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    DATE GIVER Sue3832      DATE RECEIVER jayc

    I met up with Sue at the winter meeting place and suggested we go the loft near by. Sue was a tad nervous when she arrived but a glass of wine eased up the tension. Over wine we got to know each other a bit better discussing our careers and mutual friends. 45 minutes later Sue took a deep breath and said she was ready to dance. Sue chose the Bond theme song “for your eyes only” the song began and  Sue emerged from the bathroom wearing some sexy black stockings and sheer black lingerie,  very nice indeed After a smoldering performance i rose to my feet and shared a slow dance with her.  the wine gone and the hour getting late, we said our good byes.

    Sue is very friendly, intelligent and can carry a conversation, in other words a great date and a gem in the achat community. 

    Thanks Sue for a lovely date and i look forward to future chats at the meeting place.     



    Giver:  Sue                    Receiver:  Jayc

    While walking through the Winter Meeting Place, I noticed Jayc talking with a group of people.  I was hoping to find him there since we had exchanged messages with options outlining possible meeting times.  Our work and personal schedules made this date a difficult one to arrange.  I walked over and introduced myself, joining in the conversation. My first impression of Jayc was very good, noticing that his mannerisms were polite and friendly.  We continued to chat there for a while with friends, then he asked me to join him in his loft apartment.  I agreed and went nervously with him.  Jayc is a perfect gentleman and was very polite and courteous during our date.  Realizing that I was nervous, he offered me a drink to calm my nerves.   We sat and talked about various topics and his role in the forums.  Ideas were exchanged.  We also chatted about our professions and experiences in real life and in the Achat community.  45 minutes later, I was comfortable enough to offer a lap dance.   I chose “For Your Eyes Only” for the background music while wearing a sheer black party dress hoping to be modest yet sensual.   With the help of Jayc, I managed to entertain him for a respectable amount of time.  We both enjoyed the situation.  After the lap dance, we slow danced and continued our conversation.  The conversation was very interesting, full of facts about the world and a very enjoyable experience.  We ended with a kiss of friendship and mutual respect.

    Jayc's relationship with Stone is strong and affectionate.  I envy them.  I am proud to have met Jayc and hope to meet Stone soon.  Thanks to everyone for organizing the dating event and a special thanks to Jayc for a very enjoyable date.


    Hi Tango, let me know when your not busy, if you still want to carry out our date, i know your busy with all the other dates,
    if its to much i understand., just let me know what you want to do..


    Hi Anatasia

    I would love to do my date with you      Next time I see you in the Meeting Place I will come and chat to sort out a time to do the date   


    Hello, i will be here some days, so i can do my dates

    GIVER                             RECEIVER

    Zoerink                       – Jade_kali


    GIVER                             RECEIVER

    Karencitaaa                   Zoerink

    So, Karencita and Jade Kali… hope to see you around!!!

    Message sent to both of them…


    GIVER                   RECEIVER
    Zoerink                                               – Jade_kali

    My date with Jade_kali as a giver

    Its a cold wednesday night in the meeting place, the air is frozen and the snow falls off our heads. I have two Meeting Places dates to do, and in the street i see Mrs. Jade_kali. I check the forum and yes, i have to give her a massage, so i walk in her direction and ask for her plans for this cold night in the meeting place.

    – “Hello Jade, we have to make a date, i have to give you a massage”.
    – “Oh, its you, whenever you want”.

    She answer me ok, whenever i can, so i tell her to do it in this moment. No time to loose, not when i come for some days only, and she was waiting for that so long time.

    We walk over the street, looking the people from achat talking, we go in the way to my loft, it was cold outside, so i decide to put the heat of the flat, and while we drink some spanish red wine, all around us is more confortable, like the chat that we had.

    I excuse myself cause i was out for a time, and she wait some weeks for our date, but after 3 glasses of wine, all is fine, with a good atmosphere, and everything flows in the room, and we undress to get comfortable and start the massage.

    Kali sits in bed, I came up behind and start to give her so soft caresses around her neck and shoulders, so soft, so tender, step by step running my fingers along her cheek, neck, shoulders and arms… then, come up and do the same, but running my fingers along her dorsal spin from the neck to the hips.

    after covering his body with my hands for a while, relax flows through the room, and Jade decides to lie down. Now i touch with strong and power hands her buttocks, thighs, legs and feet, her body was so tense, and now looks relaxed, the massage go in a good way.

