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    Dear friends,

    Thank you for all your best wishes. I feel a very lucky man to have found a woman that makes such a good partnership with me.

    @simbar. I’ve met a lot of great people. The key is to always be open and honest yourself and address others if they are not.

    My wife showed me that itv back three times to invest in relationships that are good for you, both mentally and physically.
    Relationship that are detrimental to you, are not worth the effort.
    Good luck in this game, there are many that are worth the squeeze


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    Making good on a promise…

    I am sure that a lot of meaningful relationships started through and because of this community. It is the reason why i left a while ago. Today im announcing that meaningful relationships can grow and evolve into something permanent.
    To make good on a promise, I’d like to announce that I will be getting married to my partner that I met in this game. The 28th of februari is our day and we will always remember where and how we met. A thank you to the developers is in order even though we as individuals have the choice and the options to make a relationship truly special. Also a thank you to friends that supported us and wish us the very best. I wish the same to all and hope many more real love is accomodated through this platform.

    With upmost regards, Tight

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    “Good Baldour, you have completed all your tasks so far and from what I understand, your last challenge will be a walk in the park. Your task is to make a fire big enough to roast a hare. Complete your task and you will be happily accepted in our adult community.”

    He focuses on the mayor’s words. He feels exhilarated, being so close to his goal, what he had prepared for since the start of his puberty. His heart is pounding in his chest and his breathing is short and shalow.

    “To help you, we will ask you three questions. Each answer will give you a tool to aid you in your tasks to create a fire. What the tool will be, is a matter of chance.”

    With a wide gesture, the mayor points at three balls placed in a small basket with 3 boxes on the sand behind it.

    “Each box holds a tool and by picking a ball, you select a box. We ourselves don’t even know what is inside. Get all questions right and you wouldn’t need much anymore to start your fire. Understood?”

    “Yes mayor, understood.”

    Baldour feels his body trembles as he is trying to find a calm place in his mind. Today has been a roller coaster and he feels as if he had forgotten everything including his last name. He clenches his fists, concentrates on his breathing, then closes his eyes for a second to center himself.

    “Alright Baldour, here is your first question… What is the name of the ratio that determines the spiral of the shell of a snail?”

    Not expecting the question, subconsciously Baldour takes a step back and closes his eyes. He knows the answer but is searching for the right words to answer. As he searches for the solution, he remembers an early morning in the spring with his mother and father.

    They set out early that morning to collect elderberry blossom. The bush was in full bloom and the sweet scent even drifted into the town from time to time on a soft breeze coming from the plains towards the east. Each year that would go out to collect the flowers and make perfumed bathing oil for the bath house and syrup for the inn and the trade post. The plant grew abundantly and they could always get enough flowers without influencing the berry picking they would do in the fall. On that morning, he was a young teen, he found a broken shell along the stream and showed it to his father. He was fascinated by the intricate spiral that the snail had formed to protect its body and asked his father how the snail could make such a perfect shape.

    “That is called the Golden Cut Baldour. In nature there is a fixed set of parameters of how things relate to each other when it comes to forms. You can find this relationship not only in shells, but also in flowers, plants, trees, even in the human body. Ask your mother later, she knows more about it as I do”

    With the shell in his hand Baldour continued down the stream in his search for the elderberry flowers when he reach an open patch between the bushes. When he came closer, he heard soft sounds and whispers and at first he couldn’t determine whether the sounds were made by the wind, an animal or people. Carefully he got on his knees and crept in closer until he could see through the branches of a large conifer and saw a man and a woman laying on the soft moss underneath a large oak tree. He could look the woman in her eyes, her body turned towards him, he could only see the hair and chest of the man, straddled by the woman. They were both naked and the woman was moving her hips back and forth slowly, arching her back as she moved backwards, pressing down as she moved forward, her hands on his shoulders. The man was holding her breasts in his hands, leaning up to kiss her nipples while his hands were squeezing gently.

    The woman was moaning softly with each push forward, her eyes were closed and she had a concentrated look on her face. Baldour was fascinated and was trying to guess what they were doing. He watched closely as the woman started to move her hips faster. He could see her fingers dig into the skin of the man and she clenched her fingers into claws, clearly emerged in the moment. The man placed his hands on her hips, releasing her full, perky breasts, and guided her movement, pressing her down by her hips when she moved forward, pressing himself up as she moved back.

    They seemed to move together like waves in the ocean, fluent, connected, more intense as time went by as if they were building up towards something. Baldour felt a strange sensation in his abdomen and when he looked down, he saw a bulge in his pants, his cock had swelled up and grown into a full erection. The sensation was amazing and he couldn’t help but touch himself as he watched the man and woman move together.

    He was thrown off when suddenly the woman stopped her intense grind into the man, when she pushed her hips up and places her hand between her legs. He saw how she grabbed the man’s hard cock and put it somewhere hidden between her thighs, then for a moment he got scared as she started to push herself down with her face distorted with a painful grimace. But her face quickly relaxed as he saw her relax on his crotch, the pain disappeared and her look became sultry, distant and at the same time concentrated as she started her grind again.

    The man started bucking underneath her, following the motion of her body, adjusting until he found the rhythm that she liked. The two moved together now in a slow cadence, their sounds increasing in volume. The woman leaned back, releasing her iron grip from the man’s shoulders, arching her back and pressing her breasts up. She held herself on his ankles as he grabbed her hips and held her still, starting to move his hips under her faster and faster until he bucked into her furiously. Each thrust of his hips made the woman cry out louder, his breaths became noticeable now too as they build up to some sort of climax. Their bodies were getting sweaty, Baldour could see the sheen of sweat on the woman’s skin, droplets running down from between her breasts. He watched with his mouth open, stimulating his erection as he saw the couple start to move furiously, uninhibited by their surroundings, completely emerged in their love making. He understood what they were doing and before he knew it, hot waves rushed through his body as it jerked and within seconds a warm, milky liquid shot out of his cock and landed on the moss beneath his knees. He almost lost consciousness as he orgasmed, overwhelmed and surprised by the new sensation, the intenseness of the eruption in his loins. He almost cried out but managed to put his hand in front of his mouth, muffling his extatic feeling.

    His cry was unnoticed by the couple as they themselves reached their peak. The woman bounced irregularly on top of the man, her hair flung back and forth with the intenseness of his bucking hips as he came inside of her. As his jerks slowly started to subside, she intensified the ride on his member, frantically rubbing just above her sex, then arched her head back and cried out a deep, almost animalistic sound as she erupted.

    Surprised and startled, Baldour started to crawl back, out of range of view and sound and quickly walked to the river to wash his hands and his cock, his mind filled with the images of the couple having sex, still hot and bothered by the intenseness of their coupling. With his cheeks red and his bag with elderberry blossom carelessly bunched up, he returned to his mother and father and stumbled an excuse when they asked him why his face was so red. The next day he found the metal sleeve on the chair next to his bed when he woke up, a written explanation next to it.

    With his face flushed, Baldour returns to the present and looks at the mayor who was staring at him with an amazed look. He felt his cheeks red and had to swallow first before he could formulate his answer.

    “The ratio that determines the spiral of a shell is called the Golden Cut, sir”

    “Yes! That is correct. Well done Baldour. It seemed you had to dig deep for that answer. Hopefully the next one will be more… straight forward?”

    The elders behind the mayor applaud him but the mayor looks at him inquisitively as if he is trying to read his mind. Then he relaxes his face and shows a frugal smile.

    “Right. On to the next question.”

    To be continued…

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    “I am ready for my next challenge mayor.”

    His voice is firm and direct, having used his walk to the elders to focus on the task ahead, reminding himself of the words his father. He is determined to take off as fast as possible, his arms wrapped around his head and staying as low as he can to avoid as many blows as he can.

    “Well, if you are ready, then we will start shortly.”

    The mayor turns and addresses the crowd, folding his hands into a funnel to direct his words.

    “Elders and officials of Cali, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the Gauntlet!”

    He pauses for a dramatic moment to wait for the applause and noise to go down.

    “Today Baldour, son of Bann, son of the Moon, hopes to become a fully accepted member of our community. For this he has to pass 4 challenges. Two he succeeded in already.”

    Again the mayor waits until the noise has gone down before he continues his speech.

    “Now it is time for most likely his hardest challenge. And, ladies and gentlemen, by the way he is dressed, he must feel very confident!”

    The whole square erupts in laughter as the mayor present Baldour in just his towel.

    “Baldour will have to make his way through the double row of guards and officials who will try to stop him. Each will be allowed to deliver one blow with a stick or club that is wrapped in cloth. We don’t want to increase the permanent damage he already has…”

    The mayor points at the towel and again the whole square erupts in laughter.

    “If he makes it to the other side of the Gauntlet, he will have passed his challenge and is one step closer to reaching his goal. Will he make it? Or will he give up and try again next year. What do you think?”

    The crowd reacts strongly and shout their wishes, insults and encouragements. In the wave of noise, Baldour hears one familiar voice and he looks around to see where it is coming from. Somewhere in the crowd he discovers the slender frame of Vida and he sees her wave and signal with her hands. He smiles back for just a second, then tries to focus on the double row of guards and officials that look at him hungrily.

    “Guards and officials, are you ready?!”

    The mayor is answered with the loud banging of sticks and clubs on shields, the sound is almost deafening and for a second Baldour feels fear run through his body.
    “Baldour, are you ready?!”

    The mayor turns at him and he nods a single nod, indicating he is ready. He digs his toes into the dirt of the square, tenses his muscles and bends his knees, ready to sprint off as soon as the word has been spoken. The square seems to go quiet as he concentrates on the first two guards at the entrance of the Gauntlet, two huge men with big clubs, looking at him with a grim look on their faces, determined to fell him when he chases by.

    “Alright then. Get set… Ready… GO!!”

