed on silver paper backed by black paper and black writing on it.    The invitation read:

    You are cordially invited to attend an open house
    Join us at
    The Ice House
    For one night only
    Our Home is your home
    The entrance is on the side of the building behind the bar
    One of our agents will be back to guide you when the time comes
    We will have hors d’oeuvres
    Games and prizes
    And a mystery glory hole
    A bar will be provided by the AB&G but drunkenness will not be permitted
    There will be surprises throughout the evening
    Including a collaring ceremony
    No BDSM experience or participation will be required
    If you don’t wish to be seen
    Just wear your mask
    Come to the dark side
    We have cookies!

    Also inside the boxes were brightly colored party masks.  Each one unique and covered in feathers, beads, and glitter.  Also in the boxes were miniature leather whips, a pair of thumb cuffs, and a chocolate chip cookie that was still warm, wrapped in cling wrap.

    About that time the now almost silent bar began to erupt back into chatter and music.  The patrons had gone back to their drinks, but all of them now talking amongst themselves about what was to come, and who CBJ was.

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