    After it, she turn around, and i start to massage her belly and surroundings, her breath come faster… the relax is in the air, the good vibrations too… and after some time, massage is over with a mutual happiness.

    Thank you Jade, it was a pleasure to give you a massage tonight. See you in the meeting place!!!


    What a horrible date.(this should keep the other girls away).
    He was not a gentleman and showed me no respect.(now I can keep him for myself)
    but seriously ….thank you for a wonderful time.
    any girl would be lucky to get you…….luv and kisses!


    Oh damn, i leave tomorrow, and i didnt find my other parner… so as always ( im not lucky in it ) i will finish the meeting date without be a receiver (damn it).

    Anyway, a pleasure like always to be part of all things that make this comunity so funny

    Send you all hugs and kisses, and hope one day i can be who receive a massage



    Giver                                        RECEIVER

    Tangoracer                                                    Nat33

    Standing in the Meeting Place chatting with the usual group I see Nat walking towards use. I greet her with a kiss and we chat for about ten minutes before I ask Nat ” Do you have time for are dates ”

    With a smile she answers ” Yes Tango we can go and do them now if you have time too.”

    We both say see you later to the group and head off to Crystal Lake pulling up at the marina I park the car and walk round opening the door and helping Nat out of her seat. Taking her hand we walk down the jetty and stop when we reach my yacht. I help her walk up the narrow gangplank and onto the deck of the yacht. I give the crow the signal to set off for a gently cruise around the lake.

    Showing Nat into the main lounge of the yacht the craw had already put out the Champagne in the free ice bucket and some Strawberries.
    Nat takes a seat as I poor her a glass of Champagne and dropped a small strawberry into the glass handing her the glass I poor myself one and set next to her. After the second glass of Champagne I smile and  say I think its time was got started with  are dates.

    I get up and get a bowl of warm water and a little bowl with some …………..  In it 
    When I get back Nat had slipped out of her boots and stockings and had lifted her skirt up to let her long legs be all uncovered.
    Kneeling at her feet I take her feet and place them both in the warm bowl of water I add a couple of spoons from the little bowl and let her feet soak for a couple of minutes.

    Taking her left foot out of the bowl I add a little more from the little bowl and start the massage working my finger deep into her soft tissue foot and lower leg only stopping when I reached her knee.
    Changing over to her right leg I start again looking up at her I smile to myself as her head has rolled back  on the sofa and soft moans of pleasure left her lip each time my fingers worked there magic on her leg.

    As my hands reach her knee again her legs open a little letting my hands move up onto her thigh and her moans got a little loader as my hands moved higher up her thigh.  With her legs opening a little more and her I see that she has no panties on and my fingertips just gently rub against her soft skin of her balls.

    I look up to see her looking down at me with a big smile and leaned forward and takes hold of my shoulders and pulls me up and Kisses me deep and passionately or tongues twist and fight each others…………………………………………………………….

    ………………………………………………………………………. two hours later

    The yacht come to a gently halt as we get back to the marina I take  Nat back to the Meeting Place and we Kiss again as we go back and chat with the group   


    My appointment with Tango was superb.
    Luxury yacht.
    French Champagne.
    Magnificent view… and the captain is always the same, a great friend.

    Grosses bises Tango et Jinger  :-*



    Date 1.    Giver –  Brandybee  to  ForbiddenAdam  (Left the game)    Date not completed.

    Date 2.    Giver –  Ecky  to    Brandybee.  Foot Massage.  Date completed.

    The date was set and I was looking forward to my date with Ecky. I knew a little about him, he was exclusive with Jaynie and soon to be spoused and he was a mad pirate who liked mankinis. He was also a Brit and therefore supported England and …  there was there was a match on tonight  England V Holland.

    The fates were shining on me tonight as I arrived on time and he was waiting for me in Winter Wonderland with Jaynie.  We exchanged pleasantries and I assured Jaynie I had more sex clothes on than an Eskimo dressed for winter.  We decided that my loft place was best for our date and we jumped in my car and sped off.

    Ecky had bought his special tool bag and massage kit because I had warned him about long toe nails, fungus feet and webbed toes. I also explained I had had a long day and pampering my feet may make me sleepy.

    I showed him in, turned on the music – an internet radio –  Chloe

    We could both enjoy at the same time and opened a bottle of fine Red Wine from Asda (LOL)

    Ecky was thoughtful and bought a jumbo sized box of Lindt ball chocolates. The idea was to feed me sexily as I drank the plonk and he massaged my hobbit feet.  Errmmm,  well the idea was good but we were both too greedy and scoffed them very unsexily.  The chocolate around Ecky’s  could always be licked off by Jaynie afterwards I supposed!