    Even before the mayor finishes the word Go, Baldour takes off and dashes towards the entrance of the gauntlet. As soon as he is within reach of the clubs of the first guards, they swing at him with all their might. He ducks and manages to dive under the first one to escape a first blow, then twists his body to evade the second. The club swooshes next to his ear in a downward swing and grazes just the tip of his shoulder, leaving him slightly off balance. The next guard manages to hit him in the back, having almost reached the third line because of his speed. He almost falls forward but manages to stay on his feet as he curls up and ducks down. The fourth guard manages to hit him in the shins but the blow isn’t hard and he manages to pass without being hurt or losing his balance. Then he catches a blow on his lower arms that are wrapped around his head, a blow that would have hit him in the face and probably would have caused him a big black eye but it is deflected without doing too much damage.

    Even though his view is limited, he can see the end of the gauntlet for the first time, a view that was blocked before by guards and officials, and he starts to move faster. At the same time he loses his focus a little and misses a stick that is put on the ground right in front of him. With a loud cry he trips over the stick and hits the ground hard. He skids a few inches and as he struggles to get up, he loses the towel around his waist.  Naked except for the sleeve and rope around his waist, he manages to get back on his knees, pulling his feet underneath him to get up fully. Then he starts to get hit, one blow after the other hits him on his arms, chest, back and legs, he ducks and one club misses his head by the width of a hair, a blow that would have knocked him unconscious.

    He is in pain, each strike seems to feel more painful and he struggles to keep moving. With one foot after the other he forces his way through the endless rain of strikes, knowing that most guards and officials are not sticking to the one blow per person rule. The number of bruises covering his whole body will be proof of that. Then, as he is almost at his end and the end of the gauntlet, a stick hits him in the face and tears his eyebrow, almost knocking him unconscious. He fights to stay on his feet, dizzy and nauseous when he tastes the blood that gushes down his face, each step is harder to take, each breath causes him pain. But then he passes the last man of the gauntlet, the strikes stop and for a moment the world seems silent.

    No longer able to keep himself upright, he sinks through his knees and falls to the ground while the crowd starts to cheer. Quickly his nakedness is covered as people rush in with blankets and he is picked up by strong arms and carried to a stretcher. Carefully they lay him down and someone presses bandages against his face, trying to stop the bleeding of his eyebrow. Slowly he returns back to his senses and is able to look around. Right next to him is his father who looks at him with a worried look, his mother is sitting on the other side, holding his hand. Then, as he turns his head more, he meets Vida’s eyes and he sees a little smile on her face. She is pressing the bandage against the wound above his eyes and tries to wipe the blood of his face at the same time with her other hands. He smiles at her, still dazed a little from the beating, but slowly coming to his senses.

    The crowd has moved in around him and they pass by slowly. People touch his hands and arms to congratulate him, some people smile and shout encouraging phrases at him. Then the wall of people forms an opening and the guardsmen march up to the stretcher. The commander stands at the foot of it and salutes him, followed by the whole guard, to pay their respect for his feat. As if they are one, they turn and leave the square and make room for the mayor and the elders in his wake.

    “Baldour, we must congratulate you on passing your third challenge. I think the bookies are happy that you made it, most people bet against you. I did too so you owe me a handful of silver coins. Well done. We will leave you now so they can tend to your wounds you can put on some clothes and we will reconvene in an hour outside the town walls.”

    Unable to speak yet, he nods and then falls back on the stretcher where Vida checks his wound. His face is mostly clean and the bleeding has stopped so Vida puts the bandages away and leans in, bringing her mouth close to his ear.

    “You did great Baldour, I am proud of you. The women tonight will fight over your first load and I can’t wait to have your cock in me… Bringing scars to your last challenge will bring you rewards.”

    She giggles when she sits upright again and he feels a little squeeze in his hand. But her words take some time before they land in his mind, being still dizzy from that last blow on his head. He feels the bandages pushed against his eyebrow again, noticing a little trickle of blood running down to his cheek.

    “The cut needs to be stitched. Can someone get the surgeon? Tell him to bring needle and thread! Hurry!”

    While someone is getting the town’s surgeon, the rest of his body is inspected by Vida. Her hands slide over every bruise, touching, testing his response. Some bruises are shallow and don’t hurt much, others are deeper and bigger and are painful to her touch. He looks at her concentrated look as she finishes her examination and sees her smile in the end.

    “You are a lucky son of the Moon, Baldour. Nothing broken and except your cut eyebrow just a few bruises and sore spots. You will live…”

    “Indeed he will. Now if you would be so kind to let me look at that cut, we can ensure he doesn’t bleed to death.”

    The surgeon has arrived and he brusquely pushes Vida to the side. Roughly he pulls the cut apart and inspects it with his experienced eye. Then he pulls a brown bottle with a dark liquid inside out the pocket of his cloak and soaks a but of cloth with it. He then presses it firmly against the wound, making Baldour cry out in pain.

    “Hmm, yes… I guess that stings a bit, doesn’t it? Good to know your lungs and vocal chords have not been damaged by this silly ritual. You know, ever since I became the surgeon, I have treated boys like you for injuries and it has always infuriated me. Why do something so ignorant as a gauntlet when it should long be known whether a boy is a suitable addition to the grown population of this hole in the ground we call Cali…”

    The surgeon pulls a little tin box from another pocket and takes out a needle and a thin hair from a horse. He tries to thread the needle but fails and then turns to Vida who has crawled in again worried, following the every move of the surgeon meticulously.

    “Thread the needle my dear, my eyes are not that good anymore.”

    Vida quickly threads the horse’s hair through the eye of the curved needle with her slender, nimble fingers and gives it back to the surgeon. Without hesitating, the surgeon insert the point of the needle into one side of the wound, then the other and makes a knot, pulling the two frayed ends tightly together. Baldour clenches his jaws three times to bite the pain as the surgeon closes his eye brow, then lets out a deep sigh of relieve when he is done.

    “Now, let this nice young woman next to me look after you to make sure this eye brow does not get infected. You are not responsible enough to do that yourself and your mother should stop raising you and watching over you. You are not a kid anymore.”

    The surgeon turns his head, winks at Vida and then gets up from his knees. Without saying another word he collects his gear, turns around and leaves the square in big strides. Vida immediately slides in next to Baldour’s shoulder and inspects the stitches the surgeon put in to close the wound as if she was checking his work. But suddenly she is pulled away and Baldour sees the face of his mother appear.

    “I am still very capable of taking care of my son. Remove yourself harlot, don’t put your hands on him.”

    Though feeling comforted by his mother’s hands and attention, he feels embarrassed at the same time towards Vida and with a sting going through his heart, he watches her leave with a disappointed look in her eyes. But before she disappears in the crowd of people, she looks over her shoulder and says something in silence. At first he doesn’t understand but then he gets it: ‘See you tonight’. He smiles and then focusses his attention on his father.

    “You are almost there Baldour. Your last task you will have to do on your own. No one is allowed to help you, just like the first challenge. I know how skilled you are in making a fire so I trust you will be back soon so we can celebrate. You have to  make your way soon but you can wait until your sister has returned with some clothes. You can’t go out there naked even though everyone has seen you in your birthday suit already.”

    At that moment his sister arrives with pants, a top and a vest for him to put on and quickly he puts on his clothes, happy to be dressed again. His body is sore but not sore enough to worry about his last task. He had been making fire since he was six years old and could make a fire out of almost anything. Using flint, a magnifying glass, rubbing sticks together or use a fire bow, he was able to make a fire within minutes. Even in the rain or hard winds, he could always get a spark. Today the weather was nice. Not too hot, not too windy and dry so he should have a fire in no time.

    “I am ready father and I have a lot of confidence that I will finish this last task quickly. I have proven my skills on many occasions.”

    “You have. To our benefit and to our fears. I haven’t forgotten when you set fire to the warehouse and almost destroyed our stocks for the year.”

    “I remember that too father but I was only 6 and didn’t know that things could get out of hand that quickly. I still feel that beating you gave me…”

    “well, you deserved it. Now it is time to legally make some fire. It is time son, you have to go. You’ll be ok, I have full confidence in you.”

    “I will make it through the last steps father. I will be home soon.”

    Slowly Baldour starts to stand up from the stretcher, feeling the bruises on his body and the pull of the stitches in his eye brow when he blinks. He collects his thoughts for a second, then starts to make his way to the gates of town where the mayor and the elders are waiting with his last task. It takes him only a few minutes to reach the masoned gate and as he passes through, the guards salute him, wearing a big smirk on their faces.

    “Go get them towel boy! Make us proud!”
    On the surface he pulls his face into a smiling grimace but inside he is still a bit hurt and embarrassed for having to go through the gauntlet without his clothes. Nella and Fay will have to answer for their prank he vows to himself. As he walks through the gate he sees the mayor and the elders left of him, on an open patch of land just outside of the town walls. The sand looks uncanny empty and a sliver of worry enters his mind. But with his shoulders straight and his chest forward, he steps before the mayor and the elders.

    “I am ready for my last challenge honored mayor, honored elders.”

    To be continued…

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    The air feels cool on his skin as he enters the bath house, guided by the two women that are holding his hands. He is still sweating from the physical labor he just ended and the lower temperature of the building with its thick walls is a welcome feeling. The women are giggling and he gets a little unnerved. He still feels the rush of having broken his father’s record and getting through his second challenge, at the same time he is worried what kind of challenge the women will pose on him. If he guesses right, this one will be uncomfortable, maybe even painful and he will need to be very strong willed.

    The women guide him through the hallway of the bath house and then walk him through the next doorway where the baths are. The building is quiet except for the sound of falling drops and soft waves of water in the baths. The room is foggy, the steam from the baths filling the spacious room, blocking his view, softening the sharp outlines of the walls. Next to a smaller bath stands a table, filled with fruits, cheese, bread and honey. A couple of carafes with liquids and crystal glasses are set next to the food. On a stool next to the table, towels and bath oils are displayed.

