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Secret Santa 2021 Blind Date – Meet and Greet Event.

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    Stacy_saint – Vaughan
    Thurs 6 Jan 2022.

    Today was the day I was meeting the beautiful Ms Stacy_Saint for my Secret Santa blind date.
    We met at the agreed time and I waited while she changed.
    The wait was worth every minute and built the anticipation.
    She had chosen well, an elegant red dress and shoes with white stockings, in keeping with the Santa theme.

    We did not know each other before this event and had only really spoken to arrange the date.
    It was a true blind, meet and greet date.

    She admitted she was a little nervous so when I invited her to my office, we chose a slow dance to chat, relax and set the scene for my dance.
    She had decided to perform a lap dance for me as she was more confident in that.
    Having a sexy lady dance for me, is actually one of my Dom fetishes so I was looking forward to my Christmas treat.

    I chose one of my favourite tunes for such a performance and set it on repeat, so no one was rushed.
    The song chosen was:

    Straight To Number One – Touch And Go & Kate Moss

    Once my date was happy enough to start, I sat down and settled in my seat to enjoy and watch.
    And WOW – What a performance it was!
    Stacy_Saint can dance and tease.
    She had rhythm and sex appeal that titillated the senses.

    She swayed and moved to the beat of the music, she sang softly to the tune, which added to the tease and her body looked exquisite dressed in matching red bra and panties.
    I enjoyed her moves, her thoughts and her dance.

    When the lap dance was over, she offered me a shoulder massage to finish off our date.
    I gladly accepted and again was not disappointed.
    She knows how to knead and rub out the stresses of the day.

    While she massaged, we chit chatted about our Achat lives and how much we enjoyed this sexy Achat game.
    I had been here longer than she had, so gave her some useful tips for other dates she may have and things that my spouse and I enjoyed in our play.
    All to soon, our date was over and real life called us.

    Stacy_Saint is a remarkable lady and if ever you are lucky enough to have her as a date, then you have indeed already won one of the best in the Achat dating lobby lottery.
    Thank you Ms Saint for a wonderful time.

    For those interested, the useful tips for dates…
    Choose a great sexy song to play on YouTube for your lap or pole dance.
    Once chosen and loaded up on youtube, right click on the video to show a drop down menu. Click on “Loop” and it will play on repeat until you turn it off.
    This way, the dance is not rushed and you can enjoy the experience.

    Here are some sexy song suggestions for your dancing dates to set the mood…
    Topics (Forum Home Page) » Everything about sex and love » Sexy Dances and Songs to do for your Partner


    My date was with Vaughan. The moderator of Achat forums and the one who put this amazing event together.
    So to say I was nervous is an understatement.

    I came in my red dress, white leggings, and red heels to fit the mood of a Christmas Secret Santa.
    He invited me to his elegant home, cheetah style couch whit a zebra skin carpet, wooden walls with beautiful paintings and books all around.

    When I walked in and laid my eyes on him I felt the aura of a man who knows want he wants.
    Power, confidence, and control is what I felt coming from him.
    He greeted me with a kiss on my cheeks, wearing a sharp dressed suit green tie but something was off….
    He forgot to change out from his Indian slippers 😛
    We laughed about it and I felt more comfortable as we chatted and got to know each other.

    I asked what would he like me to preform and choose a lap-dance and music to go with it.
    I slipped off my red dress revealing a red bra and panty lingerie.
    I explained how I was a bit rusty in my lap-dancing, as I am a former night shift girl but haven’t done it in a while.
    But that didn’t matter because Vaughan made me feel like I was the best dancer in the world.
    Swaying my hips to the music and getting close enough to feel his breath on my skin made the dance exciting and fun.

    After the lap-dance I offered a back massage, he accepted.
    Rubbing my hands on his back, shoulders, and spine, easing any tension in his body.
    We chatted some more and after a time we ended the massage.

