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    sure I changed the display preferences.
    I have my own Steam account


    Thanks everyone for the limited information gleaned from other sources and letting our members know here.

    Thanks Bree for forwarding a request to Achat for more info and clarification.
    Hopefully if they answer, will you post here to keep our members informed… thanks.

    I have also asked several times and of course any answers or information will be posted here as well for our info.

    I do hope it includea a graphics update for the old Achat we know and love.
    I hope the only new game is just the mobile version.


    what! ? ? We waited so long.. They just updated the PC version of the phone! ? ? ? That’s what they promise! ?? Said to replace the old version of the new graphics engine to go there! ? 🙁


    just because, as usual, the communication of the achat support is always so smoky and unclear I wrote to them asking a direct question and as usual I still don’t get an answer.


    I truely believe the development team is tiny, perhaps just intelligent guy (or lady) a person with limited customer service or marketing skills but never the less a person who in 2010 released a game called Achat a game we have all grown to love it gave a shy woman like me a home when in 2019 i was working away from my family and friends in a tiny tourist town called Exmouth. We are all still here because we all secretly want and crave Achat to deliver and although they may act strangly in communications they will deliver in the end


    achat recently released the official release on the website’s homepage.
    also ironic since they admit that they do not know how to keep the release targets.
    as we feared achat next is the equivalent of achat mobile playable on the pc.
    you can download it on the site.
    Personally and in my opinion both projects are useless and not very usable for the community.
    I installed it and after choosing one of the girls available for the free version I found myself already having sex with a man.
    there is no possibility to do FF or SF or SM.
    the chat within the screen is automatic.
    there is no interaction.
    the free scenes are few as few are the girls who are not customizable.
    I really don’t understand what the goal of this version is.
    For months I have suggested to the support to expand the social part of Achat and the result is a new version that is even more socially closed.
    We might as well watch porn rather than use Achat Next.
    Disappointed and immediately uninstalled


    They always said the initial release will have limited functionality Bree, we do understand the potential of “Achat whoever they are” by what they produced in 2010 and it’s evolution since then be it slow, in the mean time we have the original version to play Achat, and a means thru Steam to see its on going development


    yes of course … too bad they weren’t clear, making it clear to many, that it would be an update for THIS version and not a completely different game


    No reply to my emails yet but looks like the Achat Home Web Page has been updated.

    Home Web Page



    LOL. I like what they have put at the end. Not guaranteed Hehehe.

    And given a link to directly download it.


    Well now we know.

    Achat Next is not the Achat Game update. It is a separate entity.

    Achat Beta was created with better graphics and improvements and is now merged into the Achat Game.

    See here for more info

    Achat Beta release. 21/11/22 Now merged into Achat Game.

    As far as I can tell Achat Next appears to be the equivalent of AChat Mobile for a PC. They may at some point all merge for the players choice. Time will tell.

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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