    When they reach the edge of the bath and the scented air caresses his nostrils, the women let go of his hands. They start to open his jerkin and pull it off his shoulders. Neatly folded they place it to the side. He is helped out of his shirt and his pants, nimble fingers opening his buttons quickly and pulling the moist fabric off his body. Within a couple of minutes he stands naked except for his sleeve next to the bath. The women smile as they see his embarrassment, trying to hide his private parts with his hands. Gently they pull his hands away and nudge him towards the steamy water in the bath. He gives in and carefully steps into the hot water, sitting down on the ledge under the surface and leaning against the tiled wall of the bath.

    He closes his eyes for a second as he feels his fatigue intensely in his muscles and bones and then looks around him as he hears splashes of water. Fay and Nella have slipped out of their clothes and are now naked in the bath with him, one on each side of his body, pressing themselves gently against him. Each of them has a sponge in her hands and without saying a word they start to wash his body. They start at his legs and slowly work their way upwards, his calves first, then his thighs, his hips, stomach and chest. While Fay gently washes his hair and face, Nella places her hand between his legs and washes his crotch. The firmness in her touch stirs him and he feels the swelling of his member against the sleeve.

    But mentally he had prepared for that and he focusses on his breathing, starting to inhale slowly through his mouth and exhaling fully through his nose. Through his breathing he manages to control his urge to stare at the cute naked women with him in the bath. Somewhat upset Nella finishes washing him between his legs and abruptly pushes him against his shoulders and starts washing his back. Internally he smiles, knowing he conquered the first temptation.

    Then, as if on queue, both women  pull themselves out of the bath and stand in a ray of sunlight coming from the small windows in the dome of the room. The sun hits their wet bodies and he can’t help but stare at them. Fay is petite, her slender legs are long and her breasts are small and perky, her nipples large and swollen from the warm water. Her lower belly is smooth, shaven and he sees the drops of water fall from the lips of her sex. Nella is taller but equally slender with bigger breasts and a firm ass and he notices her sex to be smooth as well when she turns and bends over to pick something off the floor. Both move to the table and as Nella pours him a glass of juice, Fay collects a bowl of fruit and places it next to him. Nella slips back into the water and moves right in front of him, her breasts touching his chest. She places the glass on his lips and smiles, encouraging him to drink. After he takes a few sips of the sweet juice, a strawberry is pressed against his mouth and slipped in as he parts his lips. Then a grape, then a part of orange is gently placed in his mouth. Fay has nestled herself on the edge of the bath, her legs dangling in the water, her thigh touching his shoulder, feeding him pieces of fruit while Nella lets him drink.

    Fay reaches onto the table and picks up a piece of bread, then drizzles some honey on it. Whether it happens by accident or on purpose but she drizzles some honey on her thighs as she coats the bread with the gold colored honey and watches as a droplet slowly makes its way down between her legs. The pressure of Nellas breasts against his chest and he sees her lean in, her tongue slide out of her mouth and lick the honey off Fays legs. Fay giggles, then opens her legs a little further to allow Nella to trace the trail of honey between her thighs.

    Baldour watches mesmerized as Nella thoroughly licks and sucks the honey off Fays legs, then offers her lips to Fay in a kiss. Fay answers without hesitating and places her mouth on Nellas lips and licks and sucks the sheen of honey off her mouth. The two women embrace and connect in an intimate kiss, tongues dancing and fingers sliding up and down each others body. They move in closer and fay wraps her legs around Nellas middle, keeping her locked in as their kissing intensifies.

    Baldour seems to be forgotten as he watches the women make out, kissing intensely, hands moving more and more intimately, bodies writhing together as their passion seemingly ignites. Then places Nella her hands on Fays shoulders and gently pushes her back until fay is laying on the floor of the bath house. She moves down, wrapping Fays legs around her neck and moves in closer until her lips touch Fays sex. While she looks Fay in the eyes, she slide her tongue slowly over Fays sex, starting at the bottom, ending at the top. Then she leans her head back a little only to move in again and repeat.

    All this time the women had been silent but now Fay releases soft sighs and moans as Nella pleases her with small kisses and short, firm licks. He watches as her fingers move upwards along the curved body of Fay, placing her hands on her breasts and massaging them slowly while she sucks Fays clit in her mouth an teases it with her tongue. Fay has her moth closed and holds on to the edge of the bath, arching her back to offer Nella full access to her breasts and sex. Her legs are opened wide and her knees are slightly bent, allowing Baldour to watch everything that Nella is doing. The sighs and moans start to become louder as Nella starts to fuck Fays pussy with her tongue while she teases her clit furiously with one hand, the other still clutched around Fays breast, her nipple clenched between thumb and indexfinger.

    It doesn’t take long before the moans and sighs of Fay end in a loud scream as she orgasms and Baldour watches as her body starts to shiver and shake with the force of her climax. Then her body starts to relax, the tension flowing from her muscles as the orgasm fades away. Nella releases Fays body and moves back a little with a smile on her face, helping Fay slide into the water. The two women kiss intimately in the bath, half submerged and seem to have forgotten about Baldour who hasn’t moved since Nella started to lap the honey from Fays legs.

    When the women release their embrace, the sexual tension in the room fades and finally Baldour is able to tear his view from the two women, only to be confronted with an intense restrictive feeling around his cock. The scene has made his cock grow to the maximum length and girth the sleeve allows and is painfully locked his member in. With a grimace on his face he quickly slides off the ledge in the bath and submerges himself, trying to get a grip on him again.

    When he emerges again from the steamy water, both women have left the bath and are standing at the edge of the stone pool, a towel wrapped around their bodies. Two hands are extended and slightly hesitant he accepts them and is pulled out of the water. Quickly he is dried off by the women and as he turns to find his clothes, they quickly disappear through a door in the back. He looks over his shoulder and sees the women disappear, then he turns to grab his clothes. But there is an empty spot where his clothes were before. In panic he looks around, checks the table and the stool, runs around the bath and checks the whole room. But his clothes have disappeared together with Fay and Nella.

    “Baldour, are you ready for your next challenge?”

    The deep voice of his father suddenly floods the room, making him stop in his tracks. Frantically he looks around, trying to find a solution, to hide his nakedness, finally deciding to wrap a towel around his waist.

    “No father, I am not ready. Someone stole my clothes! I can’t come out like this!”

    “If you can’t find your clothes in the next 2 minutes, you will have to come out as you are. The gauntlet waits for no one. The square is already filling up and the town guard is here. So hurry!”

    Feeling the urgency of finding his clothes, he runs through the bath house, trying to find something to put on but his search is without result. When he hears his father walk into the room of baths, he gives up and leaves one of the dressing rooms with still just a towel around his hips.

    “Well, I guess there is a first time for everything Baldour. You are the first to run the gauntlet in just a towel… But beware, you are not protected by your clothes so you will have to be quick when you run the gauntlet. I’d run as fast as possible and be careful not to be tripped. Protect your head with your hands and arms, everything else doesn’t matter. And know, there will be no one to help you out there.”

    “Yes father, I will do my best.”

    Discouraged Baldour slowly makes his way to the exit of the bath house, hearing the noise on the square get louder with each step. His stomach hurts as the nerves increase, his breathing is now fast and shallow. The square seems to be full with people and he hears the town guard start to bang their should with their swords. The sound is quite intimidating but the view is even more intimidating when he steps out from the shadows and onto the square. It is as if the whole town has assembled for the gauntlet and for a moment he feels tremors of fear running through his body. For a short moment he slows his step unconsciously as if he can escape his challenge by dragging his feet, but then he grips himself and forces one foot on front of the other. His hands start to sweat and automated he wipes them on the towel around his waist. Then, as the people in the square see him, laughter starts to sound and echoes off the buildings surrounding the square.

    “Look! He is practically naked!

    Did you forget your head too besides your clothes? I bet he thinks he has elephant skin!

    10 silver coins says he doesn’t make it. Who is in on the action!”

    Insult and jokes mix in with the loud clamor of the townsfolk and he feels all eyes on him, making his face flush with embarrassment, feeling his hands clench tightly on the towel around his waist. He does not want to lose it, at least not before he starts walking the gauntlet. With his eyes to the ground, he arrives at the mayor and the elders that are waiting for him at the start of the double row of guardsmen and officials that make up the gauntlet.

    “What is this Baldour? Did your brain fall out and flush away with the bath water? This is not the right attire to run the gauntlet with. Where are your clothes? Do you want to get injured?”

    The mayor has a slight smile around his lips as he poses his questions and behind the mayor, the elders are snickering too. Baldour doesn’t dignify the insulting tone of voice with an answer, he takes a bow and then stands straight with his hands folded together behind his back.

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    “I am yours Baldour. You can have me right now. I am ready for you. I will let the man that stands before me take me. Forget about tradition and fuck me, right here, right now. Don’t you want me? Don’t you want to put your cock in me?”

    He grits his teeth and clenches his hands into fists, his breathing uncontrolled, jerky as he fights the urge inside to rip off his sleeve and lay with Song on the sand. But his will is stronger as the physical need of his body and slowly he gains control over himself again. He closes his eyes, more to concentrate on himself as to block out the beautiful girl that is offering herself to him in an almost irresistible pose. Then he opens his eyes, determined, his mind made up.

    “I want to but no. I will not. I will not break my vow nor give up my future to lay with you Song. I must go… I will go… Now…”

    He pushes himself off the trunk, pulls up his pants and buttons it up. He turns his head away from her, trying not to look as she moves her body, trying to seduce him with her poses and her looks. He starts to run, jumps into the water, the water forced up in a spray of drops. But then he stops himself, almost hitting himself in the head, then turns on his heels. Slowly he walks back to the tree while the girl is still laying on the sand, watching him with an am used look on her face.

    “Did you forget something Baldour?”

    He doesn’t respond to her teasing, takes a few quick steps and jumps up, placing his feet on the tree and runs up the trunk, getting just high enough to hit the fruit with his hand and knock it down to the ground. He lands right next to it and with his cheeks red with embarrassment he picks it up and tucks it into his jerkin. Then he walks off without looking back as he hears her shout out to him.