    He took my hand as we danced to end our date.
    But we ended up chatting longer than I thought in that moment.
    He gave me advice on how to enhance my sexual experience here (look out guys :P)
    We ended our date with a smile, having a really nice time with each others company.

    Vaughan you are a amazing and powerful man who knows what he wants, and I’m glad I got paired up with you.
    You are doing great job of overseeing Achat forums and I look forward to future events you have planed for here.
    Thank you for the amazing time 🙂


    My Date with Devil4You.

    Well what happens when a Devil and a Saint meet you ask?

    We chatted,
    He rubbed my feet,
    We fucked…

    What more could you ask for? 😛


    A devil and a Saint You say

    Our day finally arrived. I woke up early not wanting to keep her waiting. Who am i kidding i didn’t sleep much that night.
    I waited and waited for her. She was late as all women are. She walked into my apartment in a lovely Blue dress back exposing her silky flesh..
    I had my room all set up The lights were dim and candles everywhere. The room smelled of vanilla and jasmine from the candles but somehow her perfume reached me.
    We sat down at my table for a minute looking at each other chatting briefly, then i asked her to dance. we shared some music together from Lionel Richie you know the songs. lady and hello
    as we started to dance she put her head on mine and i could feel all the tension of our anticipated date vanished.We talked for a while and we sat down on my coach for her foot massage.
    I asked her if she wanted me to use baby powder or scented oil. She replied oil please.
    I took her foot in my hands and let my fingers slip between her toes as i rubbed between each toe. Then she carefully places her foot on my chest
    I’m sure she felt my heart beating so fast . She had a smile on her face so i continued to massage up her leg . Her leg felt silky smooth and warm. i could tell she liked to take care of her feet as they were well manicured . I didn’t ask if i could rub her thighs my hands just had a mind of their own. I was drawn to her
    I was helpless I would have done whatever she asked of me. As the music played we talked about everything I told her i wanted to show her the passionate side of achat the kind of affection she needed.
    She looked at me with those big blue eyes and kissed me. The lights flickered and the candles burned down to nothing. We found what we both were looking for the minutes turned into hours and in our final embrace we said our goodbyes.
    It was hard to say goodbye and the sun rise reminded us it was time to part.
    We left holding hands as i whispered
    Ciao tessoro Ciao amore and suddenly the room was empty I had such a smile on my face that lasted through the day
    I had but one regret and that was that the next Christmas was so far away


    I must have been drugged


    I’m glad you put more detail into our date Devil4you. I wanted to post something humorous 😛
    Devil4you was very good at setting a romantic atmosphere, and I was pleased he was my date.

    P.S. Christmas can come early. 😉


    Date #3

    sammy picked me up in his bright red Mustang convertible. I remember thinking how odd it was that I was not at all nervous. He had a way about him that made me feel comfortable in his presence right away. The music was blasting classic rock (thank God) and he took the turns like he knew them well. The top was down so we did not speak much on the trip but we did have a good time singing along to the music. We both knew every song by heart.

    We were enjoying the ride and feeling more and more comfortable with each other as if I’d known him a long time.. He took the long way to his beach house up on the cliffs over looking the Atlantic. The house was lovely but I focused on the beach below. He asked me to wait just a minute and he ran into the house.

    It was a lovely evening. The sun was just beginning to set and the sea breeze felt amazing on my skin.

    He had gone into the house and retrieved supplies he had gathered up and prepared earlier. As he approached I had a better view of him. He was tall and fit. The touch of grey in his beard and hair made him all the more attractive. I especially appreciated the lines of his eyes when he smiled at me. His smile reached his eyes. I could tell he was sizing me up as well and for the first time I had to fight off feeling uncomfortable under his gaze.

    He took my hand and we walked to the cliff where there was a narrow path leading down to the beach. Not knowing we were headed for the beach I had not dressed appropriately and the high heels of my sandals had me grasping his hand tighter. I wondered how he managed the supply bundle and me at the same time but he seemed again to know the path well.

