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Meeting Place Date Game

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    Chaz1234 is in.


    The draw for the Meeting Places Dates Game has been drawn

    Its was drawn by Tangoracer and over looked by Jingerbird, All the dates here as they where drawn 

    ROUND ONE of the dates are as follows the Giver of the date is the name on the left Have fun and don't forget to write and post about your date                    :     

    GIVER                             RECEIVER
    1. Jayc                            – xShezawolfx
    2. FrazerB                        – ItsAmy123
    3. Lover                           – Momma_andrea
    4. Vaughan                       – Jingerbird
    5. ForbiddenAdam             – Lydiarose
    6. martinus                      – Marlie
    7. DIRKDARRING1             – Solana
    8. icebox                         – Karencitaaa
    9. Zoerink                       – Jade_kali
    10. Chaz1234                     – stone
    11. Honeybatcher               – striperalla
    12. Ecky                           – Brandybee
    13. Fisher316                     – ForbiddenEve
    14. foxman57                    – Sue3832
    15. Tangoracer                  – Nat33
    16. Mandingo14                  – Samantha97
    17. Tangoracer                   – Anatasia97
    18. Mrgoodbar                   – Jaynie
    19.  Jeff66                         – Peeka 

    ROUND TWO of the dates are as follows the Giver of the date is the name on the left Have fun and don't forget to write and post about your date                  :     

    GIVER                           RECEIVER
    1. xShezawolfx                 – DIRKDARRING1
    2. Lydiarose                      -Mrgoodbar
    3. Sue3832                       -Jayc
    4. Samantha97                  -Lover
    5. Brandybee                     -ForbiddenAdam
    6. Anatasia 97                    -FazerB
    7. Solana                          -Honeybatcher
    8. Stone                            -Fisher316
    9. Jingerbird                      -Ecky
    10. Jade_Kali                      -Chaz1234
    11. Momma_andrea             -Mandingo14
    12. Jaynie                          -martinus
    13. Karencitaaa                   -Zoerink
    14. Striperalla                      – Vaughan
    15. ItsAmy123                    -Tangoracer
    16. ForbiddenEve                -Jeff66
    17. Peeka                          – foxman57
    18. Marlie                          -icebox 
    19. Nat33                          -tangoracer

    A. Time for the dates to start have fun everyone and play nice     
    B. Can each couple contact their allotted partner and arrange their date at a mutually convenient time.
    C. We look forward to reading your date report.
    D. Please post it in this topic.
    E. Thank for participating and Have Fun Everyone.


    GIVER                              RECEIVER

    12. Ecky                          – Brandybee
    5. Brandybee                    -ForbiddenAdam

    Hi guys,

    I have PM'd you both,  messaged here & in the game.

    Ecky,  looks like I have drawn you for a wonderful foot massage  (Hot Legs & Feet Pose).  Let me know when you are free and limber up those fingers      Please conntact me by PM here.

    ForbiddenAdam,  I dont know you, but you have drawn me for a lapdance.  Let me know your availability for our date.  Please contact me by PM here to set it up 


    GIVER                             RECEIVER
    15. Tangoracer                  – Nat33

    GIVER                             RECEIVER

    19. Nat33                           – Tangoracer

    Hello Gentlemen,

    I had the great pleasure to “pull” you in draw 
    So tell me when it suits you to meet me by contacting me in game or by PM in the forum.
    Don't forget to learn French first 

    Bises  :-*

    Edit: I've made a mistake it's Tango twice for me  😮


    GIVER                          RECEIVER
    6 Anatasia97                – Frazier

    Hello, I drew Frazer in round two of the game. Happened to see him online and so we decided to go ahead date yestaerday.

    We start ed out with a dance and chat, until we were ready for the prize porton of the date.
    Frazer is a nice gentleman and was, patient throughout the entire date, I preformed a lap dance for him,
    and even did a few turns on the pole dance for him. and although I was the giver in this date,
    he was kind enough to give me a very nice massage,
    frazer would be a good catch for any of you ladies out there looking for a good man.

    I think we both had fun, I know i enjoyed myself. Can't wait to see what happens in the next date. and future games.


    GIVER                                      RECEIVER

    5 ForbidenAdam                      -lydiarose

                    GIVER                        RECEIVER

          2 lydiarose                        Mrgoodbar

    if ye could let me know time and date that suites ye here or pm me or if you see me in game
    just come up and we can chat about it


    Please remove me from this game. I will not be taking any part in any of it


    OPS Kids, all fine in the Kindergarten ?