    “See you in town Baldour!”

    As soon as the tree and Song are out of sight, he looks at the sun and curses. He has lost a lot of time with the encounter and he realizes he needs to hurry to make it back in town. He quickens the tempo of his feet and runs home without pausing or letting off his pace. He speeds by the two guardsmen at the gate of the town where the embankment slopes down and races through the streets and alleys to make it to the town square. As he storms onto the square, he first sees the worried look on his father’s face, then the relief as he stops in a cloud of dust.
    “Am I in time?”

    The mayor answers him with his shrill, measured voice.

    “Yes. Did you bring the seeds?”

    “Yes mayor, here they are.”

    Quickly he pulls out the fruit and carefully breaks it open. He hits the fruit on the ground and the flat seeds drop out one by one. He gathers a handful and hands them to the mayor, looking up hopeful, anxious and slightly insecure.

    “You did well. You may plant these seeds at the end of the day. Now rest and drink and prepare for your next challenge. The span with oxen will be here in 15 minutes.”

    “Yes mayor, thank you.”

    Elated he takes a bow, steps back and moves into the shadows of the trees lining the square, followed by his father who had remained on the square. His mother and sister had left for home to start their preparations for the feast of that evening. The initiate’s family was supposed to bring a special pastry to share with the elders and invited townsfolk to celebrate the transition into full manhood.

    “You were late Baldour, did temptation slow you down?”

    His father’s smile was self-explanatory and Baldour realized that this was all planned, the girl offering herself was part of his initiation. He lets out a sigh of relief and places the flask handed by his father against his lips, grateful for the cool water. He drinks in big gulps, quenching his thirst and reviving his challenged body. He starts to stretch his muscles to prevent any cramping. He would need his strength soon and doesn’t want to get hurt in moving the crates and barrels. He leans back against the wall of the building in his back and rests his head against the smooth stone.

    “It did slow me down father, but it didn’t stop me long enough to miss reaching my goal. Will there be more temptations like this?”

    “I am not at liberty to tell you Baldour. A father is allowed to talk about the physical tests of the initiation but the mental tests have to be met with an open mind in order to test the boy’s character. I know which girl was at the tree and I am proud of you my son. It was not easy to resist her, I am sure.”

    “No father, it wasn’t… There not a lot of girls like her…”

    With almost a sigh of regret he closes his eyes and leans his head back against the wall when he suddenly feels the ground start to tremble. Before the sound of the span of oxen has reached his ear, he already knows the cart is on it’s way and will turn the corner at any moment. Quickly he jumps up on his feet, curious to see how hard his challenge will be.

    “Ok Baldour, good luck. You will need it!”

    With a half smile on his face, his father hits him in the shoulder and pushes him out into the sun just as the cart with the span of oxen turns the corner and rolls onto the square.

    “Baldour! Come over here! Read your instructions well before you start. Good luck, you have 2 hours for this challenge. And there is a special reward if you break the record time that your father set 18 years ago. He unloaded the cart in one hour and 22 minutes. Your time will start as soon as you touch one of the items you have to move.”

    The mayor calls him over and hands him a scroll of parchment, then he turns away to get out of the now burning sun. In a cloud of dust the cart comes to a halt in the middle of the town square and He can see the crates, barrels and bales that need to be moved. There don’t seem to be a lot of them and it looks easy enough to move all of them in less time as his father’s record. So there must be a catch. With slightly trembling fingers he opens the scroll and starts to read.

    “To the initiate.

    These are the instructions for unloading the cart with goods. Do it right and you will be rewarded. Do it wrong and you will fail, the consequences are known. Make a mistake and 5 minutes will be added to your time. Make too many mistakes and you will have missed your chance to pass your challenge and your initiation. Good luck.

    Rule 1:
    There are 3 squares marked next to the cart. All crates, barrels and bales must be placed in the furthest square.

    Rule 2.
    Crates may not be placed on the ground in the first square.

    Rule 3.
    Bales may not be placed on the ground in the second square.

    Rule 4.
    Barrels may not be placed on the ground except in the third square.

    Rule 5.
    No crate, bale or barrel can be damaged while moving them from the cart to the third square.
    Your time will start as soon as you touch the first item on the cart. You have two hours.”

    Stunned he looks from the scroll to the cart and then back on the scroll again, then he walks closer to the cart to estimate the weight of the items stacked on the wooden flatbed. The barrels seem to be the heaviest and will be hardest to take to the third square which is about 30 feet away. The crates look big and hard to handle and he can’t estimate how heavy they are. The bales look the normal size for bales of cotton and he can guess how heavy they are. He also sees some wooden boards tht are stacked in a pile next to the other items. So how to do this the right way and be quick about it? For a moment he steps back and lets his options go through his mind. Then he starts to smile, having found the solution. He counts the bales and crates, measures the squares and then decides to go for it.

    He walks up to the cart and quickly starts to unload the bales. He stacks them in a sloping pile, high next to the cart, lower until he reaches the edge of the first square. Then he places boards on top of the bales to create a slide and pushes the first crate to the edge of the cart. When it tips over the edge, the crate slides down the incline and ends at the last stack of bales on the edge of the first square. Gently he tilts it and lets it slide down on one edge, then wiggles it into position. He unloads all crates  and places boards on top of them to form a path to the third square, then he pushes the first barrel on its side and gently moves it to the edge of the cart.

    This is where the biggest challenge is. If he simply pushes the barrel over the edge, it  will roll with such speed down the incline, it will be impossible to stop with the sheer power of his body. He needs to find a different solution for that. And just as he is about to just give it a go without having a solution to stop the barrel, he realizes he has 2 bales of cotton left that were out of sight until he moved the first barrel. Quickly he places the bales at the end of the last crate, just inside the third square. Then he tips the first barrel over the edge of the cart and runs quickly beside it to make sure it doesn’t roll off the boards. The barrel makes it to the end of the crates and drops onto the bales inside the third square where it rolls off and comes to a halt. Quickly he pushes it back upright and then hurries to do the next barrel.

    Once all the barrels have been done, he removes the boards from the bales and crates and starts stacking them neatly in  the third square and quickly he finishes his task. As soon as he places the last bale on top of the stack, the mayor steps out from the shadows and walks up to him, holding an hour glass and looks at it closely.

    “Congratulations Baldour! You have finished your task in time! And? Can you guess how much time you needed to get everything unloaded and in the 3rd square?”

    He isn’t able to answer. Sweat is beading down his face, his shirt and pants are wet and he is so out of breath, it is impossible to answer the mayor. While he leans his hands on his knees as he tries to control his breathing, he tilts his head up to the mayor and shakes it slowly.

    “You have broken the record of your father! You did it one minute quicker as he did! That makes us wonder if he told you what you had to do in order to unload the cart in the best manner. If he told you, he will be punished, it is not supposed to be shared. Bann, please come closer. In the name of the sun and the moon, can you honestly tell us you didn’t betray the secret to your son?”

    “Mayor Klamm! You know that I am an honorable man and I want my son to pass his initiation on his own merits, mind and strength. I would never tell him how to perform the tasks that he has done and that lay ahead of him. I feel almost insulted by your suggestion. But in this light, my son breaking a record time that was untouched for 18 years, I will forgive you your lightly posed question. Just remember who’s son this is. My and his word still mean something in this town.”

    His father’s eyes showed the flicker of lightning as he stepped close to the mayor and hissed his words at him. Bann, his father, was known to keep his mind and temper collected, having grown wise over the years, but the mayor’s question didn’t go down well with him and the mayor realized his mistake and quickly took a step back, stuttering an incomprehensible apology. Immediately the anger disappeared from his father’s eyes and his shoulders dropped as he relaxed his body.

    “Congratulations again young Baldour. You finished your tasks and as promised at the beginning of the challenge, a special reward is earned for breaking the time record of your father.”

    The mayor claps his hands three times and from a shadowy doorway, 2 young women appear, wearing nothing but a loin cloth and a piece of cloth around their chests, leaving their breasts almost bare. Quickly they run to Baldour and both take one of his hands in theirs. With suppressed giggling they start pulling him towards the door as the mayor gives an explanation.

    “You will have an hour before your next challenge. Some time to freshen up yourself and to replenish your energy. These two lovely girls will be accompanying you to make sure you are bathed and fed. Just let them do all the work and relax as much as you can. Your biggest challenge awaits you…”

    Baldour looks over his shoulder as he is taken away by the two women and finds his fathers eyes. He sees him nod and wink but also detects a hint of worry in the cole black and he understands. With an almost invisible nod he signals his father and then  disappears in the doorway, into the cool depths of the bath house.

    To be continued…

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    The rest of the night went past as in a blur. He didn’t remember getting into bed, nor did he remember falling asleep. All he could remember was being woken up by his father who threw a bucket of ice cold water over him. Even though he only slept a couple of hours, the cold water woke hi up fully and immediately.

    “It’s time lazy boy. Get out of bed.”

    His father growled the words but he could see the twinkle in his eyes. Baldour knew that his father was proud of him and that he was almost more excited about the day of the initiation as he was himself. So quickly he got out of bed and ran down the stairs to catch up with the big merchant. When he entered the kitchen, his mother and sister were already waiting for him and a hearty breakfast was already on the table. The smell of fried bacon filled the large kitchen, the porridge was steaming and water had condensed on the glass of cold milk. His mother and sister left the kitchen as he started eating, leaving him with his father.

    “Baldour, you know what is waiting for you today. Are you ready to face the challenges? I know you can handle anything they will throw at you, we trained for it together. I just want to know whether you are ready.”

    “I am father. I know what to do and I am anxious to start. I know what to expect and I will do fine.”

    “Good. Then finish your breakfast and get ready.”

    Quickly Baldour finished his breakfast and went back upstairs to put on his clothes for the day. The coarse linen pants itched on his legs, as well did his top. Putting the tight jerkin on over his top didn’t ease the itching but made it worse and he had to fight the urge to scratch himself. He knew that once he started scratching, he wouldn’t be able to stop. It would be better to endure the itch until he got used to it. He got used to the sleeve around his penis too so this shouldn’t be too hard.