    He spread out a blanket on the sand and we danced for a bit in the sand near the waters edge. We chatted and laughed for what seemed like hours as the sun set and day became night. We made our way to the blanket where he poured wine and we chatted a bit more.

    Without a word he bent and removed my shoes. He sat with my foot in his lap and with a towel from his bag he dried it and removed the sand, then moved and did the same with my other foot. From within the bag he fetched a bottle of lotion and put some in his hands first to warm it before applying it to the top and bottom of my foot. Slowly he began to massage my foot. All in silence. I asked him where he had learned his technique. “Shhhhh….just lean back, relax and watch the stars.” He whispered.

    The mixture of the wine, the sounds of the waves hitting the shore, the smell of peppermint from the lotion, and his amazing touch made for one of the best massages I have ever had. It is certainly one I will not soon forget.

    When he was done he moved up next to me so I could lean against him as we looked at the stars a bit longer. We were startled out of our trance like state by the ringing of his cell phone.

    Business called and I was disappointed that this fabulous evening was nearing its end.

    The night had grown colder and the walk up the path a bit more challenging without the light of day but he never let go of my hand. He raised the roof on the car and took the shorter route back to my home.

    I kissed his cheek goodbye and as he kissed the palm of my hand his eyes never left mine. He smiled and told me Vaughan was a lucky guy. I thanked him for a most wonderful evening and then I watched him get into his car and drive back towards the lights of the city.

    Thank you sammy for a fabulous evening.


    Date #1

    I must firstly apologise for the delay in writing my account of this date, so blown away was I by the delightful Jessi, her beauty and amazing character know no bounds, and I am amazed that she enjoyed the company of a mere mortal so much, being the goddess that she is.

    Her recollections of the evening are accurate in so many ways that I would be a fool to add much, save that she has the metatarsals of a princess and the good grace to gloss over my shortcomings as a host for our date.

    The evening passed in the blink of an eye, such was the euphoria I felt being in such exalted company, Vaughan is the most fortunate fella on AChat to have the love of such a wonderful lady …

    Thank you Jessi for a wonderful date, you made an old man very happy.

    Sorry if this is a cop out in its brevity, I don’t really know what to add.


    The Date That Almost Didn’t Happen…

    Me and HoneyWants first messaged each other in December for the Secret Santa event.
    We tried to setup a date but our times could never match as real life was busy for both of us.

    And then one day it happened….Or so we thought….
    We had time to meet but Achat had other plans…
    I invited her to my room for the date but as the room loaded in…we didn’t.
    Achat had glitched on us leaving nothing but an empty room.
    Unable to see her, to hold her…..We tried multiple times hoping that it would work….

    But nothing….

    In the end, time ran out for us and we went our separate ways hoping that we would find time to finally meet one day.

    Weeks past and it’s the near the end of February.
    I had just come back from taking a break from Achat.
    And I saw a message from HoneyWants.
    And I messaged back to her.
    Finally we had time to meet later that same day.
    With much anticipation I thought to myself.
    What could be better coming back from a break than finally getting to meet with her?
    The time came for us to meet and I invited her to my place.
    Holding my breath and hoping nothing goes wrong with Achat this time…I see the room load….

    And finally after all this time…I see her

    Beautiful blonde hair stunning blue dress.
    She was an amazing sight to behold.
    I offered her a seat, and she sat across form me, and we started to chat.
    thirty minutes…an hour…
    We talked, laughed and got to know each others interest.
    Talking and hanging with HoneyWants was so enjoyable that we forgot about the whole Secret Santa stipulation (Sorry Vaughan)
    Time escaped us and we realized that over two hours past just sitting and chatting.

    She asked me for a dance to end our date and I got to hold her for the first time.
    It was a wonderful feeling 🙂
    She leaned her head on mine, our lips so close.
    We talked more about our sexual interest and I felt the moment heating up.
    But for another time….

    We ended our date with a kiss, vowing to meet again….

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