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The mods have left the building

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    Hello Forum

    We, the undersigned and Moderators of this forum, declare our resignation forthwith.

    We are no longer responsible for anything that's going to happen here.
    All existing events and contests will be operated as they have been until their natural conclusion and maybe we will join new events as members, if there are any organised.

    We don't know, if there will be new moderators or what the A-Team is doing. We haven't been asked and we didn't make any suggestions.

    We think it's time to change something. You all know how communicative the A-Team is.
    For some time, we have been in touch and it was trustful. The connection was never as deep as we wanted, but it was ok and we worked as best we could answering members queries and views.

    This has changed completely and we now dont get answers and feedback – and if we did get sporadic answers, it took a lot of time. This is not our idea of a positive collaboration.

    In addition to this, for most of us a lot has changed in game. Changes, which also have influenced our job as a moderator. A good moderator should be very active in the game too; should know whats happening and should know whats going on.
    Sometimes real life or other influences prevents us giving that type of commitment.

    We always have loved the forum and we still do. This means, we wish, we hope and we believe, that it keeps alive and stays interesting and productive in building our community. Here are many great members who are able to handle it.

    We won't say farewell and will be online then and when and round and about. We might still post, take a look what's going on and to help if we get asked.

    We wish everyone all the best and say a massive thank you for many years of fun, pleasure, countless lucky moments and wonderful memories.

    Brandybee, Nat33, jayc, Lover


    Hello you 4 Musketiers

    I do very well understand the frustration over the time.

    You all was a very big help always and toke care of everybody as equal as it was possible.

    THANKS for a great time you served this Forum

    I wont say good bye to you guys

    But I totaly understand your move.

    KISS HUGS to all of you

    stay in touch







    You all have been doing for this place in all these years.
    I'm sorry to hear the A-team has let you good people down so much so i understand your decision completely.

    I'm sure i'll see you lot around someday.

    Hugs and Kisses to Brandy and Nat, and a firm handshake to Lover and Jayc for a job well done.

    as Miss Vera Lynn used to sing

    We'll meet again
    Don't know where
    Don't know when
    But I know we'll meet again some sunny day


    a sad state of affairs when the people who did so much for this community are so let down trhey have resigned enmasse

    firstly let me thank you for all your hard work and efforets to create a community here  and i am sure i speak for every member of Achat

    secondly thank you for the personal freindship offered so gracefully to myself a rough aussie bloke who blew in and disrupted  EVERYTHING

    Brandy Lover Jayc and Nat i wish you all the best in your respective futures and again thank you for the fish


    The F1 sweep and tipping contests are STILL ACTIVE and wsill continue unaltered

    Anyone that wishes to run any competions or events  can be assured that the AchatSquare will bne there to support and assist you

    i guess thats about it from me


    Hey, Why all the long faces? we didn't say we were leaving the game or forum. were just not moderating anymore. As Lover said we feel its time for some new blood in our crazy village. we have had our time in the sun and are ready to hand over the duties to anybody crazy enough to take the job

    I have made too many friends here to pack up for good and say good bye.  So lets just turn the page and carry on. My hope is Achat  wants this forum to continue and select some able members  to take over the office.

    Long live this forum. 


    Not much to add from my side except thank you for your efforts.

    A step I can understand quite welll. I will miss the story contest. Thank you Brandy for the hard work.

    However I can pretty well understand your resignation. Obviously communication must not be like a one way. And though it won't change a thing, as by all decisions made by the A's I could witness I became convinced that they are mainly driven by only one purpose – profit.

    I wonder if it is a promising concept to make your customers feel like unwanted besides their cash. As far as I am concerned I was already thinking about resigning more than once. But some people kept me here and they certainly will. But except for the renewing of my subscription I will desperatly avoid any extra spendings, that much is certain. I dislike to be considered as a cow ready to get milked.

    Anyway, this is certainly not your buisness as you definetly did your best to make everyone feel welcome. Each newcomer got a hug and was informed about the thing going on here. Thanks again and my best wishes for your now certainly much more relaxed participation

    This one is for you:


    This is a sad day.

      All of the moderators have been nice and very helpful when I needed it.  So Big Hugs and Kisses to all of you.

      What is now worrying is if there aren't going to be replacements, this forum is going to become a slanging match.