    He looked out the window and saw the first rays of the sun creeping over the horizon. It was almost time to go. He was expected on the town square in 15 minutes where he would be met by the elders of the town that would test his manhood. He knew what challenges laid ahead of him and he had prepared for them. First he would have to run into the wetlands just outside of town, to the Joshua tree at the stream to get a few seeds. He would have to return the seeds and plant a few so that a tree would grow and signify his transition into manhood. This tree, when old enough, would be planted outside of his house and show that a man occupied the dwelling.

    He had been to the tree many times, a favorite place to play for young boys and he and his friend had climbed the tree often. He knew what the seeds looked like and he knew this was the right time of the year to pick them. He was lucky in that respect. Had he been born in the winter or spring, he would have had to search the grounds for fallen seeds or find a squirrel’s nest to get a hold of them and it was doubtful a healthy tree would grow.

    His second challenge was to unload a cart with barrels and crates, to show his strength and wit. The barrels and crates were too heavy to lift by himself so he would need to figure out a way to get them off the cart without damaging the goods inside. But being taught some principles of physics by his mother, who was an educated woman, he had an idea of how to get this done.

    The third challenge was to walk the gauntlet. The town’s guard would line up in two rows and beat and curse him as he was going through the row to reach his family waiting at the end. He knew that would be the most difficult of the challenges as he wasn’t the strongest or the fastest of the initiates. But he had a strong will and he wouldn’t give up unless someone knocked him unconscious.

    Once he had walked the gauntlet, he would almost be at the end of the initiation challenges. He would need to make a shelter for one night and a fire to proof he could survive the wilderness that was all around them. The town he lived in had a lively community of hunters and he was expected to contribute to the town’s winter provisions and go out on hunts regularly. Knowing how to survive was an essential skill. And though physique wasn’t impressive, he could make fire from the smallest pieces of wood and was excellent in making shelters out of anything he could find.

    Even though he is confident in his skills and abilities, his starts to get nervous when he walks downstairs and onto the courtyard where his father, mother and sister are waiting for him. The moment is there and with heavy feet he starts to walk towards the town square. His family walk behind him in silence as the tradition prescribes.  They reach the end of the street and involuntarily he looks up to the window of the gold smith, hoping to catch a glimpse of Vida. But the window  is closed and the curtains are drawn and there is no movement to be seen.

    For a moment he is disappointed but then his will grips him and he focusses on what lays ahead. Just one more turn and they reach the town square where a small group of people is waiting for him.

    “Welcome Baldour, son of the moon, ranger of the wetlands, heir of the morrow. Welcome to your initiation. Are you ready?”

    The shrill voice of the mayor rips the morning silence to pieces and a black raven flies up from a rooftop, shrieking its gloomy sound over the town. In most towns a black raven is considered an omen of bad fortune but for Baldour it is a lucky sign. When he was a young boy, he found a young raven with a broken wing and nursed it back to health. Ever since there had always been a raven around him, somehow always at times when favorable things happened to him. The raven being there this morning meant that he would do well today.

    “Baldour, the ritual you are about to undergo has been a tradition in our town for a long time and your first task will and cannot be a surprise to you. I would be disappointed if it was since I know your father to be a man of preparation. He will have told you what to expect, how to perform your tasks. Right Vigo?”

    Baldour didn’t have to look, he felt his father nod his head in acknowledgement.

    “Good. In that case Baldour, you have 3 hours to perform your first task. Go!”

    Without a moments hesitation, Baldour sprinted off, racing through the narrow maze of streets and alleys, making his way quickly to the edge of town. He ran up the embankment that separated the town from the open plains and headed straight for the hills that were hiding the lower part of the sun. The air was still cold and his pumping breath appeared in steam from his wide open mouth as his body found a steady cadence, his feet moving in rhythm with his breathing and the swing of his arms.

    3 hours wasn’t very long but doable at the same time if he paced himself. Burning off too much energy at the start of his run would leave him with too little to be back in time in town with his seeds. Slowly he started to lose himself in the rhythm of his feet as he concentrated on the ground, avoiding roots and potholes, making sure he kept upright and didn’t fall or slip in muddy patches. He was focused, concentrated and made no mistakes and quickly he reached the small stream that would bring him to the tree.

    He halted for a moment where rocks cluttered the stream and created a shallow gully away from the stream and he looked around, somehow feeling eyes on him for a moment, then the feeling went away again. In the distance he heard the cry of the raven and he smiled. Must have been his friend that was watching him. Quickly he touched the cold water, then turned and ran on, following the bends of the stream, staying on the firm side of it, giving himself a steady footing. In a few miles he would have to cross the water and he knew the perfect place where the water would be narrow enough for him to jump across it without getting wet.

    He reached the crossing sooner as he expected but did not hesitate and jumped the water with a big leap, landing firmly on the other side just shy of a puddle of mud. Again he heard the cry of the raven and knew that the bird was flying along with him, staying just out of side. The feeling comforted him and gave him confidence. He would reach the tree soon now and he would get the seeds quickly.

    It took him less than 10 minutes to bridge the remaining distance between him and the tree and he could see the iconic shape as a silhouette against the ever ascending sun. he smiled when he reached the trunk and let his hands run over the coarse, whimsical bark, familiarizing himself with the fibrous outer skin. He looked up and saw a pod almost within reach. The greenish-brown fruit was barely hanging on and seemed perfectly ripe. All he had to do was climb up a few feet and pick it off and it was sure to be full of the flat seeds that he needed for his challenge.

    He took a moment to catch his breath, the gripped the tree with his hands, pushed his hips backwards and placed his feet against the trunk. Foot by foot he pushed himself up, keeping his balance with his hands, making his way towards the fruit until he could reach it. He extended his arm and his fingers could touch the smooth skin of the pod.

    “Hello Bardour.”

    The sound of the soft voice startled him so much that he lost his footing and slid down the tree, scraping his chest on the bark as he clasped the trunk with his arms, pulling him tight against the rough bark. He landed on the floor on his butt and looked over his shoulder, his eyes widening as he recognized Song, the best friend of Vida.

    “Song! What are you doing here? Did Vida send you”

    His voice cracked in utter surprise as he looked at her, finding her completely naked and standing with her feet in the cold stream. The sun that had just climbed over the hills, touched her blonde hair and gave it a golden sheen, her body carved out in the bright light that concealed the details of her nakedness. He could see the glistening in her eyes and her white teeth as she smiled at him and as she moved closer, he became fully aware of her nudity. She hid nothing and he could now see her nipples erect from the cool air, the blush on her cheeks and a small line of dark pubic hair emerging from between her firm thighs.

    “No, Vida didn’t send me. The elders did. I am your first temptation.”

    “My first temptation? I don’t understand…”

    “Every man will be tempted in his life to leave the path that he chose to reach his goal, for something that is easy to get..”

    He is stunned as he watches her kneel down at his feet on the sand, moving her hands up to his pants and unbuttoning them. He feels her soft, warm lips on his abdomen as she leans in to kiss him, dropping his pants to his knees. Her hands slide to his back and he feels her fingers pull on the tight knot that has bound the sleeve around his waist for so long and he feels the strap loosen. Her mouth is dancing along his abdomen, moving down to his pelvis, kissing his upper thighs, her tongue tracing downwards from his belly button to just above his penis. He shivers, feeling the familiar pressure of his cock growing inside the sleeve, unable to move, incapacitated by the suddenness of her availability. He looks down at her, her breasts, perky and full, her nipples lightly touching the skin of his legs and he almost gives in, wanting the release from the sleeve, his impatience rearing its ugly head.

    But his will is strong and with a jerk he pushes himself backwards, against the trunk of the tree, moving away from her. He is breathing hard as he sees her lift her head and look at him in acted disappointed. She moves back, sits on the sand, then slowly lays down as she spreads her legs and exposes herself completely to him. Seductively she slides her hands across her body, cupping her breasts, tracing her sides and cupping her sex while she bats her eye lashes and speaks to him in her honey sweet voice.

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    Having turned a full circle, she faces him again. Her hands slide up her body and her fingers fold around her full breasts. She squeezes, gently, then releases. Her nipples start to harden and as he watches them swell, he suddenly distorts his face in pain. His growing erection has reached a point where the sleeve around his member has become to tight to allow any further growth and the pressure on his cock is becoming painful. He closes his eyes for a moment but finds himself unable to control his member. He is subject to her temptations and there is nothing he can do about it. He will have to endure the pain in order to gain the knowledge needed.

    “Now, fulfilling your first two tasks will be easy. In whatever order you pick them. Giving your seed the first two times will give you no problems. But the third time and the fourth time will be challenging. Challenging, but not impossible. If you take your time and allow yourself to enjoy what you are doing and not focus on getting to your goal.”

    She pinches her nipples, making them harder, pulling on them while she keeps her eyes looking at him, gaging his response. He is restless, moving on the bed, uncomfortable and his face distorted with the pain he is enduring, the sleeve now too tight around his member. She smiles, knowing what he is going through though not able to imagine the magnitude of his pain.

    “It is giving physical pleasure to a woman that will be your biggest challenge. I trust that you don’t know where and how a woman likes to be touched, do you?”

    “Nn.. No… I have no idea…”

    He stutters in his haste to answer her, mesmerized by her hands playing with her breasts, his eyes moving wildly over her tempting, naked body. He follows her hands down her body as she starts to explore her lower abdomen, playing with the tuff of her above her sex, then sliding her hand between her thighs and cupping her mound. She squeezes with her hand, closing her eyes as she enjoys her own touch. Then she opens her eyes again and looks at him, smiling as she finds him concentrating on her fingers as they touch her lips.

