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New added clothes to shop. Post pics & reviews to help our members.

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    These elements aren't new per se…maybe just my way of putting them together.   But I like Amy's idea of showing off our outfits!


    Ok, I did quite a bit of mixing and matching here, so bear with me while I break it down!

    Leather Bustier – Sexy Top A$29 (clothing tops and shirts)
    Leather Skirt – Mini Skirt A$19 (clothing skirts and trousers)
    (that's the cheap bit)
    Black stockings with white lace – Marilyn's Fashion Designs -Sexy Outfit A$399 (clothing full sets)
    Shoes – Marilyn's Fashion Designs – Chic Dress A$189 (clothing full sets)
    Panties -Jeanona's Fashion Styles- Sexy Lingerie Set A$379

    Cost of outfit only: A$1015

    Glasses – A$5
    Pearl Necklace -A$499
    Gold Ring with Big Rubin A$99
    Gold Ring with Platinum Carving A$199
    Watch A$179
    Fashion nails $29

    Cost of Accessories only: A$1010

    Body Options:
    Makeup:  A$50
    Black hairstyle: A$429

    Cost of body: A$479

    Cost of entire look: A$2504


    Ok, had time to do another this afternoon!  With special thanks to Robot Boy for posing with me for the pictures! 

    The Outfit:

    Bustier and Panties – Sexy Lingerie Set Purple Satin in Clothing Full Sets (not lingerie!)  A$229
    The Skirt is from – Sexy Costume Set – Jeanona's Fashion Styles A$249
    Stockings- Black Fine Stockings A$15
    Boots are from – Butterfly costume -Tight's Fits A$249

    Cost of Outfit – A$742

    “Sexy” Golden Necklace – A$590
    Gold Watch – A$319
    Large Rubin Ring – A$99
    Gold ring with platinum A$199
    French Manicure A$29
    Black Glasses  A$5

    Cost of Accessories: A$1241

    Makeup A$30
    Black Hairstyle $429

    Total body: A$459

    Total cost of look: A$ 2437

    P.S.  Here's a little peek-a-boo of one my favorite silly little finds in the game.  These are the panties from the Butterfly Costume, I have them peeking out from under the Sleepwear A$279.



    Necklace and gemstones


    Lovely Red Ruby Gemstone  Necklace.

    Would be nice if they make  Blue rhinestone to..


    Did a bedroom look combo…so a bit more simple than a full outfit, although I do mix and match.


    Bra and panties are part of Marilyn's Fashion Design's Luxury Lingerie A$389
    Stockings are from Jeanona's Fashion Styles Sexy Corset Set A$299
    Shoes are from Marilyn's Fashion Designs Sexy Outfit A$399

    Total cost of outfit: A$1077

    Ring with Large Rubin A$99
    Ring with Platinum A$199
    Silver watch with hearts A$179
    Silver hexagon link necklace A$149
    Silver diamond link bracelet A$99
    Butterfly tattoo A$30
    Black Glasses A$129

    Total cost of accessories: A$884

    I used the free makeup option with dark eyes and red lips.

    Total cost of look (excluding hair and nails) A$1961


    I think I have a sickness….  Anyway, here's another, I absolutely love doing this.  God knows I've spent hours playing with my virtual paper doll, now I have yet another reason to do it!  This one is a bit of a more swanky look, for that special night of drinks and dancing.

    The outfit:

    Silver dress -Marilyn's Fashion Designs Sexy Party Dress A$ 299.  (This is in full sets, however you only get the dress)
    Nylons – Pantyhose $19
    Silver shoes -Tight's Fit -20s Costume A$299 (this is a great set, dress, pumps, ankle boots and stockings)

    Total cost of outfit: A$ 617

    The Accessories:

    Ring with Large Rubin A$99
    Ring with Platinum A$199
    Pearl Necklace $499
    Glitter earring $199
    Silver watch with hearts A$ 179
    Silver anklet $99
    French Manicure $29
    two different types of glasses are shown.  Regular Black glasses at A$5, and Sexy glasses, black A$199

    Total cost of accessories:  A$ 1502

    Body Options:
    Two Makeups are shown, the default dark eyes with red lips that's free (with the plain black glasses)
    And a store bought makeup A$30
    Black short hairstyle A$ 149

    Total cost of body A$ 197

    Total cost of look:  A$ 2316

    Although I don't own it, I think this look with be awesome with that ruby necklace that Roxy posted not long ago.


    Next up, a little naughty librarian.

    The outfit:
    Purple sweater over white lace skirt –  Sexy Outfit from Tight's Fits A$219
    White lined stockings – 20s Lingerie Set from Tight's Fits A$299
    White calf boots – Cheerleader costume from Tight's Fits A$199

    Total cost of outfit: A$717

    All of the accessories have been priced in other posts of mine above.

    Long Black Hairstyle A$429
    Moderate make up A$30

    Total cost of body:  A$459

    Cost of look excluding accessories: A$1176


    Really like how you ladies use your talents to show of the clothes in the shop.

    Well done to you and thank you for giving us ideas bout what to wear and buy.


    a more sexy-casual look.

