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    You would need many sheriffs for a game which is going 24 hours. So no, it never has been mentioned and I don't think AChat will pay people for this. If someone is too rude, you can report him


    Well okay then………I was just joking!!!


    These idiots thrive on disrupting you and your friends and your chat. 

    Simple solution – take their power away.

    1.  Dont converse with these sados –  use your ignore facility.  This stops you hearing their stupid chatter and insults.  I believe is also blocks cold invites.

    2.  If on your own turn your back on them until they leave.

    3.  If in a group,  just form a circle, facing inwards or to each other so the culprit is shut off from the group and outside your circle.

    4.  They will get bored and in any language, they will understand – you are not interested in anything they say or do now as they are far too rude.

    5. Enjoy the game with your friends.


    Ignore List. Better Ignore List Option

    Hello People

    I want sugest a upgrade to Ignore List options. I think is a good idea the Ignore options work in two ways. If the Ignored user cannot receive or read our messages will be great. Not just us.
    I think it will be good and solve some problems.

    Thank you very much

    Kisses All


    You are right cassianna, ignore now is useless, it need to be more stronger such as two ways or even invisible


    An Invisible Ignore List feature would be great.
    Harassment would stop and spy avatars would be useless.
    But it may be hard to implement.
    A two way Ignore may be easier and quicker.


    agree cassianna  i understand  they couldnt got a better ignore system . but like i dont want  to hear people  i ignor, i dont want  he couldnt hear what say too. good remark.


    Moderators in Cities

    I was in the Amsterdam city last night (4 Sept 2023) and witnessed some appalling behavior from a user that was harassing female users and say nasty, racist and trollish things. I realized that there is no report button when in the cities. There should be a way to report such behavior, and as well, someone should be a moderator in the city that when such behavior occurs, the mod can kick them out of the city. I would love to hear thoughts and opinions on this


    Hi Apollo,
    Welcome back to forum.

    I hope whoever the abuse was directed at, recorded the bad behaviour and reported it so the offenders can be banned.

    Rather than a Moderator, I think that everyone should have an ignore button, that “poofs” the offenders out of your VL completely. That way no one can see or hear the rubbish they spout.

    Moderators would need to be around the public rooms 24/7 and then could be accused of taking sides or abusing their powers.

    Everyone having a personal ignore and “poof” button would solve that issue and give victims the power and satisfaction of dealing with the matter there and then.
    Later on, when things had calmed down, they could always remove the “ignore” for second chances if they wished.

    Persistent offenders would find Achat very empty.


    Hopefully you had Log all Chat Messages enabled. This is in settings, it is then easy to find in there. You can also open the log in settings as well.

    Copy all of the offending dialogue.

    Then, instead of pasting it all in here when reporting this person, go to a Website called Pastebin. (You don’t have to even make an account).

    Paste all offending material there and copy the link. This link can then can be given to support as proof when you file the complaint.

    Also a Screen Shot might help too for more proof. More tricky if not used to it.

    Hope this helps.


    I had to report someone yesterday.. (this morning hehe), he was pestering people with racist comments in Amsterdam.

    And tried to use Pastebin for the log. I was warned because of the language that I could only select the Private option. This is really no good for reporting such people because then only I can see what I pasted.

    So, if there is any language (racist or otherwise) then Pastebin is really not an option.

    I had to just copy some of the offending text and send it with an explanation to support.

    Anyway, I received a message from support today to say that this person was banned.


    Ignore is useless

    I can still see them in any of the worlds and the search box.
    Even worse, they’re still eligible for matching in blind dates.
    This needs fixing bad.


    Hi ChloeDahl,
    Welcome to forum. Please look around our forum and post any other views and ideas you may have, or you could just even post your favourite song.
    There is a topic for most things and if there isnt, just open a topic yourself.

    The ignore button is a bit strange in Achat.
    Basically it just stops the offender interrupting your chat. You can still see the avatar and he/she can still stand in front of you to be a nuisance.
    If this happens, just take screen shots and send to Achat Support. Achat will ban offenders.

    If you are in a group of people just turn around and place your backs to the offender and carry on chatting as normal so they cant annoy you any more.
    If you are in a couple, just dance for awhile so they cannot interrupt your chat or stand in the way.

    Achat has been asked many times to allow the ignore button to make the offender disappear from your game too but as yet, this has not happened.
    We hope that it will happen in the future.

    Max Alefz

    according to the ignore list… very correct interesting ideas were shown here.

    I would also like to see – not only a list of players – who have been blocked by me… but also another list – who have blocked me.
    This would significantly improve the convenience of the game, and allow you not to waste time on strange people)


    There’s another interesting quirk with the ignore button that most people probably don’t even know: it doesn’t work AT ALL in poker…if you ignore someone and you both play poker, they can talk to you and YOU WILL SEE THE MESSAGES! There’s no designation that you ignored them in poker

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 109 total)
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