      Maybe this action will get the ACHAT team to communicate more and try to reinstate the four mods, if they want the job again though, that is.  But, shame on you ACHAT team.  All it takes is a little amount of time to respond with an E-Mail back.  What the hell are you doing ? ? ?


    Awwww, it's really sad to hear, my dear friends!

    As an old musky, I know to well the frustration of not having answer tom your idea or questions, so i can understand your status.

    And again, as an old “player” let me thanks the all of us for all the hard work!

    kisses and hugs to everyone!


    Thanks for your warm and gentle words

    But the mods haven't been the forum! We have been a member of it, like you all. We all together have been and still are the forum. It still exists (and I hope AChat won't kill it). We still are here – maybe not as often as before, but frequently.

    Maybe this action will get the ACHAT team to communicate more and try to reinstate the four mods, if they want the job again though, that is.  But, shame on you ACHAT team.

    No Zu. We didn't do this to blackmail AChat. We have thought about our action – long and thoroughly. Also it's like we said – AChat and their lack of communication is not the only reason for us. Everyone had private reasons too. In the end it was a basket of reasons.

    You can be sure, I have one crying eye. This forum always was like my baby. And we all, every single member, the other mods (Hentaiboy, Tightfit, bear) have done our best to make this a great place – and to help and improve AChat. We have to admit, the game is their business. They can do it, like they want and think it's best.



      I'm sorry if you think I was suggesting black mail.  It wasn't my intention to make it sound that way.  All I was suggesting was that ACHAT might re-instate you because I think you are invaluable to this forum.  To make time and effort to be a moderator in this place is something that I think will be missed.  So, no dark or nasty thoughts at all crossed my mind at all.



    A sad day when so few have tried to do so much for so many..

    Thankyou for your help over the time I have been a member..

    Certain Moderators went out of their way to help me learn things on here that I wont forget,

    A big thankyou to Brandybee for getting me involved more in the Achat forum,
    I wish her well in the future and will miss her advice and big hugs..

    Well done to you all…goodluck..



    Despite the arguments we had in the past, despite the different understandings, I take my imaginary hat off to the work you people did here. It's sad to see that achat abandons the forum this way, it's meant to be a place where the community can get advice and help, make suggestions, talk about “the game”. I don't understand why they are not supporting it the way it should be.


    This is my third attempt in trying to express my feelings of this news. The first, just shortly after Lover posted it. My initial reaction was not surprise although i did not see this particular ending coming, there were plenty of clues to know what was coming. It was ANGER. At Achat for giving up on THEM. Giving up on US. Driving us away. Not listening, not communicating, not following through and most of all not supporting those few members that went above n beyond to volunteer their time and knowledge to help others, make this a better place and try to keep the peace in this small crazy complex world.

    My second attempt found me feeling more disappointed and saddened than angry. I had time to reflect and read the thoughts of other forum members. It is disappointing that the Achat team no longer sees any value in this forum or in maintaining communications. But, it really matters not to this Forum, only the game. This Forum has always been bout it's members. NOT Achat. And the Mods are first and foremost “members” of this community. The Forum and ALL it's members, current and past, provide invaluable insight and feedback about this world. To all that care to look and it's FREE too, for all to read and learn. Achat once listened. Once learned. But no longer.

    There loss.

    This my third attempt…. finds me feeling more understanding n forgiving. Accepting change is inevitable, even in our small crazy world. That we can't control. Achat holds the keys to our world but we hold the keys to this Forum. We are the Forum. The Forum is US.

    I know i am a relative newbie here to Forum, just over 1-1/2 years but i am an active member and an avid reader. Not only current post but from “Once upon a time” too. I have learned much of this special little universe, it has come to be a sort of sanctuary for me.

    I never saw the Mods as “Moderators” but as elders of this place, vested with knowledge and wisdom and the desire to share n help others. Teachers, Facilitators. Contest Organizers. Fellow Forum members, my peers. That is how I saw NAT, BB, LOVER n JAYC and those they followed.

    But the “powers” of the Mods have been slowly shackled by Achat for a long time, ultimately reducing them into their role as CHAT police. What FUN is that? It's NO FUN. Then driving some mods away with broken promises and others by stripping them of contest funding and squashing their passion. Until they could take no more.

    Thank you for your service. For your time. There is nothing more precious than TIME. Nothing more complementary or more thoughtful than giving of your time to help others. I value that quality in a person. A reflection of their true nature.

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