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Soap box Time: Crotch Shots

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    @al oh yes… a little more diversity in skin coloring/texture for fantasy play would be a plus. That would make a 3some prospect with a common friend entertaining…mmm identical twin hunks descending on her.. : 🙂


    @Bear Did that and it was done to me… both experiences I won’t forget for a long time… I was surprised and when I entered theroom, I was flabbergasted. Didn’t know what to say or where to look first.. And then they started swapping places, just the tiniest difference in apprance, just a tattoo that sperated the girls.. The confusion adding to the excitement I must say

    :)) Very recommendable…


    Male Profiles with penises as pic. Do you like or not?

    Okay here a Question I would like to ask the female population or in general those who like men. In a male profile, the picture that can posted up.
    Do you like seeing a penis there as the profile picture? this in clued all profiles pics not just for achat.

    I ask because i did quick search through the male section to find myself. lets just say i saw a lot of penis pics on my way to find my self and was wondering if women Like it when men do that. personally I would not, as that come to a more privet thing with me. I share only when asked too.


    Well i can only speak for myself but i dislike that a lot, call me vintage but i'd prefer a face or maybe a muscular upper body for achat. For general profile pictures i'd like a face or an interesting/funny picture .

    Oh and since it is achat i prefer if people put some effort into customizing their avatars a little unique just on a side note .


    In one sense I don't really care as I only pay attention when approached and then I go by the avatar and profile details.

    In another sense, I think it is childish but then men will be boys. It is a “look at the size of my dick” statement and actually it is quite humorous as I have no intention of meeting them in rl and they are all the same size in Achat.


    when I see those I'm thinking “wow, someone has confidence issues” real men don't  do that, real men are confident.
    And confidence is very sexy.


    I as i thought, i was unsure weather women liked it or not. I believed the majority did not. but I felt I had to ask anyways. as I know not every one likes / dislike the same things.

    Thank you Ladies for your honest answer. 


    personnaly , as lesbian , i have no interest on men showing their penis with the small pic . But i'm tolerant , if a woman can show her breasts or her pussy in the small pic of achat , why a man could not show his penis 


    But I will say this it does get a little annoying just to see cock pic after cock pic. If they choose to display its up to them.
    I won't hold that against them. But what I will hold against them is how they act.


    I think that the guys have to right to shoiw  off what they think is there best look if thats what they think.


    Thanks you again Ladies. This question as been in my head for quite a while now. Its good finally get a answer. as the nature of the question I found it was quite difficult to ask. as it would rube to go to random women and ask them.
    but here I felt it be little more appropriate.

    Thanks Again


    it seems that some woman like that , because i also browse through all the online members , and very often they are in a room .
    sometimes i wonder if it is really their dick ? when you browse the internet there is a lot to find , and maybe it's the man with a little 'willy' who add a big cock avatar  
    To me it doesn't bother if they make such an avatar , and like Rukya said if woman can show , why man can't .
    Let them at least think they have a big “willy”  

    greets shejoy


    Let's hope they can handle it – uhm I mean, it's not importent for me…lol


    I don't see any harm in them showing off myself. my focus was do women like it or not. just little curiosity on my part. Its good to keep in mind what women really like versus  what men think or want women to like.

    She-Joy I guess its fair to let them think there bigger then they are.
    But i all ways found that it ended up going bad but hey there not me.
    to each is own, I say. lol


    Most of the time I would rather prefer seeing something besides the penis in the picture box, for I like to get to know them first then if things go well maybe eventually head towards seeing each other more intimately. Hehe for those that realized my very first word was most, there are occasions where it is nice to see some but that is only when I'm feeling extremely horny and need fucked now (which doesn't happen that often)

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 107 total)
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