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    Ok no problem.
    I cant see a url in your image brackets in post above. Not sure if in error or intentional.

    We use IMGUR to get a http address for your pics and images. Its also free and easy to use.
    Dont forget to “hide” your pics or albums.


    Due to changes in IMGUR rules, explicit pics are no longer accepted. Its still a good host for non-porn pics,

    We Use imgbox site for your naughty porn / explicit pics. It is free to join and use.

    Here’s JessiCapri’s instructions, which are easy to follow.

    OR .gif

    To Post a pic or gif.

    Follow these simple steps and use the “insert image” code as instructed below.

    IMPORTANT Make sure your pic URL (Unique Reference Link) ends in .png OR .jpeg OR .jpg OR .gif
    This is the image / gif code for this forum. It is important so that forum recognises it as an image or gif to show.

    If your URL does not end in this way, no worries, just click on the pic you want to use, to enlarge it, then right click on the image and a drop down menu appears. Choose the option “Copy image address”. That will copy the correct URL code for this forum into your clipboard (temporary memory) and then just paste it in the topic as instructed below.

    Step by Step Guide by JessiCapri

    Ok. This is what I do.

    Step by Step

    1. Find a pic you wish to use and put it in IMGUR or IMGBOX
    Please NOTE – IMGUR no longer allow explicit pics or porn. Use imgbox instead for your naughty pics.

    2. Locate the topic and copy and paste this into it exactly as you see here. <img src=”

    3. Go to Imgur or Imgbox and copy the URL for the pic.

    4. Return to the topic and right after <img src=” copy and paste the URL in
    Ensure your pic URL (Unique Reference Link) ends in .jpeg OR .png OR .jpg OR .gif – this is the image / gif code that forum needs to recognise it as a pic or gif to show.
    To get the URL, enlarge the pic you want, right click on the image and choose “copy image address” or “Copy video address” for gifs from the drop down menu.

    (This forum does not recognise MP4 videos. They will need to be converted to gifs.)

    5. Then, immediately after the URL copy and paste this: “/>

    6. Hit Submit.

    7 If your post does not show refresh.

    If your pic is surrounded by a grey frame, its most likely because you have not used the “insert image” code shown above.
    Sometimes these grey framed pics will show in the topics, sometimes they disappear into the forum black hole.

    To get rid of the unwanted grey frame…. copy the “insert image” bracket code above into your Reply box,
    then right click on your actual pic and click on “copy image address” from the drop down menu….
    (the URL has to end in .jpeg, .jpg or .png for the pic to show in this forum.)
    Then go to forum reply box and paste (ctrl+V) between the “insert image” brackets, just like above.
    Your pic should show great now in this forum after you click the “Submit” button.

    Please remember, you can only post one link/pic per post.
    Good Luck and Happy Posting.

Viewing 631 post (of 631 total)
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