    “A woman likes her breasts to be touched, to be played with to raise her excitement. But, she will never find physical pleasure just by touching her breasts. You have to build up her excitement until she can’t hold it no more. For that you have to take your time and not rush her. You have all the instruments you need to bring her to her climax, it is a matter of using them the right way. Show me your hands…”

    She extends her hands and takes both his hands in hers. She moves in closer and guides them to her breasts, placing his palms on her breasts.

    “Close your hands around my breasts carefully. Don’t grab them like the utters of a cow. They are sensitive, start out carefully. Massage them first before you squeeze them hard. Caress them until you feel her willing to have more of your touch. You will know when she is ready.”

    His hands are trembling as he starts to explore her soft, firm breasts. His breath is shallow, quick, his jaws are clenched as he fights the pain in his loins at the same time. He caresses the soft skin, traces her breasts around, then cups them gently before lightly grazing her nipples. A soft moan escapes Vida’s throat and she pushes her chest forward, grabbing his wrists tight and placing his hands back on her breasts.

    “Now you can squeeze them. Gentle but firm at the same time. Massage them with your fingers and palms, then release and pinch the nipples like I did before.”

    He follows her directions, squeezing her breasts with pressure but not too hard. He releases, then moves his fingers to her hard nipples and places them between his thumb and fingers. He squeezes, pinches, then pulls before releasing them. She releases a quick gasp, her body moving involuntarily forward, her lower abdomen almost touching his face. As her belly almost touches his nose, he catches a hint of her excitement as an unknown perfume caresses his nostrils. He looks up at her, the question clear in his eyes and she nods.

    “Yes, you are doing it right. I am getting excited. When a woman gets excited, her sex gets wet. That is what you smell.”

    With his hands still on her breasts, she arches her back and slides her hand down, presses her fingers against her opening and slips one of them inside. When she slides it out, her nectar coats her finger and she brings it to his mouth. She smears her juices on his lips and watches as he licks them clean, thoroughly, clearly enjoying her taste.

    Her taste works like an aphrodisiac and he finds himself focusing on her directions and how she responds to the movements of his hands. His attention now directed to playing with her body helps him handle the intense pressure of the sleeve around his swollen cock, allowing him to withstand the pain it is causing him. He is eager to learn, wanting to do well the next evening when he is tested by the women of his town. He savors her taste on his lips then focusses on touching her breasts again, taking the initiative to move his hands lower, caressing her sides, stomach and buttocks.

    “Mmm, good. Taking initiative is important, a woman likes that. And remember, a woman’s butt can be handled quite rough sometimes. One likes to be grabbed, the next might enjoy a slap here and there. A third likes to be fucked in her ass but you will find out tomorrow. I like my ass o be squeezed quite firmly.”

    He follows her lead and grabs her buttocks firmer, pulling her in and kissing her belly. She slips one hand into his curly hair and holds his head close to her as she enjoys the circles his tongue draws around her belly button. She moves in closer, guided by the strong grip he has on her buttocks, guiding his head along her lower abdomen, stopping him as he nears the small patch of her above her sex.

    “Sit on the bed.”

    Her voice is forceful and direct, making clear she does not allow disobedience and quickly he follows her directions. He sits on his bed with his legs pressed together, the bulge of his chastity sleeve pushed up, now clearly visible in his pants. She moves in closer and slides onto his lap, straddling him, placing his hands on her hips. She pushes herself forward until her sex is resting on the bulge in his pants, her breasts are touching his chest and her mouth is only an inch away from his. Her warm breath caresses his face as she whispers to him.

    “Most important when you are pleasing a woman, is kissing and embracing her. A woman loves to feel safe before she takes control of you and takes you. Therefor your kissing skills must be good. Have you ever kissed a woman?”

    He shakes his head, then his face distorts with pain as he feels his cock swell where there is no room. He squirms underneath her, trying to get a grip on his erection, wanting it to settle and release him of the intense pain. She looks him deep in his eyes, relentlessly pushing forward with her training, not giving him a second to catch his breath and settle down. She places her hands on his cheeks, leans in and kisses him on his lips. He shivers as her warm, most lips touch his, as she opens her mouth slowly, sucks in his lower lip and then slowly lets it slip from between her lips. Unnoticed his hands grip her thighs and pulls her in closer as he eager pushes into her mouth with his lips, only to be pushed away by her hands.

    “Slowly Bardour. Slowly. Kissing is a game you play together. Like everything you do with a woman, you start slow and build up momentum before you loosen the reigns on your desire. Try again.”

    He leans in and carefully places his lips on hers again, slowly tilting his head from left to right, letting his mouth dance with hers. Her hands slide to the back of his head as she pushes her body into him and soon he is wrapped in her arms, her delightful naked body covering his torso. Slowly she opens her mouth and probes his lips with her tongue, much to his surprise and excitement. Immediately he is struck by another sting of pain as his body reacts to her actions. He focusses quickly on answering her invitation and the pain subsides as his tongue dances with hers. Her sex feels hot against his crotch but he tries not to pay attention, her scent is getting stronger and he tries not to smell it, her mouth is soft and warm and he tries not to feel it.

    “Wow, are you sure you never kissed a woman? I am drenched. Here, you can touch me there”

    She takes his hand in hers as she slides back a little, opening herself up for his touch. She guides his hand between her legs and he can feel his pants damp as the back of his hand touches the cloth. Then his fingers feel her delicate lips, warm, wet and opened and gently he touches her. The tips of her fingers slide in a little and he hears her gasp. Quickly he breaks his eyes off his hand and her sex and looks at her, only to see her with her eyes closed, enjoying his touch. Confident he continues probing her, letting his fingers slide along her lips, upwards and downwards, gently probing until he touches her clit. A deep, muffled moan is his answer and signal to continue and quickly he figures out how her pleasure button can be played.

    “By the daughters of the sun. You are a natural.”

    She slowly sways from side to side, enjoying his hand as it probes her sex, leaning back to offer her breasts to his mouth. Eagerly he leans in and takes her nipples one by one between his lips, sucking and biting on them until they are hard as pebbles. His finger probes her entrance and as she releases the pressure on her mound, it slides in and starts exploding the soft, silky folds of her channel. She coos with pleasure as he massages her inner walls, digging her nails into his shoulders and neck as pleasure slowly overtakes her. Then she leans in and places her mouth against his ear.

    “If it wasn’t the night before your initiation, that chastity sleeve would be off and your cock be inside me now…”

    He curses inside. The tease making his cock jump, a sharp sting of pain again racing through his loins. Just 24 more hours and he will have his cock inside of her, or maybe even sooner. But right now he is tempted to break the chain that locks the sleeve around his waist so he can lay with Vida.

    “Stop teasing me. It hurts..”

    “Oh man up… Do you want to look like a fool tomorrow? You are ready to finish me, so hold on just a little longer…”

    She slides off his body and rolls onto the matrass next to him. She pulls her knees to her chest and opens her thighs, exposing her wet sex to him. She grabs his arm and directs him to his knees on the floor in front of the bed, that holds his head and pulls gently until she can feel his hot breath on her wet sex.

    “Now use your tongue and mouth to make me cum. Don’t be too gentle, I am ready to be fucked so I can handle your tongue.”

    He leans in and breathes in deep as he nears her mound. The smell of her desire is overwhelming and almost immediately he loses control over his actions. He dives in with his tongue out of his mouth and forces it inside of her. The soft cries and deep moans escaping her throat tell him that he is doing things as she likes and quickly he starts fucking her pussy with his tongue. She grabs his hair and pushes his face into her, writhing her hips from left to right, coating his cheeks with her juices in the process. He places his hands on her hips, digs his fingers into her soft flesh as he pulls her into his mouth and licks her furiously, alternating the quick movements of his tongue with the sharp vacuum of his mouth around her clit. Her sex is oozing her juices, his chin wet and slick, her legs trembling as she nears her point of no return. Then, with a rhythmic series of cries, she explodes in his mouth, convulsing on the matrass, unable to control the spasms of her body. Slowly the cascading tremors leave her body and soon she catches her breath while the beating of her heart starts to simmer down. Then she releases all tension in her body and lays still on the bed, her eyes closed, his hair still entangled with her fingers.

    “Baldour, I think you will do fine tomorrow in all trials and I am curious to see your chastity sleeve taken off so I know how big you are. I can’t wait to take you and make you my man. But for now, I have to go and you need to sleep.”

    And as soon as she finishes her sentence, she rolls off the bed, quickly puts on her night gown even though she is still unsteady on her feet, then moves to window to climb out. Just before she disappears in the dark of night, she turns round and smiles at him.

    “Remember your vow. I will not have you put your cock in another woman’s pussy before mine Or the witches of the wetlands will devour your soul.…”

    Then she steps through the window and disappears, leaving him by himself, shaking and sweating, completely overwhelmed by what just happened.

    To be continued…

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    Good to be back Covems, thank you *taking off my hat, taking a bow in respect*

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    Ofcourse there were suspicions but never real clarity

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    Thanks Bee and thanks Sexi :) the forum is still that warm place where i felt at home

    Lover, it has actually been less than 3 years for my last story/post… Do you renember the mysterious writer at Crystal Lake and AB & G? Remember Korvo?

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    @ Lover, Stone, Jayc, Hentai & Tango. As warm a welcome as I could hope for. Some things never change, Thank you for that :)
    @ Nat. Thank you for your reply. Take your time in reading and let me know what you think. Ive always appreciated feedback. But most of all, enjoy!
    And, there is more in the making so keep your eyes peeled…


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    I thought it was time for a new story… Hi to all that remember me, Hi to all that haven't read me :) Hope you enjoy this story…


    With a muffled cry she woke up. The sheets entangled between her legs, pulled off her torso, her breasts exposed. She felt hot, a pearl of sweat beading down her forehead as slowly her surroundings came to her, the night warm in the dead of summer. The dream had again been vivid, intense, erotic. Her body showed the signs of her excitement, the man in her dream had been almost life-like and she could feel the remnants of his imagined hands trailing down her body. Her nipples were engorged and hard and beneath her lower body the sheets were damp and she could smell her own excitement.