    We chatted about all sorts of wise things and kept eyeing the football on the TV I had put on in the background. I belted out the England National Anthem while Ecky did the Rooney mime when the game started.

    Ecky was a FANTASTIC masseuse. He removed his trousers so he wouldn’t get oil on them and I did not peek once at his raging 8 inch hard on with a bacon buns tattoo.

    His hands were rough, but just hit the right pressure. He warmed the oil and carefully worshipped from the tips of my corned toes right up my hairy legs to my knobbly knees. He was absolutely divine. He hit the knots, eased the aches and pulled on my joints. All done to perfection.

    Before we knew it, 2 hours had passed in our chat, footy, wine and massage time warp.

    Ecky is funny, charming and an utter gentleman. He is amazing company and obviously knows how to work a girls feet.

    It’s a pity, he is exclusively soon-to-be-spoused-up. I definitely would pimp him out at 10 A$ a time. Mmm  Maybe I can come to a business agreement with Jaynie … lol.

    Thank you for the date Ecky, I had a great time.

    Unfortunately for those who are interested,  England lost.    England 1 – 2 Netherlands.  Grrrr.


    Giver                                        RECEIVER

    Nat33                                                            Tangoracer

    Meeting up with Nat late on a Thursday night we slip out of the Meeting Place and drive into town down to my penthouse.Parking the car in the buildings under ground parking lot.  I get out and open the door for Nat and offer my hand to help her out her long shapely thigh length boots spin our of the door and just give me a quick glimpse of her black panties. As she stands up from the car she pulls her little black leather dress down just to cover the top of her stockings tops. We walk over to the elevator hand in hand chatting  with each other as the door opens we step into the elevator.

    As the elevator take us up the outside of the building I feel Nats hand squeeze hand a little tighter as we get to look out over the town and can see the lake over in the distance. As we reach the penthouse Leave the doors open and I lead Nat to my front door and let her in.

    Taking her into the main living room with the big windows over looking the town, As Nat walks over to the windows and looks out I get the Champagne from the fridge and pour us both a glass.  Knowing Nat was into soft rock music I turn on the stereo and play the CD that was all ready to go. Nat turns and smile at me as I hand her her glass and the music starts to fill the room.

    We move over to the sofa and chat and drink a couple more glasses of Champagne when Heart , All I wanna Do is Make Love to you starts to play Nat leans over and kisses my check and stands up in front of me and start to move to the music.

    She slowly pulls her top up over her head showing me her black bra with her lovely breasts just ready to pop out over the top of it. She throws her top onto the sofa next to me and turns around, bending over she runs her hands up the back of her thighs and lifts  the back of her dress letting me see the back of her thong that shows the shape of her great ass.

    With a little wiggle her dress is at her feet and being kicked out of the way.  She is still bent over  and starts to run her hands up her boots and over the peachy skin of her ass checks just pulling on them as her hands move over them. The thong moves in between her checks and I hear a soft moan from Nat.

    She turns back to face me as her hands move up  and cup her Breasts and with a little flick of her fingers the clip at the front of her bra opened and with a little move her bra was landing in my face. I catch it and cam smell her sweet perfume looking up at her she moves her shoulders making her breast move and sway from side to side.

    I keep my eyes fixed on her breasts as her hands move down and slowly pulls her panties down letting her cock pop out from under them. Her hips move and her cock swings to the music her hands move all over her body as she steps closer to me.

    With a quick flick her leg is on the sofa next to me and she leans forward and kisses my full and deep on the lips. I feel the heat in her kiss as my  tongue  finds hers.

    With her foot still on the sofa she reaches down and pulls my top up over my head and throws it away.  As the song comes to an end Nat drops down onto my lap and we Kiss passionately and I can feel her hard cock pressing against my body. We keep kissing as I feel Nat start to move backwards on my lap. Our kiss breaks as Nat moves down off my lap……………………………………………………………………

    …………………………………………………………….. A Few hours Later I feel a soft kiss on my forehead and hear the soft whisper

    “Merci pour une grande date vous revoir bientôt”   


    Merci Tango, bises… Mwahhhhhh  :-*


    Looks fun…hope to hear soon for the next time you 'll do this game again. Would love to join.

Viewing 14 posts - 61 through 74 (of 74 total)
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