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    Forum Challenge 3 (BDSM Test)


    Well first off since I know that I am totally submissive there was no point going through the dominant questions. Even if sometimes I might joke around and try to take someone on, I know for me it is not arousing or something that intrigues me to even seek it out. My submissive tendencies on the other hand have always been quite strong. Here is the result from the test.

    Submissive: 97%
    Rope bunny: 84%
    Degradee: 78%
    Masochist: 73%
    Experimentalist: 55%
    Primal (prey): 51%
    Pet: 51%
    Vanilla: 48%
    Slave: 40%
    Brat: 37%
    Exhibitionist: 21%
    Voyeur: 18%
    Non-monagomist: 16%


    Another thing that is always fun is learning about what people enjoy with their kinks. Having spent time going through a lot of roleplay or reading books. Here is a list of things I enjoy or think I would enjoy etc.

    Kink: Abrasion play, accents, Affection, affectionate domination, Aftercare, aftercare cuddles, attention, bare bottom spanking, bare handed spanking, BDSM, Being called good girl, being cummed on, belt spanking, biting, Blindfolds, blow jobs, blushing, bondage, breast bondage, breast spanking, breast/ nipple play, candle wax, caressing, clit spanking, clothespins, cock slapping, collars / leash, control, crawling, crops, crying, cuddles, dildos, discipline, domination, edging, erotic literature, eye contact, feathers, flogging, forehead kisses, glass dildos, hair brushing, hair pulling, head massage, honesty, ice cubes, impact play, kissing, kneeling, massage, masturbation, mental bondage, multiple orgasms, neck biting/ kissing, nipple clamps, orgasm control, orgasm denial, OTK spanking, paddling, pleasure/ pain, primal play, pussy spanking, restraints, riding crop, rope, rope bondage, rope suspension, rough sex, seduction, sensation play, sensory deprivation, sensual play, shower sex, snuggling, spanking, spreader bars, subspace, teasing, temperature play, threesomes, total power exchange, toys, trust, verbal humiliation, wartenberg pinwheels, wax play

    Intrigued: Begging, Being overpowered, Breath play, chains, Choking play, CNC, degradation, electrical stimulation, fear play, fire play, gangbang, hair bondage, mind control, mind fucks, pet play, play punishment, predicament bondage, shibari, whipping

    Limit: blood play, diapers, face slapping, toilet play, abusive style (can vary depending on mind set), abandonment


    Sexilicious. CONGRATULATIONS – For completing Forum Challenge 3 (BDSM Test)

    You are listed in the Achat Town Square (ATS) Hall Of Fame Accolades at no. 10


    Forum Challenge 1

    Interviewee with sexilicious:

    First off, it been long time since I actually spent time in game, so some of the answers are just part of the memories I have from the time I spent inside the game.

    1A- how long have you been in the achat game and forum?
    Based off the info I can find on the website, it was early 2011 for the game and dec 2011 for forum.

    1B- why did you originally join achat game?
    I was young and curious about my sexual side and wanted to explore in a safe way.

    1C- Has that view changed to now?
    Yes, even before I left the game, I was more incline to chat or enjoy a good rp over actually rooming with people.

    2A- what were your first impressions of the game?
    First impressions. Definitely blushes as it was my first time experiencing anything sexual in any form

    2B- describe your first day.
    First day?????? So long ago I couldn’t even begin to think how the first day went or even the first connections that kept me in the game. I know later on it was the connections in the game that drew me into the forum. When I started in the forum, it felt like coming home. The connections built with the people in the game were always so welcoming and supportive of everyone who joined the forum community.

    3- what have you enjoyed most about achat?
    The connections built and learning about the rp style to really enhance the brain to connect to the scene unfolding

    4- what are your best memories?
    Best memories would definitely be connecting with people who grew my skills in rp and encouraging and celebrating the times when I would produce the solo stories.

    5- what are your worst memories?
    Worst memories would be the times of loneliness. When hanging out there was no one around who would be interested in communicating and felt like all you did was bounce around looking for someone who was willing to chat before going into a room and continuing or connecting further

    6- what would be the one thing you would change/add/remove from the game?
    Well now that I am unable to get on the game like I used to, I would definitely like to see the mobile more like what I remember in the game so I could connect with the people in the hangout spots again.

    7- what is your favorite and worst pose in the game?
    Remembering back I know the bdsm style poses were ones I used a lot as I continued to explore into my submissive nature and learned that is where my desires lay. So definitely bdsm we’re a favorite. Worst one hhhhmmmm. Honestly nothing sticks out from that long ago as to one I cringed or hated so much. Either it was so bad I blocked it out or I was so neutral on it that it didn’t make an impression.

    8A- what is a turn on in a partner?
    Connection to the dominant side

    8B- what turns you on?
    Being guided into embracing my submissive nature

    9A- what is a turn off in a partner?
    Lack of effort. Clicking through poses or not communicating

    9B- what turns you off?
    Not having my mind engaged into the scene

    10- describe your ideal partner in 5 words.
    Dominant, caring, protective, encouraging, guidance

    11- describe yourself in 5 words.
    Submissive, kind, caring, funny, honest

    12- what is the worst/ cheesiest pick up line you have heard?
    I honestly don’t remember any pick up lines from my time inside the game. I know over the years no matter where I been I know I have heard the hi are you horny so often where it is one that never deserves the response.

    13- give us your cheesiest pick up line.
    Hi do you come here often?

    14- what, if any, involvement do you have in forum?
    Ever since finding out about the forum, I have done a lot of involvement within the forum community. My favorite area would definitely be the erotic stories where in my earlier days we spent a lot of time enjoying the build up of our own world. Contests, events, and even games were always areas I would spend time in. As the community grew closer and spent time together in game or forum, the connection and interaction is part of the main reason I was around for so long and even after leaving game would continue to return every so often just to check in with the people who encouraged my growth especially in the story writing.

    15- and finally what would be your best advice to a newbie?
    My best advice would be to build a connection with the people. The reason I stuck around so long/ return to forum is from the connections that was made with the people.



    CONGRATULATIONS – For completing Forum Challenge 1 (Personal Wall & Questionaire)

    You are listed in the Achat Town Square (ATS) Hall Of Fame Accolades at no. 10

Viewing 5 posts - 106 through 110 (of 110 total)
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