    She saw him for the first time when he was crossing the street to the building on the other side. He didn't stand out of the crowd for a particular reason but there was something about the way he moved that struck her, something raw, pure, almost animal like. In the elevator up to her apartment, she couldn't help but imagine how he would bend her over, grab her hips and fuck her from behind. She came home wet and flushed and was stuttering her answers when her husband asked her how her day had been.

    She looked over to the other side of the bed, watching her corpulent husband asleep, snoring as he always did. Their sex life had been almost non existent for more than a year now and she had been fighting the need to fulfill the need for intimacy and sexual release. On occasion, when her husband was working late, she would look up some porn online, use a toy and manage to reach orgasm but it felt empty and unsatisfying. Her body and her mind were asking, demanding more. But she knew her husband wasn't able to please here and the attraction she once felt for him had faded gradually.

    She got out of bed and walked through the house naked, letting the air in the apartment cool her down. She walked up to the ceiling high window, looking at her own naked body in the dark reflecting surface, then leaned her head against the cool glass and tried to control her breathing. The dream was still lingering in her mind and she caught herself looking across the street towards the building where he lived.

    The second time she saw him, he was waiting at the traffic lights on the corner of the street, ready to cross to the other side and enter his building. She was walking home and as she neared him, somehow she tripped and fell against him unintentionally, landing against his upper body with her chest and face. She smelled his masculine perfume, felt his strong arms slide around her to catch her and felt butterflies rise in her stomach as she looked up to him, flushed and embarrassed but with a pounding, excited heart. He smiled and spoke to her but as she drowned in his eyes, she didn't hear the words. Startled by her physical reaction, she stuttered an apology and fled into her building. But from the window in the entrance hall, she watched him walk off into his building and reappear on a balcony on the 6th floor.

    That night she dreamt about him for first time and since then she had had the dream multiple times, reoccurring every few weeks at first but the time between the dreams became shorter, the intensity increasing at the same time. It was the third time that she had the dream when she first pleasured herself and reached a shattering and deeply fulfilling orgasm, from then on she used the dreams to still the sexual hunger of her body.

    The light was on in his apartment as she looked over and she checked the windows if she could see him. She saw a shadow in one room, moving to another, then reappear in the living room. The curtains were wide open and she could see him taking a seat on the couch. He was just wearing boxer shorts and the sight of his almost naked body made her tremor lightly. She froze, feeling her heart start to race again, her nakedness forgotten, exposing herself to anyone that looked up or into the apartment. Her sucked in the cool air in the apartment and her breathing quickened as she watched him grab himself in his crotch. At first it seemed as if he was just adjusting his cock but the movement of his hand took longer as an instant and quickly she realized that he was nurturing an erection.

    Her face flushed with excitement and her eyes were glued to the window, drinking in the picture of him stroking himself through his underwear. Her quickened breath created a mist on the window where her lips almost touched the glass and she felt a shiver in her lower body, feeling the temperature rising between her thighs. She felt torn, excited and needy to see more, embarrassed that she was peeping into his house, watching him pleasure himself. But she couldn't help herself. Since that first fantasy in the elevator, she entertained the thought of making love to him more than once and even considered finding a way to have him for real. Now she was watching him play with himself. She licked her lips, wanting to move his hand away and take his cock into her own, wanting to feel it throb and swell between her fingers, wanting to lick his pre cum off the head before sliding his shaft into her mouth. She gritted her teeth, wanting him to take off his underwear so she could see him, so she could imagine how he would feel inside of her, almost getting angry that he was taking his time.

    But he was clearly enjoying what he was doing and made no efforts to free his member and to fulfill her wishes. He kept stroking himself through his underwear, the distance too great for her to see his true size and girth. At first he was leaning forward a bit, his eyes fixating on a screen in front of him, then he leaned back and moved his head around. She could see how he kept his eyes closed, at first at least, but then he opened them and stared at the screen a bit more as he slid his hand into his briefs.

    She took a deep breath and moved her hand between her legs. She could feel the inner trembling of her excitement in the muscles of her thighs and the heat radiating from her sex. She cupped her mound and felt her lips damp. Her body shook involuntarily as she moved her hand, touching her clit and pressing her fingers against her lips. A soft moan escaped her mouth as she enjoyed her own touch. She closed her eyes for a few moments, picturing him behind her, her hand his, his fingers pressing harder against her lips, entering her sex slowly, teasing her clit, breathing against her neck.

    She opened her eyes again slowly, wanting to see him play with himself and as she focused on his window, she jumped back a few feet. There he was, standing in front of the window naked, the sharp outline of his profile against the lights in the back of the room showing him with his hard cock in his hand, his eyes aimed directly at her. She missed him standing up and taking off his underwear when she closed her eyes for a few seconds. He stroked himself slowly as he kept looking towards her window, exposing his full member before moving his hand all the way up, closing around the head of his cock. She could feel the blood rush to her face, turning her cheeks red, feeling caught and embarrassed, wanting to flee and hide. But her body wouldn't move away from the window. Instead she moved in closer, toe by toe until she was almost pressed against the cool glass. She couldn't react as he put up his hand and blew a kiss at her, unsure if it was meant for her, unable to move a muscle, unable to look anywhere else but at him.

    He waved a second time and this time she responded, moving her hand up reluctantly, acknowledging his presence and being seen by him. She saw him releasing the grip on his cock, showing his member in full to her. Her excitement hit her twice as hard as she watched his large cock stand straight. Her hand started moving without her being really conscious of it, gesturing him to grab his cock and stroke it for her and she watched as he took his member in his hand and started moving up and down, his eyes still piercing in hers. Her sex started to flush, her wetness slowly starting to moisten her outer lips, gliding down her inner thighs, coating the fingers of her hand as she pressed it against herself again. She started moving her hand in the same rhythm as he was moving his, rubbing her clit, sliding her fingers over her lips up and down.

    He moved his hand to his chest, wanting her to play with her breasts and smiled as she followed his instructions. She pinched her nipples, squeezed her full breasts, brought them to her lips to lick them with her long tongue. It apparently excited him, his hand starting to move faster, pulling the skin of his cock down, pushing it up and over the head of his penis, squeezing his cock just below the head and then moving his hand down again. She could see him close his eyes from time to time and she guessed he was fantasizing about her. She wanted to know what his thoughts were, she wanted him to tell her how he wanted to have her, how he would take her, how he would please her, her need for his attention getting the better of her.

    She turned quickly, ran to the dresser and got a piece of paper and a pen. She wrote down her cell phone number quickly, ran back to the window and held the paper up for him. But her breath got caught in her throat as he was no longer at the window. Her hand holding the paper fell to the side of her body and an overwhelming feeling of disappointment mastered her body and mind. She was ready to turn away from the window when suddenly he returned to the window, holding a piece of paper with a number on it. Their minds were connected, he had the same idea at the same time. Only he had a phone in his hand and she didn't.

    She held up her hand again and showed him her number. As he turned his attention to his phone, she realized hers was still next to her bed. Quickly she raced to the bedroom and got to her phone just in time to silence it. The text on her screen was only 3 words “parking lot, now”. Without debating she slipped into her bathrobe, walked out her apartment and took the elevator down. She felt very exposed being in the elevator with only a thin robe around her and butterflies started rising up in her stomach. But without being seen she reached the ground floor and walked out the back of the building. She found a place in the shadow and waited, her heart racing, her body trembling with excitement.

    Suddenly she felt a presence but before she could turn around, two arms slid around her body, cupping her breasts, a mouth pressed against her ear, hot breath flowing in the shell and down her neck. She gasped, startled with his sudden appearance, her body tightening as she waited for him to speak, her body tense, ready to fight or flee in case it wasn't him. The words never came. Instead she felt him push his body into her, feeling his erected cock against her ass, his hands kneading her breasts. She trembled, fighting the urge to fight him, release herself and flee but finding herself unable to free herself. Instead she pushed back into him, placing her hands on the pillar in front of her, leaning forward, her body reacting on its own.

    His hands released her breasts, grabbed her bathrobe and pulled it open, exposing her front to the cool summer air. He pushed her bathrobe to the side, exposing her ass to him. He pushed one knee between her thighs and pressed her legs apart. She could feel him bend his knees a little, then she felt the silky, wet tip of his cock slide up between her thighs, moving towards her wet opening. She held her breath as she waited for that moment where he would open her with his member, where he would press his cock into her, where she would feel him slide inside of her. Her knuckles turned white as she felt him take possession of her, enter her slowly but confidently until he had the full length of his member inside of her, her buttocks pressed firm and tight against his abdomen. Her mouth moved without a sound, silently telling him to fuck her, relentlessly, without holding back but he did not need any encouragement.

    He grabbed her hips and slowly pushed her away from him, then dug his fingers into her soft flesh and pulled her towards him with a strong, sudden jerk. She cried out silently into the night, feeling him enter hard and deep, feeling his balls swing up and hit her skin, sensing his need, emerging herself in his sudden explosion of greed and want.

    He fucked, hard and deep, his abdomen slapping against her ass with each thrust forward. She could feel every inch of him slide in and out of her, her teeth clenched as she endured the delicious pain of him claiming her. She would be sore afterwards but she didn't care, She rested her weight on her hands against the pillar and let go of all inhibitions, submitting herself to his animalistic greed. He grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and bit her shoulders as he fucked her pussy with his hard cock.

    She felt her body building up to that badly needed climax, the emptiness inside her disappeared as she came closer and closer to her peak. Then, before she could postpone her eruption, she arched her neck and forced a muffled cry into the dark night as she orgasmed. At the same time she felt him freeze up, just his hips jerking against her body as he shot his load deep inside of her. He let go of her hair, wrapping her tight in his arms as his body convulsed in his release. Then, as suddenly as it had started, it ended. He released his embrace, slid out of her and disappeared without saying a word, leaving her flustered and shaking in the empty parking lot.

