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Masturbation During Pole and Lap Dances !!!

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    I think it's been mentioned in other threads, but bares mentioning here (pun intended).Strip tease actions would be an awesome addition to the lap/pole dance poses. If not there, a strip tease pose would be a great option to have. Also being able to slowly undress your partner would be an awesome addition to our fantasy world. Of course disrobing actions for both partners to perform, maybe a change role button like in groups would be easier to implement. but allowing both to perform would be best IMO…


    Though I agree with the strip, it might be the same problem as with asome other wishful things – a question of reprogramming the whole system. But as it's possible to have poses with street clothes and some with sex clothes, a small beginning could be to add two special poses:
    In the first one, the dancer is wearing street clothes and in the other one she is wearing sex clothes.
    Or separat all the actions to one of the dressinf styles.


    I agree we need more action in the dance poses i feel like im letting my partner down by just sitting there doing next to nothing


    Pals, tell me if this can be a solution or not for the strip pose:

    what about if the dev-team gonna create this pose including a specific set of clothes directly inside it!? they can work on animation whit a preset stuff, so don't need to look at every clothes we have now and adjust pose movement.

    not so funny in long term maybe (it's like eating the same meal every day!) but it can be soooo interessing and we can finally have it!


    I think it’s all been said so I will just agree. I would love to see the guy masturbating. More touching me like when I put my leg up. Sitting in his lap and doing a bottom grind. I also agree I seem to make a huge jump from dressed to sex cloths. Stripping would be awesome. I am new here and I am having a great time there are some really sweet guys and women.


    I do enjoy the dancing poses but for my taste they are a bit too much just “foreplay”. I would like the guy who watches me to masturbate, oh that would encourage me! And if possible I would like an option to masturbate in front of him too, maybe with a dildo or just giving him a nice view with my legs and pussy spread open. You think this could work and would be fun?


    I agree the men need to be able to do more then just sit there.  Needs to be updated


    I agree, when I dance for my man, I want to drive him wild, I want him to touch himself as I tease him with my slow seductive dance moves. I want him hot and flustered and driven to distraction to all else in the room except me and the private dance I am giving him  and at the end,  when I finally sit on his lap to give him that deep and meaningful kiss …  it would be nice for him to be able to finger me and… for me to do a seductively slow wank .

    Now that would be a fabulous upgrade to the lap dance pose … and the pole dance too,  and come to think of it .. I would like a Belly Dance pose too with similar moves…

    After all girls, these poses are our foreplay moves .. to show the guys we can strut our stuff..  and to see them wank over us, is what we want too..


    To be honest, this isn't a great problem for me……yes, it can be an hot update, but i don't see the urge for it! this is a way to seduce your partner and the best way is to make him (or her) stay focused on you and think to nothing then you!
    If somene is dancing for me, i prefer to focus my attention on her curves moving slow at the rythm of the music….sure, it can happen to feel the urge to touch my self if i'm very excited, but let me say it doesn't happend really often that but doesn't mean i'm not pleased by the show….
    at last, in the slow lap dance (that all of you call simply “lap dance”) it's the dancer the one who have contro, not the watcher!

    Anyway, sure the two poses need upgrade, i hate when between two option the dancer will move oback on the original position and this is the worst thing….every others option, for me, are just a plus!
    And to tell an option i can like in them……the one sitting in the sofa can lay back the head and the dancer can walk behind and rub chest and face and, why not, kiss in this position!


    Indeed adding a masturbating action of the watching one should be great but what will be better will be some masturbation actions of the dancer

    Not my fault, I'm definitively found of seeing my partner playing with herself… :p


    That WOuld Be Great. Id LOVE To See That Pose !!

                                        – PLEASE CONTINUE IMPROVING THIS DELICIOUS ACHAT GAME-




    you'd have to strap me to the chair Adera…

    I think it would be better if your tied to the chair anyway… Naughty Tight.

    Anyway because its more personal I don't see any reason why not having a masturbate option its not like its a club. How about having the option for the pants on or off as a female decision in the pose. That way we have more of a tease and once they are off new options are available. I could think of a few poses that would fit.

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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