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Achat Premium is back on Fri 4th June

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    Thanks for sharing that. I would never have gone back to that page.


    I got all four gifts worth a 2029 A$… 🙂
    you have to be patient and look…:)


    Answering Corina, it use to be 45 days at least that was my understanding, however if you have A$ or are in credit I don’t think you ever are (?), a friend of mine, Lucio69 hasn’t logged since start of 2020 and I know he would have had A$, he was here last time I checked. But don’t take my word as gospel


    I have invested in this game over 500 euros since 2019 and even now I did not understand this algorithm of ACHAT …. and now the chaos is even greater. 🙂


    Hi, I like to support the game, but the new premium is too expensive. Especially for old players, who already have everything and have contributed a lot in the past, if you also consider the quality of the game, the price is really too high. Better to go back to the old premium or lower the cost of the items in my opinion. Bye kiss <3


    Hi Xero,
    Welcome to Forum.

    The game is actually cheaper than is was before.
    Before April 2020, the premium membership cost 10,000 Achat Dollars for a 12 month subscription now it is A$7,000
    A 3 day pass cost 200 Achat Dollars before, now it costs A$100.
    1 month was A$1,500 now it is A$750
    3 months was A$3,500 now it is A$2,000

    In April 2020, Achat kindly allowed its members to play for free during the Covid19 Pandemic, just buying any new things from the shop.
    Any subscription after that date was refunded or converted to accounts in A$.
    This lasted 14 months until June 2021 when the new premium came into play.

    This free play during this time, I feel was very generous of the Achat owners and gave members in lockdown a welcome release from the worry and confinement around them.
    It is a business after all, and for it to continue it has to be worth the developers time and money.
    Members cant be expected to play for nothing, without investing into the game they enjoy so much.

    Other games of a similar nature also gave their members discounts, some up to 50% off the normal subscription but members still had to pay to play.
    At least Achat gave members the opportunity to play for free, and it was members choice if they paid for further things from their shop.
    Lots played without investing 1 penny into the game and partnered with people who had and bought many items already.

    Now it’s time to pay to play again.

    I have heard the argument that Achat are having 2 bites of the cherry by charging for subscription and for shop items.
    But I say look at the prices.
    Achat charges around half for their subscription than other games of a similar nature and then its the members choice if they spend more in the shop.
    This makes it affordable to people where other games are too costly.
    Achat has even eased this cost by allowing members to obtain gifts when they invest and buy A$, and taking the more expensive items, they may not have bought otherwise.
    Once an initial outlay of decent poses and clothes have been bought, members could play for years by just paying the subscription as they need it.

    Achat is good value for money in comparison to other games and the simplicity of the game is something I find quite attractive.
    There are moves by Achat to improve the game which they are working so we see some glitches but overall, I think we have a great game with great people.

    Enjoy the exciting times ahead.

    In saying that, I do want the facilities back from the old Forum.
    The only advantage of this new forum, is it embeds links and You tube music.
    Please can we have these back: colour, fonts, insert images (more than 1), messages (PMs), quoting, editing old posts, spacing….
    Thank you.


    Hi Vaughan that’s not true 🙂 Before April you didn’t have to buy premium with a$ so you had 6k for items, gifts etc. now are 10k but you need 7k for premium so only 3k left… let’s see if the main patches will be worth the cost increase 🙂 a new in game chat system would be nice 😀 sorry for my English 🙂


    Sorry, I’m having to split this answer due to the new forum restrictions on links GRRRR.

    Premium Membership Prices.


    Current Premium Membership Prices


    Current Cost of Premiership in cash.

    American Dollars

    English Stirling:
    £8.76 = A$ 1,500
    £13.16 = A$ 2,500
    £21.97 = A$ 5,000
    £35.18 = A$ 10,000

    10.08 EUR for 1500 virtual A$
    15.14 EUR for 2500 virtual A$
    25.27 EUR for 5000 virtual A$
    40.47 EUR for 10,000 virtual A$



    My previous post is true. See Pic 1 above (Reply #171192) for prices prior to April 2020.

    I do see what you mean though.
    Prior to April 2020, we paid for our subscription either with A$ or with cash, which I believe is the same fee as now – USD $39.95 – and for that we received 12 months subscription and 6,000 A$ to spend in the shop.
    (The month long and 3 month long bought subscription also received A$.)

    Compared to now where we buy A$10,000 for USD $39.95 but A$7,000 has to be spent on buying a 12 month subscription, leaving us A$3,000 to spend.