    The Outfit:
    gold and black slinky tank – Pirate Costume (for those who love gold) A$599
    jeans – Net top with jeans from Domino Fashion A$229
    gold Mary Jane shoes – Sexy Party Dress from Marilyn's Fashion Designs A$349
    lacy stockings – Exclusive Stockings black pattern A$49
    sheer black lace panties -Luxury Lingerie Set with black lace A$269

    Total cost of outfit:  A$ 1495


    “sexy” golden necklace A$  590
    gold watch A$ 319
    Large Rubin Ring A$99
    Gold ring with platinum A$199
    French Manicure A$29
    Glasses A$129

    Total cost of accessories: A$1365

    Black Hairstyle (long hair is sexy) A$429
    Makeup  A$50

    Total cost of body:  A$479

    Total Cost of Look:  A$ 3339


    Really like how you ladies use your talents to show of the clothes in the shop.

    Well done to you and thank you for giving us ideas bout what to wear and buy.

    Beautiful editing pictures

    I they are doing a lot of  work  the look great  I know its not so easy to edited  it takes a lot time  layering and png  images
    using a another server to load the photos  …this is why I thought it be nice we have a photo gallery  here  on achat the game

    and then we can add them to the  forum …just a idea

    Great work Amy  &  Misdevious


    oh, actually it's rather easy here, foxy, it doesn't take me long at all once I get the screenshots. 

    check out lightshot -  when you hit printscreen you can select the exact area you want to copy, then either upload it directly for linking or upload and open image only in a new tab to get the direct url for embedding, or download it your pc to host on your own.  Need to save them to later upload to the collage editor.

    Then the collage editor is also super easy,  Just upload your pics, then can chose templates or freeform collage, lots of editing tools available to customize your look.

    Join us!  You have a ton of clothes too!

    p.s. both programs are free.


    thank you  Misdeveouse  I was using  a few other programs  I will try this soon   thank you

    Yes I  have mostly all to  and its a nice past time to work on photos 


    Only problem with lightshot, you aren't allowed to upload pics which show nudity. For pics in this topic it's good, just for other pics in this forum it's pity.


    you can still save them though and host on your own, so not bad even for achat nudity, since you can download to your harddrive.


    Ok….I have a personal obsession with the rockabilly pin up look.  Achat just doesn't have anything close enough really, but I've tried!  Think red, white, blue and black, some animal print.  Think vintage and cherries , polkadots, plaid and sailors. Think rock n roll!  Think high waists, pedal pushers, chunky heels, tulle, and garters!  Think victory rolls, black eyes, red lips and tattoos.  Think drop dead sexy!  I think just a few small tweaks to some styles and we've got it…maybe my next project!

    This is what she things of my attempts!

    The first here is my favorite, where I've done more detail and will describe the accessories.

    The Outfit:

    red and white bra – Sexy Valentine's Day Costume A$199
    blue jean daisy dukes A$19
    white hip girdle with garter stockings – Tight's Fits 20's lingerie set A$299 (the more expensive one isn't as mix and matchable)
    Platform heals-black with red sole A$49

    Cost of outfit:  A$566

    Idea 2:

    The outfit:
    black 'tunic”  Sexy Black dress from Marilyn's Fashion Designs A$229
    leopard print 'hotpants' leggings A$89
    Black Mary Jane heels- lovely uniform (sailor look) A$ 149

    Cost of outfit: A$467

    Ideas 3 and 4.  Not my fave…kind of stretching it.  The first plays off the midriff tied shirt with hotpants, and the 2nd a sailor look

    Number 1:
    tied top -Texas Girl A$219
    hotpants- Sexy Brown Set A$239
    (didn't show shoes but pretty sure I did the black and red platforms from the first look)
    Cost of outfit (minus shoes) A$458

    Outfit 2: 
    Clubwear dress A$129
    white stockings with red bow garter – Sexy costume set from dirtyElena A$319
    (not shown)  red high heeled Mary Jane shoes  (I can't seem to remember which set these came with, but I think it was one of the Mrs Claus style Christmas outfits)

    Cost of outfit: A$448

    Now the body and accessories I did the same throughout the look.  The hair I'm hoping looks like a couple of little barrel rolls.  It's A$149 (short black hairstyle)
    The dark eyed and red lip free make up and default red fingernails are perfect for this look and cost nothing!

    total cost of body A$149

    Accessories too are on the cheap side since rockabilly jewelry is usually fairly simple (good thing since the outfits are loud!)

    I used the free tattoos for the arm and both ankles.
    Silver and rubin earrings A$39
    Black glasses A$129
    free silver necklace
    (optional)  silver anklet:  A$99

    Cost of accessories $168


    I've been meaning to do this outfit post for a while now, thought I'd finally get to it as it seems like I've had the pictures saved for the longest time.  *Chuckles* On a quick side note, I'd like to thank MisDevious for giving this topic a life of it's own & I hope you continue posting.

    There's not much to say about this outfit, other than the fact that it's the newest (and I think first) design released by LisARTS Fashion Design. The picture on the top right, accurately represents this outfit as a whole, with the corset, long dress and stockings. I love the whole look and would recommend it to anyone interested in a sophisticated, classy yet still sexy look. On the bottom right is how I chose to wear what was of the outfit, combining it a pair of simple black panties, heels, and the fish-net revealing top that comes as a part of a set available under Full Sets at a price of A$ 99. I do wish they had released both versions of the skirts the wonderful designer had designed. I would have loved to buy the short-skirt version, as that is more my style. But nonetheless, wonderful release.

    On another brief side note, I really want to thank and give props to the designer of this release for the amazing leggings/tights/stockings that come with the set. I'm in love with the design and I haven't taken such a liking to a release in a long time. Oh & I've had a whole lotta fun with them on.. hehehe :

    I hope you keep designing LisARTS
    & that more of your wonderful designs get released in shop soon.
    Cheers xx
    Total Cost of LisARTS Sexy Costume Set: A$ 439
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