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New added clothes to shop. Post pics & reviews to help our members.

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    This outfit is the perfect way to dress for that special formal date. It looks elegant, sharp and helps to seduce that special lady!

    Shirt & Braces – A$279
    Elegant dark blue suit – A$329
    Black Shoes & Socks- A$49
    Black Tie – A$39
    Black pants – A$39
    TOTAL for Outfit – A$735

    Additional optional extras to complete the look
    Watch – A$219
    Gold Neck Chain – A$699
    Gold Bracelet chain – A$199
    Masters Gold Black Onyx Ring – A$99

    Free items
    Gold Earring
    Wedding Ring.

    Grand Total of outfit with all additional extras – A$1,951

    When your lady looks breathtaking for you, its worth the reaction to make the effort too.

    Sexy Gold dress by Pamela_1 A$379

    I would certainly like more plain coloured shirts that tucked into the suit trousers to show off belts and more patterned but 1 colour ties. This would enable suit wearers to mix and match. It would be great if sock colours could match the tie colours.


    $569 Sexy Dress by Bree Style – Over priced but so chique, Bree told me she spent many hours perfecting the garment and is so evident when you wear it so much in vogue, her Italian e-sign blossoms luxury translucent pink and black lace in my case the blue embroidered hem derived from an almost French feel, thank you Bree for making yet another perfect cute dress💘

    Also showing Emmanuel makeup, I’m sorry @ $249 steer towards Cammey’s that I’m wearing, original make-up that is significantly less I think, it’s awful sorry not normally this frank


    New outfit by Archimede.

    All I can say is Wowser. Leather, corset (In My Opinion). Two words that really should always be joined together.

    Is it bondage style ? Yeah I think it is. You might think differently. *Put my hands on my hips* Hey this is my review not yours. Hehehe 💋 💋

    It’s not a shorts and top design, it’s described as a Sexy Dress (very, very short) But, I like to say it’s a long corset. But, that’s just me.

    But please note that this Can only be worn with pantyhose and leggings. Everything else makes it disappear. Which is a shame because this outfit with a fishnet bodystocking underneath would look quite awesome.

    Worth the money A$ 389 ? Absolutely.


    New outfit by Lucia_J

    Price A$ 389. Worth it YES !!!!

    For starters the top is just amazing, the detail along the top is really nice. Silhouettes of girls in various poses. The next post will show it off better hopefully, also with the shoes as well. Also, I think you get some panties with them too. I might be mistaken though as I’ve just spotted some new ones in my wardrobe (never noticed them before I bought this outfit), so maybe Lucia herself can confirm that.

    The top also comes with a necklace already in place, but I was able to add another necklace / collar as well.

    The leggings (and they are leggings) are nice too with a grey check pattern with the feet covered by a barely black nylon.

    Oh by the way girls they look rather awesome when matched to the corset above with some thigh highs as well.

    Just a warning though, that the top can only be worn with something that is in the Stockings / Socks section of your wardrobe. I.E the leggings. Skirts and trousers cannot be worn with the top. It disappears.

    So, yes a recommended purchase, although you can’t wear skirts or trousers with the top.


    Just some close ups of the top showing the detail better and the shoes that you also get.


    New Outfit by Nikkyhot

    Price A$299.

    Worth it. Errrrrrrrm YES!!! hehehehe.

    A very nice Little Black Dress with a cute white narrow belt, strapless and a nice V-cut on the rear hemline.

    A nice addition to any ladies wardrobe. The other version (you have to pay for that one too, also A$299) is pushed down at the top and pushed up at the bottom for sex play. I don’t know if this can be worn as a sex outfit, sorry. Maybe someone else can confirm this.


    Sent by Michelle to Vaughan who sent it to me asking if I could post this for him.

    Again, to post images use this code:

    <img src=”
    this after your link

    Just place it all in one line with no spaces, having inserted the link in the indicated spot.

    I cannot copy/paste Michelle’s text from a picture and I cannot add two pics to the same post. She comments that boots and gloves are included, no sign of panties and bra, it is saved in the stocking section and that it makes her ass look big. She found it comfortable and sounds like a positive review. Not sure what she means when she says its best to purchase the open access set but I am hoping you do.

    Thanks for doing reviews for the Forum Michelle!


    Я розробила декілька речей
    Куди і як надіслати файли?
    Як їх завантажити в гру



    I developed a few things
    Where and how to send files?
    How to upload them to the game

    Maybe Vaughan can help on that one. But, send a message to support and ask them.

    Можливо, Воган може допомогти в цьому. Але надішліть повідомлення в службу підтримки та попросіть їх.

    From Vaughan. Please see here 🙂

    Where do I send creations and designs to Achat?

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    To Jessi.

    There are two versions of that particular outfit. The open set exposes……….. areas. 😉


    I have been waiting a very long time for something like this to be released. (A very long time).

    I just find it so fun and cute. I’ve been a bit grumpy for a few days until I put this on. Now, I’m writing this with a smile on my face.

    Bella’s Pink Cat Outfit

    Bought for only A$ 429. It’s a steal. And Furry, hehehe. Don’t you just love it ? Ok, it might not be to everyone’s taste, but come on, IT’S BLOODY AWESOME IN IT’S CUTENESS. Huge thanks to Bella for designing this. *Huge Hugssss* hehehe.

    The outfit is split into 3 parts. Gloves, The overall outfit and the make up.

    Now, just a warning to all those T-Girls out there. If you don’t wear panties your bits will show. So, I’ve paired this outfit with Bree’s White C-String at A$ 149. You can see it under the outfit, but it doesn’t look out of place and I couldn’t find anything else more suitable. In sex outfit you will pop out as usual.

    Just another thing, the Shoes, Kitty Ears, Collar and Hair are NOT part of the outfit.


    Just another point to the above gorgeous outfit.

    IT’S BLOODY AWESOME !!. Hehehehe


    You know the body tattoo with all the writing on, you know the one ? With Use Me on the face, etc.

    Well, I don’t like to do this but, when the put it on in Sex Clothing, it comes off when using the poses. I don’t know if it does for the Girls, bit for T-Girls it does. Just a warning for you.

    Its done very nicely but, as it is classed as a top it comes off, if it were under the stockings section, like the other body tattoos then it would stay on.


    Women’s Costume Set By: Cupido
    Released: 11 October 2023.
    PRICE A$ 359

    Love the feel of this gold embroidered dress by Cupido, low cut V a little revelling but still leaves modesty in tach, unlike the skirt more an elegant loin cloth but still exquisite to touch and feel confident wearing

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    Compliments the Achat White Room, made my meeting with drilldragon feel extra special, for a man that has every Achat Room his choice was so perfect

    This is sold as a one piece dress but appears as an elegant skirt top and complimentary black belt, it has inbuilt gold necklace and matching bracelets on both hands, its sold without underwear or shoes, so at $359 i feel is a little expensive for what you get

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