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Editing cloth textures

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    Hello Everyone!

    I'm curious, does anyone like it not necessarily erotic clothing?

    Thanks opinions!


    Hello Windera,
    Welcome to Forum and what an amazing first post.  Good on ya!

    From a guys point of view, the dresses look great to me. 

    I always think a sexy little back chain is hot too but of course, that up to you as a designer.

    I hope they get accepted and see them in the shop soon.  Good luck



    I think they look wonderful. I hope they get added to the shop. I was just commenting this evening how much I wish there were more blue dresses.

    Welcome to the forums.


    They are perfect Windera.  Thank you for not making them so very short!!

    I hope to find them in the shop soon!


    Those dresses are great Windera   
    Nice to see the slightly longer length too…we need more of those.
    I'll definitely buy at least one when they're available.

    A little request though…any chance of some pale pastel colours?

    Fantastic work…hope to see lots more.

    Oh…and WELCOME to the Forum   


    Thank you very much to everyone for the positive criticism!  :-*

    I read in the forum that several people have written, want more non-sex clothes, and also one from which their butts do not flash  That's why I made it.
    I sent it to support, no response. I also sent it to a week later, but no feedback was received.

    Stone Thanks for the advice. I will definitely open a thread for this because I would be happy to make even more clothes.
    But is it hard to work many, many hours without knowing whether to accept it or not? People have different tastes and I have seen a lot of requests in the forum.

    Sonia Yes. If the support accepts my work, I will be happy to make it in several colors, including pastel colors.


    Started dabbling around with the cloth editor a bit…

    starting with something simple, that I would like myself. In this case a bolo tie. I think I Have the basic shape and blocking right, now have to add height  map and I'm sure also make a few minor corrections.

    Here is what I have so far…

    Any comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


    Boo I think it's great!!  I just recently posted in another thread with you in mind (haha) as we need someone who knows how to create new meshes.  This is great and I am sure V would wear it as well.


    I would certainly wear it. Are you able to do a red dragon design on it?

    Also we definitely need more longer coloured ties and shirts for our suits. 

    Its great you can design these things. Hope they are in the shops soon.


    Thanks Vaughan and Jessy. Once this get approved I can make more variations on it. I'm sure a dragon motif will be no problem. Then next I'll see if I can make a longer tie and colored/patterned men's shirts.

    Baby steps for now until I learn how to run 


    Haha, that's great Boo.
    Good luck in your new ventures and I'm sure members will keep you super busy with their requests.


    Very nice Boo I will certainly pick it up. It's time to have some new variations to the limited men clothing.

    Keep up the excellent work.


    Thanks Bear, I'll do what I can .


    Hello everyone,

    I don't have access to editing texture on the game.
    I see just a puzzle icon for “User created contents” and in “Start Cloth Editor” there are only one choice of clothe and I don't find how to change form, color, texture…

    Someone can help me please ?

    Thank you



    To find the Clothing Editor,  you click on the jigsaw (Puzzle) piece  BEFORE you log into the game.  This jigsaw icon – User Created Content –  is located bottom right.

    Then choose the Tile – “Start Cloth Editor

    It then opens up to a page and programme to create your designs.

    Achat have provided help for members on how it works by clicking on the question mark surrounded by a circle bottom right.  It leads you to here.

    Good luck.

Viewing 15 posts - 661 through 675 (of 688 total)
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