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Editing cloth textures

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    Thank you very much Vaughan 


    My first try



    Beautiful!!  I would buy it.  I hope it makes it into the shop soon!!

    Great job!!



    Thats great.  You should open your own topic/boutique in Artists Alley to show off all your work.
    I hope  we see your designs in the shops soon.

    Good Luck to you.


    Thank you for your return

    I do some design before to create a post in Artists Alley.
    Unfortunally there are not a lot clothes choice for make some models in the Start Cloth Editor.

    I have try to type tex on the offline mode but it don't work.

    I have send the files to and will see…


    how long dos it tack to hire back from achat about your close


    Hello Swann88,

    Welcome to Forum.

    Achat can take time in replying due to them working on the new updates that are advertised on their Achat Home Web Page.
    Hopefully they will contact you soon and we will see your designs in the Achat Shop.

    Have you thought about opening a topic in Artists Alley section of Forum to show off your designs too?


    Hello, I am new to achat but I have some design experience. I’d love to do different make up styles. Applying make up to the eyes and face isn’t a problem but it won’t let me change the default red lipstick?? It seems to be on another layer? However I did see some make up in the store with different lipstick colors, so it must be possible somehow right? Could anyone shed a light on this? It would be very much appreciated!


    Hi Chikamala,
    Welcome to Achat and to Achat’s forum.

    As far as I am aware, lipsticks on the ladies are not individual, they come as part of a face set, so the eyes and lips are together when you do your designs.
    I know some of the designers have incorporated beauty spots and nose piercings when doing make ups and another designer made eye masks.

    I’m not sure if that helps answer your question.

    Maybe one of our designers who have done some make ups can help answer you too.

    Glad you are aboard and hope to see some of your designs in the Achat shop soon.
    (Please be aware that from the time of Achat Acceptance to being available in the shop is approximately 5 months)



    Can anyone tell me where to find the file ?
    I cannot find it
    the download link provided on this forum seems to be a dead link

    thank you


    and how is it possible to remove heels from shoes models ?
    3d editing ?


    Hi Bull,
    Good to see you posting again.

    As far as I am aware, Achat have not released the map for the men’s shoes.
    Designers have included women’s shoes in their outfits, so they must be available. I would suggest you contact the active designers in the game to find out how to get access to the women’s shoes map.

    The women’s shoes and boots are all heeled. The Women’s avatars even stand on their toes when shoeless. I do not think it is possible therefore to make flat shoes for the ladies.
    Hope this helps.


    Hey Bullrun did you ever get the uv files? The links are dead and I would like to download them, if anyone has them lmk and I’ll send an email address.

Viewing 13 posts - 676 through 688 (of 688 total)
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