    Slightly confused but feeling better as she had felt in a long time, she closed her bathrobe around her sweating body and made her way up to the apartment, smelling his desire on her body. She walked silently into the living room, up to the window and stared to his building. But the windows on the other side of the street were dark and there was no message on her phone when she checked. leaving her to herself. She hesitated, wanting to text him, wanting to know if he enjoyed her, wanting to know if he wanted her again. But she had his number and found herself enjoying the mystery surrounding him. He took her as she had hoped, fantasized and needed. That was all that she needed. At least for now. She stepped back, looking at her own reflection and smiled, ready to go to bed.

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    Dear friends,

    Thanks to the efforts of your new forum moderator and contest manager, I am proud and happy to announce that starting contest II, the prizes for the erotic contest have ben raised. The following prizes will be rewarded to the winners and contestants of the last contest and will be the prizes for contest IV.

    Brandybee, 10000 Achat $
    Sparkler, 6000 Achat $
    Mollie, 3000 Achat $

    All other contestants will receive 600 Achat $ for entering their story into the contest.

    I want to thank all authors from all 3 contests for your efforts, the forum members for their attention and votes and the Achat team for making the contests possible. It has been an incredible joy to organise these exhibitions of literal fantasies. There is so much talent amongst the forum members. Maybe these stories will one day be bundled in a hard copy, e-book or listen-to-storybook. Might be nice for the shop ;)

    This will be my last official post as moderator and manager of the contest. I know I am leaving my tasks in capable and enthousiastic hands. I hope there will be many more editions of Achat’s erotic story contest and I dare you all to make each edition hotter and better ;)

    Thank you. Tight

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    I watch in silence, the events of the whole night too much for me to vadem, grasp fully. So instead i leave all my thoughts behind and empty my mind, opening it to fully enjoy the pleasures and tributes of the evening. Modest as i am, I get red cheeks with the attention i am receiving, both physical and emotional. A lump in my throat does not prevent my mouth to smile as wide as it can, showing the double feelings I have. It’s such sweet sorrow to leave, the pain of goodbyes unsooothed by the bright future that is beckoning me closer.

    I let my eyes drift over the crowd as Satoire and Pafe go at eachother in the pudding pitt. With each smiling feast, each par of glistening eyes of all those that came this night, my smile widens as tears start to run down my cheeks. In my heart I feel it is time to part and head dwn the new path that lays ahead of me. But I can’t let go, not just yet. A few things have to be done before i can go. I complete my circle over the crowd where I meet the eyes of a few friends and see the sparkle, the passion they have for this place. The place i will miss and that will always have a place in my heart.

    With a special hand sign I draw the attention of Doc and quickly he moves closer, getting on his tip toes as I lean in to whisper in his ear. He listened concentrated, nodding with each phrase i finish. Then our eyes meet and he winks at me, before turning and heading off to the entrance under the bar. Before he can run off, i grab his christmas sweater and hold for a moment.

    “Congrats on your birthday, for all you guys..”

    He smiles, then pulls himself away and hurries off.

    Carefully I take the hand of my princess and my touch makes her turn her head, our eyes meeting. With a smile on her face, her cheeks still blushing from the passionate moments we had earlier, she raises her eyebrows in a silent question. I lean in, kiss her lips gently then whisper.

    “Excuse me for a sec, princess. I’ll be right back”

    Quickly I move to the stage and talk to the house band. They start nodding enthousiastically as i explain my request and turn to eachother to agree on how to play.

    I turn to the pudding pitt on the centre of the stage and wait patiently for the wrestle match to finish. As Pafe and Satoire emerge from the pitt, dripping witrh pudding, their luscious forms accentuated by the slippery cream, I step down from the stage and walk up to them, giving the winner a deep, passionate kiss before I kiss the other. I smile, my face coated with sweet scented pudding and make my way back to the stage. On my queue the band starts to play and the attention of the crowd turns to me. A spot is lit by Doc and lights me completely. With the mic in my hand, i look at my friends. For a second I choke and it takes a few deep breaths before I find my voice again and my voice sounds, stuttering as I try and find the words.

    “My dear, dear friends…

    I wish I could explain how I am feeling right now. How sad I am, how happy I am, how much I love you and this place…”

    I pause for a sec, clear my throat and let my eyes glide over the crowd from left to right.

    “There are only a few certainties in life and one of them is that with each person you meet, saying goodbye becomes inevitable. It could happen after only a few minutes, it can take a lifetime but at some point you have to say goodbye. I feel blessed that you are giving me this goodbye. You’ve bestowed me with the biggest honor possible. Thank you…”

    To the side of the stage is a stool and I move over to pick it up. Next to it is my trusted guiter, Yasmine, and carefully I pick her up and fondle her strings while I take a seat on the stool in the spotlight again.

    “But feel trusted, that I will take each and every person that I met here with me, wether close or distant. For what it’s worth, all of you have changed me, have influenced me and, for a part, made me who I am today. The best way for me to honor all of you, as my friends, is to take the lessons I learned from you, the things I experienced with you, the thoughts, desires, hopes and wants I shared with you, and use them to be happy”

    Slowly I start to strum, falling in with the band that is playing the opening melody as a loop.

    “Know that all of you make this place into a community that makes me proud to have been a member off. Your passion, your kindness, directness and openness make this a place to cherish and share with as many people as possible. I hope to see this place flourish more as it already does, I will check in from time to time”

    Old Joe has started filling glasses and is lining them up on the bar. The dwarves jump in and quickly place the glasses on serving trays, balancing with agility on the stools before jumping off and dashing into the audience. Everyone is handed a glass until the whole crowd is served. The last glass is brought to me by my princess and with a smile on her face and a tear in her eyes, she hands it to me, making sure my fingers are closed tightly around the stem of the glass before releasing my hands.

    “Before I sing, I want to toast with all of you. A toast to all people, from all corners of the world, with all colors of the rainbow, from all genders, orientations and believes. We are all one people, we all breathe the same air and share the same earth. We all deserve to be our own person.

    ‘May angels accompany you on your path. One naughty, one nice, to guide you on your way. May you make mistakes and learn, may you find glory and despair, may you find balance in all you are… To all people’  ”

    I raise my glass and empty it. At that moment angels start to fall from the ceiling, swirling graciously, falling onto shoulders, faces, backs and chests. Then I start my song.


    “Leaves are fallin' all around, time I was on my way
    Thanks to you, I'm much obliged for such a pleasant stay
    but now it's time for me to go, the autumn moon lights my way
    for now I smell the rain, and with it, pain
    and it's headed my way
    Aw, sometimes I grow so tired
    but I know I've got one thing I got to do

    A-ramble on, and now's the time, the time is now
    Sing my song, I'm goin' 'round the world, I gotta find my girl
    On my way, I've been this way ten years to the day
    Ramble on, gotta find the queen of all my dreams

    Got no time to for spreadin' roots, the time has come to be gone
    And though our health we drank a thousand times
    it's time to ramble on

    A-ramble on, and now's the time, the time is now
    Sing my song, I'm goin' 'round the world
    I've gotta find my girl
    On my way, I've been this way ten years to the day
    I gotta ramble on, I gotta find the queen of all my dreams
    I tell you no lie

    Mine's a tale that can't be told, my freedom I hold dear
    How years ago in days of old when magic filled the air
    'twas in the darkest depths of Mordor, mm-I met a girl so fair
    but Gollum and the evil one crept up and slipped away with her
    her, her, yeah, and ain't nothin' I can do, no

    I guess I'll keep on ramblin', I'm gonna
    Sing my song/Sh-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, I've gotta find my baby
    I'm gonna ramble on, sing my song
    Gonna work my way all around the world
    Baby, baby/Ramble on, yeah

    I can't stop this feelin' in my heart
    Everytime I feel I will leave, I really gotta part”

    While the band slowly fades out, I wait for the applause and cheers of the crowd. Slowly they settle down until the room is almost completely silent. Just the soft ruslte of shuffling feet and clothes rubbing against eachother is heard as a background noise. Knowing I have the full attention of the crowd, I close my eyes, tears running down my cheeks.

    “The Road goes ever on and on
    Down from the door where it began.
    Now far ahead the Road has gone,
    And I must follow, if I can,
    Pursuing it with eager feet,
    Until it joins some larger way
    Where many paths and errands meet.
    And whither then? I cannot say”

    With a poof the spotlight goes off and in the rumour that erupts in the darkness, I leave the stage through the curtain in the back. My princess is waiting there and hands me the large bag with the presents i received. I see the sad smile on her face and brush my lips over her, whiping away the tear that rolls down her cheek.

    “It’s goodbye princess, not farewell. Who knows what happens after tomorrow’s sunrise. Make sure all moments are worthwhile”

    I place the bag over my shoulder and walk through the short hallway to the back of the Bar & Grill. In the doorway leading to the loading dock at the back of the building, the familiar silhouette of Brandy is etched out by the cold moonlight. Her eyes flicker in her shadowed face, she shivers when I embrace her and pull her in close.

    “Thank you Brandy, for everything you’ve done. Know that you will do brilliant with the tasks you’ve accepted. Thank you for looking after my baby. You know what I mean”

    I kiss her lips gently, keeping her eyes locked in with mine, feeling warm and happy. Then slowly I entangle myself from her and step through the door, into the cold chill of the night. Midnight is coming closer, the death of one year, the birth of another. Like a phoenix, bound to the eternal cycle of time. I look up into the clear sky, taking in the immensity of the endless night sky then start to walk.

    I feel Brandy’s eyes in my back, the joined by another pair. 4 arms embracing as I walk off the Bar & Grill parking lot. I turn once, smiling as I see All_for_you and Brandy blowing me a last kiss. I catch them and blow back two kisses before I turn and start walking down my new path, towards a new destination…

    angelscutoutexample.jpg angelsh.jpg

    (the angels can be cut out according to the scheme below and will look like this when folded the right way. Copy+paste the pictures of the angels and print)

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