    : : : : :


    GIVER                            RECEIVER
    11. Honeybatcher              – striperalla
    7. Solana                          -Honeybatcher

    Honeybatcher                striperalla
    well this will be my first experience with Shemale…….if she is online sometime/anytime
    but i allready have everything ready just need to have a blust…..

    Solana                          Honeybatcher
    This lovely lady i know…. the only problem i don't know what to receive from her………..cause i love to do the treating part! And the only thing i can think of is maybe a warm soft massage……..hope i catch you online soon:)


    on  Sunday the names were picked for the meeting room date game .The results were out. I was excited to find out how i fair in the drawing , i went to learn my faith… i was chosen  Stone for the first date she to be the giver and for the 2nd date forever-eve will be the receiver i think that i made out very well with both choices and i was extremely  happy …
      i had met stone with her spouse Jayc in the meeting room the previous day thus giving us a little time to get aquianted before our date the next day. its Monday evening i 'm in the meeting place waiting foe Stone to arrive for our date ,feeling kinda nervous about our date i asked Solana for a dance help to calm me ., Stone arrives on time for our date taping me on my shoulder announcing she was ready to proceed with our date . Stones asks weather I  like to go to her place or mine , i said i bought some wine so id prefer my place we drove together heading to my place to begin our date i was quite nervous on the ride to my place because i did not know what to expect . Stone and I chatted back and forth the whole ride to  my apt, her making me bit relaxed and very comfortable.  after arriving back to my apt the wine chilling on ice, the lights dimmed low , a total romantic atmosphere. after chatting and several glasses of wine was now time for stone to fulfill her obligation of the date she requested she give me a lap dance which i had no objection at all about, as she proceeded to place her cd of i put a spell on you  in to the player. the music began . At this point i was extremely excited because stone was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. Stone rises slowly  begins removing her dress letting it hit the floor my eyes were fixated on her beauty and the outfit she chose to wear it was a sexy red matching bra and  string pantie set ,Stone stood in front of me swaying her body and wiggling her hips to the music teasing pleasing and exciting me with ever beat of the music, when she placed her smooth leg on my shoulder  she had me squirming in my place it was a very sexy and respectable lap dance that turned me on like you could not believe,as i promised Stone id rate her on her performance hands down stone was a big 10 with out a dought… guys i fared extremely well with this date with Stone, she was very funny intresting vibrant sexy and a lady !!! jay is one lucky guy to have her in his life ,thank you STONE  for the wonderful date i truly enjoyed meeting you …fish…..


    Giver:  Foxman57                          Receiver:  Sue3832

    I was excited and a bit nervous about my first date.  I was delighted that my fist date was with someone that I knew from a friend and that eased my nervousness. 

    I met Fox in the Winter Room after my weekend with the girls in Chicago.  I was quite tired and literally exhausted from the trip.  Fox invited me to his Yacht for a  drink, and dance.  We chatted and drank some wine of a very good vintage.  After talking about various topics, we danced to some soft music.  I was beginning to relax and enjoy the date.  Fox then proceeded to massage my feet and legs which instantly put me in a relaxed mode.  He then proceeded to massage and scratch my back.   I was very relaxed after the busy and hectic weekend.  We finished with a leg massage and I was ready for a long nights sleep.   I thoroughly enjoyed the date with fox and now look forward to my date with Jayc.   

    Thanks for the event.   Sue


    GIVER                                       RECEIVER

    5 ForbidenAdam                       -lydiarose

                    GIVER                         RECEIVER

          2 lydiarose                         Mrgoodbar

    if ye could let me know time and date that suites ye here or pm me or if you see me in game
    just come up and we can chat about it


    Lydiarose look forward to our date and I will look for you in meeting place to set it up with you when I see you on hun. Will be nice chance for me to get to know you a little better look forward to it G


    I was the giver and sue was the reciever
    All I can say is THANK YOU Sue. It was wonderful, your a very sweet and beautiful lady.
    We started with a foot massage and then we had a great dance, we enjoyed each others company over some good wine and got to know each other more. Gave her some more massage to help her relax a little more. Then we danced some more and LORD what a great time. I hope she enjoyed our date as much as I did. What a WONDERFUL lady. Thank you Sue.
    And thank you Tango for having this event. It's great

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 74 total)
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