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Soap box Time: Crotch Shots

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    I think the guys can do as they like lot of girls do the same just with breast or pussy.

    Some of the cocks I see look good but on some pics you can see a not so beautifull body that sourrounds the cock, that in my opinion is more annoying then a cock.

    So I dont have a problem with them when everything on the image looks good



    Dick pics, Pussy pics, Tits out, or real pics are not my thing for a profile pic.

    I much prefer a sensual type pic, maybe in sexy lingerie and a tempting look or pucker. Something Suggestive and mysterious.
    I also like none sexual profile pics that may tell you something of the persons personality or are an interesting talking point.

    Its the same with the positioning of the Avatar.

    Who wants to see a close up pic of a “Toon cunt” or “Toon Dick” ? Not me that’s for sure.

    Each to their own though.

Viewing 2 posts - 106 through 107 (of 107 total)
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