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    QUOTE FROM Apollo13Nut: “There’s another interesting quirk with the ignore button that most people probably don’t even know: it doesn’t work AT ALL in poker…if you ignore someone and you both play poker, they can talk to you and YOU WILL SEE THE MESSAGES! There’s no designation that you ignored them in poker”

    @ apollo13nut
    I didnt know that. Thanks for sharing.


    Ignore Button has been upgraded and vastly improved

    Ignored users now only show as stick figure outlines and their names display as “Ignored(username)”

    If someone is ignoring you they will also display as stick figure outline and you can no longer see their name at all. The text simply reads “User is ignoring you”.

    Adding this after a quick test – Users that you have ignored can no longer hear YOU.

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    Thanks for update Brit3434. Nice work.

    This is a great upgrade Achat. Thank You.
    I’m sure a lot of the issues experienced in Achat and in particular the public meeting rooms will easily be resolved now and of course cut down on Achats workload to ban people.

    Ignoring players will hopefully also naturally improve behaviours. Trolls will just continually be ignored, until their behaviour improves.

    Is anyone able to check if the Poker room issue is also resolved and members can now be ignored there too?


    Hello im a new player, started playing 2 weeks ago give or take, and here is why ignore button still needs an improvements:

    Some of the examples of ignore buttons being abused that happened to me or my friends, or just people we meet:

    A high level person giving “cold” invite to a lower level person, lower level person being polite and explaining to a higher level person why “cold invites” arent working, then high level person continues to spam cold invites and after getting rejected few times, proceeds to put a “low level” person on ignore.

    High level person putting somebody on ignore without even talking to them, or cause of a shirt color, or a name.

    High level person going around harassing people without a valid reason and looking for a fight and people to put on ignore list, asking people which country they are from and putting them on ignore based on that???

    I feel like people are abusing ignore button too much, even for a small or petty reasons, for me honestly its ruining the immersion seeing “black shadows” “user ignoring you”.

    I think its not healthy for a long term of the game, and situation will only get worse…Dont get me wrong ignore should exist, but “black shadows”(check screenshots in a post above) is a game breaker in my opinion.

Viewing 4 posts - 106 through 109 (of 109 total)
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