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    Achat Next Released

    Looks like Achat Next has been released


    Do I have to create a Steam account to get the new game and is it linked to this one so everything I bought here will be over in the new one?


    I logged into game. Looks same to me. When following link provided by Michelle989 I received a big “ooops” message.


    @Michelle989 do you mean the mobile version? Achat has not announced it on forum and nothing on game indicating the new version has been released.


    It’s not the mobile version but is very similar and the reviews for it are not very positive, nothing that I can see has been mentioned on the main login page here, in the usual Achat fashion, nothing at all,


    I refuse to join Steam. And the main log in screen was first place I looked after logging into AChat game and seeing nothing different.


    The one on STEAM seems to be the mobile version, because it is exactly the same as the mobile version


    @cutecatMeow that is what I am thinking too. It is hard to believe that they would release their new game via Steam without any notification on their Forum which is where they make all of their announcements.


    There is already a mobile version on the official website, the problem now is that we don’t have any news about the new version


    I’m aware and that remains the big question.


    AChat Next has been released on Steam.
    The reviews aren’t good.
    It’s a totally separate game to AChat.

    AChat Next has no avatar customization and no open world.
    It’s not a multiplayer open world game.

    You watch bots acting out premade sex scenes which you can’t control or interact with.
    All you have is a built in chat client that allows chat with your ‘partner’ as you watch.

    Some of the sex scenes are free but if you want to unlock all of them, the subscription is $5.99 a month.

    The reviews are all negative and one reviewer called it AChat Mobile for a PC.


    Thanks Huny_yumyum for the heads up.

    Just looked. And the graphics are nice. Maybe it’s the start of the multiplayer just to get things rolling but, maybe not.

    Probably not.


    I doubt that we will see a graphics engine update for AChat.

    It would be nice to be proved wrong, but from what I’ve read in the forum, talking with other players and the emails I have sent to AChat support, I think their business model works this way:

    If the issue involves breaking the TOS (Terms Of Service Agreement) or problems with premium payments not being credited, AChat support acts relatively fast. Because these issues if they are not dealt with, could escalate and cause AChat to lose its web hosting.

    Problems with downloading AChat and in-world game problems, usually take a few days, or longer if it’s the weekend, to fix.

    Responses to the AChat forum, webpage updates, and emails with general questions or ideas for improving the game are mostly ignored.

    The priority seems to be that if it affects AChat, they act, as for the rest they really don’t care.

    Multiplayer open world games are messy things, they require lots of customer service, contact and support. Rather than do that, AChat is going in the opposite direction.

    DoHots, AChat Mobile, and now AChat Next are games that require very little if any contact with the players, just a subscription, interaction with the fixed game settings and waiting for the updates.

    AChat’s business model seems to be: we like your monthly subscription payments, but we certainly don’t want to talk to you.

    I think AChat will continue to limp along just as it is.


    my email sent to Achat support

    I saw that “Achat Next” was released on Steam.

    It is not clear to me, and many users like me, are wondering if we have been waiting for a NEW game to be released and not a graphics update for ACHAT.
    The question is: will ACHAT have a graphical update like the NEXT version or can we stop hoping for that?

    I hope to receive an answer to this question



    To see it on Steam you have to change viewing preferences if not a member. I think :p

    I hope you get a reply Bree.

    But, what I’ve seen it looks like a Demo. A kind of “Look what we can do if we had investment”. And then charge for all the positions !!!!! Can’t do much on it apart from watch and change positions. No real interaction. Honestly, I really can’t see the point.

    Might as well go to a porn site and watch real porn.

    Sorry Achat peeps. My opinion, *hugsss*

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