    You and probably others feel that we are A$3,000 worst off than before.

    To compensate for this shortfall, Achat has allowed buying members 4 gifts at any price. (If you are wily like Corina_33 & JessiCapri you will choose the most expensive gifts you can find).

    When we buy our subscription we also get a further, lower value 1 gift which we can choose to take or save and build up for more expensive ones later on.
    This could go over or under the AS3,000 shortfall.
    Every time we buy A$ OR a subscription, your account takes stock and lets you know the choices available to you.

    We have to spend our A$ in the shop, so members choose the gifts. Gifts we would have probably bought anyway.
    The disadvantage or advantage, depending on your generosity is this “gift A$3,000 shortfall” has to be spent on you. You cannot gift it to others (unless Achat has yet to change this policy) and its the number of gifts that count not the shop price.

    The remaining A$3,000 can also be used to buy further subscription. You can buy straight away and see your “Prolong” membership days increase & of course adds to your account the increase credit for free gifts.

    So therefore, your A$10,000 you bought buys you
    A$ 7,000 – 12 month subscription plus 4 gifts, plus cheaper 1 gift (5 Gifts in total)
    A$ 2,000 – 3 months subscription plus gift credit (Exact amount is unknown at the moment)
    A$ 750 – 1 month subscription plus gift credit (Exact amount is unknown at the moment)

    For your cash, you get 14 months subscription with A$250 (A$100 buys you 3 days) left over which can be used to buy 6 days sub, or in the shop.
    Plus the 5 gifts and gift credit you can accumulate and build up.

    The prices are still comparable to before but you have restrictions that will effect your gifting capacity to others and the gifts you choose to take.
    Instead of buying the best value and most poses / clothes for your A$, you need to shop now for the best gifts to save your spending credit.
    Be careful when choosing your gifts – they may not be suitable for your gender or persuasion. Click on the pic to make it bigger to see it better.
    It also seems not all poses are available for gifts to take. There are a lot of MF poses missing, which I presume are the best sellers and are the most expensive. For example the MF Sex swing is not available as a gift and costs A$349.

    I suspect those who pay monthly or buy 3 months subscription may be the biggest losers.
    I would be interested to hear from members what gifts they have received for their cash and subscription to see if their shortfall is made up.
    If memory serves correctly, I think the cash payments are the same for A$ but the subsequent A$ subscription payment needs to be made up in gifts (It used to be: $9.95 = 1 month sub + 1500A$ ; $14.95 was 3 month sub + 3,000A$? – not sure of A$ receipt on the 3 month subscription)
    Therefore the monthly gift shortfall is A$750 & the 3 month subscription shortfall is possibly A$1,000.

    I believe this is probably a way for Achat to recoup some cash & encourage members to use their A$ and not allow it to build up so much. Also to encourage members to buy further A$ and for the less popular items in the shop to be bought or chosen as gifts.

    Achat has also indicated if long term or “well off” members have bought the gift items already, they would consider giving “Game Time” instead of gifts but this would have to be requested through Achat “Support”.

    The prices are still good value compared to other similar games.

    Lets also put this into perspective, the cost is USD $9.95 or £8.76 or 10.08 Euros per month.
    That’s at Achats most expensive. I spend more than that on a drink down the pub in a night!

    Buy A$10,000, save 40% (for $39.95 or £35.18 or Euro 40.47) and it costs even less and works out as USD $3.33 or £2.93 or Euro 3.37 per month – That’s the cost of a cup of coffee at a coffee shop or if you prefer supermarket prices – a cup of coffee and a sandwich.
    So remind the e-beggars of that next time they try to squeeze you for A$ and the use of the poses YOU bought.


    hello, this is my first forum post. I have a question about additional gifts for purchasing a premium account. Specifically, I mean the mobile version of the game for a premium purchase for 3 months. Anyone know something more about it? I wrote to the support, but unfortunately I have not received an answer so far, and nowhere can I find information on this topic.


    The mobile version of Achat hasn’t been released as yet but it must be soon as the advised time frame was 3 Months from the beginning of June, this version is assumed to to support existing poses and clothing but has never been advised that it will, in my mind it should do, Achat are not quick in replying to support requests but from my experience do eventually. Wait and see I guess is the best I can invisage


    Hi Sweet Teen, welcome to Forum.

    Michelle is right.. no one knows anything other that what Achat has advertised on the Home Page.

    If you do get a reply from SUPPORT, please would you update this topic so we all know… thanks

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