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Masturbation During Pole and Lap Dances !!!

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    Hi there!  I lovvvvvvvvvvve dancing for my men on the new pole poses, and also enjoy the classic lap dance poses!  However, many of my men have told me that they wish they could jack off while watching me!  Is there a way to add an “action” choice where they can whip it out and jack off for me when I dance?  Thanks AChat!!! ~  Jiggle


    Well not a bad suggestion at all…but what about when rub cock between butt cheeks and cum over lil sexy ass ? 


    I agree Jiggle33 I thought it strange not to have the option to play a bit with myself there during the dance pose, are we restricted on the pole dance too? (jeez has been quit awhile since I have been on and roomed)


    Thanks my Jiggles, I think this is a great suggestions. I feel a bit “action-less” with those poses and I am sure I am not the only one….


    Would be fun if a guy could growl and chase me to bed after some dancing.



    you'd have to strap me to the chair Adera…


    Well why not an action were she can sit on us… or in other term we can have sit with us in her….LOL
    Nice way of energising the dance, transforming desire to sexual reality with sitting penetration and kisses……


    Dear strat…..u have this option in the “slow lap dance”! u must try to mix them to give to your partner a really good pleasure!


    well i masturbate enough for me and my avatar


    all u guys suggestions, are good ones, hehe
    they need to add those actions to the dance poses.


    Me too, I love to lap and pole dance. But when you look at the pics the demo always has lingerie on. When I hit the button, all of  a sudden I am naked. Not that I am complaining, but would like not to go from a sexy outfit to stark naked in one motion. Wonder why they advertise it that way.

    Would also love more sexy motions for talking in street cloths.  Maybe some rubbing the tits, thigh or even ass.  Maybe take some of the charecter editor poses and put them into  the streat talk part.


    Agree. More foreplay with clothes on would mean a higher level here.
    Same with some sex actions… a few of them also would be great with clothes on, though I know it's hard to do, cause it depends on the clothes.



      I agree with all of this.  It's just my opinion, but you can't have too much foreplay… and I would love to watch my lover stroking himself, or herself while I dance for them, or they dance for me.  Hopefully they will add more actions to the two dance moves. 

    Thanks for letting me share,


    it scarce me that i have not the options females have for instant kissing passionate. perhaps  wanking to show my partner how she,s exciting me would be nice too.only the blowkiss or reaching out the arms isn,t enough. i wanna show my partner what i feel and options how in the other foreplayscenes like yawning etc. are not helpful in


    I agree with all members here mmm , it would be nice to see your partner masturbating at your pole and lap dances as it would help inspire and encourage the hot talk. In addition, on the dance'rs actions  i'd like to see a 2 handed butt and tities fondle so they still have control of the foreplay and tease. Drive them wild for hot jungle sex after…. hehe.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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