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More poses for us She Males.

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Home Forums Shemales and their lovers in AChat More poses for us She Males.

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    Great Ajame!
    We need more SS poses too!!


    thanks for squatting shemale


    Please,  I  and my spouses need a threesome sex train with SSF . Thanks


    Yea, trans get the real shaft in pose counts. We definitely need more!


      Sorry to burst your bubble about all this Gurls, but I've been posting about this since 15th April 2015.  Not much has changed.  A moderator at the time did an appeal for us some time ago here :-,3848.0.html

      I started a post too, here :-,3688.0.html

      There's been a few new SS poses since 2015, but that's it.  All you have to do is look at the amount of posts and times read to see they are / were popular.

      There has been no MM poses since I've joined either, as far I can remember.


    Wow, Lovers Siesta for SS and SF too.

    Thank you guys.


      Well, a new SS pose.  Lover's Siesta.

      Nice,  Hopefully it's the start of something more.


    There are only 3. This is so bad that dominant TS will probably just stop playing the game after trying it out. If you're only going to release one new pose a month at most you can't always be going by the largest demographic (hetero males). there's a threshold of available poses vs playability of the game. MF has like 100 poses, some of them are very bad. how about instead of thinking about weirder ways for the genitals bend start releasing standard face to face and spooning poses for active shemales. take any of the MS poses that exist and flip the roles around, you're not short on ideas you just need to make them


    I second that .. please consider.


    Not being dominant myself, it's really a no-brainer about making these kind of poses.  I don't see why they can't / don't make them, but I guess it's down to how much time they take and how many people buy them.


    Hopefully many more.
    I've only just returned to Achat after a break of around 18 months. I thought as I logged on that there would be a lot more poses for SS that would have been added in that time. How wrong I was. There are a few, admittedly, but in comparison with other orientations it still seems woefully inadequate.
    We  contribute cash like everyone else, so imho should be on an equal footing as regards poses.

    C'mon Devs…be sweeties and tweak a few knobs and buttons and give us the same as everyone else.


    Definitely more poses needed here. I mean no 69.?  seriously? :'(


    Yeah no 69.

    But we do have a new one,  People have asked for more gentler poses and there it is.  Both for S S and F S, so maybe, this might be something that is going to happen more often…………  Hopefully.  :-*


    I am writing to point out that the 3some SSS is the one with the least poses ever; with just 5 poses which makes it really monotonous, not funny and boring. You could take cues from some MMM or SSF poses to add some more poses and make the whole SSS session at least like the others. All the shemales in the game would be grateful!


    Yeah, Agreed.

    We’ve been trying for along time to get more poses for SS (which we are getting I guess), but the threesome poses are somewhat lacking.

    We tried an appeal back in 2015, Yeah I’ve been round for that long. But, no Threesome poses yet.

Viewing 15 posts - 661 through 675 (of 676 total)
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