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Soap box Time: Crotch Shots

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    Sorry they do nothing for me at all as Tango said seen one seen them all.
    yes you get big ones and small ones but this is a game so it not as if we can get to sit on a nice big hard cock.


    mmmmmmm a nice big hard cock oh wait oops off topic hehe :

    🙂 but yeah doesn’t matter so much online whether the cock is big small black white or some other combo. We don’t get the chance to actually play with it in real unless for those that get really close and meet in person but that would be rare most likely.


    I can agree and disagree on that statement. I know a penis is a penis. but there are differences. Iv seen some horrible look penis, kind make you sick and Iv seen some that are quite sexy but there mostly on TS for me. I can say weather or not other guys penis looks good or not. I'm not type of homophobic guy. i can reckon eyes good looks even if I'm not sexual attractive to them.


    It depends on the penis, if you ask me. There are good looking ones and in the end of the day, I come here to have some fun, not to find myself a boyfriend.


    Thanks for the Input MiaTS. I agree with you, not look for GF myself  just some fun. but you never know what could happen.


    I have to admit that I am not a real fan of cock pics as profile pics.

    Anyway, I do not feel offendend by such pics while browsing through the search results. I even have to admit that between all other profile pics close up images of penises do catch the eye.

    But what I really do not like is when you have a dateiled look at someone by clicking on his or her profile pic and can see only an extremely close zoomed detail of the avatar like the boobs, the pussy, the cock or the butt. Absolutely non sense, because they look all the same through the less possibilities of individualization of these spots.


    CondomGirl thanks you for bring that up. I have to say i do dislike it when someone places there avatar in spot were you can see them all.
    be penis and butt, Breast, or there eye. its just stupid .

    Like  CondomGirl said individualization cant be show then you do this.

    thanks you for your opinion on the topic


    Sorry , Seeing close up pics of Dongers don’t do it for me. I do like a nice pair of shoulders and trim waist though or if someone posts something different to stand out from the crowd.

    Covems beautiful cute kitten stole my heart for instance 😉


    i like this


    Hi all been browsing through this topic and thought I would share a recent experience that is sort of related to this topic.  I've been chatting to someone on here for a while and the subject of exchanging pics came and she did ask for pictures of my chap.  Based on what I've read here this is quite a unusual request thoughts?  For the record I haven't sent any.


    The point is not if this is good or not……the point is if you trust the one you send them enough!

    When you are sure you can trust her, my first hint is to don't use your personal mail, but to set one just for this things or other stuff linked with AChat and, if you want to be sure no one will recognize you, never put a shot where your face is visible.
    Then, every decision is on you…..from send photo to, why not!, a real date!

    It's up to everyone to understand if we really want it or no…..that's all!

    And or more, let's check this thread:,1058.0.html


    If you exchange pics or not is a question just you can asnwer. Just be careful and think twice. I would wonder if a girl is asking to see my cock and not my face or body first. Though I also had this experience. A girl I met few times asked for a pic of my cock. I have sent her a wonderful pic of a rooster…no, I'm kidding.. but I denied her wish. We didn't know well enough and I don't send pics.


    Personally, I don’t like. I prefer a nice picture or the face of the avatar.
    But everyone does what he pleases.
    When a user asks for a photo, I replied: “you see me there… in the game…? Ok, now take a screenshot” 8)

    I’m here for the fun of the game 🙂


    oooooo Lover i want that pic

    🙂 sure hope he is a handsome rooster.

    as for sending pics totally up to you. i know some don’t mind but others also will wait till they know each other well and still others is always no


    hmmm… a Rooster. I wonder how a girl would react to something like that. I my try this next April fools day. lol

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 107 total)
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