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    The gravel crunches as she steps from her truck , pausing for a second she inhales the cool crisp air and rests her back against the steel . She is so glad she wore her slacks for the drive , she reaches her arms up taking a much needed stretch and grunts at the welcoming feel.
    Thoughts start to fill her mind of long days gone by , she sighs softly and smiles to herself . this is just what she needs , the calm .. the peace , the large open spaces. She doesn't enter the bar tonight , tonight she will relax from the long drive and come tomorrow she will seek out some work , setting down her foundations to a new beginning.


    It's been over a year since I've been in Nymphomania let alone into the Bar & Grill.
    Pulling up into the grave parking lot outside I recognize a couple of the cars parked up sliding in next to Old Joe's old ford pickup. Grabbing my trusty old cowboy hat I kick the old where I've been dust off and walk towards the bar doors. Kicking the steps as I step up each on getting the dust off my boots.

    Pushing open the door the cool air from inside hits my face I take a deep breath of the air conditioned air. As I walk over to the bar but before I can get to the end a beer glass slides down the bar towards me and an old friendly voice,

    “Welcome back Tango!  That ones on the house.”

    Looking down the bar I can't see Old Joe anywhere but then he pops up from under the bar,

    “Thank you Joe”  I say  as I take a big mouth full
    It's been a long time not seeing you in here
    “Yeap had to get way for a bit”

    And as Joe is a good barman he knows not to ask any questions.

    I sit at the bar and Joe just keeps my glass full, looking over at the stage I notice my old guitar and walk over to the stage. Picking her up I blow the dust off and put the strap over my shoulder and walk over to the mick. As I stand in front of it Joe turns on the stage lights .
    I tap the foot pedal and the backing track starts

    As the song ends I walk back to the bar and Joe has already put a fresh beer on the bar

    Not had anyone sing in here for so long good to hear it again


    After finishing a coupe more beers I smile at Joe “time for  a shower and clean up”
    I get up and head to the pool room and unlock the door at the back of the room. Pushing the door open I feel the cool air from the dark tunnel hit face and I walk throw it and close the door behind me letting my eye adjust to the drak I walk down the tunnel and push the big door at the end open.
    I stand there  in the doorway thinking to myself “Its been far to long anyone has been here.

    Stepping into the Ice House I walk down the hallway  passed Bears door  then onto Brandybee I stop and smile and walk up to the net door resting my hand on it  “I miss you my sweet Mistress Christina k”  Shaking my head I walk into the great hall with a big smile remembering all the fun and games that have gone on in here. Looking over at the St Andrews cross a bigger smile crosses my face as fond memories fill my head. I keep walking down until I retch the last door on the right.

    Pushing the heavy oak door open  I step inside my own chamber, I stand there and just look around before closing the door and head to the Bathroom. Striping off I turn on the walking shower and look in the mirror seeing all of my HB's make up and products still on the shelf under it. 
    As the water  hits me  I rest my hands on the wall  and let my mind run wild as all the memories of the fun I'v had in this shower.


    I ventured into the AB&G and ordered a drink from Old Joe behind the bar and bought him one too. When he told me Tango was around somewhere I told him to put Tango's favourite tipple behind the bar until he was ready.

    I was intrigued to see an old empty keg placed at the end of the bar with a notice on it.
    I was reading it trying to make up my mind if it was a challenge or a party. Maybe it was both!

    There was a mysterious masked party  being organised at The Ice House, soon.
    The rules of this particular evening was somewhat intriguing.

    Patrons of the AB&G had been invited to place their names in this large beer keg and did so with the knowledge that they would be taking part in a masked special sex party at The Infamous Ice House.

    The Ice House are the dungeons of the AB&G and run by a secret committee. There was a special understanding by the patrons. Sexual fantasies were lived out without ill thought, judgement or malice.

    As far as I knew, all residents of Achat enjoyed a full, energetic and amazing sex life whether hidden or open and members of this special bar were no exception.

    The pairings, and those of the other invited couples would be decided upon by this unknown committee belonging to The Ice House.
    They would draw out and pair their names according to tastes and preferences so no one would be disappointed.

    These were then placed in a sealed envelope with a reference number and an invitation to attend the party.
    The guests would arrive at the reception garden at the AB&G at the appointed time, with their masks on and then seek out the reference number of their partner for the evening which would be worn discreetly on their left wrists.

    This was of course a no brainer.  Who doesnt fantasise about hot sex with a myterious stranger?
    I eagerly wrote my name and address on one of the cards provided along with details of my sexuality and preferences, whether kinky or otherwise.

    I folded it in two and posted it in the keg.
    I was excited. Who knew what the evening might bring.

    I finished my drink and promised Old Joe, I would return soon.
    “Are you going to this masked evening then Joe?,” I asked him
    “Well you never can tell!”  He chuckled mysteriously.


    I pull up to the Bar and Grill and see such an empty parking lot. Heading inside, I go up to the bar and hug Old Joe behind the counter.

    “You been gone a long time.” Old Joe says

    “Yes, my life has had me running around quite a bit and haven’t had a chance to come and relax. It looks like the same has happened to many of the people around here.”

    Looking around the place I laugh and giggle at all the fun that happened here and what good times we all had in its prime.

    “How about some coca-cola while I’m here?”

    “Sure.” Old Joe says as he pours me a glass and hands it over to me.


    Walking in from the heat of the day, I really do need a a drink to quench my thirst. Field and yard work sure builds up the need to drink.
    “Hey Joe, Pint of water and a Jameson chaser please”

    Old Joe smiled and prepared the drinks. As my eyes adjusted to the darker room from the brightness of the day, I see two ladies by the bar… Jess and a dear old friend …. “Well well well, if its not the delightful Sexilicious. Long time, no see!” I give her a good old friendly hug, before going to greet Jess and kissing her on the cheek. “Hey Sweetheart”
    Then to Joe, “Set them up again Joe, I’ll buy the next drink for these ladies and have one yourself”


    “Well hello there Vaughan. Yes it has been a long time.”

    Reaches my arms around Vaughan, I hug him tightly.

    “It is definitely good to see old friends still around. Hold my drink for little while, I think a little fun and chaos is needed to really bring those people from outside the doors inside.”

    Stands up and heads into the back, I mess around with the sound and lights. Humming softly to myself, I play around a little with the settings.

    The lights start flashing and creating a disco effect. The music begins to play. I sashay back towards the bar and jump up onto the top of the bar.

    Landing lightly on my feet, I glide across the bar. My feet sliding gently around the glasses already on the bar. My hands slide through my hair before going above my head and twirling around on one foot.

    Always careful not to knock over the drinks, I glide down a little further. Lifting my one leg straight out, I spin around and allow the music to carry me through the enjoyment of dance.

    My skirt twirls gently around my thighs, and I lean down and beckon to old Joe to come closer.

    “A pina colada will be wonderful once I’m done dancing.”

    Old Joe being a little shocked since no one had used his bar like this before can only nod before going to start making my drink. Careful to avoid my legs as they fly around on the bar, he produces the drink and sets it down just a little bit further from where I was at.

    “There you go miss sexi. One pina colada.”

    Hopping off the bar, I grin over at him and settle back down to enjoy my drink.

    “Make sure it goes on Vaughan’s tab since he already volunteered to pay for it.”

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