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More poses for us She Males.

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    Janine Dee

    Heck even say 2FM/1 S(F,M,or S)/1 FF would be marvelous too. One of my mantras here is that equal is expecting a great deal since the percentages aren't equal, but wanting the gap a bit narrower is far more reasonable.


    Janine, don't contradict me if I grant you something, we're not an old married couple


    i like that idea, change/switch positions would be a much needed addition to Shemale-Male Actions

    well…that option is not even available for male/female actions *at all* (except with threesomes) so don't hold your breath expecting to see it for shemale actions with either sex


    I'm just saying that in comparison to how long shemales have been available you are doing fairly well for yourselves.

    yes they are 


    Pose Ideas for Dominant Shemale. SF SS SFF SSS SFS

    I play a shemale avatar, and I would love to be able to put other shemales/females in some of the poses the males gets.

    The submissive poses are at the top of my wishlist, including ‘beg’ , ‘handcuffs’, and ‘blowjob’.

    If it’s possible to build those for shemales that would make my experience even sexier!

    I’m saving credits as I feel this request is probably echoed by the community, and in the works.


    Well Kuana your basicly beating an old drum since this is one of many that has requests for such poses. as you will learn the dev team is bias and truely dont listen no matter how many of the non- male/female group can be. And perhaps they are working on it but they are soooooooo slow in doing it. Unless of course your into ''Mankinis'' lol


    HI Kuana, welcome to the forum.
    Though hatcher paints a bleek picture of the development team (I don't disagree hatcher!), there have been ideas that were mentioned on the forum and I believe: the more people the out their wishes, the sooner something will happen. So thanks for your contrinution and post as many ideas as you can.


    If anyone from the dev team is reading this….

    I appreciate that developing new features is always a demand on your time.  Just a though, how much $ would it cost to get these requests programming into the game?  I'm willing to contribute '$A' to fundraiser to get it done because it would improve the gaming experience a lot for me.

    If anyone in the community thinks this sound like a good idea, to help fund the development of these feature, please post a reply expressing interest. 



    What poses do you feel are available for other groups or one-on-ones that strike you as odd that they don't have for Shemales? 

    Example… Male-female BJ… Why can't the male go down on the shemale?

    There's a male-male 69, a shemale-shemale 69, why not a male-shemale 69?

    Can we PLEASE lose the dildo oral in the shemale-female pose?  Or how about adding a NON dildo pose… More money for A-Chat.  Think profit!


    I support this post 100%. i think there needs to be more poses for shemales in one on one and group


    QUOTE _ “Example… Male-female BJ… Why can’t the male go down on the shemale?”

    …and why cant i go down on the man?


    @Pse: Um… hun, there is a bj pose for MS. 😉


    QUOTE ” @Pse: Um… hun, there is a bj pose for MS. 😉 ”

    i know sweetie, 3 actually, but not the one i want 😉


    There is a bj pose, but its forced, I like the one for MF that has alot of interaction.

    Rubbing cocks together kind of interested me in MS hope that comes by in SS


    Yeah, I want some cock rubbing for SS too. 😛

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 676 total)
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